Swapping Daughters Ch. 03

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I watched my Candie as Max approached Lisa. Candie’s eyes grew large as she watched Max’s cock begin to swell at the sight of his young daughter’s welcoming pussy. I could see that Lisa’s ardor had not waned with the disappearance of the boys and, if anything, may have actually heightened at the approach of her father.

As Max dropped to his knees in front of Lisa, she bent her head forward and wantonly took his cock into her mouth. I watched as her hairless pussy gaped open; it certainly seemed to want to be filled with fuckmeat.

“Hi Dad!” Candie squealed as she became aware of me watching her reaction.

“Hi sweetie. It looks like we got here just in time.

“Yeah.” Max said, “I think someone was going to get fucked if we hadn’t shown up when we did.”

Lisa took her mouth away from Max’s cock. “It was just like a little bet dad, he wasn’t really going to like fuck me much.”

“A bet? What was he betting…that he could get his cock into your cunt?”

“No, silly, he was betting that he could make me cum in less than one minute.”

“Oh, okay, and what would he get when he won?”

“IF he won, I would have to give him a blowjob.”

“Well, that he would have won is not even a question. You’ve got your mother’s hair trigger cunt, so you would have cum as soon as his cockhead got into your fuckhole.”

“Na huh!”

“And, on the off chance that you hadn’t cum, what if you won?”

“If Lisa won, he was going to get us both Cokes.” Candie interjected. “I was the official timer.”

“Shit! If you want a Coke that bad, I’ll be happy to fuck you AND buy you a Coke.” I said.

“Dad, didn’t you get enough of her little pussy last night?’

“Huh! Never enough of that hot little box for me.”

By now Lisa was back at her dad’s cock. I watched as her little hands pulled his asscheeks apart as she pulled his body towards her head. Her nipples were hard and pointed at the tips of the perky cones riding high on her chest. Looking between her spread legs, I could see that the little bud of her clit had emerged from its little hood. I knew precum was already on the tip of my fully erect cock and that it was virtually at eye level for my Candie.

Suddenly I felt my own erect cock being engulfed by the warm moistness of my own daughter’s mouth. Her tongue first touched the drop of precum and then probed into the slit at the end of my cock. Then she trailed the tongue down the length of my shaft and probed at my hanging ballsac. She moaned, almost an animal growl, as the head of my cock touched the back of her throat. I couldn’t help myself, so I put my hands on her head and drew her farther down my rod. I could feel my knees becoming weak.

“Oh, daddy, you like gotta fuck me now…” I heard Lisa almost begging Max. “I’m like so fucking hot that I’d let a drunken Doberman fuck me right now…”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she had moved to a reclining position. Her knees were drawn up in a lewd position and one hand was between her legs, two fingers were plunging into her sopping pussy. Her other hand was still around her father’s cock and she was urgently trying to pull him to her.

“A drunken Doberman? Shit Lisa, you really are a slut aren’t you?”

“Daddy, you always said you wanted me to be a slut, like mom, I hope you’re not changing your mind now.”

“I’m certainly not changing my mind about that.” Max said as he lowered himself so that his palms were on either side of his pretty little girl’s head. “Ever since you were born I’ve wanted you to be a slut. Like my dad says, you can never have too many sluts around the house.”

Candie and I watched as his massive cock began to penetrate the teenager’s pussy. Lisa closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she concentrated hard to will the gigantic pole into her willing loins.

“Daddy?” Candie called me. “Do you want to fuck me like Max is fucking Lisa?”

By now Max and Lisa had established a rhythm. His cock was viciously sliding and pounding deep into and out of his wanton daughter’s steaming pussy. The shiny coating of their combined juices served to lubricate his member and her walls as he pistoned in and out of her. There was a sexy but lewd sound of the fluids as they moved, and there was the slapping of their bodies as they slammed together in the down stroke.

“No baby, I don’t want to fuck you like Max is fucking Lisa.” I said. “I want to make love to you.”

Candie laid back and reached for me with her slender arms. For just an instant the sun güvenilir bahis sifted through the palm fronds overhead and the light fuzz that covered her young body sparkled like little flecks of gold on her skin. She spread her legs as I positioned myself between her slender thighs. With one hand she guided my throbbing cock into her eager young pussy. As I lowered myself into her I moved so that my elbows were now on the towel next to her head. I could smell the sweetness of her hair and her breath as my mouth touched hers. I kissed her passionately but lovingly as my cock sunk all the way into her body. I could feel our pubic areas touching as I began flexing my cock inside her womb.

Next to us, Max and Lisa were pounding away at full force. “Fuck me daddy…fuck me…fuck me…pound your cock into me daddy…make me cum…fuck me like you want to fuck your little slut daddy…make me cum…fuck…fuck…”

In contrast, my Candie was almost silent. Her breathing was ragged and she was letting out a series of little grunts as I began moving in and out of her. I could feel the muscles of her woman ness as they alternately clinched and released my cock in time with my movements. She had wrapped her long slender teenaged cheerleader legs around my hips and was gently pulling me in and releasing me as we enjoyed our forbidden union.

“Oh daddy, I love you…I love you…fuck me daddy…please make me cum…”

What could I do? In just a few seconds I could feel the cum churning in my balls. My testes began rolling in their sack and the length of my cock became incredibly sensitive. My breathing and my movements became ragged. I knew my cum was on its way.

“Fuck Lisa, I’m cumming in you baby…I’m fucking cumming…take my fucking load you hot little bitch…take it you slut…cum with me…fuck…fuck…” Max was bellowing as he slammed his huge cock again and again into his wanton daughter’s well-stretched pussy.

“Oh…oh…here it is baby…here’s my cum…I love you too baby…” I thought I was going to black out from the intensity of the cum exploding from my cock and into my little girl’s eager pussy. I buried my head into her shoulder, feeling the silky softness of her hair and stifled a sob of emotion.

For a few minutes, it was very quiet. All I could hear was the four of us breathing and the sound of the birds in the trees.

Lisa spoke first. “That was like so fucking hot! Do me again daddy. Fuck me some more!”

“You really are a little cum hungry slut aren’t you?”

“Yep daddy, that’s like so me…a cum hungry slut.”

I looked over at them. Lisa was on her knees and a large gob of cum was running out of her pussy and down her leg. Max had rolled over onto his back and his nearly limp cock, covered in the combined juices of his daughter and himself, was lying in a slimy pool on his belly.

My own daughter had pushed me over on to my back and was cuddled against me. My thigh was trapped between her legs and her firm titties were pressed into my chest. Her eyes were closed and she was purring contentedly as she stroked my chest with her small hand.

“If you won’t fuck me again dad, I bet Ted will.”

“You selfish little bitch!” He slapped the firm cheek of her tight little ass.

“That was so fucking hot dad! We fucked and they fucked…next time I want to watch Ted as he fucks Candie. She is like so pretty but also so fucking hot!”

I could feel that my cock was starting to stir. Candie reached down and patted it gently.

That night Dan, Tami, Max, Jackie, Julie and I went into town for dinner. The girls stayed back at the resort with Ryan, the boy we had met in the shower, Dan and Tami’s son. Somebody had left a collection of Traci Lords videos in one of the closets of our suite and they were going to watch those to see if there was anything they could learn from them. I had the feeling that Ryan was going to get his cock fucked and sucked off by those two little girls of ours.

We went to a nice “adult oriented” restaurant with a reputation for fine food and great music. The ladies were all dressed appropriately, with Julie wearing a very short red dress with a flared skirt and broad straps that crossed in front to cover her tits. The waist was very low and there was a large triangle of exposed skin between the straps and the waistband. Jackie wore a nearly painted on spandex pants and halter set. It was silver and white and the rosebuds of her areolas were plainly apparent through the unlined fabric. Her pants were so tight that not only her little camel toe, but also the little bud türkçe bahis of her clit were plainly outlined and accented by any shadows at all. There was no question that she was not wearing underwear. Tami wore the classic little black dress with a plunging neckline and short form fitting skirt, with a slit on one side that went all the way to her hip. Her massive tits swayed seductively when she walked and jiggled invitingly whenever she talked or moved her arms. We gents looked like we were in uniform, all wearing casual slacks and open neck shirts.

“Your girls certainly are beauties.” Tami said. “Our little Ryan was so excited to hear that he was going to spend the evening with them.”

“I’ll say he was excited.” Dan broke in. “I don’t think his erection subsided at all, even after Tami sucked him off!”

“Yeah.” Julie offered. “You have to watch out for those young guys, they can stay hard forever.”

“So what does he think of this place?” Jackie asked. “All those naked pussies, titties and asses…”

“Oh, he pretty much loves it here. He asked if people stay here all year long.”

“So had he ever been to a nudist place before?”

“No, Dan came up with this idea a few weeks ago and we surprised Ryan because we didn’t want him to get worked up about it.”

“So had he ever seen you guys nude before?’

“Not really, a glimpse here and there at home, but just fleeting glimpses.”

Max was openly eyeing Tami’s tits. “So what did he think when he got a good look at his mommy?” He reached over and brushed one of her nipples with the back of his fingers. It immediately hardened.

Dan broke up, had to put his glass down to avoid spilling. “It was so funny! The poor kid couldn’t talk…but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her either.”

‘Yeah, he just stared at my pussy and my tits! I think his mind went into overload.”

“I got a kick out of watching his cock grow! And she didn’t help things one bit. She kept striking seductive poses! My cock got hard pretty quickly as well.”

“You struck poses? Like what poses?” Julie wanted all the details.

“Oh you know, sitting on the bed with my legs open, sucking my own nipps, fingering my clit…the usual stuff. But it really got to him. In just a few seconds he squirted all over the bed.”

Dan paid no attention to the fact that Max had now put his hand all the way into Tami’s dress bodice and was avidly fondling her tits. “What about you folks…have you been here before?’

Jackie said, “Five times for us, over about 8 years.”

“This is our third consecutive year.” Julie answered.

“But this is only the second time for the girls. We adults met here our first trip and we decided to bring the girls along from then on, so this is their second year.” Jackie had had several drinks by now and was pretty carefree. I could see that her hand had dropped below the table and it looked like she was feeling up Dan. I had my hand between her legs and I could feel the heat and moisture building. “The four of us decided last year that we would get the girls involved in the sexual play this year. Last year they kind of hung out with the prudish youth group and that helped them to get used to the nudity, but we heard a lot about what the other non-youth-group teens were doing and we didn’t want them to miss out on the fun.” I pinched her clit and her sharp inhale caught everyone’s attention.

“Well, they certainly are beauties.” Dan said, for the third or fourth time.

“No, they are fuckin’hotties!” Max corrected.

“Here’s to fuckin’ hotties!” Tami proposed a toast.

“Is that ‘fuckin’ a verb or an adjective?” I asked.

“Both, I think.” Max answered.

The six of us danced a bit after dinner and Max and I took turns feeling-up Tami. But then, we felt up all the ladies, even our wives. I loved watching Julie as she dirty danced with Max, sensuously rubbing her bare pussy against his thigh. She made no effort to conceal her wantonness. She even raised up the hem of her skirt, giving everyone in the room a clear view of what she was doing.

Once the bar closed, we headed back to the resort.

We decided that Julie would spend the night with Dan, Tami with Max and Jackie with me. The kids would go with their dads for the night.

By the time we reached our suites, the kids were all congregated in Max’s den, still nude, watching the last of the videos on the big screen. Candie was asleep, curled up in sort of a fetal position, with her head on Lisa’s thigh. Lisa was sitting on the sofa, güvenilir bahis siteleri absently playing with Candie’s hair. I noticed that Ryan’s cock was very red and irritated looking, but gamely still at full attention. He was sitting next to Lisa, with his arm across her shoulder, fingering one of her nipples.

Candie, Jackie and I headed to my suite shortly thereafter. Since Jackie was pretty wasted and Candie had already been asleep, we just skipped all preliminaries and I had Candie suck me until I was hard. Then I finger fucked her while I plowed Jackie doggie style.

At one point Candie positioned herself below us and licked Jackie’s cunt while I fucked her.

“Fuck, Candie! You are gonna make me cum!” Jackie shouted.

Jackie was bent over and Candie was in the 69 position for her. Jackie took full advantage of the opportunity. “Oh Candie…you’re pussy is so fucking sweet!”

I felt Candie’s tongue running along the very base of my cock, below the hanging sack.

“Baby, I’m gonna shoot my load in Jackie pretty soon. Do you want me to fuck you too or is it okay if I cum in her?’

“It’s okay daddy, you don’t have to fuck me. I’m really tired and I think I’d rather save it for tomorrow. But then you’ll have to make love to me twice.”

I felt her mouth close on my balls and at the same time I knew my cum was erupting. I saw stars and then collapsed onto Jackie, who collapsed onto Candie. After a few seconds we untangled and Candie slid her sweet body between Jackie’s big tits and me.

“I love you daddy.” She whispered in my ear.

The next morning we all shared our stories. Julie said she liked Dans’s cock, that he could do amazing things with it. But they too were pretty wiped out by the time they got around to playing. She said that Ryan had tried to fuck her too, but that his cock had been pretty badly abused by our little girls, so it hurt him too much to really go at it. She smiled at him when she said that he had a lot of potential. I saw his mother beaming with pride.

“Well, young man, you’ll have to show us what you learned last night.”

Ryan blushed. “Oh, I learned a lot. Anytime you want a demonstration mom, just let me know.”

Tami and Max pounded away all night. When they rested, Lisa pounced on one or the other. They had not gotten any sleep at all.

“You can tell that that little bitch belongs to Max!” Tami laughed. “She is one hot little fucking machine!”

“Why, thank you ma’am.” Lisa obviously took it as a big compliment.

That night was Dan, Tami and Ryan’s last at the resort. In celebration of our new friendship, we had a massive orgy at their suite. We started out with a little lap dancing contest with each of the ladies and girls having a turn. First Tami, then Lisa, Then Jackie and then Julie and finally Candie got her turn.

Candie was surprisingly good at this form of dance. Her young toned body swayed sensuously and erotically as she barely moved her feet. All of the action seemed to take place at her hips. She danced in front of Dan first and then in front of Ryan and then in front of me. She maintained eye contact as she took my hand and placed it on her firm tit. I palmed the nipple and gently rolled it. She rubbed her pussy against my bare thigh as she performed a slow humping motion. Then she moved to Max.

As I watched Max fondling my daughter, I felt my cock stiffen. It had been hard for some time, but now it was like a steel rod. Julie noticed and came over to me. She sat on my lap, facing the show our daughter was putting on, guiding my throbbing member into her molten depths.

“God, she is so sexy!”

“Yeah, it must run in the genes.” I pinched Julie’s nipples. “I’m so glad we decided to come here and do this this year.”

“Yeah, me too.” She grunted between clinched teeth. I felt her body shake with a mini orgasm. Just a few feet away, our teenaged daughter was stroking the massive meat pole jutting from between Max’s legs. The head was the size of a large egg and purple, like it had been dipped in a vat of cabernet sauvignon.

I watched as our daughter slowly bent over and lowered her lips to the swollen head of Max’s cock. Her dainty hand, with it’s light pink enameled nails automatically began stroking the meat stick and I could see by the concave of her lips that she was sucking hard, hoping to get the precious fluid reward of his essence.

“Fuck Candie! You are so fuckin’ good…I’m gonna cum right now…” Max bellowed.

And he did.

As I watched the muscles in Candie’s neck signaling that she was swallowing, my load fired deep into my wife. I let out a loud groan and my body shook.

“Okay Daddy, my turn next!” Candy said.

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