Subject: Sweet Sweat “Go ahead boy, lick it” he was tall, standing there naked with one arm up. Practice had been going for two hours so everyone was dirty, sweaty and tired. Rob had just been promoted from junior varsity to varsity and knew he would be teased and given some kind of initiation. He stuck out his tongue and licked as he was ordered to while the rest of the teammates hooted, cursed and called him names. “Do the other one you little faggot” Masher ordered turning his torso so his other armpit was in Rob’s face. He inhaled the aroma and the effect on his cock was unmistakable. He licked until Masher pushed him away and turned to go into the shower. His sweat glowing torso looked just as apetitizing. Rob hoped someone would order him to lick that too. But they didn’t. “Ok ok, guys get showered and out of here, I gotta go” the coach, who probably saw what was going on ignored it as he wandered among his naked team members. He slapped Rob on his bare butt, “good first day kid” and then added so everyone could hear “nice boner too”. and left the locker room while Rob continued to get taunted. “Get in here newbee” Masher yelled and Rob didn’t move. “better go in and get it over with” Dale one of the other team members said “it’ll go on all weekend then it’s over” he added “don’t worry about it just go along” Rob followed Dale’s advice and went into the shower. “Do me” Masher said holding out the soap. And Rob found himself soaping the senior massive tackle head to toe. “Don’t stop there, I know you want to play with em, so go ahead” Masher said. Rob was already crouched having washed the older boys legs and feet. He reached up and kızkalesi escort soaped the testicles that hung there and the fat penis that grew as he stroked it. “You want some of Daddy’s cream do you boy?” Masher said and took ahold of his cock and jacked it shooting sperm all over Robs face and body. The hot water washed it away as soon as it landed on him. Rob coudl feel his face throb bright red, though he wsn’t sure if he was embarassed from beingn watched soaping Masher or from being seen with an erection while doing it. “OK he’s yours Captain” Masher said. Rob turned and saw the tall much thinner quarterback who was also the team captain. He didn’t need to be told what to do, as he soaped the other seniors back, butt, legs chest, arms, belly legs and when he reached for the boys testicles, he was stopped. “I know you want to but I keep those for Julie” and several other guys made rude comments about the Captain’s girlfriend named Julie. “Who’s next?” the Captain said, “Dale you’re next” Rob was soon soaping the body of Dale one of the team members who hadn’t been teasing him as much as the others, in fact had given him advice how to get through the day. But the shower room emptied out and Dale said he could stop. “No it’s ok, I owe you” Rob said. The look Dale gave me told him he shouldn’t have said that and Rob stopped. “I mean thanks for your advice”. “OH it’s not over man, you got the weekend yet”. “We work out privately with newbees on Saturday. Be there gym shorts, shoes that’s all at 6 am for the run”. Saturday found Dale standing in teh somewhat chilly air outside the Captain’s house. He tarsus escort was shirtless, naked except for the thin gym shorts and his shoes. He waited by the back door. Finally the Captain came out as did Masher and another senior team member. “Your job today is to keep up with us and when we stop you lick the sweat off” They ran for what seemed like hours. To Rob’s delight however, he saw the three seniors were breathing hard and sweating as profusely as he was from the distance they ran. And as advised, when they stopped Rob had to lick armpits, chests, shoulders, bellies, even buttocks of the three who made fun of him each time. But Rob kept up and did whatever they said without hestitation or complaint. “You boy you a fag?” Masher asked him at one point. “No uh sir, I was advised to do whatever you guys said for my initiation” Masher thought about it and nodded saying nothing as he lifted an arm and bared an armpit for Rob to lick. Without a jockstrap on, it was easy to see Rob’s cock harded each time, but none of the seniors said anything about it. Back at the house, they lifted weights and again, Rob spotted, licked sweat and in general did whateve they said. He lifted too, getting instructions from the three and by the end of the day was exhausted. “Get your stuff off” Masher told him and Rob hesitated for an instant but after a look from Masher quickly complied. The three listened to music, talked, drank cokes and in general ignored the naked newbee who knelt on the floor where he was told. “OK shower time for me” The Captain said and wiggled his finger at Rob who obeyed and followed him into the bathroom. anamur escort He soaped and rinsed the Captain and stroked his cock too. But this time the older boy didn’t stop him and let his body spray Rob. Masher came in towards the end and watched before taking the Captain’s place. After he sprayed Rob, Masher told Rob to wait and sent int Corker the third senior. Rob hadn’t washed him before and was given instructions each step of the way, “use your finger in there get it clean inside” Corker said as Rob used his finger to wach the older boys’ asscrack and hole. “Rinse it off really good” Corker advised Rob as he washed his penis and testicles. “OK use your mouth” Rob stopped “Want me to get Masher in here? His cock will choke you” Rob had Corker’s cockhead in his mouth and began to play with it using his tongue. It grew in his mouth and soon Corker was fucking his mouth. It didn’t take long to have to swallow as the boy’s jism spurted into Rob’s throat. “Good kid. he passed” Corker announced as he wrapped a towel around himself and left the bathroom. Rob washed himself and wrapped a towel around himself as well. When he returned to the Captain’s bedroom only he was there. “OK, I drew the short straw so I get you tonight. Tomorrow, we run again.” They ate dinner with the Captain’s family and chatted with parents about school and the usual things. They excused the Captain, whos name was Allan, and him. Back in the Captain’s bedroom it started again. “Strip” the boy said and Rob quickly stripped naked. “Consider yourself my slave tonight. Right now I need a massage, then a tongue bath” Rob obeyed inhaling the aroma of the older boy and looking forward to another day of running and licking the sweat from the bodies of this three tormentors. And in the back of his mind he heard the unfortunate words Dale had said “dont’ worry it’ll be over after the weekend”. And Rob wondered if there was a way it could continue after that.

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