swingers party


]We went to a small local swingers party and had an awesome time .(this is from another site)

When we arrived there were about a dozen people there, including Donna, and the feeling in the house was one of excitement with the expectation of sex in the air.

Looking hot and sexy in her costume, Donna came over to colin and I. As she hugged me I pulled her to me and pressed my breasts against hers and at the same time pushed my pubic mound into hers .. she pushed back and right then I knew it was going to be a good night ..

Donna, colin and I played with each other for a while and then I moved over to another part of the room where I had seen Steve. He and Craig were chatting with Jackie who was sitting between them. I was feeling hot and horny so I walked up to him and lifted the front of my skirt showing him my wet panties. As I’d hoped, Steve could not take his eyes from my crotch and started to rub his cock as he stared at me. I knew I had him where I wanted him so I pulled my panties up higher so they slid between my pussy lips and pressed against my clit. Steve’s eyes widened. Next, I slowly rubbed and squeezed my nipples until they were fully erect. Then I reached down and pulled my panties to one side and slipped two fingers into my saturated hole. I coated my fingers with my cunt juices and then smeared them over my nipples.

Steve’s cock was bulging by this point so I wasn’t surprised when he suddenly slid to his knees in front of my pussy and started licking me wildly. He was sucking on my wet labia, nibbling my swollen clit and also pushing his fingers in and out of my hole. He began to lick me harder and faster and I started to cum right there and then. He sucked my soaked cunt so much and rubbed izmit escort his face all over my pussy until his face was wet and shining from all my cunt cum.

I so needed to be fucked after that so I lay down on the floor, pulled my knees to my chest and opened my cock hungry cunt for him. He got between my legs, grabbed his rock hard cock and shoved it straight into me so hard it took my breath away. Moments later he was hammering me hard and fast and I came again .. all over his shaft. My cunt was so wet and dripping that each time he thrust into me a sloppy cunt fucking sound filled the room. It was so good and soon I came for a third time.

Just after my third orgasm I opened my eyes and saw Jake standing nearby … I motioned for him to come closer. He knelt on the floor and pulled his cock out so I could suck it. He had been enjoying the show and was more than ready to join in.

A few minutes later, Steve was laying on the floor .. I was on top of him with his cock buried in my cunt .. and Jake was moving forward and pushing his throbbing big cock into my hole as well. I had two hard dicks inside my pussy now!! They soon got a good rhythm going one in and one out .. one in and one out. It truly felt awesome. My pussy felt so full and so wonderfully stretched. I orgasmed strongly several times as they both pounded me.

Jake continued to ram his beautiful big Black cock into me harder and harder until .. as they both fucked me furiously .. he grunted loudly and started unloading a lovely hot load of cum deep inside my pussy. Feeling his hot load squirt into my pussy brought me to another orgasm but there was no way I had had

enough!! A wave of ecstasy raced through me as Steve started to fuck me even faster yahya kaptan escort now. My pussy felt so sloppy with Jake’s cum inside me and I just love being fucked like that.

Jake pulled out after his orgasm was over and sat back to watch. Now it was just Steve inside me and with my cunt literally full of cum he was able to fuck me REALLY fast. I was soon cumming again as he pounded me for all he was worth. It was awesome. All I could smell was fresh cum and I could feel it being sprayed everywhere as Steve frantically fucked me.

Soon Steve’s cock began to swell inside me and he started to moan as he rammed his cock deep and fast into me. Then he buried his cock hard inside me and began to spurt his seed into me. With a second load of hot jism pumping into me the feeling was so incredible that another orgasm raced through me 🙂

With my pussy well pleased and flooded in man seed I rolled off Steve. I could feel their cum all over me and I just loved it.

Colin had noticed the fucking and come over so I wasn’t without a cock inside me for long. He had me move into a doggie position and then slipped his rigid pole into my very cummy pussy. As he fucked me slowly and deeply from behind Jackie came down onto the floor with me. I knew exactly what she wanted so as I got fucked I ate her saturated pussy.

When Colin didn’t quicken his pace much I realized he was just enjoy the pleasure our fucking was giving him so I concentrated on bringing Jackie to orgasm.

Jackie was totally into what I was doing to her and was soon bucking and thrusting herself against my sucking mouth. She was making little groaning sounds, which made me suck even faster. Soon she was close to cumming so gebze escort I began to finger her pussy as I sucked hard on her clit. Moments later it had the desired effect. The first waves of orgasm hit her. As they did I gently bit her clit .. she cried out in pleasure. At the same moment, a small amount of her juice shot out onto my face.

As Jackie’s orgasm faded Colin said he wanted to fuck her and when she readily agreed he asked her to lean forward over the sofa. Jackie did exactly as he asked and even pushed her ass back and high into the air. She was definitely in need of a fuck … so much so that she reached back and opened her cunt wide for my husband.

Colin quickly moved in behind Jackie and then plunged his hard cock straight into her pussy. He literally slammed it in as hard and as deep as he could. Jackie cooed like a bitch in heat as he did and there was no mistaking how much she loved it.

Over the coming minutes Jackie orgasmed several times as Colin slam fucked her pussy. I even got into the action and squeezed her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers as I told Colin to fuck her as hard as he could. This got Colin going even more and he furiously fucked her cunt for all he was worth. He was now thrusting his cock into her so hard and fast that his balls were making a very loud slapping sound as they slammed against her ravaged cunt.

When Colin started to grunt as he fucked I knew it wouldn’t be long before he began to unload. Sure enough, a few moments later, he groaned really loudly as his sticky gooey semen began exploding deep inside her. Jackie went off as she felt his seed flooding into her and orgasmed more loudly than she already had. She is such a cum hungry slut …

Well I need a rest after telling you all that so I’ll finish up for now. The night continued on until the early hours of the morning and was sooooo much fun ) (this is from another site)

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