Sweet, sweet, relief


Sweet, sweet, reliefI was horny as hell. Had been all week. Today was no different. Even though I finger fucked myself the night before, all I could think about was relieving the tension. Sliding my jeans on in the morning had almost made me cum right there. The way the seam rode against my wet pussy? Delectable torture.It had been a long day at work and after a tormenting commute home (the only thing I wanted to do when stuck in traffic was to unzip my pants and finger my clit until I was screaming), I finally made it in the front door. I began undressing as I made my way to the bedroom. I pulled my shirt off and gasped at how it ever so slightly tugged at my breasts. Never able to resist the urge to play with my tits, I rubbed them bahçelievler escort and enjoyed the friction between the lacy material and my nipple. A small groan escapes my lips. I reach behind and unhook my bra and let them fall free. My nipples immediately tighten as the cool air hits them. I pull at them until they’re aching. Then I slowly, so slowly, move one up towards my mouth. I swirl my tongue around. Once. Twice. Three times taking it in my mouth. I gently suck it as I rub myself through my jeans. My other tit cries for attention so I reluctantly let the other go. This time, I gently nip at it. I can feel my pussy growing wetter.I stop groping my tits and slide one hand into my ayrancı escort pants. I gently toy at my clit. This time, I moan loudly. I slide my jeans off and fall backwards on my bed. I’d remove my underwear, but I never where it. My pussy is dripping wet. I lick one finger and guide into the silky wetness. My body arches as I slowly push my finger in and then just as slowly remove it. The pressure starts to build, and I add another finger. I spread my legs wider. In. And out. In. And out.I bring my hand up to my tits and start teasing at my nipples. My breathing has grown faster now, and my fingers are furiously fucking my pussy. I arch and moan, but it’s still not enough. My body is on fire. The balgat escort slightest movement sends shivers. Quickly, I reach under my bed for my vibrator. My briefly neglected pussy tenses in anticipation. I flick it on, and briefly touch my clit. I cry out and writhe on the bed. My puss aching for relief. I find the slick folds, and shove it in. My body lurches forward as I adjust to the delicious sensations. I pump it in and out as the orgasm builds.I furiously finger my clit as I bring myself to the edge. I’m so fucking close now. I toss my head side to side moaning. I pound my pussy faster with vibrator. And faster still. I feel like it’s tearing my apart and I want to scream. I pump it in and out until I reach the edge. The moans start coming faster and stronger. Finally, something inside me bursts and I fall over the edge. It his me. Hard. I scream and moan until my heart stops racing. I pull the vibrator out, giving my pussy a chance to recover. I roll over and silently begin the countdown until I can make myself cum again.

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