Sutton Family Stories 06

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After the glorious weekend of sex with my son, Aiden, I went to get not just the morning after pill but also to get myself back on the contraceptive pill. It felt so naughty knowing that I was getting contraception so I could have sex with my own son and let him cum deep inside me. At the same time, however, I knew I didn’t want to get found out. Not only was it illegal, but I also was happily married. Aiden’s Dad, my husband Brian, was a great guy. He just couldn’t keep up with my needs.

I decided I’d let Aiden fuck me again and again, but never when we could get caught. It would be our little secret. So when he rested his hand on my arse while I was making a cup of tea a couple of days later, with his Dad just in the next room, I made it clear he should stop what I was doing.

“But Mum, you said you’d be my live in cum bucket,” he protested.

“That was sort of just sex talk when I was getting carried away,” I hissed back. Aiden looked dejected. “Look, I do want to do it again, but I really do love your father. So you can have me again, but never when he’s in the house at the same time. That’s my golden rule. I’m not ruining my marriage, no matter how nice your cock is.” Aiden grinned and left me.

He did try groping me a few more times over the next few days, but there was no protest when I batted his hand away. I think we’d come to an understanding. The next time we were home alone was Saturday, when Brian went off for his round of golf. It was an early tee off so after he kissed me goodbye, I was only just getting into the shower.

I was slowly massaging shower gel into my breasts when I heard the door to the en-suite bathroom open behind me. “Did you forget something love?” I asked.

“No Mum,” came the reply.

I span round. There was Aiden, wearing just his boxer shorts his big, muscular frame looking delicious. His boxer shorts were tenting obscenely to the font and he was clenching something in his right fist.

“Dad’s gone to play golf” he said as striding towards me. “So now we can fuck.”

“I’ll be done in the shower in a few minutes,” I said, feeling myself getting wet at the image of this handsome young stud wanting me.

“I can’t wait, it’s been a week,” Aiden said as he pushed his boxers down his legs and kicked them off, his thick, hard cock now revealed. “I need you right now.” I then noticed it was a condom wrapper in his right hand. He tore it open and deftly rolled the condom down his rock hard dick.

Before I could say a word, Aiden had climbed into the shower with me and forcefully turned me round and pushed my back slightly. It was clear what he wanted. I stuck my arse back towards him. He clearly wasn’t in the mood to wait around and within seconds I felt a hard spear forcing itself into my cunt.

“Ahh shit, I’ve been needing this for days. This is the best pussy ever,” he sighed as he slid all the way into me. “And it feels like you’re pretty wet Mum, and not just for the shower.”

There was no point denying it. “Yeah I’m wet for my son’s cock. Mummy has needs too.” It wasn’t long before Aiden built up a pace and was pounding me from behind. There’s no other word to describe it. I was being taken hard and the sound of slapping flesh was clear even above the noise of the shower.

Aiden started grunting loudly with each thrust into me. “So fucking good,” he moaned. It was. Before long I felt his thrusts get even harder then he groaned loudly. I felt his cock swell inside me and knew he was cumming. My pussy squeezed him as he shot his load into the condom.

“Oh Mum, shit, I needed that for days,” Aiden told me as he slowly withdrew from me. “Did you cum?”

“No, but I was getting close.” I never lied or faked orgasms just to preserve some fragile male ego. He needed to learn to take care of me.

“Well you need to cum too,” he said, and reached over and turned the shower off, before scooping me up and carrying me out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom. He did this with ease, showing me just how strong he was after all that rugby. I was thrown onto the bed and had my legs spread open before my own son started licking me with enthusiasm.

I hadn’t had my pussy eaten with such vigour for years and soon I was squeezing his head with my thighs as I spasmed in an electric orgasm. Now it my turn to moan. “Fuck, fuck, you’re making Mummy cum with that magic tongue of yours.”

Soon I lay back on my damp sheets in a complete post-orgasmic bliss. Aiden came and lay tenderly beside me, spooning me from behind while his arm was round me and his hand traced a line lazily over my breasts.

“I can’t believe you’re so hot and so horny Mum,” he told me.

“I know, we seem a pretty good match,” I replied, “but you know you didn’t need that condom.”

“What?” he replied. “I didn’t want you having to get another morning after pill, you might get illegal bahis a reputation.”

“That’s very thoughtful, Aiden, but actually I’ve gone back on the contraceptive pill. I’m keeping the pills at work so your Dad won’t find them but I think it feels so much better without a condom.”

I felt his dick harden into the small of my back. “Shit Mum, you think of everything. You want me to fill you up?”

“Yeah, Aiden, I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough of my son. I feel so naughty thinking you’re blasting my insides with your virile young load.”

It was too much for him and I felt his hard-on pushing between my legs. “I need you right now,” he breathed into my ear.

“Then take me you mother-fucker,” I giggled, and reached down to help guide him into me. It felt so much warmer without a condom, his warm flesh directly in contact with my most intimate area. It was too hot for either of us to last long, but he slowed his thrusts to make as last as best he could before we both came together with me begging my son to cum inside his mother and then that triggering my own fireworks.

After that we didn’t get a chance to be alone together for several days but I noticed my son giving me long, lingering looks several times. Things took an unexpected turn the following Wednesday evening. Brian had been working late and returned home in a foul mood. I heard him slamming various cupboard doors then he shouted out, “Sally I can’t find any tonic water. For Christ’s sake, I need a G and T.”

I found him in the kitchen. “Sorry Brian, I must have forgotten to got some.”

“I’m gasping, it’s been a bad day,” he growled back.

I found him a beer and led him to the living room. “Look, you have this and watch some TV,” I said smoothly, turning SkySports on. “I’ll go to the supermarket and get some tonic. We need a few things.

Brian calmed down immediately and relaxed into the armchair. “Sorry I shouted love, that’d be lovely.”

Just then Aiden appeared down the stairs. “Are you going to the supermarket Mum?”

“Yes dear, your Dad needs some tonic water and I need a few bits.”

“I need some shaving cream, I ran out and I’ve got a presentation at work tomorrow so want to tidy my beard up,” he said.

“I’ll get you that too then,” I replied, not yet onto his game.

“Oh no, I’ll come with you and give you a hand,” he quickly said.

“There’s a good lad,” interjected Brian. “Helping your mother out.” If only he knew how his son had been helping his mother out.

So soon we were in my car as I drove to the supermarket across town. That’s when it became clear just what Aiden had in mind.

“I’m horny Mum,” he blurted out. “I keep thinking about how good it felt us cumming together like that on Saturday.”

“I know, but we can’t do it again while your Dad is in the house.”

“We’re not in the house now, we won’t get caught,” he replied. That’s when I heard the distinctive sound of a zipper. I glanced over and he had fished his penis out of his flies. While sat in the passenger seat of his mother’s car, driving along the road in the middle of the town where we lived. I couldn’t believe he was so brazen.

“Put it away!” I admonished him.

“But Mum, your son has needs and this needs attention right now,” he replied, not complying. “Look at it Mum.”

I glanced over again. His cock was rock hard and a small pool of precum had formed by his slit. It looks so delicious, I felt myself start to tingle. Aiden wasn’t the only one who had been remembering that slow, delicious fuck on my bed last Saturday.

“I know you want it,” he said cockily. I did.

“OK, OK, but not where we can get caught,” I replied.

He knew he had me. “Turn left here.”

I soon found we were in the car park at the back of the community centre. It was completely deserted as it had shut hours before and I noticed it was surprisingly secluded. I parked the car and turned the engine off.

“Is this somewhere you’ve brought girls before?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a great hook-up spot when you’ve got a horny little bitch wanting you,” Aiden replied. I ought to have felt disgusted my such language from my own son but instead I felt my pussy tingle even more.

“Are you a horny little bitch for me Mum?” he asked, slowly stroking his cock. I stared at his cock but said nothing. “Answer me.”

I gave it. “Yeah, I am, you know I am. I went on the pill just so I could feel you filling me up.”


I reached over and we snogged passionately but the small car made positioning ourselves tricky. “Get out,” Aiden instructed me and then he forcefully led me to the front of the car and lifted me up on the bonnet. I was wearing a dress and he pushed it back up, then grabbed my underwear and pulled them down my legs, sliding them over one shoe and leaving them hanging around one ankle, illegal bahis siteleri before grabbing my waist and positioning me just right. He undid his trouser button and shoved his trousers and boxers down his large, toned thighs, before pulling my legs open and positioning himself just right between them, just where he belonged.

“Aghh God, fuck me,” I heard myself beg. “Fuck Mummy.”

Before long I felt the warm of his hard flesh push between my cunt lips and then my son was deep inside me once more. I couldn’t believe what a slut I was, lying back on the bonnet of my car in a public car park, my legs spread wide around my own son who was working his cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy, my lips spread around his thick dick as he fucked in and out of me, while mauling my breasts. The car’s suspension was squeaking obscenely which each thrust from my powerful boy. I hadn’t had sex outdoors for a very long time and it felt deliciously naughty as I felt a light breeze around my clit, contrasting with the warmth of Aiden’s dick inside me.

“I couldn’t wait Mum, neither could you,” he told me as we fucked. “My cock is a perfect fit in your hungry cunt.”

“I know, I know, I need it as much as you,” I replied. Lost in the moment, I was brought back to reality when Aiden warned me he was getting close. “Just a sec,” I begged, as I built towards my own peak. With perfect timing we came together again.

We made ourselves descent again and continued to the supermarket. Which is where I found myself face-to-face with Bryony Smith, an old friend from the PTA. “Sally, how are you?” she asked, then noticed Aiden down the aisle. “Aiden’s helping you at the supermarket? What a sweetie, so good to his mother,” she cooed, oblivious to just how good he was to me. A few minutes of small talk followed and after promises to meet for a drink soon, I grabbed the bits we needed and headed for the checkouts.

We were back in the car driving home when Aiden asked me if his cum had been dripping out of my pussy as my old friend talked to me. It had been.

“Did that make you feel naught Mum, your own son’s load soaking your panties, leaking out your freshly fucked cunt?” he asked. I groaned. He had my number spot on.

“It’s a hot thought, I’m getting hard again,” he then told me. “Turn right here.”

“What?” I replied. “We have to get home to your Dad.”

“No, we’ve got time for a quickie, turn right now.” I did what I was told. So I found myself parking the car at the end of the road by the woods and following Aiden into the darkness.

“We won’t get caught here,” he told me, “now bend over, I need you again.” So much for romance, but I wanted it as much and him and bent forward, reaching out to steady myself against a tree trunk. Aiden came up behind me, unzipping his flies as he did so and then pushing my underwear to one side but not taking them off. He was in the mood to wait around and penetrated me right to the hilt.

“Ahhh, I could get used to this,” he sighed as he worked his dick in and out of me.

“So could I Aiden, you fill me perfectly, now give me what I need.” I was thrusting myself back at his invading spear, desperate to get int deep inside me. If I was going to be a slut, bent over in the woods getting fucked by her own flesh and blood, then I was going to give it my all.

“What took so long?” Brian asked when we arrived home later.

“Sorry, I bumped into Bryony in Sainsbury’s,” I replied, the best lies being the ones with some element of truth in them.

“They were talking for ages Dad,” Aiden added, “but Mum got the tonic.”

“Not to worry then”, he replied. “You’re such a good wife,” Brian said, smiling at me as I poured his favourite drink while our son’s cum — two loads of it — soaked my panties.

After that there were a few more trips to the supermarket for forgotten items over the coming weeks, plus some very hot weekend fucks when Brian was golfing or getting the paper. We were addicted to bringing each other off. It was therefore no surprise that Aiden decided not to go to the pub on the Friday a week before Easter when his Dad had arranged to be staying up in London overnight following a work-related awards night.

What was surprising was getting caught. I was bent over Brian’s armchair, stark naked, my breasts jiggling as Aiden thrust into me from behind. The TV was on and between that and Aiden’s grunts, neither of us heard the front door open. Suddenly I was looking up at George, my youngest son, looking shocked in the living room doorway.

“Mum? Aiden?” he asked.

Shit. Fuck. Shit. I’d been enjoying Aiden’s cock so much but I hadn’t wanted to ever actually get caught. I had a sense of my world crashing around me. “George, what are you doing home?” I replied.

“There were engineering works on tomorrow and the train was going to take twice as canlı bahis siteleri long, so I thought I’d come home a day early and surprise you guys. Some surprise,” he explained.

I noticed Aiden had not actually withdrawn from my vagina. It was surreal. One son was stark naked, buried to the hilt inside me, while I tried to talk to the other son. I didn’t know what to do. I was so worried George would tell his Dad and everything would be ruined. That’s when Aiden spoke up.

“Yeah, well bro it’s a good surprise. Her pussy feels fucking amazing. You should feel the way it clamps around your cock, she can squeeze you just right, must be all that yoga,” he said, as he slowly continued to work in and out of me.

I was amazed at his brazenness and was about to object before it hit me. I could see an erection forming in George’s chinos as he listened to his brother and noticed his eyes glued to us. Aiden was trying to get George involved. I was hesitant. Fucking one son was bad enough, but could I really fuck them both? At the same time, I’d always had a fantasy about being taken my two men. And if George fucked me, he could hardly go running to his father to tell him about Aiden fucking me. So many conflicting thoughts.

“Yeah?” I heard George reply. That’s when I realised Aiden knew exactly what he was doing.

“Oh yeah,” said Aiden. “We were both horny and it just ended up happening a few weeks back bro but I can’t get enough since then. I never knew that her little pussy would be so hot and wet and needy but she fucks like a pornstar. You should try it.”

I was sure George would object. I mean I was his mother and he was being invited to have a threesome with me and his brother. I was wrong.

“It’s kinda weird but making me fucking horny,” George replied.

“You’ll get over the weirdness soon enough. Get your dick out man.”

George did as Aiden suggested and walked towards me. So this was my younger son’s cock, I thought to myself. It was a bit thinner but a good inch longer than his brother’s. He had tight balls and trimmed blonde pubes. His cock was throbbing as he walked towards me and some precum was visible at the top. It was delicious looking.

“Come to Mummy,” I drooled, and heard him moan loudly the minute my tongue lapped up the delicious salty precum before I worked my lips round his shaft.

“Fuck Mum, you can suck a cock,” George told me as Aiden picked up the pace pounding into me from behind. I felt so hot, being spitroasted between my two stud sons, their big hard cocks plugging into me from either end as I writhed and bounced between them.

The whole thing was too fucking horny for any of us to last long and soon Aiden was painting my womb with his load while George blasted his down my throat, me gulping furiously to swallow his delicious load while surrendering to my own explosive orgasm.

We all collapsed back onto the sofa as George took his t-shirt and trousers off. I sat between them both. “Mmm, boys, you know how to look after your mother,” I sighed contentedly as I felt George’s hands all over my body.

Before long both boys were hard again. The recuperative powers of youth. This time I lay back on the sofa, my legs spread around George’s tight little arse, feeling him clench as he got his first experience of being balls deep in Mummy’s hungry pussy.

“Fuck bro, you were right, this cunt is amazing. I can’t believe she’s so tight after three kids,” George launched, while fucking me.

“You’ll get addicted, but she has one rule, not when Dad’s in the house,” Aiden said, as I licked his balls.

“OK, but any other time she’s open season is she?” George asked.

“Oh yeah, she’s a fucking horny slut, can’t get enough cock or cum, and she’s on the pill so you can fill her right up,” Aiden replied. I couldn’t believe my sons were talking about me like this while I was lying between then, taking care of both their cocks, but it felt so good I couldn’t object.

“You want George’s load inside you don’t you Mum?” Aiden asked. “His cum mixing with mine, both your son’s sperm swimming around your insides.” I felt my pussy clamp and George’s cock throb at the filthy talk. “Come on, you want that.”

“I do, I want George’s cum in me right now,” I heard myself cry out. “Cum for Mummy George.”

He couldn’t hold back at such filth and I felt George spray out a huge amount of cum into me, joining Aiden’s load from just before. I literally sprayed as this happened. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

“Fucking hell Mum,” Aiden exclaimed, furiously wanking his meaty dick and suddenly unleashing his own torrent all over my face and tits.

I lay back contentedly, feeling one son’s hot sperm splattering my upper body while my other son’s load leaked out of my cunt.

I knew then I needed to do two things. Firstly, I’d need to clean this absolutely cum soaked sofa before Brian got home tomorrow. Secondly, I’d need to make sure George was as addicted to his Mummy’s pussy as his brother Aiden was and so would never tell their Dad about our incestuous fuck fests. Both seemed possible.

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