Sweet Rapture


The dusk was in the air. The dusk that told her he was coming. Coming home. Home to her. True, they had only been child-hood friends but the passion she felt for him could not be quelled. Almost too dangerous. Too exposed. But everyone knew. Even he did. Although no one talked about it. It was never acted upon.

Everything had changed since he left ten years prior. Her hair grew longer, her bodice fuller and her voice soothing like velvet or snow. Her heart stirred within her as she imagined him. He was such a boy when he left. Broad shouldered yet nothing defined. His hair short and curled tight.

She received his letter of arrival two days before this very night. Sleep escaped her every sunset as she waited with anticipation. Suddenly, the clop of his horses’ hooves were heard over the hill. Her heart leaped with joy it nearly burst out of her. She ran down the stone steps to the old wooden door. It slowly creaked open to reveal not a boy… but a man. She gathered the strength to speak.

“Thomas?” she asked hesitantly. His white smile agreed as he jumped of his horse. His curled locks had grown as well as his physique which could be seen through the teasing threads of his tunic. He walked toward her with the same look of disbelief. Her golden hair cascaded down to her two new beautifully plump breasts. her smile was also dazzling and he could feel his own breath grow faint.

“Marie?” He whispered.

“Yes?” she blushed. “It has been… quite a long time.”

“Indeed,” he stated. The force between them seemed to pull like a magnet until he gave in and embraced her. She could feel the warmth of his body against her which was enough to drive her mad with desire. Her firm breasts met his chest in an almost forbidden union. He sighed in spite of himself in her ear as she closed her eyes. Their embrace ended all too quickly as he looked upon her face. It was stained with the streak of a tiny tear.

“Why do you cry Marie?” Ashamed she answered,

“I was so afraid.”

“Of what?”

“Afraid I would never see you again.” He smile as his soft hands upon her cheek wiped away the tear.

“Now we both know it will never be.” Hearing his voice in her ear made her heart soar with delight. They proceeded to beşiktaş escort the fortress.


Later that evening, she awoke from a deep sleep to hear a clamor coming from his corridor. Panic stricken she arose and went to his aid ignoring the fact that she was perfectly exposed through her night dress. She leaned in upon the door and it creaked catching his attention through the crack in the wood.

“Are you alright?” she asked through the door.

“Yes,” he said. His footsteps drew near and the door opened. Her face flushed to see him before her naked from the waist up. She looked away in reverence cursing herself for her childish desire. But he looked upon her with the same lustful eye. Every curve of her body was accented in the flowing white of her nigh dress. Night’s breath had chilled her so that her breasts were responsive tightening the tender flesh. He shivered at his instant arousal and knew that all inhibitions must be abandoned. His hand reached our and grasped hers which were moist with sweat. She looked upon him with an inviting stare as he led her in his room.

He shut the door hard and went up to her from behind gently moving her hair from one shoulder to the other. His lips found her neck and slowly caressed them in a soft gentle kiss. She shuddered under his spell and turned to face him. His strong arm enveloped her as she pressed her heard to his chest inhaling every scent of him as she had wanted for ten years. Her nails stroked his back and his skin prickled beneath them as her head turned and their eyes met once again. Suddenly all at once, as if a trap had been set off, their mouths met and passionately they kissed. Tongues entwining they staggered throughout the room. He ripped her night dress off her shoulder exposing it to his gaping mouth. Her hands ran through his hair as his hands fumbled with her nightdress. Their scarce breaths began to die as she loosened the ties and allowed it to fall to the ground. They paused their ecstatic passion and just stared at one another. Almost second guessing themselves. Then she glanced between his legs to see a large bulge begging for her. The desire in her eyes ignited as she beşyol escort sauntered over to him. He stood frozen in her path rigid with arousal, knowing her mind. Her face met his chest and studying every curve of muscle she stroked it softly with her fingertips. She pressed her lips to his heart kissing every orifice of his chest delicately and soft. His breathing began to shallow as her mouth began to wander to his erect nipple. Her tongue playfully massaged it as his hands wandered down her back. his hardness grew even more as she felt it pressing against her bare leg.

“Marie?” he asked hoarsely. Her lips released his nipple.


“I want to be inside you,” he pleaded.

“You already are…” He siled at her cleverness and let her to the bed which was as soft as a cloud. Laying her down tenderly he watched her smile.

His heart pounded through him as he knew there was no turning back. She had been waiting for this moment all her life. Their fingers entwined and he planted a warm and sensual kiss upon her lips. He slowly moved lower to her bare neck suckling at every curve of flesh. He could feel the vibrations of her voice under his lips as she moaned so softly.

His left hand then began to wander. His palm cupped the plump round breast that met it. He gently massaged it flicking and lightly pinching her nipple. She felt electric shock sear down toward her most private area, long for him to touch her there. He appeased her wish. Slowly but surely his fingertips crept upon her folds sending shivers up her spine. He saw the desire ignite in her eyes as he went deeper, allowing his entire finger to sink into her., He curved it forward while massaging her nub slowly. her hips rocked back and forth as her hands braced his shoulders.

“Kiss me,” she begged as the pleasure mounted. He smiled continuing to pleasure her. Her lips were weak beneath his own gasping for air, succumbing to her touch. She could feel his hardness growing and longing to be one with her. His fingers released from her, moistened with her sweet juices. He took his fingers into his mouth tasting her; allowing her bittersweetness to fill his senses. In his bliss he had left himself beykent escort unguarded to the wills of her own fantasy. Suddenly he felt her grip his manhood with all the passion she had built up inside her. His hands left his mouth and ran through her hair. Slowly back and forth she stroked him letting gasps and moans escape him in return. There was a fire within him that was probed and stirred with ever savored touch. The vice of her grip sped up and she stared deliciously at his face which was flushed with the blood that fueled the exact pint at which it began. His eyes rolled back and shut tightly giving into her. But she ceased at the moment where his complete surrender was all too near. She kissed him once more; his jaw quivering from being clenched. He felt more tears on her cheeks and he kissed them away. He held her in a simple and comforting embrace. Skin upon warm skin. it was almost too much for her to bear.

“Take me Thomas. This moment is ours,” she whispered so close he could feel her weakened breath upon him. And with that he gently lowered her beneath him softly removing the linens that covered her from him. In that moment she had experienced the freedom from the chains of circumstance that imprisoned her heart. He then stared at the beauty before him. He could not have bore such a priceless gift of all his years of service. And the thought of their two souls becoming one stirred him stronger than ever before. Situating himself upon her they could bot feel the tips of their flesh meet. She clenched his shoulders as he slid into her, slick but powerful. She let out a small cry that was soon silenced with his mouth. The warmth of her nearly drove him to madness and he slowly began to pulse upon her; her grip getting tighter upon his rippling arms. Their eyes never ceased from locking creating a sense of electricity neither could have known. Suddenly after moments of blissful kisses, moans, gasps and thrusts he felt the urge to plunge deeper into her than he thought possible. Upon the brink of feeling like he was to be torn in two he held her closely and burst into her such sweet ecstasy and salvation. His screams of utter climax were not alone, for nearly moments later the tension within her loins released pulsating with deep vibration enveloping every bit of him until her rapture left nothing but their two sweat soaked bodies trembling in each other’s arms. She began to kiss his chest gently as she lay there spent. He, panting heavily, held her to his shaking heart giving her the strength, shelter and love they had both so longed for and both ultimately received.

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