Taboo – Mom in law


Taboo – Mom in lawThis story started way back before i got married. I always fantasized about my mom in law and i always had this weird feeling that she was into me. She would always love me complimenting her in front of her husband and my gf at that time.I remember she once told me to tie the laces from her clothes on her neck once. For some stupid reason she said she was not being able to do it. I did and she looked at me in such a way to say thank you that it got me hard. Few other incidents i remember, she used to caress my feet under the table when we had dinner together and she would always wear skimpy clothes when I was at hers. Seeing me she would always bend to pick up something that she indeed let down on purpose letting me watch that cleavage of hers.Seriously speaking, i never would take it into consideration. One day it so happened that we were in the garden outside and she was thirsty, if I could grab her some juice from the fridge inside. I was like no worries. She followed me with i dunno what excuse she gave because there were few people at hers that day. She came into the kitchen to only rub her ass against my cock n her hands against my crotch. I was dafuq are you doing. She told me ‘I just wanna know what you got because you will soon be married and you need to fuck my daughter. I was left speechless even though deep inside of me, I kinda appreciated what she just said, because this confirmed she wanted me to fuck her.Nothing happened after that and its been 2 years since me and my wife got married. The incidents got less frequent or maybe i just stopped taking them into consideration until one rainy morning.she called me around 9.30a.m and asked me to meet her at hers as it was kinda urgent. Being on leave that day, i told her to wait for like 30mins and ill be there.I arrived at hers around 9.45a.m and it was so peaceful. I knew nobody was there and this sent a sort of chill down my spine.I rang the bell 3 times and I do not see any response. I opened the door and to my big surprise it was open. I got it called for her downstairs but could not find her. I thought maybe she was sick or sleeping. I climbed upstairs.To my great dismay, she was there in the bathroom, taking a shower with the door open and some lounge music. She saw me and told me to wait as she didn’t know I would be there that fast. However she did canlı bahis not close the door.I was watching my mom in law take a bath and we were all alone. I did not know how to reach and i sat quietly watching her. This got me real hard. I was also embarrassed to see her naked but it was so tempting.My Mom in Law is in her 50s and she looked so hot even though she was well over 50. Her body was still firm, big round non saggy boobs with big black areolas that looks so inviting and tasty. She has a small tummy, not that bad with hairy armpits and a hairy puffy pussy. Her ass was well rounded,firm and if she turned around nobody would guess she is way older than 50years old.I felt my cock bulge and start getting hard with whatever I was seeing. Any man seeing such a beautiful lady in her shower would definitely want to have her.It was like she literally wanted me to come inside that shower.She then told me bluntly: ‘ I am sure that my daughter does not make you this hard. I was like, and a BIG YEAH came out. She looked at me smiling with a naughty look.She then told me that my wife spoke to her in regards of her being unsatisfied because i was having a premature ejaculation issue. She told me to wait for her to get dressed and she would definitely speak to me in regards to that as she wanted to help.She wrapped herself in her towel and walked into her bedroom. I sat there confused and perplexed with questions in my head. I took her like 15mins and she called me in the bedroom.I was a bit reluctant to get inside but I somehow mustered the courage to get inside. She was there in her laced gown without any undies. This got me so hard and I am sure she was able to see it now.She told me to sit down on the bed but without my pants. My body started to act on my own and I removed my pants leaving my boxers on. This statement felt like it was an order.She then moved next to me and told me: ‘Dont worry, ill make sure my daughter is satisfied with you inside the bedroom.’ She then moved my boxers revealing my hard cock and caressed it slowly. She is like ‘What a yummy cock you have out here.’ She started to jerk me off slowly with small moans and looking deep into my eyes. She then jerked me faster and i saw her head take a plunge over that cock and all I could feel was her warm mouth drooling over my hard cock. I let out a big moan letting her bahis siteleri know it was so good. She then oiled my cock and jerked me off. This made me cum within 5 mins. I unloaded my thick load into her mouth.She then looked at me and told me: ‘Your cock tastes much better than my husband and its bigger than his (my father in law)I was so filled with lust that I started kissing her even though she had my cum onto her lips and in her mouth. I started kissing her, started to eat her boobs and I started licking her pussy n ass n savoring each bit of her body…. she started moaning out loud. She told me she didnt want to be disapointed due to the P.E issue. She handed me a pill and asked me to drink it before fucking, which I did. Took me like 2-3mins to get rock hard again.She started sucking me like crazy while jerking me off. Seeing how excited I was getting, she told me to stay calm and it would help me in not cumming. I listened and then she asked me to get down on her, which i did with pleasure.Her pussy was so soft and hairy and it tasted so good. I plunged my head in and I ate that pussy like my life depends in it. I was amazed that even at her age, her pussy could get that creamy and wet. I started eating her boobs while playing with her clit while she was massaging my balls. After a few mins, she grabbed my cock hard in her hand firmly. Never knew her grip could be that firm. She told me its time to be inside of her and she gently put my cock right infront of her pussy and closed her eyes. All I knew is that I pushed it inside of her. She let out a big moan and asked me if her pussy was better than my wife (her Daughter). I was so overwhelmed that I said yes its the best I’ve ever tasted. I fucked that pussy like slowly at first then rammed in like crazy for like 10mins. I so loved that the pill was working.She then moved sideways letting me have that view of her ass while fucking her pussy. She was now all wet and moaning and the air smelled sex and I was there fucking my mom in law.She told me those words:Yeah fuck me, harder, love your cock ‘ Oui bour moi enkor, pli fort,to kok bon.’ This got to me like crazy. I just started ramming that pussy of hers like someone who could not stop. 15 more mins and she was like she wanted to ride me. I happily agreed. She is quite curvy and busty so i let her on. She starting riding bahis şirketleri my cock and was like ‘yeah yeah your dick is so good, you like mom in law’s pussy, dont you’ (oui oui to cock tro bon…to kontan susute belmere).I was eating those boobs of hers at the same time. Seriously speaking she is so much better than my wife sexwise and asset wise. She then got on her 4 n asked me to get into her ass. I started by licking that asshole. It tasted so good,OMG. i fingered it nicely at first then inserted more fingers because I wanted her hole to be fully stretched to take my cock.I then plundered her asshole while slapping that ass and pulling her hair. She was really a dirty fucker.She then told me she wanted me to cum inside of her. She did not take no for an answer and told me to shove my cock into her pussy to creampie her. She got on the bed and got on her belly while offering me her pussy. I was way too horny to resist. She asked to suck me before I fucked her. She started licking my balls and got my cock into her mouth, rolled her tongue over the shaft fast then played with my balls slowly. This was so fucking good. Then she started rolling her tongue slowly over the shaft while the speed she played with my balls increased.She then ask me to penetrate her pussy while she was on her back. I pulled her hair a little bit and pounded that pussy while slapping her ass hard. She then moved on her fours again. She told me to play with her clit while i fuck her. She started moaning so loud and hard and in no matter of time, she was cumming all over my cock. I fucked her for about 20mins again in doggystyle and I told her I wanted to cum so bad now. She told me:’ Hmm yeah baby, you want to cum inside of my pussy, gimme that please, satisfy your mom in law (To envi desarz dan mo susute, hmm oui oui donne moi to difoute, satisfaire to belmere). This got her so slutty that she started ramming frantically and wanted to squeeze that cum out of me.She saw I was so close to cum. She told me ‘cum inside of me son in law,plunder my slutty pussy, i so wanted you to fuck me since long, its all yours’ (desarz dan mo liki mo zan adorer, eclate susute to belmere bien pu toem sa dpi lontan mo p envi to bour moi). I could not hold a second longer. I came inside of her so hard, moaned out loud and felt every single drop of cum getting inside of that hot pussy. We both dropped on the bed. She told me that as from today, its our dirty little secret and we shall continue to meet regularly for fucking.I cant wait to have more of her.Tell me what you like about the story 😉

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