Sweetness of a Summer Memory

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The evening sky was beautiful. Shades of orange and pink, splashes of vibrant color lined the horizon while wisps of bluish clouds started moving in. A signal that the day was ending and night would be here soon. She had been sitting outside for what appeared to be hours, just watching and being in awe of nature at its best. Her day had been long, work pressures mounting, phones ringing, loud voices…she just wanted to be alone. She treasured a few moments of quiet, so very unfamiliar to her. Deciding to take a walk before going back to her car, her mind wandered, where it had been wandering constantly since last weekend. She started thinking about him again. She just couldn’t she get him out of her mind.

She met him by chance, if there is such a thing, at a mutual friend’s house. She had been invited to a “break in the summer” get together, and she accepted the invitation graciously. It was a beautiful evening and she looked forward to just being outside even though she wouldn’t know many people there. Arriving at 6:00, she was greeted with a glass of white wine, hugs and kisses from the hostess, and her eyes beginning to scan the large patio for a few familiar faces. That’s when she noticed him, standing by the bar. She stopped scanning and almost felt herself start to stare, His sandy blonde hair falling just to the collar of his crisp white shirt, tucked into some very nice fitting jeans, she thought he was beautiful. Realizing she was probably staring, she quickly looked down but it was too late, he had felt her gaze and was now looking right back at her with the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. Shy by nature, she felt all flustered and wanting to get away from where she was standing, wondering where she could find a place to hide until her flushed pink cheeks stopped blushing. She hated how she reacted when a glance was returned in her direction and she mumbled something under her breath as she took refuge in the garden behind the patio and the house. Hopefully no one saw her was all she was thinking. But that hopefulness was very short lived.

“So this is where you ran off to” he said with a smile. “I wondered where the fire was.” She wondered if the fire was still blushing in her cheeks, and truth be told, with this man standing so close to her, she knew something was burning alright! “Oh, well I just needed to get some fresh air” came falling out of her mouth before she could catch it, seeing that she WAS outside when she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri disappeared. He couldn’t help but be entertained by her shyness, not what he was used to in a woman, and he found her to be refreshing. When she did finally meet his eyes again, she didn’t break the gaze this time, and what he saw was more than just refreshing. Knowing not to say it too loud, for fear she would walk away again, he stepped closer to her and whispered in her ear, “Where were you going in such a hurry beautiful, you weren’t running away from me, were you?”

How to answer… How to answer,.. her mind wondering what clever things were going to spill out of her mouth to embarrass her this time! Taking a deep breath in, she regained her composure. “No I wasn’t running away from you, don’t be silly.

And what I meant to say was I wanted to check out the inside of the house after standing outside in all this fresh air.” And as she finished this ridiculous gibberish, she started laughing, knowing that made no more sense than where she was going in the first place! “Forgive me, I am not usually this inept at making conversation, sometimes I really do make sense!” Her smile was radiant at this point, and she began to relax just from the silliness of it all. He noticed every change on her face, as he reached out to touch it gently. She didn’t move, she stood there looking back into this man’s eyes, knowing full well that she was getting wet, aroused …she didn’t want to move. He leaned in to kiss her lips, his tongue parting hers gently. Her response was automatic, no thought, no refusal, she kissed him back. Wrapping his arms around her, his hands made their way up and down her body….again, she didn’t move. Just as he wanted, just as he had hoped for. “C’mere, lets go into the house, no one is inside…” She followed, taking his hand that he put into hers. She didn’t even let her mind go into the fact that this man, this beautiful man, was a perfect stranger to her. She didn’t care, didn’t even give it a moments thought of what was really happening. Opening the side door once they made their way to the far side of the house, he pulled her into him, as he kicked the door closed with his foot. The Master bedroom, that’s where they were standing when he locked the door behind them. She started to ask something but he put his fingers up to her mouth, signaling silence. No time for words, not now. As she stood before him, he uncovered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her shoulders, pushing her sundress so easily off her body and to the floor, as he kissed and lightly bit her neck. “Step out of your dress baby ….” It didn’t take much coaxing on his part as she left the dress on the floor, not wearing anything underneath except white lace panties, and those, not for long.

“Now, take off your panties, and hand them to me. That’s a good girl.” She did exactly as he said, sliding them off her body and stepping out of them now, she handed them to him. He brought them up to his nose and inhaled, telling her she smelled as sweet as he thought she would. His hands went to her breasts, his eyes went to hers. As he touched her breasts, squeezing her nipples with intent for her to feel it…her head went back, her body now in total ecstasy and he knew he would have her. She began to moan softly and as she did he kissed her, deep and passionately, his tongue probing her mouth….his hands now running through her long hair. Nibbling her ear, suddenly whispering “The shy pretty ones are usually the naughtiest ” and as she tried to catch her breath and at least respond, he lifted her up and walked over to the bed, placing her on her back, head on the pillow. He climbed on top of her and pulled her arms over her head, pressing her wrists together until she heard the metal locking. “Just checking out my theory baby, I wont hurt you, I just want to fuck you, I want to make you cum.” Now she began to wonder what she was really doing there, but it was too late for that. She knew this man was going to fuck her and that was reason enough. Although she had never been handcuffed before, she wasn’t frightened, just completely titillated and wet. She felt his weight slide off her body as he stood over her by the bed and undressed himself, never once taking his eyes off his shy pretty delight.

Forgetting for a moment that her wrists were immobile, she started to move just as he took her and moved her head to the edge of the bed, then over the side where his hands cradled her. “Open your mouth baby”, and as she did, he slid his extremely hard thick cock through her lips and placed it inside her mouth, where her lips wrapped around the width of it. “Suck my cock ~ let me fuck that pretty face” and as she did, he began to stroke her hair, watching her devour him. His hips rocking back and forth pushing himself in further. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Leaning into her body, his fingers traced down her belly to her pussy, now glistening with wetness, begging to be taken. He slid 2 fingers inside of her and she began to moan on his cock, a 3rd finger went in, then a fourth, pumping in and out of her with intent and purpose, he wanted to hear his shy girl cum, but not yet. While her mouth was sucking him, he felt too close to cumming and withdrew, lifting her head back to the pillow and crawling in-between her legs. She looked down at him as he began to lick her pussy, opening her with his fingers and delighting in how very wet she was. One or two more licks and he knew she would cum and he wanted her to cum with his thick cock inside of her. Reaching up for her wrists, he undid the lock and released her arms from above her head. He wanted to feel her pull him into her while he fucked her, maybe even run her long fingernails over his back. Moving up her body, kissing every spot that was now sweetly covered with sweat and lust, he spread her legs wider with his legs and with one thrust, he entered her. True to his thoughts, she let out a scream which did nothing but stimulate him even more, thrusting harder and harder, his cock impaling her, and just as he had thought and hoped, she raked her long nails into his back with every scream she let past her lips. Wrapping her legs around him, feeling him so deep inside her pussy, he fucked her…HARD. Driving himself in deeper she began to cum on his cock, her pussy so tight and contracting with each spasm. “Cum baby, don’t hold back, keep cumming” and orgasm after orgasm they rode her waves, until he exploded, filling her with his cum.

They both laid there, catching their breath. He raised himself up on his elbows and took her face into his hands, licking her lips, sliding his tongue in her mouth. “Taste your pussy don’t you baby” to which she nodded and then he kissed her again. Rolling them both onto their sides, they lay there spooning, his arms wrapped around her with one hand on her breast and the other nuzzled between her thighs. He nibbled her neck from behind, giving her body beautiful chills, the coolness hitting the heat of her skin…whispering in her ear, “Shy girls are the naughtiest, aren’t they baby” and with the most radiant smile on her face, she knew he was correct.

The evening sun now setting, she made it to her car, and slowly made the drive home. Touching herself underneath her skirt, she was delightfully wet. She felt that warmth again, his breath against her skin…his lips on hers….a memory that she will stay with her forever…of that summer evening when she gave herself to him…and had never ever been happier being the shy pretty girl.

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