Swinging turned cuckold part 1

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Swinging turned cuckold part 1After spending 143 days on xhamster and searching the perfect couple to get the first swing experience, i had finnaly convinced my wife to try it out. She was not very excited about it, but she loved me a lot and would have done anything to make me happy. Looking back i consider myself pretty selfish, my wife was 26 and she looked stunning, i just felt that i needed something new in our relationship. Swinging seemed the wright answer. The couple I found was older than we were, he was 40 and she looked 30 something. We only shared photos and she looked great , black hair and a dark skin, like a total cock addict and most of her pictures were done while taking it up the ass. That was very intriguing for me since my wife only gave me ass once and it was a boring experience. He on the other hand did not look very attractive, he had a bit of a belly, but i had to addmit he had a bigger cock than mine. As I said, my wife Adriana was not very open to the ideea but seeing me so excited went along with it.We talked it over once again, they were more experienced and had booked two bursa escort hotel rooms a closeby city. The rooms were on different floors, and we agreed to send the wifes to the rooms and wait for the new partner. The promised night came and we were both shaking with emotion on how would it turn out. I came out of the shower and saw Adriana slowly roling up her black stockings, she was wearing black panties and matching braw. Her blonde hair was in high contrast with her outfit. He was going to be a lucky fucker, i was hopping for the same treat from the new partner. We went to the hotel, the room was great, i kissed Adriana as she layed on the bed with a sad puppy face, i was thrilled about Roxana’s ass and nothing else mattered in that moment, I could just see her riding my cock with her tightest hole. I looked back at my wife one more time, felt a bit bad but it was all settled, i went downstairs to meet John at the hotel bar.„Ahhh George, great to meet you boy” John said with a big smile on his face. „How’s the wife? Ready for action?” „Yeah, she’s ready” I babbled. We had a drink and went bursa escort bayan for the elevator, my room was on floor 2, his was on 7. In the elevator John said „I suggest you stop the elevator before going in the room and rub your cock a bit so its super hard when Roxana see’s it, she’ll be very happy” He got out on my wife’s floor and I was heading for Roxana’s buttocks. I took his advice and stopped the elevator, rubbed on my cock for 5 minutes, got it super hard and went for it with full courage. The room was at the end of the corridor, I pressed on the knob, and the door opened, all lights were out, i was so excited, what had she planned for me? Would she have her legs spread for me allready? I turned the light on, there was nobody there, i went for the bathroom, nobody there, was she sick and had to leave? Than it hit me in the head like a shovel. JOHN WAS WITH MY WIFEHe had tricked me into giving my wife for a free fucking. I rushed to the elevator door, the damn thing wouldnt come faster, i lost patience and took the stairs, I wanted to rush in and kick his ass, but i thought twice. escort bursa Adriana would be so uppset on how stupid i acted. I gently opened the door and went inside, John wasted no time, i could hear my wife moaning as he was pounding away on top of her. She still had her stockings on and they didnt notice me there as he was covering her with his big body. His cock was bigger than in the pictures and had streched Adriana’s pussy far more than i ever did. He started speeding up and started violently tongue kissing her. She was so hot and was kissing back like a maniac. He slowed down and turned her on her side, that’s when they noticed me. Adriana jumped „Fuck, you scared me George, are you ok? Finished up with Roxana allready?” „Was it good?” Before i could even answer , John shoved his big cock in her wet cunt and she closed her eyes gasping. He was going slow looking at me, smiling behind her. He lifted her leg and i could see his thick meat going in and out of my wife. She had her eyes closed and was taking it all in. He pressed harder and went balls deep as he grabbed her head and kissed her while looking at me with a grin.If you enjoyed the story please comment and i will post a second part if appreciated. And to all couples (romanians in particular) looking for a similar experience, text me in private. Have a good evening.

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