Swedish Delights

Beautiful Dick

I had been posted on Cyprus with the UK government for six months or so. I didn’t get fixed holidays as such. I would get a call from HQ to say that things were ‘quiet’ and I would grab a few days in Europe. On one such trip I went north to Sweden and stayed on the lovely island of Gotland. It’s not really like the rest of Sweden, having a rather exotic feel to it. The weather while I was there was good and I had a happy few days walking the remoter parts of the island, which can be reached by bus and I also took a boat trip to a small island called Stora Karlso. Anyway the one romantic encounter I had during my fourteen months in Europe occurred while I was staying on Gotland. I had found a comfortable hotel not far from the harbour in the island’s capital, Visby. Visby itself is a lively, yet unspoilt, romantic location, with an almost complete mediaeval wall and a labyrinth of alley ways and little nooks and crannies.

It was on my second night; I had been for a beer and a sort of tapas. I entered the lobby to collect my room key. It was a bright reception area with a very new smell, where you could buy beer and there was a computer with free internet connection for guests.

As I entered I instantly noticed a fine-looking young woman of about 30 sitting by the window and using a lap top. She had a very professional look about her. She glanced up at me as I came in, but sort of looked through me as if deep in thought. I ordered a beer at the bar and fixed my gaze on her as I waited to be served. She looked up at me again. I made no attempt to look away and she tilted her head to one side and gave me a slightly reproachful look and returned to her lap top. She had an air of confidence about her. I guess she was used to men checking her out, but I imagine she was tired of nervous glances. I think women deserve their space and privacy and that includes not being leered at. However, this woman was quality, if you know what I mean and deserved more than a casual glance.

There was a television in the reception/bar and I sat down diagonally opposite the woman and switched it on to watch a European Soccer match that had just kicked off. The woman looked up and made a loud tutting noise and looked delightfully pissed off.

‘Must you? I’m trying to concentrate on this.’

She pointed to something on her laptop. I was a little taken aback by her attitude, but close up, she was really quite hot and I was prepared to let her get away with it. She had shoulder-length, mousey blonde hair and bright green eyes. Her features were quite sharp, but classically pretty in a sexy way. She had a grey nylon top and grey, pin striped trousers. She didn’t have big breasts from what I could tell – it’s possibly the first thing men notice – but they seemed OK.

‘Oh sorry, I can turn it down a bit?’

She shook her head.

‘Hmph! I suppose so.’

‘Look, sorry, we seem to have got off on the wrong foot here. Can I get you a drink?’

She looked suddenly brighter and nodded.

‘OK thank you, a gin and tonic please. I won’t be a minute.’

She got up and walked towards the ladies’ room. I checked her bahçeşehir escort out and was amazed by her absolute peach of an ass, which just wiggled perfectly in her trousers. I decided there and then that it was my duty to do anything I could to sleep with this woman.

She came back. She had spoken with a European accent but not one, which I could immediately identify. I didn’t think she was Swedish. I put the drink down in front of her and sipped my beer. I moved my glass towards hers.

‘Good health.’ I said.

‘Oh yes, cheers.’

We clinked glasses and I studied her as I took a draught of beer.

‘Interesting?’ I asked pointing to her laptop.

‘Not really, frustrating really.’

‘Oh might I ask why?’

‘Yes, I am a TV producer and I’m looking for something typical of the area to go on the opening footage.’

‘Oh, how about the Collared Flycatcher?’

‘I beg your pardon?’

I knew a bit about birds and knew it was a special species, unique in Sweden to Gotland.

‘The Collared Flycatcher breeds here but nowhere else in Sweden, it’s like a sort of emblematic bird.’

‘Oh indeed. I’ll put it in a search engine. Collared?’


She looked impressed.

‘Ah yes, sweet little black and white bird. I think I might go with that. Thanks.’

‘My pleasure. Where are you from bye the way, you’re not Swedish are you?’

‘No, I’m from Holland near Amsterdam.’

Aah, Dutch, it’s not an obvious accent is it?’

‘Isn’t it?’

‘Well it’s not one I hear much. What’s the TV programme about?’

‘I’m just researching it at the moment. It’s about the life and culture of the island. I might have to include a little bit about the wildlife now!’

She smiled and crossed her legs. I got the impression her shoe was pointing towards me, which I read somewhere is a subliminal way that women use to say they want to fuck you. I certainly hoped so.

‘Are you on holiday?’ She asked.

‘Yes, just a short break.’

‘You’re English.’

‘Yes, but I’m living on Cyprus for the time being.’

‘Oh work?’


‘What do you do?’

‘I work for the UK government.’

‘Ah a spy eh?’

‘Not exactly.’

She sat up.

‘Not exactly? Tell me more!’

‘I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m not a spy, but I can’t talk about my work.’

‘Oh come on.’

She had a drink from her glass and closed her laptop.

‘I really can’t go into details. I’m sorry.’

There was a slightly awkward silence. Maybe I should have lied about my job to keep her attention.

‘How long are you here for?’ I enquired.

‘I’m leaving tomorrow morning.’

Not that it probably made any difference, but it focused my attention on my goal somewhat.

‘Oh OK, well what have you got planned for the rest of the evening?’

She smiled.

‘Probably an early night.’

‘Oh, that’s a bit boring isn’t it?’ I ventured.

‘Well that depends doesn’t it?’

‘Does it? How can going to sleep early not be boring?’ I strokeded my chin and licked my bakırköy escort lips. I pressed home what I thought was my advantage and made a suggestion.

‘Maybe we could share a drink in my room? I have a bottle of Cognac, it’s a good one.’

‘Hmmm, you’re very confident aren’t you?’

I stood up and sat next to her. I couldn’t see any point in messing about now.

‘It really is a good brandy and it’s best shared.’

I smiled and offered her my hand.

‘My name’s Alex by the way.’


‘Pleased to meet you Suzanne.’

‘So Alex, what makes you think I want to share your Cognac?’

‘I’m hoping obviously.’

‘I noticed.’

I was fairly sure at this point that I had won her over. I’ve met similar professional types before and they don’t care for lots of pussyfooting around. They don’t want some roughneck to come up and ask them for a shag either. A blend of directness but politeness is the trick. She crossed her legs and spread one hand out on her knee and looked at me in a incongruously sweet way. I shuffled a bit closer to her and was struck by how her eyes were quite vividly green and there was the merest hint of freckling around her nose. I took a chance now. I gently moved her hair to one side over her left ear. She stood up and picked up her laptop. I thought for a minute I had blown it. But her next comment proved that I was home and dry.

‘Come on then stud, lead the way.’

I can’t remember if that’s exactly what she said, but it was something like that. A minute or so later I opened my bedroom door and switched the light on. I grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed it. She turned round and gave me a lovely long French kiss. We kissed for quite a while as I fondled her ass cheeks through her trousers. I was hard pretty quickly and she helped herself to a handful.

‘Hmmm, big boy!’ She complimented.

‘Phew! Let’s get that drink.’ I offered. I gathered together a couple of glasses from the bathroom and opened my Cognac. I poured two decent measures. We clinked glasses again and she sat on the bed.

After taking a few sips from my glass, I put it down on the bedside table. She gave me her glass and took off her top. She was wearing a sexy, black lacy bra. I unzipped my trousers and stepped out of them. I quickly got hard again as I took my boxers off. I stood in front of her, with my dick twitching and her eyes opened wide as she saw my cock, which is pretty big and quite thick.

Suzanna licked her lips.

‘Oh my, I am a lucky girl.’

She stood up and unzipped her trousers, which fell to her ankles, revealing white knickers and a lovely pair of toned legs. I asked her to turn round and I rolled her knickers down. Her ass was just magnificent. I just knelt there and stared at it for a few seconds and then bit each cheek. She had a booty like I’ve never seen from that day to this.

‘On all fours.’ I instructed.

‘Yes master!’ She said and looked round at me with a dirty expression.

Her pussy felt moist and warm. I eased my cock into her vagina. Fuck this başakşehir escort was one tight bitch! I eased it in a bit further and after a bit of wiggling around I felt it go in. I went in ball deep and she let out a long, low, grunting noise. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman make quite the same noise. I began to fuck her and I fucked her hard. I was slow to begin with, but I just let her have it. She then started to make a loud yelping, screaming noise like a cat or something as I just pounded her pussy. I slowed down a little to unfasten her bra and fondled her tit’s a bit as I shagged her.

I pulled out and asked if she wanted to go on top because that’s my favourite position. She straddled me and I got her to lean against me, so I could suck her tits as I fucked her. She squealed again and in what seemed like no time at all, she had what I would call a bed-breaking orgasm. I’ve never known anything like it. She pushed her mouth into my neck and squealed as her body was jerking and jumping. It was terrific to be honest. She was like a fire cracker. After that we did spoons. I had to stop myself from coming by slowing right down, because it felt so lovely and tight. The next position we tried was I suppose front ways spoons. I’m not au fait with the Kama Sutra but she lay on her side with one leg in the air and I somehow shagged her sideways. This was also a lovely position and I nibbled her ear and neck and fucked her really gently.

She asked me if I had ever been fucked ‘reverse cowgirl.’ I said I had never heard of it, so I let her show me. I lay on the bed and she got on top and began to ride me – backwards. I had never had any girl do that before and it was really, really good. The site of her ass going up and down as my dick fucked her pussy was just too much. I get really hard just before I come and Suzanne knew I was close and jumped off and took me in her mouth. She squeezed my dick really hard. I mean really hard and somehow stopped me from coming. I grabbed her thigh and pulled her round, so that I could kiss her pussy. After having banged her, her scent was very strong, but not unpleasant. I’ll giver her due, she knew how to give good head and I think she enjoyed my tongue too and I soon had a nice flow of juice oozing out. I rubbed my face in her pussy and ass and this made me come, but this time there was no stopping it. I squirted my whole lot in her mouth. It was one of the best and biggest ejaculations I could remember. She didn’t swallow it, but she turned round and it was all over her lips and dribbling down her chin.

We laid together on the bed for about an hour in a loose embrace. I was suddenly feeling quite tired and just wanted to go to sleep. It might not sound like it from my story, but we were shagging for like 40 minutes, almost non-stop.

‘I have to say I’m shagged out now, do you mind if we go to sleep?’

‘I am too.’ She said.

‘I’ll fuck you again in the morning if you like.’

‘OK, I’ll look forward to it.’

We finished our Cognac and we went to bed and kissed each other for a while until we just drifted off. I was as good as my word and gave her a really good seeing to again the next morning. I went back to Cyprus a happy man.

That was my only fling in the whole time I was in Europe. It was without doubt the best night’s all round sex I’ve ever had. I still think about Suzanne and wonder what she’s doing now, but we decided not to exchange email addresses or anything, but just enjoy the memories.

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