Swiss teenage escort


Swiss teenage escortI have read a lot of stories on the site, and I wanted to share an experience of mine.A few years ago I went to Zurich for a meeting, and spent a few days in a hotel. I had a lot of time free and some money to burn, so I looked up a few escort sites. I am not sure what led me to the one I spent a long time looking at, but the girls there were just a whole lot more fresh.They gave a variety of styles and the rates were quite reasonable, and for hotel visits too. I saw a few of the girls didn’t have an age published next to them, and this made me more and more curious.So, I dropped them an email with an enquiry about a couple of girls and asked the normal escort questions. They emailed me back quickly with some responses but told me I had to call them to confirm the escorts ages, which made me more curious. So I called them and it turned out that they would not share the exact age, but this was at etimesgut escort the time when the legal ‘prostitution’ age there was sixteen.Well, I settled for a lady called Jennifer, who looked stunning. Long legs encased in stockings, heels – the whole teenage cock-tease. I organised the meet to my hotel for as soon as they could manage – adding to the excitement and anticipation meant I stayed in my hotel room. It was difficult not to take my cock out and tug one out before her arrival.About an hour later there was a knock on the door and Jennifer had arrived. All guys who have seen escorts (and I have seen well over 50 now) know that moment when the knock comes. Anticipation, excitement and a throb all happen at once. A quick look through the spy-glass and I saw a pretty, young, sexy girl waiting there. I know that in a few minutes she would be on her knees, sucking my cock.I let sincan escort her in and all my dreams came true in an instant. She was tall – 5’8” or so, with heels, jeans and a nice trendy top. I paid her money, and we chatted for a while. She told me the information I wanted to know, her age. Sweet sixteen. Wow.She took off her jacket to reveal no blouse, just a black bra holding some sweet teenage, small and puffy nippled titties. Perfect. She slipped off her jeans, leaving her heels on at my request, and her small thong covered only part of her pussy. It was perfect – slightly blond hairs were creeping out. She got down on her knees and took my cock out. It was obvious she was used to doing this and, to be honest, it didn’t take long before I gave her the warning that I was going to erupt. She kept sucking and I spunked a whole load into her mouth. She smiled, and swallowed…..could it sıhhiye escort get any better.Oh fuck, yes it could.She asked if I liked eating pussy – and when such an offer is made, how one can refuse? So she laid back on the bed, panties to one side and I proceeded to lick, nipple, and finger and tease that cunt…..and how wet and tasty it became. She moaned as only a girl of her age can, and she came, and came. After a while of this I told her that I needed to fuck her, so she broke out a condom, rolled it onto my cock and told me to fuck her in missionary position.With those long legs, still with heels on in the air, small titties in my face and a tight pussy around my dick, I like to think we fucked for hours. In reality it was maybe for about five minutes. She sensed I was getting closer and asked how I wanted to cum. I told her that I wanted to spunk over her pubes – and she gladly agreed. So, while she rubbed her pussy I wanked my cock, erupting all over her. She seemed really happy, and told me for a few extra notes I could keep her panties. A bargain.We said our goodbyes and she left – pantyless – into the hotel. What a date, what a girl and what a memory. I still have those panties too..

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