Suzie’s Little S*ster 2 by loyalsock

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Big Tits

Suzie’s Little S*ster 2 by loyalsockI grunted when she said it and she apparently heard me. The car was now filled with the sound of the slapping of my balls on her little asshole as I fucked her as deeply as possible. I wanted to hear more from her sexy young mouth too. So I prompted her.”How does it feel Nancy?””Oh, it feels so good Matty!””What feels so good?””Your…your cock…doing it to me!” She gasped.”Doing what exactly to you?” I was smiling when I said it and she now knew what I wanted to hear. She’d come through for me all night and she wasn’t going to drop the ball now.”Oh, your big…cock is fucking me Matt! You’re fucking my little pussy! It’s all bare Matt! It’s bare because I took my panties off over in the bushes. I wanted to be all naked beneath my shorts for you Matt.”She had succeeded in pushing me to the brink of avcilar escort orgasm now. I was slamming my cock into little Nancy’s pussy with everything I had. The whole evening replayed in my mind. Trying to and finally succeeding in touching Nancy’s panties while Suzanne was wearing them. Then having Nancy appear out by the car when I was leaving. The fun we’d had cruising the strip and listening to music together. And now, actually fucking this sexy little minx in the back seat of my car!Nancy seemed to sense my impending crisis and asked me quietly “Is it…is it almost time Matt?”It was way past time! I was trying to keep from exploding so I could give her a “Mind Shattering Orgasm!” Seems silly now but that’s all I knew about sex back then. Stuff I read in dirty books.”Just about honey.” Was my short reply.Nancy şirinevler escort produced her little white panties and said, “Ready when you are!” I think she might have read a dirty book or two herself.And then The juice began to flow. I cried out her name and wave upon wave of pleasure began to wash over me and I pulled my cock from the tight confines of Little Nancy’s pussy and spurted shots of hot semen towards her tiny little tits. But, they never got there. No, Nancy managed to catch my sizable load in her little white panties. Every drop.We laid together for a while at least but it was late and we knew we had to get back. Nancy sat right next to me while we were driving home with her arms around my neck. You’d get a goddam ticket for doing that nowadays. I found myself thinking about how Sue taksim escort and I were doing all this courting and trying to impress each other and then, out of the blue, her little sister just jumps into my life and it’s like we’ve known each other for five years!No. I couldn’t really go back to trying to date Suzanne. But I also couldn’t really dump her and then start going out with her little sister either. We parked down the street from the house to keep from having the headlights wake up the household and I turned to Nancy to try and explain my feelings to her.Once again, she was way ahead of me. “I know. We can’t just…be boyfriend and girlfriend. And Mom and Dad would hate you if you tried to…Oh, you know what I mean.” Then, the green eyed beauty looked right up into my soul and said “But, we’ve got tonight don’t we. And we always will.” With that, she kissed me and was gone. I waited until I saw her enter the house, then turned around and drove home.Many years later I still think of her and that beautiful night. That beautiful night when we were lovers. For the first time. We were really lovers.

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