Suzanne and the church janitor


Suzanne and the church janitorSuzanne had always tried to be very active and helpful with many of the church activities. Tonight she was there getting the fellowship hall decorated for a charity auction for Saturday night. Her little group was made up of a few other women that she knew well and also the church maintenance man, Chester. He had always been very helpful to all the various groups and tonight he did a lot of the heavy set up work while the women did the signage, decorating and seating arrangements.Gradually the group thinned out and Suzanne was surprised to discover that she and Chester were the only two people left in the hall at 10 PM at night. All the other women had left one by one over the last several hours. Looking over at the 50 year old black man, she caught him looking at her in a way that was not his usual indifferent manner. Chester was always considered by the women as just a nice, helpful janitor who was both respectful and cooperative. Suzanne had on a tight pair of jeans and a fitted scoop neck top that was showed off her nice figure. She noticed that she had been leaning over a table to place the center piece on it and her open neckline showed off her modest but evident cleavage. When he realized that she knew he was appraising her body, he just smiled at her and kept looking. Suzanne was embarrassed by the leering gaze of the older black janitor with a pot belly and wrinkled work clothes.”I think I need to go now and maybe finish this up in the morning,” she said from her bent over position. Then she rose up while still looking at Chester.”No need to go, Miss Suzanne,” he said as a big smile crossed his face.It dawned on Suzanne that there wasn’t a soul in the church complex and they were totally alone in the building.”No, Chester, I think it’s best that I go home now.” she said in a slightly trembling voice. She hoped he didn’t detect her shakiness or fear.”No, Miss Suzanne, you need to stay. I like looking at you and don’t want you to go yet,” he told her as he closed the gap between them and was suddenly standing about two feet in front of her.”Please, Chester, I need to leave,” she said in a whining voice. His eyes were all over her body and then he reached out to softly stroke her hair.”Of all the women in the church, I’ve always noticed you. You seem to need something. Is there something you aren’t getting? Under your mask of being a proper church woman, I can tell that you need something,” he told her as his hands dropped to her shoulders immobilizing her.”Oh, no, please don’t,” she said trying to twist away from him.”You’re so wrong, Chester, I certainly do not need anything,” she continued in a weak and subdued voice. Chester’s assertive manner and demands were having a noticeable effect on her. She wanted to sound strong and confident but it came out all wrong.”Look into my eyes and tell me you’re not a slut,” he demanded.The big, black pot bellied older man repulsed Suzanne but she just could not look up into his hard eyes.”Look in my eyes and tell me,” he said.”Please, Chester, please don’t,” she pleaded as she continued to look down at his broad chest. His rough calloused hand remained on her shoulder. He laughed at her inability to tell him she wasn’t a slut or look into his eyes.”Please don’t do what? Don’t shove my hard black cock into kadıköy escort your slutty white cunt,” he snapped back to her.”Oh,” she gasped. Her body trembled at his words. Her heart began to pound in her chest.Suzanne was stunned and humiliated by what he was saying but she was frozen in place. When he used the word ‘cunt’ it sent a visible tremor through her body. She always said she hated the word but now it was igniting something within her. His big rough hands pulled her snug top over her bra and then took hold of both her full breasts.”Stop, please don’t touch me. Don’t force me to do this,” she breathed in a weak voice. Her body refused to move and her protests were feeble as he rubbed her breasts and nipples. She knew she should try to fight him off but her hands remained at her sides and her eyes looked down. Her nipples had always been very sensitive and when he began pinching them and rubbing them, she gasped and moaned. Her nipples hardened immediately and stood out from her firm breasts. She was so ashamed of her body’s betrayal. How could this possibly be happening? How could this man who repulsed her make her this aroused?”Pull your top off and bra, slut,” he told her in a voice that demanded obedience. There was mistaking his command in his the tone he used.”Oh, no,” the humiliated and degraded white wife whispered as her hands moved to comply with his order. First the top was pulled off and then she reached behind her and unsnapped the black bra and pulled it away from her body. His hands descended again on her naked breasts and nipples.”I like these tits. Your nipples are so hard. You like this. I always knew you were a slut,” he said laughing down at this attractive white church wife. “I always knew exactly what you were.”His thumb and index finger took hold of each nipple and began to roll them and rub them and pull them out from her body.”Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned as he continued. Her eyes closing to block out the sight of this unattractive black janitor using her body.”Now take the jeans off, slut,” he told her as he pinched down harder with his fingers.”Arrrgghhhhh,” she cried out. The pain and pleasure mingled and caused her to become more aroused and more obedient. She felt a gush of wetness between her legs. Her hands went to the waist button and undid it. She pulled the zipper down and began to tug on the denim material and move her hips as the jeans moved down her legs to the floor. She was naked except for a pair of black silk panties.”I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time and now you’re going to give it to me. I knew your white cunt needed my big black cock,” he said with a growl.His hands left her aroused tits for the first time in the last few minutes He reached for his own belt and unbuckled it. Then his pants seemed to fall off and his boxers fell on top of them. He kicked them to the side. From her bowed head position, Suzanne was looking at his huge cock. It was hard and long and fat. It was bigger than anything she had ever seen.”No, please don’t **** me,” she whined.He took her hand and pulled it forward until it was on his big meaty cock. Suzanne’s view was somewhat obscured by his fat belly. He was disgusting but her hand wrapped around the black cock as she üsküdar escort was told. She felt it throb.”Stroke it,” he said. She began to pull on it and felt it stiffen even more.”Yes,” she groaned almost in a whisper as her grip became tighter and she began jerking it up and down.”I knew you were a dirty white slut,” he said and Suzanne was flushed with shame at his words. But the shame ignited her body and her arousal. It seemed the more he degraded her, the more inflamed her body became.”Oh,” she gasped as the words made her knees weak. Her eyes were on his big cock and she felt her head drop with a will of its own and take the fat head into her mouth. He tongue swirled around the head as she tasted his dirty black cock. He hadn’t demanded her mouth. She realized she had done this on her own. She was sucking his cock because of her own needs. Her shame increased and with it so did her arousal. Her hand pumped the long shaft as her mouth worked on him.”Is that what you want, whore,” he said. “You want to suck my black dick?Then get on your knees like a good married mouth whore,” he said.She moaned loudly at his words and pushed her face harder onto his cock as she dropped to her knees. His hand gripped her hair and he pulled her head back a little so she was forced to look up into his smiling face.”Tell me now Suzanne. Tell Chester that you’re a slut,” he asked her with fire and lust in his eyes’ He held her tortured gaze. Her mouth continued to suck him as her hand pumped the big cock. He could see the conflict and torment in those eyes but also her incredible sexual arousal. Slowly she nodded her head as tears fell from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.”Stand up and pull off your panties, slut,” he told her wet face.”Please, I’m not protected. You can’t cum in me. Please, I can’t get pregnant,” she told him as she stood and pulled off her panties. She had suddenly realized that this simple statement was her permission to him to enter her body with his stiff black dick.Reaching behind her he grabbed her ass and lifted her off the ground. Her legs were forced to spread around his fat body and her arms automatically encircled his neck. Lifting her higher onto his protruding belly she felt his cock slip into the fold of her ass.”Put it in your cunt,” he snarled at her and Suzanne reached down and pulled it to her wet opening. Her arm then reached back to hold herself up on the surface of the table. His hands slipped under her thighs and he slowly lowered her onto his big black cock.”Oh, oh, oh,” she screamed as he pierced her cunt and forced his cock deep into her.He was so big and the pain was immediate but the pleasure replaced it almost at once.”Oh, please,” she screamed as his cock imbedded itself in her white cunt.When he was fully inside her he did not move but held her in place. She was moaning and gasping and crying in his arms. Her tears streamed down. The pain left quickly and the feeling of being completely full was overcoming her senses. Her arms reached out again and tightened around his neck. Her body was pulled higher. She looked up and then suddenly pressed her lips to his big meaty lips and she began to move up and down on his cock. Her body was alive as she rode him and her tongue explored his vile mouth. She felt him moving tuzla escort and suddenly he was leaning her back until her ass rested on one of the freshly decorated tables. Grabbing her hair he pulled her back and laid her flat on the table with her legs spread wide. He began to pump her cunt hard and deep. Suzanne was caught up in this total domination of her body. He took her ankles and pulled her legs up until her feet were on either side of his head. She could feel him forcing her closer and closer to climax and she was delirious with submissive cravings; these feeling which she had never admitted to herself or anyone else.”Fuck me, oh please, fuck me,” she repeated over and over as her hips moved against his black cock assault.”That’s it, take it, you married whore,” he bellowed at her as his hips matched her movements. His body slapped repeatedly against hers and the room filled with the sound of hard fucking and nothing else.That was it for Suzanne. The combination of his degrading words, her depraved humiliation and his fat cock r****g her sex charged body drove her over the edge. Her orgasm ripped through her and she was screaming so loud that if someone was walking on the street outside it would easily have been heard. She was out of control and her body had spasm after spasm as Chester continued to fuck her. They both knew how desperately she needed to be fucked like this. This was not lovemaking; this was fucking. Then just as suddenly, he stiffened and she could feel him drive deep into her.”Oh fuck,” she cried out as he began to cum inside her.”Yes, fuck me, cum in me,” she begged.”Cum in me. Fill me up,” she shouted as she rolled through another orgasm. Her ass lifted off the table and pumped her cunt hard against him. Her earlier pleas to him to not cum inside her were gone in this erotic moment. Her body shook and quaked and her legs wrapped his big hips. I her delirium she forced her cunt further onto him, accepting his flood of potent hot cum.It seemed to last forever and then it finally ended with Chester pulling back. His black cock freed itself from her well fuck white cunt. It dripped onto the floor and her cunt oozed his hot white fluid. Her naked body was spread wide beneath him on the party table as she breathed heavily from the power of what had just happened.”How could he have seen how badly I needed to be used like this,” she thought in these waning moments of her complete satisfaction. “How could he know?”His hand reached down to push the gushing cum into her open cunt. Suzanne gasped from the touch. Then he stepped back.”On your knees, slut,” he demanded.Suzanne instinctively knew what he expected of her. She sat up and then dropped down in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth. Her lips and tongue moved all over him and cleaned all of their combined juices off his still semi hard cock. She hated herself because of how much she loved sucking his black cock. She needed it in her mouth. She needed to be treated like this. The taste of their combined juices was driving her to arousal again. He finally took her hair and pulled her off him. She sat there on her knees panting and with a look of complete sexual desire written all over her wet face. He got dressed and started to walk away.”Get this mess cleaned up. Your white ass now belongs to me. From now on I will fuck you any time I want to,” he said pointedly.”Yes,” she whispered as her body shuddered. It was her only response as she dropped her eyes to the floor in front of her.”Cunt,” he said as he was almost out of the room.”Yes,” she whispered as her body shook from the vile word which ignited her arousal once again.

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