Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 02

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Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 02This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Please read chapter 1 toenjoy this story. Hope you will love the story.Mike’s armed encircled my waist as he guided me towards the stairs to the upper level bedrooms. I felt a touch of apprehension but tingled at the thought of going to bed with Mike. He was so damn good looking, sort of felt he was the guy who’d be the first one I’d ever fuck other than Rick.We glided up the stairway, Mike’s arm still around my waist. I leaned into him to steady myself, still feeling the effects of the wine and the small orgasm he’d given me. Mike headed us for the last bedroom down the hallway. It was enormous, a large bed in the center of the room with a skylight directly over it. One wall was all mirrored which contributed to the room looking bigger. The night was clear; the room was lit by the clear night sky flooded with stars. Mike turned on some accent lighting that surrounded the walls and bathed the room with a warm glow.Mike took me in his arms. “Are you comfortable with this?” He asked.I put my arms around his neck and gave him a deep passionate kiss, full on the lips, as my answer.Mike began unbuttoning my blouse slowly and without pausing between buttons.”Hope you won’t be disappointed. I’m not big breasted like Sheila””I’m never, ever disappointed” Mike replied.Mike pulled the blouse from the waistband of my skirt, slipped it off my shoulders and down my arms. He tossed in onto a nearby chair. Mike kissed me on the lips and down my neck. I actually rose up on my tiptoes so he could get a better position on me. He walked around behind me, his hands tracing my waist. He found the button and zipper to my black leather skirt and slowly pulled it down exposing my panties. I’d worn my best white bra and panties. The skirt dropped to the floor and I stepped out of it. Mike tossed it on the chair where he’d put my blouse. Mike, still standing behind me, began kissing the back of my neck and using his tongue to trace small circle. My neck is especially sensitive and it drove me crazy with his lips there. I felt my bra being unfastened and my hands went to cover my almost bared breasts. Mike pulled my hands down along with the front of my bra. We were standing directly in front of the mirror. I could see he was smiling as he gazed at my vision in the mirrored wall. I just had my panties on and Mike’s hand was making his way down to them. One hand cupped my left breasts while the other hand slowly rubbed the front of my panties. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him, feeling so out of control. Mike nibbled my neck sending chills down my back. His right hand had slipped into the front of my panties, slowly massaging my pussy. I could feel the huge bulge through his dress slacks pushing against my pantied covered ass. I trim the hair on my pussy to a small v-shape and he commented on how soft my pubic hair was.”Your pussy hair is so soft, like cotton. Not course like some,” He said. I briefly wondered how many different pubic regions he’d explored. As long as he was happy with mine, that’s all I really cared about at the moment. Mike motioned me over to the bed.”Why don’t you stretch out and make yourself comfortable”The enormous bed was so high I had to literally climb up on it. I lay on my back placing a large pillow under my head. Mike began taking off his clothes starting with his shirt and socks. I couldn’t wait to see him take off his slacks so I could get a better view of the large bulge I’d felt pressing into me. Mike wore black briefs, which I thought were so damn sexy. Mike had a great body, large upper chest, broad shoulders, a very slim waist and muscular legs. He definitely stayed in shape working as a contractor. I could tell he did a lot of the labor himself from his very muscular arms.Mike climbed up on bed beside me and put his arm around my waist pulling us close together. He looked into my eyes, slowly and passionately kissed me, slipping his tongue inside my lips. I felt I was entering another world, a world I couldn’t wait for.”I’ll take it slow and easy. If you want me to stop, just say so. I won’t push it any farther.” Mike informed me.”OK” I could barely get the words out, knowing I wasn’t going to stop him until he made good on his statement about giving me the best fuck I’d ever had.Mike’s kisses were long, soft and passionate. His large right hand gently fondled my breasts, his fingers flicking my nipples till they were erect. All I could do was put my arms around his broad shoulders, grip him tight and return his deep kisses.Mike cupped each breast and flicked his thick tongue over each one, slowly and gently suckling on each nipple. He gently pulled on them with his taut lips. My nipples are extremely sensitive and I gasped as he tugged and sucked on each one. Mike’s right hand was massaging my pussy through the fabric of my damp panties. I let him slowly part my legs allowing him to get his hand down between them. His fingers traced around the area of my pussy lips. I could feel my juices start to flow, soaking my panties.Mike slowly and deliberately traced his tongue down between my breasts towards my tummy. He paused briefly at my belly button tracing a wet streak around it and probed it with his hard tongue. It tickled a bit and I jumped when his tongue did little stabbing gestures at it. Mike’s hand stroked down my right leg pulling it up till my knee was bent. He slowly stroked it up and down.”Time to get a good look at heaven, Babe,” He said reaching for the elastic band of my panties. I lifted my hips up off the bed in anticipation. Mike pulled my panties slowly down my legs till they were around my ankles. He took them off and tossed them across the room towards the chair. They feel short and hit the floor.”Damn, I hardly ever miss that one,” He k**ded. We both got a good laugh at it. Mike smiled at me as he gazed down at my trimmed pussy. He knelt between my legs and I could see the large bulge in his briefs had grown even larger. I wondered in my mind just how big he really was. His hands traced down my thighs from my knees to my pussy. He took two fingers and slowly spread my pussy lips open. I thought, “Oh God, he’s the first guy other than Rick who’s ever seen me like this.” I felt slightly embarrassed but his fingers made me almost cum right then. He traced around my pussy teasing it and making me buck slightly, pressing down on his finger. He knew how to get me aroused. The look in my eyes must have signaled him to proceed; I wasn’t going to say, “stop”. No way was I going to mutter that word.Mike’s large middle finger entered my pussy sinking it all the way in. I arched my back, spreading my legs so I could lift my butt up in the air. He sawed his finger in and out, slowly and with little twisting motions. I gasped when his hand would deliberately brush across my excited clitoris. I kept pushing down on his hand to make his finger drive in as deep as it could. I love to be finger fucked, one finger or two fingers will do it. Mike withdrew his finger from my soaked pussy and he put it in his mouth sucking off my juices. He smiled coyly, pushing me back down onto the mattress. His tongue flicked out and licked his lips. His mouth moving down on my pussy, kissing all around it but deliberately not touching the swollen lips. Suddenly I felt his hard tongue slide slowly inside me. My hands gripped the sheets and I clenched them tightly. Mike sensed how tense I was. He broke my grip on the sheets and took my hands in his. His large hands almost completely engulfed mine. He worked his tongue slowly in and out of my well-soaked pussy, making little sounds as he enjoyed my taste. I was moaning so loud and squirming my hips I probably made it difficult for him to work his tongue on me. He released my hands and grabbed my upper legs forcibly spreading them apart and restraining me. Mike’s tongue teased my clit, flicking it up and down and to the side. I screamed as he brought me to one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever had.”OH, GOD!!!!!” I screamed. “STOP…………NO DON’T………………OH YES”Mike paused briefly with his tonguing and looked at me to see if I really wanted him to stop. My chest was heaving. He knew I was in ecstasy and didn’t really want him to quit. He continued working my clit till he brought me to another screaming orgasm. This one almost made me pass out. I was choking a little; Mike stopped and made sure I was alright. Thank God he stopped. I rolled over on my right side to help me catch my breath. I’d never experienced anything like that, not even with Rick.I stopped choking and caught my breath. Mike pulled me up to a sitting position so I could breathe easier. He held me in his strong arms. I coughed on his chest, a little embarrassing but he didn’t seem to mind. “I’m sorry, I’ve never lost my breath like that. Must have forgot to breathe there for a second.” I apologized.”Hey, no problem Diane. Didn’t mean to almost kill you.” He half joked.I could feel the sheets, wet with my juices, underneath me. Mike held me in his arms till I calmed down and my breathing returned to normal. It took a few minutes to regain control of my quivering body. I smiled at him. “I’m OK now, ready to go again?” I laughed when I said it.Mike laid me back down on the bed stretching me out, massaging my chest and tummy. I smiled up at him, my hand drifted down towards his briefs. He wasn’t bulging anymore, thought maybe he’d lost interest or something. I massaged his cock and it swelled beneath the fabric of his briefs. “Ready for the best fuck you’ll ever have?” He questioned.”More than ready.” I replied.Mike got up off the bed and stripped down his briefs. His large erect cock sprang out pointing directly at me. My mouth opened in awe at the sight of it. Much larger than Rick’s, its mushroom shaped head was broad and engorged. I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate such a large cock. My pussy’s a little small, not that I’m complaining and neither has Rick.”Oh my God, you really are big.” I stated smiling at him.Mike just smiled back, thanked me for the compliment and climbed back up on the bed with me. His cock waving as he positioned himself between my legs. He stroked it slowly from the head all the way back to its base. I mentally wondered how long he really was, 9″, 10″, hope not that big! I spread my legs, lifting my butt up slightly so he could have a clear target for his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down between the lips of my pussy lubricating it with my juices. He guided the engorged head of it into me. His strong hands canlı bahis held my legs apart as he pressed the length of his cock into me slowly working it back and forth. I felt the walls of my pussy being stretched farther than they’d ever been before. It felt so good, so damn good. My eyes rolled back and I moaned softly, letting him know I wanted all of him. It took awhile but Mike managed to get his entire cock into me. I could feel his balls tight against my butt.Mike put his arms under my legs, spreading them. He slowly worked his huge cock in short deliberate strokes. I could feel myself being overcome with the pleasure of his manipulations. He leaned down and kissed each breast and then my lips. Spreading my legs farther apart he began stroking his cock in and out of me in long strokes, almost pulling out of me. Slowly at first, then increasing the pace till he was pounding his huge cock into me, his tight balls slapping against my butt. I grabbed his arms to hold on tight. H worked his cock like the master fucker that he was. I came in seconds, came once, then again. I pushed my pelvis towards him.”Don’t stop, don’t ever stop, you fucker” Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I screamed.Mike’s eyes were intense, his entire body stiff. I doubt that he heard me or would have stopped even if I wanted him to. He continued plunging his stiff cock into me with hard, deliberate strokes occasionally slowing the pace while swaying his hips to make the head of his cock swirl inside my hot pussy. We’d fucked so hard my head was almost off the edge of the bed. We had to hold onto to each other to keep us both from rolling onto the floor. Mike was making low glutteral sounds, which let me know he was thoroughly enjoying fucking his huge cock into me. He definitely loved my pussy and was giving me the best fuck I’d ever gotten. I was having orgasm after orgasm, some more intense than the last. I felt I was going to pass out at any moment, all my strength depleted. Mike’s pace increased so fast the sounds of his pelvis slapping into me filled the room. His body stiffened, his hands gripped my legs hard as he shot his hot, thick load into me. I felt my pussy being filled with his cum, spurting wildly. His eyes tightly shut, his body gave one last shudder, he gave me one long hard plunge and shot the last of his load inside me. I could feel the sticky liquid running out of me as he slowly withdrew his cock, still swollen, covered in our juices. He leaned over me, catching his breath, which was coming in short gasps. “Oh baby, that was awesome!” He muttered softly, still having trouble getting his breath.Mike climbed over my legs and stretched out on the bed next to me. His breathing slowly returned to normal. I rubbed his chest, teasing his chest hair. He smiled, enjoying my hands playing with them. Mike put his arm around me, pulling me in close for a kiss. It was a gentle yet passionate kiss. I leaned over him for awhile. We chatted more about swinging and some of the funny incidents they’d incurred.“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little thirsty.” Mike exclaimed.“Me too. My throat’s a little dry. Might be from all the moaning. Ya reckon.” I k**ded. Mike got up off the bed offering me a hand. I needed to go to the bathroom before doing anything else. Mike waited for me, sitting on the edge of the bed. When I came out, he tossed my panties at me. I caught them in the air with one hand. Mike laughed at the gesture. He ran into the bathroom to clean himself off. I slipped on the panties, not sure if I should get dressed or not. Mike grabbed his briefs, slipping them on quickly. “Let’s get that drink shall we?” He said motioning me towards the hallway. We walked down the stairs. I noticed Rick and Sheila weren’t anywhere around. I guessed they were still enjoying each other in another bedroom somewhere. We went over to the bar. Mike poured me a glass of chilled wine, opening a cold beer for himself. Mike spotted Rick and Sheila coming from one of the downstairs bedrooms.“Well, I’ve got an idea what you two have been up to.” He said smiling.I looked around as Rick and Sheila approached the bar. Sheila’s hair was a bit of a mess. Rick’s wasn’t much better. Sheila pulled up the barstool next to me. Rick stopped behind me, turning the barstool around. He gave me a long, soft kiss. I could taste pussy on his lips, Sheila’s pussy.“Everything OK?” Rick whispered.“Everything’s great!” I replied smiling.Rick sat on Sheila’s right. Mike opened him a cold beer as he got situated. Sheila sipped on a glass of chilled wine. She put her arm around me and kissed me. I wasn’t startled by her actions, just pleasantly surprised. “That husband of yours is a hell of a stud.” She exclaimed. “Love that cock of his!”“I’m surprised you can even walk with Mike around.” I quickly responded. “He is on the large side, isn’t he?”Our remarks embarrassed the guys a little. Sheila and I got a good laugh out of it. Sheila reached down and pulled on the front of my panties. She glanced down at my pussy, smiling. She let go of the elastic and slipped her hand down over the front of them. I spread my legs a little bit farther as she massaged my pussy through my panties. I’d never had another girl do that to me. It felt a little strange at first but I certainly enjoyed her hands slowly rubbing me. We talked about girls shaving their pussy. I was surprised when Sheila mentioned a few of the girls at work who shaved it clean. I asked her how she knew. She just smiled, saying she’d let me in on a little secret sometime. We finished or drinks, the guys having a second beer. Sheila whispered something to Rick. They both drifted off the downstairs bedroom leaving Mike and I alone at the bar.“Sheila’s putting poor Rick through his paces.” Mike joked.Mike suggested we sit on the couch where we’d be more comfortable. He turned on the television and selected a movie on one of the premium channels. It was one of those soft porn movies, as I refer to them. It was good, lots of bare breasts and trimmed pussies. The guy’s butts were super nice. I had to make mention of that to Mike. My remark got a big laugh from him. Mike put his arm around me and I leaned in to kiss him. My hand at the waistband of his briefs moved down feeling his cock harden. I stroked his cock through the material of his briefs. We never stopped kissing. Mike’s tongue licked my lips and then darted into my mouth. I flicked back at it, trapping it in my mouth. I felt my pussy getting wet, really wet. Rubbing his hard cock was turning me on. I was breathing hard.“Shall we go back up to the bedroom or make use of the couch?” He asked, a big smile on his face.“Right here, I don’t think I can make it back up the stairs.” I replied breathless.I stood up and stripped my panties down tossing them on the back of the couch. Mike lifted his butt up off the couch, taking his briefs off. His huge cock pointing up at me, beckoning for my attention. I knelt down in front of him, grasping his fuck shaft in both my hands. I looked up at him smiling. He was grinning, knowing what I was about to do. I kissed the mushroom shaped head of his hard cock, flicking my tongue at it. I put my lips around it and slowly eased it into my mouth. I slid my mouth down as far as I could. I licked the underneath side of his cock feeling it pulsate. I moved my mouth up and down slowly, moving my mouth a little from side to side. Mike’s body tensed as I worked my mouth up and down his cock. I pulled my mouth off his cock and licked all the way down to my hands holding it near the base. I wanted to get it wet so it would slide inside me easier. I licked the shaft and put a lot of saliva on the head of his cock.“I need you inside me, inside me now.” I exclaimed. I straddled Mike’s legs putting my hands on his shoulders. Mike held his cock steady as I slowly lowered myself onto him. When I had the head of his cock inside me, he released it and put his hands on my waist. I closed my eyes, lowering my pussy slowly. I worked his huge cock inside till I had it all the way in. I was almost cumming by the time I was all the way down on him. I moved my butt up and down, humming as I fucked myself. Mike put his hands on my back and pulled my breasts to his lips. He kissed each one, sucking gently on each nipple. He held the nipple with his lips, flicking his tongue back and forth across them. I kept sliding up and down his cock, feeling myself beginning an orgasm. I fucked myself faster and harder till I got the orgasm. I moaned loudly feeling myself lose control of my body. Mike pumped his hips as I came. When my orgasm subsided, I lifted myself up till his cock was barely inside me. I sank down on his cock, grinding my ass into Mike’s legs. I pumped up and down on Mike’s cock. He bucked upwards pounding his shaft as hard as he could with me on top of him. He cupped my ass in his huge hands lifting me up and then slamming my pussy down on his cock. I looked down at Mike, his eyes wide open. He pumped on long hard stroke into me, almost throwing me off. I felt his cock shoot a hot load inside me, then another load. His body was arched up off the couch. I had to grasp his shoulders firmly to keep my balance. Mike slowly lowered himself down on the couch, his breathing fast and heavy. I sat on top of him, his cock still hard. I didn’t want to pull off of him. Mike got his breath and smiled up at me. I kissed him hard and passionately. We were totally exhausted.“Wow! That was one hell of a show.” Sheila exclaimed. She and Rick were standing right behind us. Mike and I hadn’t heard them come back into the livingroom. Rick was smiling, rubbing Sheila’s butt. I was a little embarrassed at first but I quickly realized we had put on a damn good show. Mike lifted me off his cock, our cum running out of me and onto the couch. I ran down the hallway to the bathroom, cum running down both my legs.When I came back to the livingroom, Rick and Sheila were sitting across from Mike. I sat down next to Mike on the couch. Rick and Sheila had their own little thing going. She was stroking Rick’s hard cock slowly, teasing him. She was kissing him hard, her lips grinding into his. Rick was enjoying having Sheila give him her full attention. Mike and I watched them intently. Sheila stopped kissing Rick and moved her lips down to his chest. Rick’s eyes watched her slowly moving her head towards his stiff cock. She put her mouth on it, sliding down his hard rod. Rick’s eyes rolled back, Sheila had him in her control. Her mouth engulfed almost of his cock. I couldn’t believe she could get that far down on him. She moved her mouth slowly up and down bahis siteleri his cock, her lips making little slurping sounds. She would stop her mouth before reaching the large head of Rick’s cock. It looked like she was swirling her tongue around or under the head. I squirmed a little on the couch watching the two of them. Mike put his arm around my shoulder, reaching down to one of my nipples. He teased it with his fingers, tweaking and rolling it between his large fingers. I kept focus on Sheila’s mouth as it slid up and down Rick’s hard cock. He was gripping the arm of the couch firmly. He was in ecstasy. Sheila moved her mouth up and down faster and faster. Rick’s eyes opened wide, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. I was squirming more. Watching Sheila suck cock was a turn-on for me. Rick jerked as his cock shot a load into Sheila’s mouth. Sheila kept her mouth clamped on his cock as he shot another load. The sounds of Sheila gulping it all down almost made me get off. My pussy twinged just from watching Sheila suck him dry. She took her mouth off Rick’s cock and gave him a deep kiss, her tongue swirling in his mouth.“She loves to suck cock…………almost as much as she loves to suck pussy.” Mike stated. I was still transfixed on Rick’s cock glistening with Sheila’s saliva. It took awhile before I realized what Mike had said. I smiled at Mike, his fingers still playing with my hardened nipples. “Really, she likes women too!” I asked surprised.Mike didn’t say anything, just grinned and nodded his head. I looked back towards the two of them. Rick and Sheila were still kissing; Rick’s cock was relaxed.Rick and I left Mike and Sheila’s about 2:00am. We talked about what had happened on the drive home. We both had some good experiences to relate to each other. I could tell Rick was sold on the idea of getting into the swinging lifestyle. So was I. We both expressed hope in meeting other couples but felt we should follow Mike and Sheila’s advice. I’m sure the four of us would grow to be great friends, socially and sexually.Rick and I slept till late Sunday morning. We made love till the middle of the afternoon. It seemed different between us now that we’d experienced sex with other people. We wore each other out, my pussy was sore from being fucked so much………..and so hard.Monday morning Rick drove me to work dropping me off in front of the office building. I watched him drive out of the parking lot heading for his job. Sheila was pulling her car into a parking space across from where I stood. I decided to wait on her.“Hey there!” Sheila shouted. “How are you?”“Great, you?” I replied.Sheila smiled a little evil grin; I knew what she was thinking. We walked into the building together towards our respective offices.“Lunch today?” She asked.I agreed, anxious for the two of us to chat about Saturday evening’s activities. Monday morning was pretty typical, long and boring. Some of the people in the office were grouchy thinking about the long week ahead. Sheila stopped by my office and motioned to me it was lunchtime. We went to our favorite café and placed our order. “Mike and I are thinking about having a party in a couple of weeks, maybe five or six other couples.” She informed me. “How about you and Rick helping us out?”“Sure. We’d love to help out.” I quickly responded. “It’ll give you and Rick the chance to meet some other couples socially……….. And sexually” She added.The thought of possibly having sex with someone I’d just met made me squirm a little in my chair. My face got a little flushed as Sheila’s remark sank in. We discussed plans for the party. It sounded like it could be a little expensive. I offered to help pay for the food and drinks so Mike and Sheila wouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the costs. “If you really want to help out money-wise, that would be fine with Mike and I.” Sheila stated. “Parties can get a little costly at times.”We were served our food and ate, not saying much. We discussed work a little, that was about it. The rest of the week was pretty normal, not exciting happened. Rick and I made love almost every night, which was a lot more frequent than normal.At lunch Friday, Sheila suggested we go shopping on Saturday. It had been awhile since I’d gone shopping with anyone except Rick. Rick hated the malls, all that walking and carrying shopping bags wasn’t his idea of a good time. I gladly agreed to go shopping.Friday evening Mike called Rick and asked him if he’d care to go to a ballgame with him Saturday afternoon. Rick accepted Mike’s invitation without hesitation. Rick and I drove into town arriving at Mike and Sheila’s shortly after 12:00pm. Mike suggested he and Rick take their car. Sheila and I headed out towards the mall in our car.We walked all through the mall, stopping in a few stores. We hit one of the leather good stores. Sheila and I both bought leather skirts. Mike liked leather and so did Rick. I tried on a pair of leather pants, they fit great but they were pricey. I both them anyway, treating myself. We strolled down the mall stopping in a lingerie store. We must have looked at everything they had, spending at least an hour in the store. We purchased quite a few items, panties, bras, sleepwear and nylons. We both bought thong bikinis, mostly for the fun of it. Our hands were full carrying the shopping bags, not having our husbands to assist us. Sheila made the remark that Mike probably came up with the ballgame idea just to get out of going shopping with us. I agreed, it sounded like a good excuse not to accompany us.We headed for the food court in the mall, both of us starved. We got hot pizza at one of the restaurants and found an empty table. We ate and watched some of the other shoppers strolling by. A couple of guys at a table nearby kept watching us. I hadn’t noticed them but Sheila had.“Think those two over there might want to fuck us?” She joked pointing her eyes towards them.I glanced over at the two men. It was a quick glance. “Wonder where their wives are? Bet they’re somewhere in the mall.” I suggested.We were done with our shopping so we decided to head back to Sheila’s. On the drive home, Sheila’s cell phone rang. It was Mike phoning her. He and Rick were still at the ballgame. They decided they wanted to hit one of the topless bars after the game. They’d be home later. It was OK with us, it’s just a “guy thing”, going to the topless bars and tucking money in the girl’s g-strings.We got back to Sheila late in the afternoon. I helped Sheila carry in her packages, leaving mine in the car. We’d had a good day at the mall by the looks of all the shopping bags we filled. “Diane, how about something cold to drink?” Sheila asked.“Sounds like a good idea!” I replied.We walked over to the bar and Sheila poured us two glasses of chilled wine. It really hit the spot. We laughed about the guys going to the topless bar and how much we figured the girls were making off all their customers. Sheila cupped her breasts, k**ding she should quit her job and go into the dancing business. I told her with my small breasts, I doubted I’d last a day. We both laughed at the idea of working topless.Sheila and I shared another glass of wine, it was relaxing. My legs were a little tired from all the walking we’d done at the mall. The effects of the wine were making me a little sleepy. We decided one of the couches would be a lot more comfortable than the barstools so we went out into the livingroom. I sat down on the couch, Sheila sat next to me. I sat my glass on the end table and leaned back on the couch. The memory of the last time I sat here came into mind. I’d fucked Mike, cowgirl style, on this couch. I smiled a bit as I remembered the experience. She noticed me smiling.“What are you smiling so coyly about?” She asked, smiling.“Oh………..nothing.” I answered.I was barely able to keep from grinning. I think Sheila finally figured out what I was smiling about. I picked up my glass and wine and took a sip. Sheila reached up and unbuttoned the top button on my blouse.“You look a little warm.” She said.I was a little warm, figuring it was the wine’s soothing effect. Sheila unbuttoned the next button and then the next. I looked down at her fingers working each button. I didn’t make any gesture to stop her, I just watched her fingers. She finally got to the last button above the waistband of my slacks and undid the button. She spread my blouse open gazing at my bra. I looked over at her. She was staring at my breasts. Sheila’s hand moved slowly up my tummy till it cupped one of my breasts. She massaged it through the bra. I felt my breath quicken. It was the first time another woman had ever touched me like that. Her hands felt wonderful massaging me. Sheila moved her eyes from my breasts, looking me in the face. I saw her smile as she continued her fondling and massaging. I closed my eyes, feeling my nipples reacting to her stimulations. I moaned softly letting her take control of my body. “Sheila, lean forward a little.” She whispered.I leaned forward and Sheila pulled the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. She placed it on the back of the couch. I leaned back on the couch. Sheila’s mouth hovered over mine. She kissed me softly on the lips. I felt myself returning her kiss. She flicked her tongue out licking my lips side to side. My tongue darted out to meet hers. Our tongues stabbed at each other. Sheila pulled away slightly looking down at my breasts. My bra had the clasp on the front. Sheila’s fingers popped the clasp and the bra sprang open. My breasts bared. Sheila put her left hand on my shoulder; her right hand pushed my bra back. She cupped my left breasts, fondling then gently squeezing. My sensitive nipples were hard. Sheila flicked her thumb over my nipple causing me to gasp. She teased it till I quivered. Her hand worked my other breasts, playing with the nipple, tweaking it between her fingers. She pulled on it slightly. I moaned deep as she worked my body. I felt her mouth kissing my breasts, sucking gently on each nipple. She pulled on one nipple, stretching it. Sheila flicked her tongue on it while she held it. I shrieked as a chill shook my body. Sheila had me breathing hard and fast. She took her hand from my breasts and moved it down over my tummy, rubbing it gently.“Why don’t we go upstairs where we can be more comfortable?” She asked.I nodded my head, unable to speak. I got up from the couch, slipping my bra the rest of the way off, leaving it on the couch. We walked up the stairs and down the hallway to one of the bedrooms. I walked over by the bed and stood watching Sheila remove her clothes. I stared bahis şirketleri as she stripped down to her thong panties. Her breasts were beautiful, larger than mine. Sheila cupped her breasts, massaging them. She walked over to me and we kissed. Our lips grinding against each other as our breasts touched. Sheila unbuckled the belt on my slack and pulled the zipper down. She knelt down in front of me, pulling my slacks down my legs. I kicked my shoes off as she pulled my slacks all the way off. She tossed them on a nearby chair. She kissed my panties, then rose from her kneeling position, running her hands slowly up my legs. I closed my eyes as her hands ran over my body. Her hand slipped between my legs parting them a little. Her fingers played with my pussy till my panties were wet. I was a little unsteady, my legs were shaking. Sheila stopped playing with my pussy. She pulled on the elastic waistband of my panties, tugging them down over my hips. They fell around my ankles. I stepped out of them. Sheila pulled the comforter off the bed, throwing it in a pile. We climbed on the bed and made ourselves comfortable. I lay on my back, Sheila stretched out on her side next to me. “You have such a beautiful pussy.” She boldly stated. “I’m going to make you feel great.”We kissed passionately, our tongues flicking at each other. Sheila’s hand stroked towards my pussy. I parted my legs slightly. Sheila parted them farther apart, raising my legs till my feet were flat on the bed. She slipped her hand down over my pussy, sliding her middle finger between the lips of my pussy. I put my right hand around her, gripping the sheets with my left hand. He teased my pussy with her fingers till my hips started to buck. ‘Mmmmmmmm…………oh God that feels so damn good!” I muttered.Sheila looked down smiling at me, her fingers working me up slowly. She slipped her middle finger inside my pussy, stroking it in and out in a slow swirling motion. I pushed my hips down trying to force her finger in deeper. Sheila flicked my clitoris with her thumb; side to side and up and down. My ass rose up off the bed as I felt myself building an orgasm. Sheila sensed it too, inserting a second finger in my soaking wet pussy. She manipulated her fingers and stroked me harder.“Oh, God……….fuck me harder……..ohhhhhhhh!” I moaned loudly.Sheila finger fucked me till I had my orgasm. I arched up off the bed, grabbing her hand pushing her fingers in deeper. I held myself up till my orgasm slowly subsided. I collapsed back on the bed. My breathing shallow, my body totally relaxed.“You really came hard, didn’t you?” She spoke.I could only nod my head yes. Sheila let me relax for a short time, stroking my legs. My breathing returned to normal, my strength returned. Sheila rose up and knelt between my legs. She licked her lips, spreading my legs as far as she could. She leaned down and kissed me between the legs on both sides of my pussy. I relaxed, closing my eyes as she kissed all around. Her tongue slithered from her mouth and she licked slowly up the slit of my pussy. When she reached my clit with her tongue, she teased it, holding it with her lips. My eyes popped open, I came immediately. I cried out, my hands grasping the bedsheets. Sheila continued working her mouth and tongue over my pussy. I felt her licking the juices that flowed out of me. I could hear little sucking sounds coming from her mouth. She worked me up slowly, holding me in limbo, then working her tongue till I had another orgasm. It was an explosive orgasm. I screamed as I was overcome with ecstasy.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………..Nooooooooooooo.” I screamed almost passing out.Sheila took her fingers and pried my pussy wide open, slithering her tongue inside me licking up my cum. I felt her cleaning me out with her tongue. I’d never experienced anything like that in my life. Sheila looked up at me smiling. It was all I could do to smile back at her. I was exhausted. Sheila rolled me over on my back. She put a fluffy pillow under my head. I felt her get up off the bed and watched her leave the room for an instant. She returned carrying a bottle of oil. She squirted the oil down my back and massaged it in. It felt so good, I almost went to sleep. The oil gave me a cool, tingling sensation. She squirted some oil down the back of my legs and massaged it in. My legs felt cool and tingling as she continued massaging me. “Mmmmmmmmm………….that feels so good.” I remarked.“It’s a special massage oil. Do you feel it tingling?” She asked. “My hand sure tingles.” I told her I felt my whole body tingling. She slipped her hand up between my legs and put some of the oil around my swollen pussy lips. It felt sensational, my pussy was tingling. Sheila got up from the bed and placed the bottle on the nightstand. I raised my head watching her walk over to the dresser. Sheila pulled out a long chrome shaft and a tube of something. She walked over sitting next to me on the bed. It was a vibrator, about eight inches long I guessed. I felt my pussy muscles clench thinking of what she could do with it. She opened the tube, it was a lubricant. Sheila smeared some on the end of the vibrator working it around with her finger. When she finished, she put the cap back on the tube of lubricant.“I don’t think you need the lubricant but it’ll make it easier for me to work it inside you. She said smiling.Sheila twisted the end of the sleek vibrator and it came to life. She twisted it back and forth making it hum louder then softer. I started to hesitate letting her put it inside me. I bit my lower lip to stop myself. Sheila positioned me on my knees with my ass up in the air. She put my head on the pillow facing towards the dresser mirror. She spread my legs wide. Sheila knelt beside me, her tummy against my hip. She reached between my legs, spreading me open with her fingers. I felt the vibrator touch my pussy and I jerked away from it. I relaxed and moved back a little, just as Sheila slid the tapered edge of the chrome vibrator inside me. It wasn’t turned on so I didn’t flinch as she slowly twisted and slid more of the vibrator in my pussy. It felt good, going in deeper and deeper. I felt Sheila’s hand at the entrance to my pussy. She had the entire shaft inside me. She twisted the end of the vibrator a little and it came to life. My mouth opened wide as it vibrated deep in my hot pussy. Sheila moved the vibrator in and out of me, twisting it slightly. It felt like my entire insides were vibrating. I was moaning, my hips pushing back when Sheila pushed the vibrator in. She adjusted the speed and the vibrator hummed louder. I could hear it clearly. I think it was my body picking up the sound, not just my ears. I had an orgasm in a matter of minutes.“Argggghhhhhhhhhhhh…………..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh!” I moaned.My body was quivering as I felt another orgasm coming. I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my groaning. The second orgasm hit me, making me lose all control of my body. I arched up on my elbows, gritting my teeth. My entire body was rigid. The wave finally ceased and I fell down across the bed. Sheila pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, making a loud slurping sound as it came out of me. I laid there almost passing out. Sheila got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later with the cleaned vibrator. She put it on the nightstand next to the tube of lubricant. I just stared at it, thinking how great it had made me feel. Sheila stretched out next to me; I think she was exhausted too. We dozed off, Sheila’s arm across my back. We must have slept for a couple of hours. It was almost dark when we woke up. We heard the front door open and Mike and Rick enter the house. The guys called out for us, Sheila called back letting them know where we were. I was still lying on my tummy, my legs spread wide, when the two of them came in the bedroom. I must have looked a sight. “Well, well, well. Looks like we missed out on a damn good show.” Mike joked to Rick. Rick smiled in agreement. He was staring at Sheila in her black thong panties.“Hope you left something for us.” Rick exclaimed laughing.Mike and Rick went back downstairs to get us all something to drink. Sheila and I both just wanted a soft drink, no alcohol. They came back upstairs with the drinks and sat on the bed with us. Sheila was kissing Rick while Mike was rubbing my tender butt. Mike finished his beer then started taking his clothes off. He stripped all the way down. His enormous cock standing straight out in front of him. He walked back towards me.“How about a little doggie-style Mike. That way I can get in on the action.” Sheila suggested grinning.I raised up on my knees again. My ass in the air, spreading my legs. Mike walked up behind me and pushed a finger inside my pussy. I lubricated his finger with my juices. I looked over at Rick; he was getting out of his clothes. His cock sprang out when he took down his briefs. Sheila reached over me grabbing the lubricant off the nightstand. I watched as she smeared lubricant on Mike’s huge cock covering his entire shaft. She then walked over to Rick and smeared the lube all over his hard cock. She whispered something to Mike but I couldn’t hear it. Mike positioned himself between my legs holding my hips firmly. He pushed the bulbous head of his cock in gently, allowing my pussy to get used to it. He leaned forward a little then pulled me back onto his cock working it in slowly. The lubricant helped him slide it deep inside me. His cock stretched my pussy to its limits. He started fucking me slowly, taking short strokes and then longer, deeper strokes. Mike was getting me going good. Sheila picked up the vibrator and put some lubricant on it. I didn’t realize what she was going to do till I felt Rick’s hands spreading my ass open. Sheila put the vibrator to my ass and pushed the tip in gently. The lubricated head slid inside with little resistance. She twisted the end causing it to hum slightly. While Mike fucked me harder and harder, Sheila worked the vibrator up my ass. Mike slammed his pelvis into me. Loud smacking sounds and the soft hum of the vibrator were all I could hear. I had a huge orgasm and I screamed out. I didn’t hear anything though. It was a silent scream. Mike pumped into me till he shot his huge load. I felt it blast deep inside me. Sheila pulled the vibrator out of my ass, turning it off. Mike’s body tensed and he fucked a long stroke deep inside me, shooting another load of cum. He finally pulled his hard cock out of me, covered in lubricant and cum. I tried to lie back down on the bed but I couldn’t move. Sheila and Rick helped me lie back down on the bed. I didn’t have any strength left. I watched Mike leave the bedroom, heading for the bathroom to clean up. Rick and Sheila headed down the hallway to another bedroom. They were gone till later in the evening.

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