Tabby’s Dad Likes Her Panties

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Tabby had decided to skip school that day, she really wanted to play in the chatrooms where she could talk with men about all sorts of things. So, after walking to school, she walked past the entrance and on to the shops. Her Mom wouldn’t leave for work for another hour so the 18 year old decided to buy a magazine and take a look in some of the shops in the mall.

Soon the hour was up and Tabby was able to make her way back to the large two-story house she lived in with her parents and two sisters. Tabby walked in and hurried up the stairs to her large bedroom.

The door was slightly ajar and through the opening she could see someone standing near her clothesbasket. Immediately she recognised her father standing there naked except for his boxer shorts and holding a pair of lace panties he had taken from the basket. The boxers revealed a level of arousal that tented the silk boxers out in front of his athletic body.

Tabby recoiled back at the sight. What should she do or say? And anyway it was her that was skipping school. The temptation was to back away and go back down the stairs, slip out and go to school. But the sight of his near naked body and his predicament turned her on. Tabby was no prude, nor a virgin. Anyway she didn’t have enough of her school stuff to return to school without collecting it first from her bedroom.

She peeked again. Now he had the crotch of her panties at his nose. They were a bright red pair of skimpy lace bikini panties. She smirked seeing him lost in his ecstasy.

Quietly she stepped back from the door and then noisily stepped forward, bursting into the room. He quickly tossed the panties way onto her bed and turned to face the door, red with embarrassment. His hard cock waved within the lose fitting boxers.

“What are you doing home?” He demanded with fatherly authority.

“What are you doing in here?” Tabby replied quickly. “I thought you were going to work.”

“Um…err…I was just getting the washing together, I wasn’t feeling too good so I came home,” he stuttered.

“Yeah, Dad, sure,” Tabby retorted her hands on her hips. “I saw you…sniffing my panties.”

“I wasn’t you silly girl,” he stated quietly.

“Well what do you call that?” Tabby pointed at the now less rigid cock.

“Now hon’, I was…I…” he stumbled and stalled.

“Come on Dad, you were getting off on my panties, weren’t you?”

“It’s not like that,” he was still trying to find a way out of his situation. “I just came to collect the dirty clothes…I was going to help your Mom out…seeing….”

“Speaking of Mom,” Tabby took a step forward, her own panties were getting damp now, and she was enjoying having the upper hand. “I think she might need to hear about this.”

“Tabby, you wouldn’t!” her father exclaimed. “Please don’t tell her, please. I really couldn’t….” He was close to breaking down.

“Now, Daddy, I don’t want to tell her,” Tabby smirked. “And I don’t like you suffering like this.”

He looked up at the young girls face. There was a pathetic pleading in his eyes. By now there was only a faint outline of the hard cock that had been on proud display under the silk boxers earlier.

“Do what I want and you will have nothing to fear. Don’t and I will call her and tell her everything.”

“But…I’m your father…I can’t….”

“You have no choice, now do we have a deal?”

“No Tabby I can’t agree to that.”

Tabby stepped forward toward the desk with the computer and telephone.

“Ok, ok, don’t call her, please. What do you want?”

“That’s better Daddy,” Tabby smiled. “First I want to see you in those panties.” She pointed to the red lace lying on her bed.

“What…no…please. They are too small…I’ll rip them.”

“Just do it. I’m sure they will stretch.”

With that he turned and picked the little lace panties up. Turning away from tabby he puled the baggy boxers down and stepped out of them.

“Turn around,” Tabby ordered.

Reluctantly he turned, one foot hooked in the red panties. His cock was coming back to life, hanging as a half stiff pole, wobbling as he pulled the panties up. The tight material stretched over his much larger frame. He struggled to tuck his now quite hard cock into pendik escort the red lace and his large balls hung to one side, exposed through one leg. The lace was stretched to the point of transparency as he stood up straight.

The cock continued to grow, the swollen purple head protruded over the narrow waistband of the panties. He looked more embarrassed. Tabby giggled. Her father was suitably humiliated, but not enough for this sexy brunette. She walked past him to the clothesbasket. She tossed a couple of shirts to the floor, then a pair of jeans, another pair of panties and then she pulled the red lace bra that matched the panties.

“Hold these,” she said tossing him the bra. “Now sit on my bed.”

Grabbing the lace bra he stumbled back to the bed and sat. He bowed his head, staring in at his red lace covered crotch. The cock was stiff as a board now, at least eight inches long and very thick.

“Now wank yourself with my bra,” Tabby growled.

“What?” he exclaimed. “Please Tabby, don’t do this. I beg you.”

“Dad, you should have thought about this when you came in here today. Now just get on with it. You will feel better afterwards, I promise.”

“Tabby, I shouldn’t…I mean you are my daughter,” those pleading eyes again.

“Get on with it Dad, you should be flattered that I think someone so old is still worth looking at in this way,” Tabby replied. “Now start tugging that cock, and use my bra as a glove.”

Slowly he started stroking the head of his cock as it stood up above the waistband of the panties. Rubbing the soft red lace across it. Then he grasped the stiff rod with his had, stretching the panties further as he rubbed up and down the hard cock. For the most part the cock was obscured by the red lace of bra and panties, but every now and then the head would pop into view.

Tabby walked to the computer table and wheeled the swivel chair over. She sat facing the action, looking intently as her father tugged up and down on his cock. A minute after starting his show Tabby stretched her legs apart and balanced them on either side of her father on the bed. He glanced at her without missing a beat with her soft silky underwear rubbing against his cock. Then Tabby slowly unzipped her tight fitting jeans, opening the fly wide to reveal a pair of white lace panties. With a low moan she rubbed the front of the white material before plunging two fingers inside the waistband.

Her father looked at her in shock. His mouth opened to say something, but no words came out. He could see the small dark triangle of hair trimmed away from her pussy through the white lace. Tabby’s long delicate fingers floated across her pubic mound then down to touch her clit. Again she moaned as she inserted a finger in her warm moist pussy. Her father felt his cock stiffen even more.

Now he was rubbing more furiously, moaning once or twice himself as he watched his beautiful slim daughter pleasure herself less than a yard from him. The soft lace was rubbing against his dry skin, he could feel it burning slightly, but he didn’t mind, it felt so sexy. Up and down the hard cock his hand tugged, his balls getting tighter and tighter.

Tabby’s fingers were working on her clit, making her hotter and wetter. Every so often she would plunge one or both fingers deep in her tight snatch and fuck herself furiously for a moment, then she would settle back to play with her clit. Each time a shudder would go through her body, building each time.

“Oh, Tabby, oh,” her father cried out as his cock began to spurt. “God yes, oh.”

Spurt after spurt of hot cum sprung from his cock head, hitting his stomach, filling a cup of the red bra and dribbling down the outside of the red panties. A white string of cum extended from the head to the bra as he pulled his hand away. Finally a sticky dribble flowed down the cock and hit the waistband of the panties, pooling there before spilling over onto the crotch. He collapsed back on the bed sighing.

“Oh God, yes,” Tabby called out as her finger fucked her pussy harder and harder. “Oh yeah, I’m cumming.” Her hot juice flowed and her pussy tightened as a wave of ecstasy flowed over her body causing her hips to buck in the chair.

Her face was red and her finger sticky as she escort pendik sat up straight in the chair. Her father stared at her as lent on one elbow on the bed.

“That was good,” Tabby stated. “Did you enjoy that?” She started to zip up her jeans.

“Tabby, I…I feel ashamed,” his head was bowed again. “I shouldn’t have….”

“You are pathetic Dad,” the young girl said. “So you can’t even say you liked getting off in my panties?”

“Tabby, it was wrong,” he continued.

“But it wasn’t wrong for you to sneak in here and fondle my undies while I wasn’t home, or when Mom couldn’t catch you. I think you need some more stimulation to see if you will enjoy that.”

“Tabby, what are you going to do?” He sat up.

Quickly she got on her knees in front of him. His legs dangled over the edge of the bed, bent at the knees. Before he could move she was between them. Delicately she peeled the sticky lace panties away from his cock, rolling them down a little. The cock lay there, glistening with his sticky jism and slightly deflated.

“Let’s see how horny you really are,” she said, looking up at him with those seductive brown eyes.

Her red lips closed around the soft head, she tasted the cum from his explosion as she began sucking it in. Her hands grasped the base of his flacid cock, helping it to stand upright as she went down deeper on his cock. The cock tasted of drying sperm, a taste Tabby knew from making out with her boyfriend. Now her head started to bob up and down on his stiffening cock.

He didn’t move, just lay there as Tabby brought his cock back to its full eight inches. She tossed her long black hair out of the way as she sucked back down the hard rod, licking her tongue around the shaft as she went. All the time sucking and slurping on the cock.

Without realising it he let out a moan as the feeling of total pleasure returned. The young girl was fucking his cock with her mouth and he couldn’t believe it. A fantasy coming true, he had lost sight of the young girl being his daughter. He lent up on both elbows so he could watch the show. The view allowed him to stare straight down the loose fitting blouse to her breasts held in by a white lace bra.

“Oh, Tabby, that is good,” he moaned quietly. “Oh Jesus.”

As she continued to bob up and down his cock he sat up. His hand reached down to fondle her breast through the white blouse. It was firm and well formed. Even through the blouse and bra he could detect her stiff nipples, pressing against the lace. Then her hand came up and hit his hand away. His cock popped from her mouth.

“Look, but don’t touch,” she demanded before returning to the hard cock. He lent back on his elbows and satisfied himself with the view. She undid two buttons for him to improve the view. Then unexpectedly she pulled the cups of the bra down exposing her bare nipples. They were swollen hard and a deep red colour.

“Oh God, Tabby, yes,” the view was too much for him and he spilt another load, this time into her mouth. She clamped down on the stiff cock as it throbbed in her. The sticky cum hit the back of her mouth and filled her. A dribble of creamy white cum slid from one corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. It dripped off in a stringy web, falling to her exposed breast. “God, oh God, yes.”

Quickly she stood up, wiping the dribble away with the back of her hand. His cock fell weakly over the top of the red panties. Now he lay back completely exhausted. This time he was smiling a little.

“Well, did you enjoy that? Getting head from your daughter?”

“Tabby, it was beautiful…but…it is wrong…” He responded.

“What, doping something beautiful for someone is wrong?” The teenage gave a sarcastic puzzled look at her father.

“No, no,” I didn’t mean that. “I meant….”

“Your filthy man,” Tabby almost spat the words at her father. “You disgust me. I’m going to get a drink, when I get back you better be hard again, cause I ain’t finished.”

With that she stormed out leaving her father lying in shock on the teenagers bed staring at a poster of one of her rock idols. A moment later she was back with a glass of juice. He hadn’t had time to formulate any plan, nor had he had time to recover his hard cock.

“Well, pendik escort bayan why ain’t you hard?” She demanded. “Don’t I turn you on?”

“Tabby!” Her father exclaimed. “Stop this now.”

“Ok, all I have to do is make one phone call.” She walked to the phone and picked up the receiver.

“No, no, please, stop.”

“Well, am I sexy enough for you or not?”

“It’s not that. You….”

“Shut up.” She started dialing.

“Please Tabby can’t we talk about this?”

The girl hung up the phone. “No more talk, I want action. This time I want some real satisfaction.”

He looked at her in shock as she unbuttoned the rest of the blouse. Without removing it she reached behind her back and unclipped the bra. Both garments fell to the floor. Her breasts were small and firm, the nipples hard and red. Then she kicked off her trainers, unzipped her jeans and peeled them off her hips.

All the time her father just stared at this beautiful, stunning slim, tanned body revealing itself to him. Again his cock began to rise. His mouth was open wide as he feasted on her body naked except for short white sox and a pair of white lace panties.

She walked forward and pushed him back on the bed. He didn’t say a word as she stood over him and slowly lowered the white panties. Her pussy was well trimmed, only a small triangle of hair remained above her sensitive parts. She stood holding the white lace in her fingers for a moment, then a smile issued on her face.

“Smell these ones Daddy, they are fresh.” She tossed them at his face. He grabbed them hungrily and sniffed like an animal on heat. He didn’t care anymore, this beautiful girl was ready to be fucked and he was going to do it. “Do you like the scent of my pussy?”

“Yes, yes, I do,” there was excitement in his voice. His cock was back to full strength.

“Do you want to feel my pussy? Want that big cock in my pussy?”

“Yes, yes, please,” he begged.

At that she hooked a leg over his cock and began to insert it into her tight pussy. Slowly it engulfed the whole rod. She moaned as it settled deeper and deeper inside her moist hole. Then slowly she bucked her hips back and forth. His cock was so sensitive now, after two enormous orgasms, but this was something else. She was so tight, so fresh feeling. He groaned as her movements gathered pace.

Tabby touched her own breasts, playing with the nipples as she bounced up and down on his cock, feeling it penetrate deep into her. She closed her eyes and lent back a little, arching her back. Up and down his hard shaft she went.

Then she felt his hands touch her breast as he sat up to meet her. “No way! I told you that you can look but no touching.” He sunk back, closing his eyes as she continued.

The pace quickened as her moans grew louder.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy, oh God,” she yelled as an orgasm swept over her body. She continued to push up and down on his cock, slipping over it with ease. Then again it came: “Oh yeah, oh please, oh fuck my pussy.” Her pussy clamped his cock hard as she orgasmed again.

A moment later and it was his turn. He plunged hard into her, his ass moving to meet her thrust. “God, yeah, God, I’m going to fill your hot cunt, oh.” And he did. Wave after wave of hot sperm spurted into her, filling the young pussy, dribbling out and pooling on the already wet panties.

As his cock softened a little she swung her leg back over him, letting a stream of sticky cum fall into his lap. He sat up and grabbed the white panties that were next to his head and wiped his cock clean. Then he stared at here, not knowing what to say or do.

“That was good Daddy,” she smiled at him. “Can you take off my panties now?”

Quickly he got to his feet and pulled the red lace down. She grabbed a plastic bag from a supply tied to her door handle and quickly put the wet, sex soaked red panties and bra and her own white ones in it. Quickly she tied the handles together.

“This is my evidence for Mom,” she smiled at him again. “But she won’t get any of it unless you don’t cooperate with me in the future.” She grabbed her robe from behind the door and put it on.

“Tabby, now that isn’t….”

“Isn’t what Daddy? Fair? It’s as fair as you cumming on my panties without me knowing, isn’t it?”

He shrugged.

“Now go and get cleaned up and get back to work, I have things to do. And remember it will be our secret as long as you do what I want, ok?”

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