Take A Walk, Fuck A Stranger


I was taking one of my walks where I try and find interesting things to take photos of around the area I live in, and as usual, nothing appealing could be found. Tired and a little frustrated from walking around for 2 and a half hours and only taking three pictures, both of which I had little hope for, I made my way back. The walks I didn’t mind, there was always that little chance that I would find something worth capturing with my film, and I liked the extra exercise, but after not getting anything out of it, walking back seemed daunting and I was not looking forward to it. I suppose if I really wanted I could have taken more pictures, but I didn’t bother with mildly appealing crap, I wanted something special.

After a while I came closer to my house, and started slowing my pace. It was an uphill and I was in no mood to rush up it after the walk. It was a hot day and I had nothing to drink since I left home. Two houses down from mine I noticed a mother and her baby sitting under a tree in the shade on the grass. Not worth taking a photo of, typically cliché, but something did hold my attention.

The woman holding the baby was incredibly sexy. Not in the conventional sense, she wasn’t wearing a tight fitting skirt or top, with over done make up and hair all pretty. Instead, she had straight dark blonde hair, a little past her shoulders, wearing a pink and white long dress, full breasts that may have had something to do with the baby and no makeup at all. I immediately thought how much I’d like to undress her, spread her legs and stick my cock inside her.

She looked up at the street and her eyes settled on me. Trying to appear less suspicious, I waved and smiled and tried to gesture with my camera. After a little while she seemed to dismiss me as a threat and picked up her baby and walked over to me. She smiled and greeted me with a ‘Hi’.

‘Hi,’ I replied, ‘sorry if I startled you, I was just walking around looking for stuff to take photo’s of when I noticed you and your baby.’

‘No, it’s okay. You look a little young to be a professional photographer, some kind of school project?’

‘Nope, nothing like that,’ I replied, ‘I plan on studying photography and I like to take as many pictures as I can before then.’

She smiled at me then, in a naughty kind of way.

‘You’re cute,’ she said, surprising me. It must have beylikdüzü escort showed, because she then said, ‘What, you think I don’t know why you were at the fence watching me?’

‘Umm,’ I stammered, ‘I was considering asking to take a photo of you and your baby.’

‘Really?’ she said, and smiled, ‘you weren’t thinking about me, perhaps naked? You weren’t thinking about fucking me? That’s how it looked, the way you were looking at me.’

‘The way I was looking at you?’

‘Hungry, perhaps?’ She smiled slyly again.

I decided to drop the charade. I smiled back.

‘Not really, but I am quite thirsty.’

She looked at me for a few seconds, and then offered, ‘And I suppose you wouldn’t mind sucking on my breasts, would you?’

‘No, I wouldn’t mind, but to be honest,’ I stopped for a second, thinking what my next words could lead to then said, ‘but I’d prefer sucking on your wet pussy.’

She looked at me seriously then, and I thought I’d gotten myself into trouble. She had a baby, shit, she was holding the baby in her arms, that should mean that it’s father would be around if she was still with him. The baby started to make little noises and she rocked and shushed it, still looking at me.

‘Look,’ I stammered, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll leave now, I didn’t mean to offend you.’

She still looked at me, while the baby moaned in her arms.

‘I need to put her in bed, she’s tired, come inside with me.’ she said simply and turned to walk back to her house.

I stood there for a few seconds, and then smiled at her retreating figure, admiring her tight ass. If she gave birth, it couldn’t have been that recently, or if so she shed the weight nicely.

I looked around for a gate, but then decided to just hop the fence, which I did, rather clumsily, but she didn’t notice.

She picked up the blanket and other things left under the tree and I again admired her figure.

‘Coming?’ she said, turning back to look at me.

I smiled and followed her in. as we neared the house, two dogs ran up barking at me, but she quieted them and led me inside the open door, closing it behind me and shutting the dogs out.

‘Wait here’ she commanded and went off with the baby. A few minutes later she returned, without the baby and a glass of orange juice.

‘You beyoğlu escort said you were thirsty so I brought this. You’re not going to suck on my pussy.’

I knew I was in shit then. She’d probably called her husband or something and was keeping me here till he got home. Maybe even sexual harassment charges? She must have noticed my discomfort.

‘You’re not going to suck on my pussy, because instead you’re going to fuck it, hard.’

She smiled then and reached up to the top of the dress, which she removed her arms from and allowed to fall to the floor.

She must have removed her panties earlier, because she was now standing in front of me naked.

‘Drink up, then get over here and fuck me.’

I didn’t bother with the juice, put it down next to me and walked over to her. My feet made a noise on the wooden floor, which I hadn’t noticed before, as she had been barefoot.

We came together, our mouths meeting in an intensely but messy kiss. I cupped her vagina with my hand, and inserted my middle finger roughly inside her.

She started undoing my pants and belt, loosening them enough to pull them down which she did, and then grabbed hold of my cock. My pants had not gone down far, just above my knees, but she forgot about them and started pumping my dick with her hand.

‘Fuck me, now! I need you inside me!’ she moaned loudly. She started moving backwards, toward the floor, pulling me on top of her.

She aimed my cock into her wetness and when the head was inside she let go with a small sigh. I took over and moved in slowly. Her moans got a little louder. Fuck this, I thought, she wants me to fuck her, not take it slow.

I moved backwards fast, and then pumped forward again, feeling her wetness, her muscles contracting around my dick. She started to get louder and I sped up. We weren’t kissing any more, her head was back, eyes closed, and I was watching her face as I rhythmically fucked her. Hard, fast. Her noises started getting louder, expanding to repeating the words ‘Fuck me’ over and over with an almost urgency. I placed my hand on the small of her back and pulled her towards me, trying to get even deeper inside her. As her back arched upwards, she moaned even louder, close to a squeal, and went rigid with orgasm. Her entire body then bizimkent escort relaxed for a few seconds and she slumped backwards.

Still inside her and hard, I watched her face and body as her breathing began to slow down.

After a few minutes my erection started to fade, but she opened her eyes and looked up at me, smiling.

‘That gave me quite a thirst,’ she said to me with a grin, ‘got anything I can drink?’

With that she crawled over to me. I was kneeling on the floor in front of her spread legs at the time, but now this beautiful woman whose name I didn’t even know had her mouth a few centimeters from my cock. She placed her hand on it gently, as if unsure, but then took a firmer hold on my erect penis, and started again pumping me, up and down. Leaning forward, with the tip of her tongue she licked the dome of my penis, tasting both her juices and my precum. She looked up at me and smiled as her head dropped lower and she ran her tongue from the base of my cock all the way to the head, tasting more of herself on me. She then took me in her mouth, moving up and down till she reached about half way. She then took a deep breath and took even more of me in, and soon almost my entire dick was deep inside this beautiful woman’s’ throat. She then started moving up and down, fucking me with her mouth. The tightness, wetness, was incredible. She sped up the pace, moving her tongue in and out of her mouth against my shaft while blowing me. I felt myself getting close to orgasm, ready to shoot my load deep in her mouth.

‘I’m going to come,’ I moaned, warning her in case she didn’t want it in her mouth.

She didn’t even slow down, and if anything she sped up. She started touching herself as I closed in on orgasm, ramming two or three fingers inside her pussy, then pulling out and playing with her clitoris, alternating between the two with pressing speed. I moaned again, and with that I blasted my cum down her throat. She moaned softly too, swallowing as much as I could shoot, still fucking herself with her fingers. Sucking on my softening penis, I noticed she was nearing orgasm too. She peaked within seconds, my dick still in her mouth had started to get hard again from this display. She opened her mouth then, but only to moan out loud as her orgasm hit.

When it had passed we made eye contact again and smiled. She was still holding on my penis, which was now erect again.

‘Come here,’ I said.

‘Again?’ she smiled ‘May I? Please?’

With that she sat on my lap, my dick sliding into her wet pussy again. She sat there for a few seconds, and we kissed again shortly. Then she started moving on my cock, moaning in pleasure we started again….

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