Sweet on Her Son

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3D Porn

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


Diane murmured lightly to herself as she padded down the upstairs hallway, though it was perhaps her lack of anything at all on her hind paws that rendered her as quiet as a mouse, even though she was, indeed, a rat with soft grey and white fur. Her tail and the points of her paws were pink and soft with skin, though she was not as delicate and sweet as many would have imagined, embodying the love that she’d always wanted to give her family each and every day in everything she did.

“Alex?” She called out, rapping on his bedroom door and stepping inside to his call back to her. “Sweetie, I’m making enchiladas for dinner, are you hungry yet?”

Simple words, innocuous words, yet what Diane realised as she stopped and stared at her son on his bed, so much like her, was that he had not called out for her to come in at all. No, that had to have been a very different cry, one given only in the midst of passion, his hips rising and thrusting almost of their own accord with his shaft clasped in one paw.

Their eyes locked, his long, brown hair tied back from his face, though it was still the same shade as hers. Anyone that knew them could not have mistaken them for anything other than mother and son, even though mother and son were never meant to see one another under such circumstances.

Diane’s fingers fluttered to her lips.


Alex stared at her, his lower jaw dropped, cheeks heating with a flush that was visible even through his grey fur, turning his head away, though he did not have the presence of mind to scramble to cover himself up. In his mind, the damage was done, his shaft hard and gleaming at the tip with a drop and a hint of pre-cum, his pillows tipped askew and muzzle hot with a blush. He could have tried to pretend that he wasn’t doing what he so very clearly was but, well…where was that exactly going to get him.

“Uh… Hey, mom…” He muttered, sliding his gaze away, wishing the bed would open up and swallow him – honestly, disappearing completely would be preferable to the embarrassment of being caught in the act. “Could you…uh…close the door?”

He didn’t look, did not dare look, heart in his mouth, chest aching, the burn of the shock fading to a dull throb. The door closed, the click of the latch catching his ears, and he sighed faintly, collapsing back on the bed. Just what were they going to say to each other after that?

The bed bowed under someone’s weight and Alex shot upright, his eyes wide.

“You don’t have to hide from me, son,” Diane breathed, her eyes wide and imploring, hair beautifully messy and tousled as it framed her face. “It’s okay… I know young rats like you have needs.”

He wasn’t all that young anymore, he wanted to say, in his second semester of college and nearing his nineteenth birthday, yet that seemed to be something that his mother was only coming to realise in that moment. Her breasts rose and fell gently with breaths that seemed exaggerated, yet he could not do anything güvenilir bahis or say anything as she crawled over to him.

Diane stared deep into her son’s eyes, the lightness of a smile twitching at her lips. It was something that a mother and son should not have engaged in and yet it was all that she wanted, to see that her dear son had every need of his attended to at all times. That was all she wanted as she kissed him, letting his tongue flicker up to hers, though there was no battle between them, only a sensually deep kiss. It took Alex a moment longer than her to relax into it, yet the hormones of a lusty rat like him could not be held back as he groaned into her mouth, giving in as his paws swept down her back, feeling out the curve of her waist.

“Fuck… Mom…”

She should have said something about his swearing but Diane suddenly couldn’t find it in herself to care, giggling faintly as her eyes danced with rattish mischief.

“I think I can give you a paw here, honey,” she murmured huskily, drawing her loose house-shirt over her head, though the black, lacey bra that was revealed was no better at containing her large, full breasts, practically trying to spill out of the well-fitting but low cups. “Or a little something more. You shouldn’t be left on your own to sate your needs, sweetie, you only have to ask.”

Thus it was all Alex could do not to reel in shock as his mother’s very own lips descended over his cock, feeling out the hardness of his length and taking him gently into her mouth. Her tongue pressed up to the underside and swirled around the head as she pulled back, bobbing and dipping her nose expertly, though he could at the very least rest assured that the mature rat’s experience was far, far greater than what he had, so far, managed to attain in the world.

He trembled. Her lips were exquisite and it was almost without noticing that he found his fingers softly entwined in her hair, not guiding her but taking stock and feeling out the moment, his heart racing. Yet it did not seem to matter that there was a delirious edge to their coming-together, only that they took what was offered to them, his mother wriggling her hips and slipping out of her softly flowing, draping trousers. They had framed her buttocks just right and Alex would have been a liar if he’d said that he hadn’t stared once or twice (okay, maybe every time she’d worn them), eyeing up her buttocks and luxuriating in one or two (maybe more than that again too) later that night when he was alone.

Diane slurped on her son’s cock as her tail twitched in the excitement of it all. Thoughts of her husband were not in her mind, the rat that she loved away from work a lot, only thinking of pleasing her son and taking care of him. It was what she was there for as a mother, a wife and, above all else, a willing caregiver, loving the direction that fates had turned her life in. It was where she was meant to be and the slick drool of light pre-cum slipping over her tongue and down her throat was all that she needed as she licked her lips, eyes alight with lust.

She took charge and Alex was forced to catch his breath as she swung a leg over his hips, sitting astride him, her pussy poised above his cock. She didn’t give him a chance to adjust his position – there were others, curiously, that had featured more dominantly in his fantasies – before sinking, taking the tip of his türkçe bahis cock to the soft folds of her pussy, a low moan on her lips.

“Oh… Are you ready?”

Alex’s jaw worked but no sound came out, nodding fervently as a wide grin spread across his lips. One paw clasped her outstretched one while the other landed naturally on her hip, the rat lowering herself slowly and positioning his cock at her entrance with her other paw. Slowly but surely, it slid into her, her son’s moans breaking through, unable to be contained, as she rocked and ground down into his lap.

There was no going back past that bareback point of no return as the rat groaned beneath her, moaning out her name, not even calling her his mother, though that only excited Diane more. To feel his hard rod inside her was more than she could handle, gasping and whimpering, rolling her hips, hardly daring to draw up too far with every rock. She didn’t want to lose any ounce of sensation, not even then, his thickness filling her perfectly, balls fat and heavy. The rat moaned, head rolling back from shoulder to shoulder, spinning with delirious pleasure. The tip of his cock pressed up to her innermost barrier but, oh, there was still so much of his shaft left that it was going to be enveloped by her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper still.

She whimpered, rolling her head back, lust deliriously getting the better of her. The entrance to her womb enticed him and her son’s moans encouraged her on, taking the entirety of his cock so that it rested inside her, spreading her cervix. His thickness felt just right inside her and there was only a strain where there could have been pain, a gasp on Alex’s lips as if they younger rat could not believe his luck with her, nuts churning with raw need.

Those nuts… Diane licked her lips. Oh, his father had been a little over-productive too. Did their son possess the same quality?

There was only one way to find out.

Whimpering his name, she clutched at his paw, Alex drawing his hind paws back under himself a little more so that he could thrust and rock up into the back wall of her womb, though it was surely his mother, still, who led the way. The rat hissed through his teeth as a more demanding flash of pleasure, yet there was only one way for it all as she moaned for him.

“Harder, Alex, I want to feel you… Fill me!”

It was too soon, really, to be thinking about getting off but moments blended sweetly into one another, calling falsehood to nuances that they may not have otherwise recognised. Panting softly, they came together over and over again, Alex taking over and thrusting, holding her hips still and steady as he used every ounce of strength that he had to pound up into her. There was care for her pleasure, but never before had he considered filling a lady to such an extent, the head of his cock plunging into her womb with every thrust, the tightness of her cervix undeniably exquisite in a way that simply made his head spin. He thrust and thrust, barely able to control himself, their moans filling the air, the slap of his hips on her firm, round buttocks a backdrop to the ecstasy blossoming forth.

Diane had started with the intent to please her son in mind first and foremost but she could barely think of that as his rampant thrusts, full of youthful vigour, sent her tipping over the edge of a high that she had not even realised was already güvenilir bahis siteleri there, pussy squeezing erratically, trying to milk his cock with what length was in there. Orgasm was not to be denied even if it was not to be controlled and all she could do was rock and hump in his lap, crying out his name over and over again, as such wicked and illicit delights took over her body. She ground down as hard as she could, unwilling to let too much of his shaft ease back through her cervix at any one time, the incredible stretch and tightness sending her off into pealing high after high, her toes curling, need warming her through.

So close, so very close… Alex grunted thickly, eyes intent. He’d only backed off climax a little when interrupted but Alex could not have been gladder, considering things, that he had been interrupted, humping up into her with a growl despite the ache in his back. It would be worth it as the mattress creaked, his guts lurching with need, the throb of orgasm rising and rising and rising until it was impossible to hold back for even a moment more. Her womb was strangely empty around his shaft, except when the head ground into the back of it, the soft warmth teasing him, but it was the tightness of the cervix that could not be denied, the squeeze permanent and constant, not a part of the body denoted by muscular control.

Alex gasped, jaw working but no words coming out. He couldn’t hold back a moment longer.

He unleashed the full force of his orgasm with a grunt and a moan that reverberated through his entire being, a trembling, deep need that had nowhere else to go but out. He had to cum, filling her with spurt after spurt, every last drop of seed that he had to offer flowing deeper and deeper. Everything was spent straight up into her womb, filling her directly, the creamy filling bloating her out softly, his cock never leaving her cervix so that anything that bubbled forth had to squeeze back through the narrow neck to her womb, oozing back out. Alas, there was too much for her mere womb to hold and it was the force of his thrusts, one after the other, that demanded that her body take it deeper, seeping as deep as it could possibly go as Diane’s hips wriggled down to him.

She groaned out loud, her body accepting everything he had to give, even though some was wasted, trickling from her pussy as the lack of a condom sent his cum deep. One paw dropped, trembling, to her stomach, feeling how her lower abdomen bloated out lightly, growing more and more, reminding her of the times when her husband had not had to work so much and had filled her just like that each night. It had been a good time, almost a better time, but if she could please her son and get a taste of that joy all over again, things might not be so bad, after all!

She moaned out his name as he curled up into a sitting position, the two of them clinging to one another for balance, her stomach inflating to the point where she appeared to be a few months pregnant, though not too late in her pregnancy. Her cervix refused to soften but that was just the way the two of them wanted it to be as she moaned softly, pressing her forehead to his, relaxing in the afterglow, filled to her very deepest extent. Her stomach bulged and squashed against his, his cock remaining deep, yet the last drops of lust were spent and shared in the deepest of kisses yet.

Tongues tangling, Alex gave up any grip he’d had on his old reality, his cock buried inside his mother and still begging for more, wanting more. The rat rolled his shoulders back with a groan.

Maybe his mom would be ready for a second round soon…

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