Subject: Taken by my Stepson Taken by my Stepson By. BMAN When I married Karen, she had a 5 year old son, Austin. He accepted me right off as his new dad and Karen was very happy over that. My ex wife and I never had any children, so I was not familiar how to go about being a dad. Austin was a bright kid, he followed me around everywhere, even into the shower. I told Karen about it. “Oh, thats fine. He use to shower with Mark all the time. We lived in a little apartment with a small water heater. Mark and Austin always showered together. I fact Me and Mark showered together also.” The next evening, I stepped into the shower followed my naked step son. A minute into the shower, he reached over and grabbed my genitals. I told him that was not polite and he wanted to know why. “Because it’s something men don’t do. They’re called privates for a reason.” He looked down at his little penis which was about an inch long. “How come mine is so small?” I laughed at him. “Son, this is something we have to talk about when you’re a little older. You’ll understand it better.” We continued to shower together until he was 9. During that time he always had a fascination with my genitals and his. He was around that preadolescence stage where erections would happen at the drop of the hat. He would get them in the shower and he would play with it, trying to masturbate. Of course he was too young. “How come your pecker don’t stand out, dad?” “Well, it does from time to time. That’s just natural.” “Can I play with your pecker?” “Well, Austin……….” Before I could finish he had hold of my cock and was inspecting the big helmet head. “Wow! That feels so soft. What’s these two big things?” “They’re testicles. You have two of them also.” He felt around his three inch little cock. “I don’t feel them” “They’re there.” I reached down to feel if they actually dropped and they had. He reached over and gave mine a tap with his hand. I gave out a yelp and quickly closed my legs. “What happened?” “Austin, don’t do that. These things are very sensitive. You can’t bang them around. Someday you’ll accidentally fall on them and you’ll know what I mean.” After Austin tapped me on the balls, my cock started to swell. Austin took notice of that right away. “Wow! Look your pecker is getting bigger now.” I looked down and his little cock was standing fully erect again. He grabbed my cock and pulled on it, making it get even harder. I looked down at the admiration in his eyes as he held my swelling cock. I thought it was time we had a sex talk. I got down on my knees and took hold of his shoulders. I tried to explain as best as I could about masturbation. How it was natural and nothing to be ashamed of. When he came of age to produce sperm, he would be masturbating a lot and I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about it. “Show me, dad! Show me how to masturbate, please.” I figured since I went that far, perhaps a demonstration would be better that words. My cock was already rock hard. I stood up, rubbed some soap in my hands and began stroking away. I was going along just fine until Austin interrupted. “Let me do it, dad. Please! Let me pull it up and down, please!” We were alone and I was getting aroused and why not. “I think you need to grab it with both hands, Austin. Yeah, one hand stroking under the head. Yeah…., that’s it nice and easy. It brought back memories of when I was a kid. Me and my best friend, Billy. Hiding out in the tree house completely naked and jacking each other off to see who would cum first. Suddenly the orgasm hit me, I gave out a huge groan and shot my hips forward. I looked down, Austin was holding my cock and it was squirting right in face. “Wow! What is that? What’s happening?” I quickly pointed my cock away from his face. Now I had to explain what sperm was and where it came from. That was one of the longest showers I had ever taken. I explained to him what we did in the shower was private and never tell anyone about it. I didn’t realize it was going to have such a profound effect on him. Now when we got into the shower, he didn’t want to do anything except play with my cock and balls the whole time. He believed he made the sperm appear by magic. I humored him, allowing him sexual freedom in gaziantep travesti the shower only. We showered until he was 10, at which time I made him shower in his own bathroom. A chain of events was about th take place that I didn’t see coming. His mother left me a dear John letter one day when I got home. She was leaving with her boss at the firm and how sorry she was, but it was something she had to do. She said Austin loved me very much and she knew he would be in good hands. She would send some money to us when she got settled. Now, I had to tell Austin that his mother ran off. I fabricated a story that she took a better job in another city and she would be in touch with us. I don’t think he really bought that because he seemed to cling closer to me after that. I thought it might be a fear of loosing me too. I tried to do as many things with him as I could so he would feel important and loved. That may have backfired, because he wanted to sleep with me now that his mom was not there with me. Given the circumstances, I agreed and that made him happy. Austin always slept in the nude, and I slept in only my briefs. I would often find him huddled close to me with his arm on my chest or legs. Several times I woke up to find my briefs had been pulled down. Since I a sound sleeper, I figured Austin must have pulled them down during the night so he could play with my genitals. One morning I woke to find him stroking my erect cock. “Austin! Please don’t do that. Not the time or place.” “Why, dad.” He pulled the covers back. “See my cock is hard just like yours.” “Yes, I see. That’s common for men to have erections in the morning.” He rolled over, grabbed his little cock and began rubbing it up and down. I thought about stopping him, but I let him have his fun while I went to the bathroom. When I came out, he was standing naked in front of the closet mirrors. He was sort of rolling back and forth and stroking his cock. He wasn’t old enough to produce any sperm yet. I didn’t know what I was going to do when he was. He’ll want to jerk off fifty time a day, and probably want me to do it with him. That wasn’t ever going to happen. Well, that day came when he was 12. I was watching television when he ran into the room stark naked holding his cock. “DAD! Dad look! Its all wet! My cock shot out something just like yours.” I had to smile at him, I remember my first time I ejaculated. However, I didn’t run in naked to tell my father. He would have probably knocked me out. “Yes, I see son. I told you one day you would. You’re on your way to becoming a man. You can produce sperm.” Like I thought, Austin would spend a lot of time in the shower stroking his new found joy. Every morning I found my briefs pulled down. I told him if he didn’t stop doing that he would have to go sleep in his own room from now on. He got out of be and said ok and went down the hall to his room. I thought, boy, that was easy. He became a teenage, I could tell he was changing a little bit more. He was getting taller, his body was filling out more and his little cock was not so little anymore. One day I walked in on him in the bathroom stroking away. He was a good five inches now and his ball sac was getting bigger. He also noticed the small bulge in my pants was getting much bigger. “Hey, dad! Got and erection? Let me take care of it for you.” “Uhhhh, I think I’m fine.” “Com’on dad. You always told me there was nothing to be ashamed of.” His busy fingers had already unfastened my pants and pulled my briefs down. My huge erection popped into view and he quickly clamped his mouth around the swollen head. I was taken back by his action. For a moment I didn’t know what to do. I pushed his head back and pulled my cock away from his mouth. “What on earth prompted you to do that Austin?” “I’ve been doing that for a long time, dad. When you were asleep at night. I would lick you all over and suck your cock. Many times it would just get hard on it’s own.” Then I began to under stand. I thought he was just feeling me up because he admiring my manhood. “One night your cock shot out all the juice right into my mouth. That was the best ever.” Recalling that night, I though I had a wet dream. Austin took gaziantep masaj salonları my cock back into his mouth and began sucking and licking, until it was fully erect again. I completely knew it was wrong, but his mouth felt so wonderful over my cock. I felt his fingers rubbing by balls as he sucked. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. I held my hands on my ass cheeks, my cock thrust forward into his mouth. I was pumping in his mouth. Slurping sounds echoed through the bathroom, while Austin finished me off. “How was that, dad? Was that good?” “Yes…….Yes it was really great, Austin. I’m almost afraid to ask where did you learn that?” “I watched some videos on the net. Guys sucking other guys. Then I practiced on you in bed.” “Son, we need to sit down and have a serious talk about all this sex between us. Go put some clothes on and well have a talk over lunch.” I fixed us some tuna sandwiches, Austin’s favorite kind and a couple of sodas. I looked over at him, he was a very handsome boy. I could tell he got his good looks from his mother. “Austin, It’s not normal for men to do sexual things together. That is unless they gay. Do you know what gay means?” “Sure, dad. Guys at school call them queers or fags.” “Those are hateful names. Meant to shame and humiliate. There are not terms I want you to learn.” “I know, dad. But if you don’t use’em at school. The other guys think you’re a fag and beat the hell outta you.” I took a swallow of soda. “Yeah, unfortunately what you say is true. This is about us, even though we’re not related. We are still father and son. These type of things are what is called homosexual acts.” “Yeah, I know dad. You see, I’m homosexual.” There was another link in the chain of events. I said nothing, just starring at him. I was looking for some sign that he was making a joke. Something……but I could see he was serious. “I love you, dad. Really I do. I have since the first time I saw you. I prayed that you and mom would marry so you could be my dad. I wanted to do anything I could for you. I do all the work mom use to do around the house. You don’t have to make all the meals. I can do that too. I know how to cook. I’ve been learning.” “Uhhhh, Austin I’m gonna need some time to understand. I didn’t see this coming. I’m sorry if I missed it. Not knowing you were gay, I mean. I thought, like all boys coming of age. You were sexually curious. All boys are like that . I had a best friend, Billy. We use to play with each other. Like you and I, but it was a phase we went through.” “Yeah, I understand, dad. I thought maybe you knew, but that’s ok.” I took hold of him and looked him in the eye. “This doesn’t change anything between us. I don’t love you less. You and I are father and son. Nothing you are or I am will ever change that. I am always there for you. Understand?” “I know, dad. That’s why I love all of you.” He pulled away and went to his room. Austin changed that day, but we still talked, watched television, everything as normal. Austin never did anything sexual like he use to around the house. He would walk in on me when I was taking a shower. He would dry me off with the towel and conveniently let his hands rub against my genitals. He use to do chores around the house in the nude, but he was dressed now. I don’t know why, but I really felt bad about it. Summer vacation was here again and Austin was out for three months. We usually planned to do a few fun things every year. “I don’t know, dad. I think I’ll stay around home this summer. I want to earn some money mowing lawns. You bought that brand new mower. I’d like to put it to use.” “Ok, son. If you wanna stay home this year its fine.” That summer her turned 15. I couldn’t believe it. Yesterday he was 5 and we were taking showers together. I came home early one day, thinking me and Austin could go to a movie. I saw his bike in the garage so I knew he was home. Nobody in the kitchen or family room. I saw my bedroom door open so I looked it. Austin was dressed in one of his mothers dresses and her panties. The panties were pulled down and he was using his right hand, pushing a dildo in and out of his butt. He was using his left hand to masturbate with. gaziantep escort bayan I was sure he saw me, but he didn’t stop. He kept going until he shot his load and pulled then he pulled the dildo from his ass. This was another link in the chain of events. “OH!, Dad. I didn’t know you were here. You’re early.” “Yeah…..I guess this was a bad time?” “Not really, dad. I’ve secretly been wearing mom’s clothes for some time now. I’m just about her size now. I love her panties. I wear them all the time.” He picked up the dildo. “I found this with some other things in the closet. On the top shelf. I’ve been using it so I could feel what it was like having a cock inside me. Hoping that cock would be yours some day.” I starred at that light brown wavy hair and brown eyes and that dress. He looked like a teenage version of his mother in fact, and he was making my cock harder and harder by the second. I walked over, pulled the dress off and held him against me tight as I could. “You got a big cock, dad. I can feel it against my belly.” “What do you want to do about it?” “I’d like to sit on it and fuck you crazy.” I rolled over on the bed, thinking how much better this was instead of the movies. I watched his smooth perfect body come out of the bathroom and sit on the bed. “How do you feel, dad?” His teenage cock standing up like a flag pole. “You got a nice big cock on you. Still hard?” “What do you wanna do about it?” “I think I’m gonna throw you down and suck it dry.” We finished dinner, Austin was cleaning up. He wore his mother’s pink panties with the white lace. His cock had a beautiful outline through those pink panties as did the crack of his tight ass. He came over and sat down. “Dad? I have to say something.” I smiled at him and nodded. “I want to belong to you.” I laughed. “You do. You’re my son. You belong to me.” “Not like that, dad. I mean I want to be your bitch! I want you to own me. I want you to use me. I want to be just like the woman in The Secretary. Bring you things on my hands and knees. You spank my ass with whatever you like. I really love bondage and I’ll do whatever it takes to please you.” There was the last link in my chain of events. My son wanted to be my bitch. My bitch in bondage with spanking and everything. I was not sure how to react to that, but I knew where his mind was. “Uhhhh,…..I guess that means sexually?” “All the time!” I couldn’t help but laughed. “Why do I get the feeling you wanted this all along?” “Since I was nine and you let me jerk you off in the shower. You can call me bitch, whore, slut, Austin, whatever you want. I belong to you. I’ll only call you sir from now on. If that ok?” “For now, yes. Until we how things go.” I was taken back by how Austin got into this new thing. When I came home, he was always wearing a different outfit. Of course, his mother had two closets full of clothes. There was a lot to pick from. He actually looked sexy in most all of those. He was always by the door, kneeling on the floor with his head bowed down. I was suppose to say: “Show me what a bitch looks like.” He stood, lifted his dress, pull his panties down and turn around so I could see. Every night he would pull his panties down and his cock was hard as a board. He was shaving his pubic hair on a regular basis. He was always clean and smooth. Since I owned him, I set down some rules for him to follow that I never would have as his father. “Crawl over here.” “Yes, sir!” “I own you. Is that correct?” “Yes, sir!” “Everything you have belongs to me?” “Yes, sir!” “That includes your cock and balls and your smooth little ass!” “Yes, sir!” “You don’t masturbate unless I say so. You don’t use the dildo unless I say so. You do nothing sexual unless I say so. Are we clear?” “Yes, sir!” I was really proud of that. I think it was the first time I had stopped him from touching himself in fifteen years. After the first week I could tell it was driving him crazy. He shed the clothing and went naked. He wanted me to see him naked and that would make me take him to bed. I fooled him one night. Instead of letting him sit down to dinner with me, I ordered him to entertain me. “Yes, sir. What would sir like?” “I want you to masturbate with one hand, while you dance for me.” I sat back and enjoyed the show. I was surprised he was very good at it. So good he made my cock hard. I knew what he wanted. I pulled my pants down. “Get under the table and suck my cock dry, boy!” There was a smile on his face. “Yes, sir!” I think this new arrangement between me and Austin is going to work out just fine END.

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