Swimming Blows

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The sun poked into the break in the blinds this morning alerting me to the speed in which the day was already passing. Without hesitation, I flipped the light cotton quilt off my naked body and bounced to my feet. There were things to do, and a great many places to go today.

The first of those places was the gym. In a promise made to myself and in statements to a friend of high accountability, my destiny is the gym for re-creation of my health.

The workout began as usual. Entering the facility, greeted by people who are far too cheery at a gym at that crazy sunrise hour. A peek into the pool area started the visit. It helps in knowing how crowded the lanes are. Only one man in the whole pool. This is only the second time I’ve witnessed a man swimming here. I backed out of the hallway to the weight/work out area and headed for my favorite – the rowing machine.

Watching those beside me pedaling away on the stationary bikes and treadmills, I realize how fortunate I am that I’m one of the few to enjoy rowing. Providing a workout of the entire body, including cardio if I stroke hard enough, sweat happens quickly, breathing intensifies next and by the end of 15 minutes of stroking and sliding along the hard long bar, I dismount and make my way to the pool.

He is still there. Nice upper body. Most likely attributed to the swimming actions. He says good morning. I respond and ease into the heated pool. Ducking under two lines, I am in the lane to the far side of him. I watch for a few seconds while I get my goggles in place. We pass one another several times before I stop for my first breather between laps.

When I finally resume my swimming, I duck under water to get a good kick off the wall to feel the water careening over my face. There is a special freedom associated with my memories of childhood swimming. I can see so clearly under the water’s surface. Bobbing up to the surface, I see him coming towards me in the next lane. His pace is so much faster than mine. I keep on as I was, and each time I leave for another lap, under I go. Goggles want to fog up each time, but I can still see fine.

The next round, I swim along noticing the sun rising through the tall narrow window at the back of the building. When he passes the strip of sunshine, I launch into my next lap. By the time I am about to come to the surface, he is only a few strokes in front of me. I catch the profile of his body under water.

Breathing is immediately thrown off. As I break the water’s surface a gasp is followed by a gulp and choking. Feet now to the floor, I regain composure before resuming my lap.

Once more, we cross paths headed towards one another and while under water this time, I catch him looking back at my bathing suit as I struggled to keep the straps on my shoulders. With too strong of a push off the wall, they tended to slip and expose more of my breasts than should happen in a public pool. Since water tends to distort, I worried less about that suit today – until this moment when my skin was exposed beyond anticipation.

He stopped when he got to the wall, which was a bit unusual. Typically, he’d swim laps non-stop. This time, however my look of panic caught his eye. His eye caught mine and as I stared at him, my hand stopped trying to arrange my exposed nipple. He broke the stare first to look down at my chest. As I followed his line of sight, I grabbed the whole thing with full fist, which then looked as though I were about to feed it to him. We both blushed and he reached to help me tuck it back in my suit.

We laughed a bit at it, and he went back to a few more laps to round off his even hour in the pool. On his first return, I dipped under water just as he approached the wall. While under, I was able to get a better close-up of his suit and all it held within it. Nice bulge of a package, and when he realized what I was doing there, he spread his legs a bit further for a nicer show for me. I reached towards him and he used just his arms to swim himself back in my direction. My hand landed precisely on his stuff.

Coming up with a gasp for air, he pulled me towards him, pressed himself against my hot wet body and kissed me to take away whatever remaining breaths I had.

We floated, body to body towards the far corner of the pool to the elongated stairs. He reclined, and fully embracing my body, took me close in his arms and continued the kiss. It was easy enough to slide my hands behind him and into his suit. Criss-crossing my arms made things simple for the removal of his suit.

I was wedged between his legs on the stairs, with his knees comfortably beneath my arms. Body floating weightlessly off the stairs in the pool, he reached forward with both hands, rubbing my back, caressing my arms, playing with my long hair as it floated and wafted in the water across my back. He leaned forward as far as he could and dragged his fingertips along the back of my thighs, across my ass, with a little canlı bahis şirketaleri play along the way and finally, when he got to my waist, he held the edge of the top of my bathing suit and unlatched it at my neck. My breasts floated out of the bathing suit and sort of bobbed between his thighs.

With my face between his pecs, I breathed in the ever-so masculine scent of him. I kissed his chest as I enjoyed mine to be kissed. He enjoyed it equally as much, but felt the overstimulation of his nipples in the new sensation.

When his hands worked back up to my neck, he pulled my long wet hair aside and proceeded to pull harder to force my head back. Face towards his now, he leaned in for a most amazing kiss. He ended it sooner than I was willing and teased me with a taunt of his tongue to my lips. Parting them in a passionate pause wanting more, he looked me in the eye, winked and eased his body back.

Floating between those muscular legs, I rolled onto my back. My head pressed against his belly while his hands kept my breasts company. Hard nipples to the sky, he massaged and pinched he them, watching the way they changed form in his hands. Squeezing and gripping forced my nipples into the hardest most amazing form. His palms circled around the very tips, barely making contact. The teasing was almost unbearable. I crossed my feet to squelch my clit into a less than intense state. This was a feeling that could easily have sent me into an orgasm if I relented to his touch. It was also a feeling that needed to linger and come back again and again. There was a form of dance to the rhythm he was playing on my zones.

I pressed my head down harder in silent response to his touch. I floated myself away from his belly just far enough that my head was instantly in contact with the hardness of his swollen head. As my head pressed to his, he lifted himself up to the next step in the pool. His legs parted far enough that draping my arms across his thighs no longer felt natural.

Another firm grip on my hair gave him a great level of control over my body. Letting go of both breasts, one hand on my hair and the other on my shoulder, he pushed me away from his cock, spun my extended body and pulled me back in like a raft to a dock. Crossed feet on my thighs kept me snug against his body. He reclined against the side of the pool and let me play with his cock.

Knowing he deserved some teasing after the fun torture he put me through, it was only a matter of time before I was rubbing his stiff one through his slick tight bathing suit. I could see every vein, every bulge, every detail through the tight wet material. Pulling one edge of his suit lower exposed only a tip of the tip. I licked one slow lap of it. As he lifted his hips to my extended and hungry tongue, I withdrew, keeping the view of my tongue in his sights. All he did could not get his cock against my mouth.

I felt a grip of my hair again and I pressed my lips to him. He released my hair and clasped his fingers behind my head, but his posture was contorted enough to minimize his stimulation…cupping his hands behind my ears with his strong fingers cradling the base of my head was putting me into the most perfectly controlled position, both physically and sexually. He drew my face closer again.

I slipped my arms around him with one finger in each side of his suit. Drawing my hands around to meet in the front, his suit was lowered a little bit as I went. By the time my hands came under my chin, hips and a tuft of his silk were visible. The sexual nature of the contour of his lower body brought my clit to full hard attention.

I reached behind me to guide his foot to the right spot for continued stimulation. He could feel the slick wetness of my pussy with his foot and decided to continue the momentum.

He needed to apply little forced encouragement at this point. One press to the back of my head was all the formal invitation needed to swallow the head of his cock with all the sucking power I had. Touching my lips to that swollen head was the first step – he tried lifting his hips again, but a strong “mm-mm” told him no with such a vibration against his sensitive skin that he was not going to risk anything now. He settled his groin and let me proceed.

A gentle suck to the head got a wonderful deep moan from him. I tickled and then held his balls through his suit. He knew further encouragement was not necessary and that he could just lay back and allow me the pleasure of his pleasure.

Little bursts of sucking brought his head further into my hot mouth. A blow would push him out and another suck brought him further, deeper more firmly into my mouth. Several pulses later, his suit needed to be adjusted for me to be able to consume more of him.

His moans continued to encourage. It was the encouragement needed to keep the depth increasing with his cock. When I finally sucked one last increment further and the majority canlı kaçak iddaa of him pressed along my tongue, he exerted one push to the back of my head to accept his single thrust to the back of my throat.

We both knew a big gag was coming of his action. He tended to like the reflex of my throat on his head. Silently we agreed that his full length could stay in place until I had to swallow. This was the point where I could ease his cock from my lips while sucking harder. As the insides of my tight lips clamped on his pronounced ridge a little tongue action flicked at it and sent him into a gasp followed by a moan and a hand trying to grab my wet hair. He could not focus enough on the feeling as well as try to focus on controlling what my head was doing. He let me be to what I wanted to do.

What he could do to contribute to a better feel was to help me get his shorts off. His groin eased into a higher position so I might better be able to glide my hands up his suit legs and pull them off that way. Hands feeling the backs of his swimmer thighs up to his firm yet touchable ass, I stopped when my fingers could slip between his cheeks. Unsure of the intent, he tensed up. I stopped.

He eased his posture again and I eased my fingertips again. He allowed and I continued. Just a gentle non-probing feel of that nether region and I continued my initial mission of making him naked beneath my floating body. Minimal effort exerted had those black shorts dancing away to the other side of the pool. It was now time to get back to our pre-intermission momentum.

Since he was already going to know what to expect of my method of getting his cock in my mouth, I decided to change it up a bit. This time was going to be more erratic and drastic. My tastes for him and for his juices were increased exponentially during the break. I wanted a taste of his perfectly hanging balls, and feel them on my tongue. That was where I needed to begin. He got my hint as I motioned for him to bump up just one more step. Some of his body was still in the water with me, but most of him was above the surface. Mostly, the intent was to be able to suck on him while he felt as weightless as I did. Sitting on the step gave me access in a wonderful way, however it was not quite right.

WE began to shift into the pool where we could both be floating. My mouth was the grip to lead him off his perch. Sucking hard without letting any of his length free of my hot wet mouth encouraged him to follow. Once he was floating, my arms found their way under him to his ass. I let my body float freestyle to stay with him as we drifted along without direction. Spread eagle kept him afloat with his erection pointing to the sky. It was a perfect offering for me to continue along with the blowjob. A gentle press to his ass lifted his groin to my face. The feel of his balls to my lips was amazingly erotic. The water splashing around us with each of his gentle and rhythmic thrusts made us feel we were in the ocean.

Needing another shift of style with his cock and balls, my feet touched bottom, hands still on his ass. I bobbed between his legs until this point. Now, with my feet bracing me, I could guide him around while he floated and enjoyed the service.

While under water to change my position, the sight of his ass through the water caught my attention as it did in the beginning. It deserved a long lick with a gentle suck at the top of his crack. His legs parted as an invitation to carry on as I was. Coming up for air was a quick act before I went down again. We both needed me to try another lick at it. This time, his arms floated weightlessly to his sides, half sunk with no tension in his muscles. I knew he would let me proceed as I desired.

Coming up for air once more, I decided to stay a while when I saw how engorged and erect his cock was now. After minutes of no contact with it, we both needed that cock to be tended to. But first his balls were calling out to be massaged. The way they dipped in and out of the water line, the way they visibly transformed from moment to moment depending on the sensations applied by the ripples in the water or by my tongue dallying around each one before taking them into my mouth with a hearty suck.

It was like he was levitating into my mouth as much or as little as I desired. I cradled his body with one hand under his back and the other precisely placed for my fingers to slip into his crack. This time he did not resist my fingertips pressing against his secret star. I could lift his groin to my face exactly as I wanted. The pace of my sucking was in direct relation to how hard I could bob him out of the water into my face.

When I bobbed him last I was able to get his balls into my waiting mouth. A gentle suck and nibble with my tightened lips allowed for some different fun play while I learned his threshold. Rolling my lips over my teeth let me bite on him without the risk of pain or markings. Dabbling with canlı kaçak bahis my tongue as he moaned brought him to a new level of sensations. The feeling he was receiving was inescapable and unstoppable. His fervor was equal between wanting to cum and release the energy and wanting the feeling to last forever. All he could figure was to create a distraction and that was to divert some attention to me. His arm lowered into the water as if it were sinking naturally under his current lack of muscular tension.

That hand swam its way between my legs to grab hold of my garden in an exploratory way. The moment he pressed one finger beyond my bathing suit my sucking and licking intensified. For as long as his hand was in place, mine remained in place. He was seemingly more comfortable with the idea as he continued to realize the fun that might be waiting.

With no outward response from him either way, I took my finger off his star and palmed his whole left cheek. The way he was able to float gave me such great leverage. Used wisely, I lifted him towards my face to insert his unfaltering cock. The method was flawless. I could open my mouth and lift his body to meet me. Tested, tried, true. A new favorite game had begun. With one more dip and bob, he was dep into my mouth again. He would remain this way for a while longer.

He let me get such a grip on him that I could do whatever I pleased so long as it could also please him. Throat deep with his cock, his head was too large to keep him as deep as I really wanted, but feeling that pronounced ridge on my tongue kept the moisture going in the garden strong enough to garnish a comment from him about how he wanted those juices on his cock, to have them dripping onto his balls from the garden while my hand rubbed it all over them. That was going to have to wait while I continued to suck him like never before.

Balls-deep and having fun with him, I walked around the pool, guiding him and floating him along with his shaft. If his middle began to sink, a harder suck and lift of my head would bring him back to the surface. After a while of playing this way, I got down to his full pleasure. A brief visit of my hand to his ass was only taking place to give him a star performance. Peace overcame him. Taking some of the juices from my own garden (which he knew because he felt my hand meet his there) gave enough lube to make it pleasurable. He let me penetrate him a slight bit, but enough for his cock to respond to the new and exciting stimulus.

Pumping my head up and down on him while tickling his ass brought him closer to an explosive orgasm than he thought possible in so few touches. I sucked him. I played with his balls until I was nearly ready to cum. When his exploration within my garden walls settled to a peaceful rub of my clit, I knew he was so close. All his attention was now on resisting the urge to cum all over.

The moans coming from his throat excited me as I bobbed in an arrhythmic pattern. Varied intake and sucking of him left him to settle his mind and let the oral dance take over the moment. Tightening skin of his sac lured my hand to play with it as my finger drove deeper into his ass. That come-hither description of motion within was bringing him closer to coming. A lapping of his cock alternating with my lips pursed along the length up and down made him even harder than he had been.

The hardness was surprising him today. I took his other hand and placed it on his shaft, right at the base where my lips could feel his strength with each plunge onto it. The very moment he touched himself sexually that way, I reached for my own garden to meet his other hand. He shifted his hand to put mine close to my pussy. Our fingers lined up with one another’s. He pressed his middle finger against mine plunging them both into my wet hole. Just as I led him with his cock in my mouth, he hooked his finger inside my garden. Pressure within the walls guided me to shift my chest towards his face. We could not physically each have what we desired. I wanted his cock to remain in my mouth and he wanted to suckle a tit or both.

Before I got completely next to his face, I wrapped my hand around the hand already holding his shaft and began to slowly stroke it with his hand, as an instruction for him to continue to jerk off for me to watch. He began. I shifted. While he was floating flat on his back, I stood over his head and dangled my breasts in his face. He grabbed one and massaged it adoringly before pinching the sensitive nipple into hardness. More sucking and licking brought it to a state of amazing quickly. Hardened nipples were his weakness. Hardened nipples were my turn on, especially when his hand was bringing him the enjoyment I wanted to deliver.

He had both nipples in his face and alternated licking and sucking and kissing them. I could not resist the urge to masturbate any longer. Almost the minute I began to tap my engorged clit, I started to cum. My head tipped back as I moaned out his name. He let his feet hit the bottom of the pool, but I encouraged him and helped him to float again. He stroked it while I cupped my hands on his balls. I watched from over his head with my nipples still being nibbled.

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