Sweet Rhonda

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I couldn’t believe we were going to do this….the line had been drawn, but it was drawn during a different time, under different circumstances. I bought the plane ticket, and I was on my to see you, finally. All through the flight down, images of your face filled my mind. I wanted this to be special, I wanted to do this for you.

I know that you’ve told me that you’d do anything sexually for me, but I wanted to make you feel loved first. I knew what I wanted to do, and I was sure as hell going to do it. The plane was on approach, and I took out the map that I bought at the airport just before I left. It had all of the local hotels marked on it, and I looked at the one that we chose. It was nice and close to the airport. I couldn’t wait.

I grabbed my carry-on and got off of the plane. I hurriedly made my way to the taxi stand and hailed a cab. Within ten minutes, I was at the hotel, staring at the entrance. This was it. The passion flowed through me like a raging river. My heart was beating like mad, and we hadn’t even met yet. I got out of the cab, and went to the elevator quickly. I checked on the room number that you gave me, just to be sure. As I waited for the elevator to bring me to you, I went over in my mind what I wanted to do. I wanted this to be so special for us so bad, you’ve no idea…..

The elevator stopped, and I slowly walked down the corridor until I saw the room number on the door. It matched the one that you gave me, and I knocked softly. I waited nervously for what seemed to be forever for you to answer the door, but was in reality only a few seconds. I can vividly remember my first glimpse of you through the crack kartal escort bayan in that door…you were sooo beautiful! Your big, beautiful eyes seemed to peer into my very soul, making my knees suddenly very weak. I couldn’t tear my eyes off of you…you were absolutely gorgeous. You were dressed in that black dress that we talked about so much…the black fishnet stockings, the black high heels……and you moved like the ocean; full of grace, but also full of power. You seemed kind of nervous (but not nearly as nervous as I was!) when I came over to you to hug you. We touched, and it seemed at that point that all life outside of our senses ceased to exist. I pulled you to me and held you close. I buried my face in your hair and gently kissed your head.

I knew that our moment was quickly approaching. It seemed funny that at our age, we both still felt like 16 year olds; finally left alone to explore our sexuality for the first time……..I took your sweet face in my hands and brought your lips to mine. The passion that I felt at that moment made my head swim. I wanted to attack you, to drag you down to the floor and fuck you like you wouldn’t believe. But I didn’t.

I broke what was the most incredible kiss I ever had to guide you over to an ottoman that was in the room, near the foot of the bed. I knelt in front of you and undid your top, releasing your large, beautiful breasts. I took in everything at that moment; the way you sighed, how you eased back on your arms, the way you slightly arched your back. As I gazed into your unbelievable eyes, my tongue gently began to lick your nipples. I ran one of my hands lightly escort maltepe along your spine, and used the other one to cup and hold the breast that I was now sucking on. I was very gentle at first, but I gradually built up the pressure and began using my teeth to tease your nipple. I felt you spread your legs apart and scoot yourself towards the edge of the ottoman.

Now it was time to do the first thing that I wanted to do to you. I stared into your eyes as I disengaged your sweet breast and moved my head lower…….I pulled up the hem of your dress, and prepared to take off your panties. That was when I got a surprise….you didn’t have any on. I looked down and saw an absolutely beautiful shaved pussy. I looked up at you with a surprised expression on my face, and you smiled back. It shouldn’t have surprised me because I knew that we were always on the same wavelength, the same page.

I brought my head down into between your sexy thighs and began to kiss. I kissed lightly, I kissed sloppily. I was kissing you all over. I loved the way you smelled, the way you tasted. This was going to be amazing for me……. I worked my tongue all over the soft, willing flesh of your cunt. Your moans drove me on; drove me to go faster……I would gently kiss and lick your pussy, then go back and do it all over again. I sucked on your clit, then probed deep up inside you with my tongue…..all the while you had your hands on my head guiding me, encouraging me……I grabbed your ass, and you leaned way over. You placed your thighs on both sides of my head and began to grind into me…I wanted you to cum, I wanted you to be happy. pendik escort I ate and ate, hungrily lapping up your juices….I loved to sounds you made, all the moans and groans. The swearing……all at once, I felt you tense up and for a few seconds, you didn’t make a sound. I felt your orgasm pulse over and over against my face……..I rubbed it all over, getting it completely covered in your sweet juices.

I got up gently and helped you back up. Then I hesitantly rolled you over, so that you were now laying on the ottoman, your ass up in the air.

I looked at your face, trying to see if what I was about to do was OK….I didn’t want to ruin what was without a doubt the best night of my life so far. You turned back to look at me and smiled. Your eyes simply melted me where I stood. I stripped down to nothing, and moved in behind you. I was still unsure as to how to proceed, but you grabbed my rock-hard cock and placed it right on top of your asshole. Your crack still dripped from my spit and your own juices, and my cock slid right up your ass with no problem. Right then, I lost it………I wanted to do this slow and easy, but with all that had already happened, I was helpless against my own passions…..I began to fuck you really hard and fast. You surprised the shit out of me by shouting encouragements….I let it all out. I fucked and fucked and fucked………I watched your flesh yield to my thrusts over and over………you felt just too fucking good and I exploded. I felt my cum pump out shot by shot……I felt your ass contract with each spurt. We were so much alike, so much in tune with each other…even our bodies knew this. I collapsed on you for a moment, then I hungrily grabbed you and held you close to me. Our lips met and we began to kiss…….I couldn’t believe it when my passion was once again inflamed…I was then convinced that you were made for me, and that I was made for you…..

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