Sylvia Fucks her mom/ Part One

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Sylvia Fucks her mom/ Part One’This thing between my mom and me happened before I turned sixteen. “”One of the things that I loved to do when I was five or six or seven was to sneak upstairs, listen for those lovemaking sounds my parents made. I think they must have fucked every night and sometimes during the day! I didn’t know what the commotion they made meant, but I had had a few sex talks with mom. I thought there might be something like that going on. The thought I had at the time was that they “sounded so delicious.” My mom was a woman who liked sex. I think she wanted to fuck my dad more than most women who have been married for a while do. It was on this day that I learned that she wanted to fuck other men and women, too. She was a singer, she was a performer, but she was not a quiet love maker. I would sneak up to the door of their bedroom, and take off all my clothes. Sometimes Rachel was there too, and we would shush each other, lay there naked on our backs on the carpet, diddling our little pussies, listening to the sound of mom and daddy fucking. It was the most fabulous small k** sex stuff. I guess you aren’t supposed to talk about that stuff when you grow up, but you know me by now. What are you going to do, Tom, not like me? (Laughter, kissing me). When she walked out the door, naked, to go to the bathroom, and found her two little girls spread legged in front of the door, she didn’t freak, not at all.she just said:”Excuse me.”She stepped over us.”Sylvia, you and Rachel need to play somewhere else. Did you get all excited about the sex noise? Well, that’s pretty fucking hot, I’ll bet. I’m not mad, but I want to pee and get back in bed with daddy, do you understand? I like being naked in bed with daddy. That thing you guys are doing right now? I like to do that kind of stuff with him. But no, you guys can’t watch!” That night, after dinner, in the kitchen, she had a serious talk with us, not angry at all, serious, about privacy and sex stuff, at least what we could understand.”.”I had the coolest mom in the world, but I still didn’t want her to show up and see me with some boy’s dick in my mouth.””I was at my parent’s bakırköy escort house in Hollywood, and I was just fifteen, this was like a year and a half after I had “given it up” for little Randy. My dad was at work, and my mom was somewhere. There was a boy who I thought was cute, who looked as if he might have had sex before.””I had had my eye on Brian for a while…I watched the way he moved his body, and I guessed that he must have had sex with somebody, though as far as I knew, he didn’t have a girl-friend. Brian used his body in a way that unlaid nerdy boys never did. It made me want to fuck him. Can I say that? I fingered myself to thoughts of him between my legs long before he ever got to my house. He didn’t know that he was going to get a piece of me today. Maybe he did, but he was very polite about it if he did suspect.””We were in my room, after a bunch of stuff, no, it was regular sex stuff, nothing to go all jerky-offy about..””We were both naked. I was so ready. Brian was on his knees. I was on my knees, bent over, sucking his dick. My tits got big when I was twelve, and by the time I was fifteen, they were as big as they are now. I don’t if he had ever been with a girl with developed boobs before, but he got excited when I took my bra off. I was looking at his dick, and when he saw my tits, his dick just went ”boink!’ straight up in the air and hard as the front of the house. He had a short super fat one, my favorite shape. I asked him to eat my pussy out, but like all boys and some, no, most of the men, he didn’t stay down there long enough. Why can’t guys get that right? He hunted around for my clitoris for about two fucking minutes. It’s not as if I was trying to hide anything from him. I grabbed his ears and put his mouth right on her. He tweaked her for about ONE minute. Then Brian asked me if I came yet…”

“No, Brian, I didn’t come from that…….yet.””He wanted to know if I had gotten off by sucking his dick.””No, honey, I like to do that to make you happy, but I don’t usually…(never?)……come from beşiktaş escort that.”I’d been with boys I liked before who didn’t have a clue, so this is what I told him:”Instead of eating me, Bri, watch, I want to put my cunt right in your face and rub one off…then you can see me come. And when we fuck, I won’t be so uptight about it.””So I put my puss right his face. He was jacking off while I did what girls do, rubbing my clit, fingering myself, and wiggling my ass around, saying all kinds of crazy sex stuff. I hadn’t had any luck coming from riding cocks. I wanted to see Brian come too so that when he finally got it in me, he would last for a little. I was fifteen, I had a tiny puss that was a tight as a virgin (but I wasn’t, not even close by then), and boys didn’t last too long if they were ready to shoot the minute I got my hot little puss wrapped around them. He couldn’t wait. He was staring at me like his eyes were going to bug out. Jeez, I was masturbating, and I’ll bet he did it five times a day. I was watching him pulling on his weenie. Ninth grade girls will talk about any sex thing to each other. My friend Lois told me: “Just before he comes, grab his cock and put it in your mouth, Some boys are shy about jizzing right in your mouth, but if you make it right, he won’t be able to stop himself. Wait till he finishes pumping, if you can, swallow it, if you can, but don’t spit his dick out! If you lick and suck and kiss his cock now, he is going to lose his mind. You know boys jack off all the time, and this is what they think about when they are doing it. You can make him bat-shit crazy, Sylvia. You’ll be able to lead him around on a rope all through high school!” I had my mouth open, and my whole face and chin pushed out, to get as much as I could. I wanted him to see me drink it and lick it off his dick. I thought that would be hot for Brian to see, so he could pop right back up, fuck me the right way, and last more than two minutes. I was a slutty little girl, but I was efficient. Well, right before he came, I got his cock in my mouth. I looked like there was an explosion in the beylikdüzü escort yogurt factory. His stuff was everywhere but in my eyes. I was starting to be kind of horny now. later found out that women in porn get paid all kinds of money to pose or to be in movies with cum all over their faces, but I didn’t know that then. (laughing) I was givin’ it away!”Silkie was such a great storyteller. Leo and I were silent, transfixed as any boy in any of her tales.”His stiffie hardly dropped. He was lying next to me, catching his breath. His dick went straight up from his body. He had a fatty. My little puss LIKED fatties.””Brian was one of these boys who pushed his cock in my face a little too hard, not awful, not impossible, and I just had to adjust to him…he was kneeling on the bed, and I was sitting, my ass and hips twisted around, facing the door…” HOLY SHIT!”There is my MOM! My MOM is watching me suck Brian’s COCK!. I was looking right at her. She was looking right into my eyes, just standing there, and of course, Brian couldn’t see her. I didn’t know what to do, and my mom wasn’t moving away. SHE JUST KEPT STANDING THERE! What was I supposed to do? Mom didn’t say anything. She was watching her cum covered daughter blowing her boyfriend. ” “This story is so intense for me,” Silkie said. ” I’ve never told anyone the whole story before. You guys are getting horny, but I need a few minutes. It would be easier if we just started some sex stuff, but I need to get this out, do you understand? This thing with my mom changed my life. Forever, I’ll never be the same. Does this get you hot? Really? I want to finish, but It’s making me hot, talking non-stop about sucking dick and looking at yours. if you think it’s hot, we’ll get back to it, okay?”We were in Leo’s warm cabin. The days were always gray on Orcas Island. The afternoon light from the harbor shone through the dirty window glass across her body. She was nineteen. She had on a sleeveless men’s undershirt that she got from Joe. Nothing else. Her pussy hair was so red. Her little ass was perfect. I knew she would let me fuck it. I knew she would want Leo to fuck it, too, I had been in her ass before. My cock was begging for it. I knew she would be pissed if we didn’t. Her breasts pushed the thin fabric out so far; it was like she was wearing lace. God, I’ll bet Joe loved to see her walk around in it.”I loved blowing Brian that way. I wonder if I can still do it?”

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