Taking It for the Team

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Taking It for the TeamStraining her neck, Abby gasped for breath amid the thick hot air that surrounded us as she was wedged between two male bodies. Above her, her fiancé was planted in her ass, his balls pressed against her taint as he ground against her. Abby held herself up on her hands and knees while I lay beneath her, squeezing her boobs and sliding my body up, sinking my erection deep into her pussy as sweat leaked out all over me and mixed with the perspiration that was dripping from Abby. Her pale, lightly freckled flesh, coated entirely in sweat, gleamed in the dim light that came from her desk lamp beside the bed in her apartment as her green eyes fluttered from the mixed sensations she was experiencing. Our bodies were drenching the sheets underneath us, and the air in the room was well warmer than that with which I’m normally comfortable, but the sights, sounds and sensations of a double-penetration threesome always made me fail to notice any discomfort.I had been fucking Abby, my employee, pretty regularly now for a while, about once or twice a week, since her fiancé and I teamed up on her that first time, an event followed quickly by a significant raise for my favorite young staff member and good friend. Whether or not her fiancé knew I was still banging his girl, I didn’t know, but, being at least as perverted as I, he most likely didn’t care, especially given that this night we were sharing her for now the third time.In this moment, we were sandwiching Abby for only the second time, though. She’d taken the double penetration once before because she and her partner were looking for a raise from her boss, but she didn’t take getting fucked in both holes simultaneously very well. Our second threesome consisted mostly of taking turns in Abby’s tight, young twat with just a little split-roasting action at the end, which was fun, but a devil’s threesome wasn’t really worth it to me if there was no double penetration, an act so shamefully debauched and incredibly hot that it’s what got me interested in group sex in the first place. At my insistence, she agreed to try it again this time.Abby’s fiancé ground on her ass for another minute there before he pulled back and started to thrust in and out of her while I continued to slowly but firmly thrust up into her pussy at the same time. Abby clutched the damp sheets beneath us and whined, straining her neck even more and clenching her teeth as we boys ravished her other end. Her light brown hair shook as she threw her head back. Again, it didn’t look like she was able to relax or enjoy it, but my lust compelled me to continue.As we progressed, Abby’s fiancé and I worked on taking turns inside Abby. When I felt his cock slide back on the other side of Abby’s taint, I sank balls-deep into her cunt, and he would do the same in her ass when I retracted on my side. Once he and I were sawing in and out of Abby steadily, she seemed a little less tense, but the situation eventually caused her fiancé and I to fuck her harder and faster as our excitement peaked. Holding tightly to Abby’s shoulders, her fiancé powerfully pounded her ass while I gripped her waist and attempted to match that pace as I fucked Abby’s pussy. The girl caught in between us screamed, somewhat in arousal perhaps, but mostly in agony, I’m sure, as we guys double-fucked her until we both intensely climaxed inside her. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as I unloaded in Abby’s pussy while her fiancé did the same in her ass. In my limited experience with group sex, it was the first time another guy and I came in the same girl at the same time.After Abby’s fiancé and I emptied our balls inside Abby’s ass and pussy, the bitch collapsed between us, and we all attempted to catch our breath, Abby gasping the hardest. We disassembled, and Abby rolled onto her back, her breasts heaving as she was still a ways away from recovering from another intense session. As I gazed upon that beautiful young body, something told me that she wasn’t going to allow us too many more opportunities to ravish her quite that outrageously.Exploits like that one were good conversation for the locker room after my late-night pick-up ice hockey games on the weekends. However, I’d yet to say anything in there despite more than a year and a half of exceptionally hot tales to tell. While these guys always bragged about what girl they’d fucked and the accompanying circumstances, I never felt the need to prove anything to them. Beside, I figured they wouldn’t believe me. Heck, I hardly believed me.One week, though, one of the guys, Moe is his name, was talking about how he was going to bang some hot girl he’d hired at his job, and I just couldn’t stay silent. One part of my story led to another, and I ended up telling them pretty much everything about Abby. It started by telling them how I’d nailed her in my office. Then I was questioned on her relationship status, so I explained that she had a fiancé. When I was asked if the fiancé knew, I told them that not only did he know but that he and I had double-penetrated the girl just a couple weeks ago and that it wasn’t the first time.One guy, Gus, immediately accused me of lying. Of course, I was asked for proof that I could not provide. Obviously I couldn’t risk taking videos or photos that could put my job in jeopardy, so I insisted they’d just have to take my word. But then Jack, perhaps the dirtiest mind in that locker room, had an idea designed to keep me honest.”Bring her next week,” he suggested. “If it all goes well, we can take her back to my place for the night and see how she does in an airtight ski-poling.” The rest of the guys buzzed at that idea and applied the pressure on me immediately to sacrifice my employee to them. To be completely honest, the thought was so hot that that lust demon within me consented to give it a try. I didn’t feel pressured. I wanted it.As soon as I left the rink, it dawned on me how crazy I was to go along with such a request. I knew Abby would never go for a gangbang with four guys she didn’t know, and even if her fiancé were debased enough to make it happen, I still didn’t have the nerve to even suggest it to him in order to find out. In fact, I was pretty sure Abby wouldn’t even go for a threesome with anyone else beside her fiancé and me, although sharing her with just one of those hockey dudes would likely be enough to satisfy the dare. I didn’t feel any need to prove anything to these guys, but the thought of trying an all-holes gangbang again, something I’d done once before and only briefly, had me insistent on pursuing it.I couldn’t even get myself to ask Abby just to come to the game. I certainly had the opportunity; in fact, I moved into my new apartment that week and broke it in by fucking Abby as she sat on the kitchen counter. When I neared my orgasm, pounding her as her legs were wrapped around my waist and her arms around my shoulders, the thought of having all her tight holes fucked at once while she stroked another two cocks had me on the verge of making the proposition. However, that thought also made me pull out and cum on her boobs, and upon completing my orgasm, I felt that determination pass. When it came down to it, I just couldn’t let those dirty boys loose on Abby without her wanting it, at least not until she could sincerely enjoy just a two-man sandwich, anyway. Instead, I sent her home to her fiancé and wondered if I’d ever build the nerve to make the gangbang happen.I ended up not even going to hockey that weekend. I just didn’t want to deal with the guys and figured the idea would fizzle out, since, at this point, I’d made up my mind not to volunteer Abby. That following week, though, fate intervened.”Dude, that chick is hot!” Moe said at the rink a week later after the other players had cleared, leaving just the five of us in the locker room. “You’re her boss, huh?” Actually, I was not this girl’s boss because the girl wasn’t Abby, which I communicated to the group. I included, however, that I’d done all the same stuff with her.”No fucking way,” blurted Howard, the fourth guy in the group of perverts.”It’s true,” I said, “and she’s totally down to fuck.””All of us?” asked Gus.”All of us,” I said, “at the same time.”Three days prior to this conversation, the buzzer in my new apartment rang, indicating that I had a visitor. When I looked through the peep hole, I was shocked to see my best friend Jessie on the other side of the door. Jessie, after all, was the one who got me started down this sinful path of depravity. She and I had done some pretty fun stuff together, and her adeptness with and appetite for sex set her far apart from the rest of my sexual partners, including Abby.I let Jessie into my apartment and, without going into all the details, she explained to me that her marriage wasn’t doing so well. I wasn’t surprised, seeing how twice already her husband had agreed to invite me to join them in a threesome as an effort to add excitement to their lives – at least that’s what Jessie had told me. I’m not sure how that idea works, but it would have been insanity for me to pass up the opportunity to fuck the girl of my obsession, so I had gone along with it. In addition to banging Jessie with her husband a couple times, there was the whole gangbang thing without her husband there a few months back, not to mention our long-overdue passionate lovemaking on that same night, which, while being a mistake, betrayed underlying issues with her marriage.In short, Jessie, who lived out of town, came up north with her toddler son to stay with her parents, but her parents wouldn’t let her stay for more than a couple days. They knew the right thing for Jessie to do was to be reconciled to her husband but agreed to babysit the k** while she stayed with a friend and figured out her way through this crisis. Her parents probably wouldn’t be happy to know that their attempt to force Jessie to be faithful to her husband only set her up to have hot, illicit sex with another man.I believed that Jessie did come over with the intention of strict friendship, but it was inevitable that we’d have sex. It was hot sex, too – probably the best normal sex I’ve ever had. It started innocently enough, with just the offer to let her use my shower as I waited for her in the living room. When I heard the clacking of high heel shoes on the hardwood floor, I knew something was up. Jessie emerged from the bathroom wearing only those heels and a towel, as her shoulder-length brown hair hung loose and damp and her teeth shown through in a wicked smile that always drove me wild.Then the towel dropped, revealing Jessie’s slender, slightly tanned body, and Jessie proceeded to blow me off in the living room before I took her to my bed, laid her on her back and fucked the shit out of her cunt until I came hard on her face. As those thick streams of semen plastered her cheeks, mouth and forehead, I thought about how I’d written off ever giving my favorite sex partner a facial again, seeing how our last tryst ended with an agreement to abstain from each other indefinitely. That agreement lasted about three months.Over the next couple days, when I wasn’t at work, Jessie and I fucked like a****ls as if to make up for the past 11 years of our friendship. We did it everywhere and on just about every piece of furniture that would support us. It was the best sex of our lives, but something was missing. I realized that my lust for Jessie had evolved. It wasn’t enough just to fuck her. This bitch needed more than one cock. Instantly, I had an answer for two dilemmas at once.Back to the ice rink, I didn’t volunteer much information to the guys about Jessie and my history. All they needed to know was that, in my opinion, Jessie was hotter, more experienced and a better fuck than Abby and that Jessie’s aptitude and enthusiasm when it came to sex meant she was the better candidate.”Please tell me she’s coming to my apartment tonight,” said Jack.”I wouldn’t have brought her here if not,” I said.We all showered, cleaned up and packed up as we continued to talk about the hottie who had sat in silence as she watched our boring pickup game. Meanwhile, Jessie had been waiting in her car, so I called her to come out of the vehicle and meet the guys before we finalized the plans for tonight.”Shiiiit,” muttered Gus when the five of us approached the slender, 5’5″ brunette who had stepped out of her car upon seeing our exiting the rink. She’d packed another outfit for later, but she looked awfully tasty enough in her flip flops, cut off denim shorts and light green spaghetti strap top, even with her hair pulled back.”And she’s pushed out a k** even,” I added.The guys were pretty speechless during the brief round of introductions. Undoubtedly we were all thinking about how we were going to defile this babe in just a little while. Jessie didn’t have much dialogue to offer either yet, but she did say, “I won’t remember all of your names, but that might just make it more fun,” and then flashed that grin that always made me hard.I rode with Jessie, who followed behind Jack as he transported the rest of the guys to his place. By now it was close to 1 am, but the night was still young as far as we were concerned on this occasion. It was about a 20-minute drive, even with no traffic, and it felt like an hour as my heart pounded with anticipation. I’d done some pretty depraved stuff – a lot of it with Jessie – and to the point where it didn’t even twinge my shame or conscience anymore, but what we were planning for tonight really had my nerves going and my blood pumping. Just a couple years ago I would have never imagined participating in group sex of any kind, though it made kaçak bahis sense that Jessie was the one who pulled me over that edge. Now that bar had been shattered. At first, I wasn’t even sure I could carry out tonight’s plan, but, again, I was confident that Jessie’s sexiness would be enough to drive me on.Jessie and I talked throughout the trip but not about what was to transpire or anything sexual at all, although sex had become a dominant part of our relationship now. It was normal conversation about friends, current events and things like that. It was when we pulled up to Jack’s apartment that we both grew awkwardly silent. I don’t think either of us knew if we were ready for this experience now that it was really happening, but who’s to say that anyone in the other car felt prepared either?I could sense Jessie’s panic a bit, but she kept her peace. She was certainly agreeing to bite off an awful lot tonight, and, honestly, I wasn’t even sure anyone short of a pornstar could handle it. However, my lust needed this gangbang to happen, so I didn’t tell her anything she didn’t need to hear and that wouldn’t help with her panic. Beside, it was Jessie. I couldn’t imagine her not handling it.Jack’s apartment was one of those upper-lower house deals. His place was the upper one. I was concerned that we wouldn’t have the privacy we needed, since a six-member gangbang would certainly get kind of wild. However, Jack would later explain moments before the debauchery ensued that the tenant downstairs was some single middle-aged dude who’d actually been spending most of his weekends with some chick he’d picked up recently. He didn’t appear to be home this weekend either. “He wouldn’t care anyway,” said Jack. “Hell, with a girl this hot, he’d probably join in.”Jessie was led into the bathroom as soon as we got upstairs. She carried in with her a large bag on a hanger that contained her other outfit. Jack, the most confident of the group, instructed his new acquaintance to join us in the living room when she was finished getting ready, reminding me of the first time I’d fucked Jessie when her husband and I waited for her. Jessie remained quiet and shyly smiled as she closed the bathroom door behind her.Jack and I joined the three other young men in the living room. As I waited somewhat uncomfortably at first for Jessie to prepare herself, I surveyed the room. The floor was open and carpeted, which meant it would be more comfortable for sex, and the couch was big and sturdy, so it too would suffice, should any of the raunchy fun take place on that piece of furniture.As like the ride over with Jessie, the topics of conversation had nothing to do with what everyone really wanted to talk about but was too nervous to say, which was ironic since these guys had sailors’ mouths in the locker room. They knew now that talking the talk was way different than walking the walk, which we were all about to do in a few moments. Hockey, actually, was pretty much all we talked about. In fact, Howard was in the middle of explaining why the Tampa Bay Lightning were going to win the Stanley Cup next season when we heard high heels clack on the kitchen linoleum. Heaven help us, we hadn’t even heard the bathroom door open because we were so into our sport – not into it enough, though, to keep the topic afloat once we realized our meat was ready.Distracted no more, our eyes were magnetized to the doorway between the living room and the kitchen as the sound of Jessie’s shoes grew louder for a few seconds before the babe was in full view of us five drooling men. I didn’t even notice her outfit at first, initially being attracted to her pretty face as her makeup made her face glow, with help from the nervous smile. Also giving away her anxiety was the fact that she was even shaking a little, but I’m sure I was the only one who noticed. The rest of the guys were gawking at the slender figure in her sexy outfit, which soon arrested my attention as well.Jessie’s red six-inch high heels looked brand new, perhaps something she’d picked out just for the occasion. High heels had kind of become her trademark at this point when she and I had sex, as she knew that it turned me on when she was in the right shoes. Her toenails were bright red, matching her fingernails. Her sexy, slim legs went up into a short little black dress that hugged her hips and left most of her thighs exposed. The dress rode up to cup her boobs and hung from her shoulders by two thin straps. The front came down enough to show a good amount of cleavage, which Jessie somehow always managed to accentuate.Topping off her appearance were a red bead necklace and bracelet that pulled her shoes together with the whole outfit. Possibly my favorite attribute of hers, though, was her hair, which hung down loose to her shoulders, slightly curled and curving around that pretty face. Those piercing brown eyes, a close second to her hair, scoped out the room as five other sets of eyes scoped out the erotic specimen before them.”What are we waiting for?” Jessie said, breaking the silence with her shaking voice. I realized that no on really knew what to do. I don’t think any of us had done anything quite this disgraceful before. I took the lead by beckoning Jessie to me. She anxiously strutted over, and I invited the other guys to come over as well to the open space in the middle of the room.”I really like this dress,” I said, “but I think it needs to come off.” Then to the guys I said, “Let’s help her with it.”Things began to take off there. Jessie laughed and squirmed as five sets of hands reached in and pulled at her tight dress and groped her skin. I strictly urged the guys to leave the shoes and jewelry on her before I started stripping Jessie by pulling one strap down her shoulder while someone else pulled the other strap away. Still another began to tug the dress down, revealing a lacy, padded black bra, which didn’t stay on long. I clearly saw Moe unhook the garment and pull it off Jessie, leaving her boobs exposed as she cried out in surprise and then laughed. I helped pull the dress away from her tits and pushed it down to her ankles, then looking up just in time to see Gus grasp Jessie’s thong with one strong hand and rip it right off her.”Hey!” Jessie scolded. “That’s all I brought!””Too bad,” Gus said, who stood over her shoulder as he reached underneath her and rubbed her now exposed pussy. With Jessie now naked, save for her shoes and jewelry as planned, hands were caressing every part of her body, especially her boobs, twat and ass, of course. Having had Jessie all to myself these past few days, I was content to step back and watch the four others man-handle my best friend, who was madly amused to be the center of attention.Jessie twitched and squirmed, laughing as her boobs and ass were squeezed while her arms and legs were stroked and her pussy was played with, putting her body close to sensory overload, I’m sure. A couple of the guys were already pulling down their shorts, and the first glimpse of cock made Jessie’s eyes go wide and a smile creep across her face. The rest of us guys followed suit soon after by pulling our bottoms off, followed by our shirts. Soon everyone in the room was naked.It wasn’t until a couple minutes after we’d all stripped that I realized how I didn’t feel awkward to be standing so closely to four other naked dudes. Two years ago, I would have never disrobed in front of even one man. In fact, to this day I probably still wouldn’t unless the right girl were in the middle of us. With my gorgeous nude friend in front of us while we all prepared to have our way with her, however, I saw no reason to be bothered by the presence of the other men.A few minutes passed of the boys’ feeling up Jessie while they whistled and complimented her fantastic body before I stepped up, deciding to really start to warm Jessie up. I ordered her to her knees, instantly eliciting a cheer from my teammates. Jessie blushed from her new friends’ reaction as she dutifully dropped to her knees, now surrounded at eye level with five hard cocks.Nothing needed to be said. A little hesitant at first in her new situation, Jessie reached up for my cock first and started to stroke it. I sighed with pleasure, tilting my head back and taking my gaze away from her for just a few seconds. Then I heard another sigh and, when I looked back at Jessie, she was beating Gus off with her left hand. Within a minute she had switched off her right hand from me to Moe’s dick and took mine in her mouth instead so that she was pleasuring three cocks at once in a breath-taking spectacle.”Three at once, damn,” said Gus. “You still got two more, little lady.””We’ll get there,” I said, looking down in satisfaction as Jessie sucked me off.For the next little while (I couldn’t track the time), Jessie switched off stroking two cocks simultaneously and sucking another one while her long, brown hair flew wildly about. To my knowledge, it was her first blowbang, but she was keeping up admirably well, which I knew she would. She alternated consistently, so that each one of us got his fair share of handies and blowies, and she took deep breaths in between sucking off different cocks so as to pace herself very well. She was a natural! Whether her wet tongue was sliding against my cock or her soft hand was rubbing in her spit, I had it good. Even for those brief moments where I wasn’t getting attention, I had it just fine: watching Jessie pleasure three men at once while surrounded by dick was in itself a feast for the eyes.Once all five dicks were sufficiently polished in my estimation, I reached down and picked Jessie up by her shoulders and raised her to her feet, pulling her mouth away from Gus as she inhaled deeply. As she stood back up, she released Jack’s and Howard’s dicks as well, and the four other men waited in silence to see what I proposed next.I decided we get to it. Standing right up to Jessie’s front side, I lifted up her left leg while I took my cock in my free hand. In those high heels, Jessie was just a little shorter than I, so I figured I could fuck her standing up while leaving one of her feet on the ground. Jessie threw both of her arms around my neck and looked down with me, her soft hair brushing my face as we watched me stuff the head of my penis into her wet vagina.Jessie hummed as I wedged about an inch of myself into her hole to get me started. I had her left leg still raised up and now pinned against my hip, where I kept it. I let go of my cock, allowing Jessie to slowly sink down on my shaft while four men cheered me on. I wrapped my arm around Jessie’s waist and helped her slide her torso downward until she was on the very base of my prick.We were both breathing heavily already as we prepared for just the beginning of some wild intercourse. Jessie looked up into my eyes, and we briefly kissed as for just a moment as I gently thrust my cock up and down inside her, her twat tightening around its welcomed intruder. Time slowed down in that moment, and I just took in Jessie’s warm flesh against mine and her wet pussy on my cock. It didn’t take long, though, until that demented lust overtook me and craved the inclusion of those men around us to really heighten the fun.”You know,” I said boldly as I steadily thrust up into my lover, “there’s another hole back there, guys.” Jessie laughed and snapped into character as well.”Please, help yourselves,” she said. “You’re welcome to it.”I continued to pump into Jessie a little faster now as a couple of the guys took a few seconds to decide who would go first. Naturally, Jack stepped forward and set up behind Jessie, whose backside was adequately exposed as I kept her leg pinned up against me.Jack was a bit taller than I and more built but just as toned. Jessie didn’t obscure much of my view of Jack, but Jessie’s stature wasn’t what was necessary to keep my attention off my close proximity to the other guy. I never had trouble focusing on Jessie’s sexy body in group sex.Jessie took one arm off my neck and put it around Jack’s shoulders, turning her body and pulling her boobs away from my chest and her hair away from my face. Meanwhile, Jack put a hand on Jessie’s hip while he used the other to insert himself into her ass.Jack took a minute to ease his cock into Jessie’s alternate hole. I stayed still, my cock only halfway inside Jessie’s pussy while I felt Jack’s dick force its way into Jessie’s shitter inch by inch. I heard Jessie breathe harder, and a couple beads of sweat shimmered on her forehead already as she adjusted to the added pressure. In a short while, Jack was sliding firmly into Jessie’s asshole until his balls made contact with the brunette’s taint.A couple of the guys exclaimed obscenities as Jessie was now double-stuffed. My heart beat madly in my chest as I took in the sight of Jessie’s body, now held firmly in place by two dudes while one leg remained outstretched to the floor, supported by that high shoe. The three onlookers vocally conveyed their approval of the sight while I shifted my and Jessie’s bodies until I, like Jack, was to the hilt inside her. Jessie moaned as my balls joined Jack’s against her stretched-out taint, her holes filled entirely with cock. My whole body began to perspire and my breathing grew shallower before we’d even really done anything.Jack slid his hands under Jessie’s ass while I held her in place by her leg and waist. Once we were all situated, I started by retracting from Jessie’s twat ever so slightly and instructing Jack to pull back as well once I went back in.”I know what I’m doing,” he muttered, though he didn’t sound too convincing. I thrust back up into Jessie slowly to canlı bahis siteleri start, and Jack did well in pulling back in her ass. For the next minute or so, Jack and I deliberately took turns inside Jessie while the guys whistled and Jessie cooed from the pressure in both her holes. I felt her fingernails sink into my neck as I looked down and watched the two of us guys alternate going into her as her one leg remained firm on the carpet.It wasn’t long until Jack and I had the rhythm down, so we picked up the pace, sawing in and out of Jessie’s holes harder and faster as we grew more comfortable with double-penetrating her. The reaction from the spectators grew louder, but I hardly noticed them as I focused on nailing Jessie’s pussy in synch with the cock that was fucking her asshole simultaneously. I was having so much fun already with so much more else I wanted to do that it was a little overwhelming.Jack and I took turns going balls-deep in our respective hole for a few minutes, going faster and faster as we grew more comfortable with each other in teaming up on Jessie, who stayed still and moaned throughout the double penetration. I was sweating pretty hard by now, and I noticed much of Jessie’s skin was glistening as well. The air in that room had grown very hot, but it failed to slow this threesome down.At last, Moe complained that we were hogging Jessie. I slowed to a stop within a few seconds, releasing Jessie’s leg and letting it fall to the floor as I pulled out. Jack did the same. I told the guys we should ease the girl into it but that a couple more of them were welcome to take their turns with her. Beside, I knew I wouldn’t mind getting to sit back and watch Jessie take a standing double penetration for a bit before the main event took place.Moe and Gus stepped up, leaving poor Howard as the odd man out for this round. Moe took Jessie from the front, and Gus the back. Meanwhile, I took a seat on the couch as I stroked my cock, which was slick with Jessie’s vaginal secretions, and watched Jessie throw her arms around Moe’s and Gus’s shoulders like she had done to Jack and me. Moe held Jessie’s leg up like I had done and stuck his cock straight into her twat. Gus followed right behind by impaling Jessie’s ass.For the next couple minutes, Moe and Gus double-fucked Jessie hard and fast, not really easing her into it and grunting as they did. Jessie cried out and moaned as she took a hard cock in each hole and clenched the guys’ shoulders as they pushed in and pulled out of her. After a couple minutes, Moe lifted Jessie clear off the floor so that both of her feet were dangling in the air. Jessie quickly wrapped both of her arms around Moe’s neck, pressing her thighs against his waist while Moe and Gus held Jessie up off the ground and proceeded to lift her up and down on them.The guys’ cocks jammed hard at the same time into the suspended bitch’s ass and pussy for the next few minutes, filling both of her holes to capacity. The threesome grunted and moaned as Jessie slid up and down, up and down, over and over again while her hair shifted wildly about. Even though I wasn’t a part of the action, I could feel the room grow hotter as the heat from the three active bodies emanated. I could also hear the delightful squelching of Jessie’s precious little sex holes as those hard rods penetrated her again and again. I could have watched Jessie take it all day and wished I could have gotten some pictures or a video, but Jessie had strictly warned us that she was out as soon as the first picture was taken.I watched on in lustful delight, servicing myself for a couple more minutes while my beloved friend put on a hell of a show for me, her suspended body fucking those pricks. Alas, while what had transpired thus far was incredible and would have sufficed just fine prior to tonight, I had offered up Jessie for this occasion in order to raise the bar entirely. It was time for some really debauched shit.I continued my lead role in this legitimate orgy by standing up from the couch and announcing that it was time to move forward with the plan. As much fun as Moe and Gus must have been having rocking Jessie’s tight body up and down their cocks, the thought of taking things to the next level was enough for them to immediately put Jessie down and direct her my way at my order.After being dropped to her feet, Jessie stumbled toward me in her high heels as she adjusted to the sudden vacancy of her holes that I imagined were at least a little sore as well. As she gained her balance, huffing for air, her hair a sexy mess around her head, she stepped up to me and smiled sweetly as if to indicate her eagerness to perform my every dirty fantasy.As Jessie stood before me, I caressed her body, starting at her thighs and travelling up to her boobs, which I gave a firm squeeze. Her flesh was warm and slick with sweat, and I could feel the deep breaths she was taking as she recovered from the two rounds of group sex she’d already been through. She was well-aware, of course, that it was only just beginning.I let go of Jessie’s boobs and immediately deferred to Howard, the only one who’d yet to partake in Jessie’s body to this point. He sat down on the couch, his cock hard and rigid, yearning for a taste of Jessie’s pussy or ass. We’d all get our share of both holes before sunrise.Jessie pushed her hair back behind her ear and smiled as she looked down and stepped up in front of Howard, facing away from him so that her round ass was directly in front of his face. Then she sat back, and Howard’s hands shot out and grabbed Jessie’s waist to pull her toward himself more quickly. Jessie cooperated and reached underneath herself, grabbing Howard’s long prick and directing it into her ass as she was steadily lowered toward it.Howard cursed and Jessie moaned softly the moment the tip of Howard’s prick poked Jessie’s asshole, and the two didn’t deliberate at all, instantly working to get all of Howard’s cock into Jessie’s tight butt. Once she was sitting on Howard’s balls, Jessie sat back, spread her legs a little more with her feet still on the carpet and put her arms back to support herself as she took more deep breaths. Meanwhile, Howard held tightly to Jessie and ground up into her, his face straining, teeth clenched as he finally experienced Jessie’s insides.Jessie began to shift her weight up and down, slightly riding Howard’s cock in her ass while my three other companions voiced their approval. I, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed yet, but I knew what needed to be done. Jessie did too.”Do you want to make a Jessie sandwich?” Jessie said as she looked over her shoulder back at Howard, using her best sexy voice. Howard managed only a grunt in reply, somewhat out of breath as he continued to take in the sensations of Jessie’s asshole. “I make the best sandwiches,” she added. “They’re hot and moist and delicious.” She was doing so well being sexy that I could have passed out from arousal.Jessie’s mouth grew wide with excitement that couldn’t possibly have exceeded my own as I took my place in front of her, my cock in my hand. I looked down to see her open twat just above her stuffed asshole and then stepped over her right leg, putting my foot on the couch while the other stayed planted on the floor between Jessie’s legs. The other boys really got excited too as I lowered my body and guided my cock toward Jessie’s available hole, which she spread nice and wide for me by lifting up and stretching her left leg out over my right shoulder.Everyone on the couch was breathing heavily with anticipation. Jessie’s moans and squeals overtook the majority of my hearing, and her hot body (literally and figuratively) captivated me as I drew closer to sandwiching her. My heart beat hard in my chest as my tip touched Jessie’s cunt. Everyone else went silent as they waited for me. I could hear only breathing and the slight creaking of the couch as I shifted my weight. With a small cry, Jessie accepted first the head of my cock into her pussy and then, as I switched my hands to Jessie’s thighs, the rest of my shaft as I slowly sank down into her.A cheer from the crowd began and grew steadily louder as inch after inch of my penis penetrated Jessie’s pussy. Her hole was very tight, thanks to Howard’s prick on just the other side of that membrane, but I had little-to-no trouble going to the hilt since Jessie was exceptionally wet, even after being fucked twice already. Once I had slid all the way inside Jessie so that my chest was pressed against hers and her right leg was firmly pinned between Howard’s and mine, a dull roar erupted from the guys.”Yeah, fuck her!” said Gus, I think.”Sandwich that bitch,” urged Moe. Meanwhile, the three of us on the couch stayed still for a moment and groaned as we adjusted to our situation. Jessie had shut her eyes and tilted her head back, causing her hair to fall back in Howard’s face while she took the deep double penetration as adeptly as any pornstar. As Jessie clutched the couch with her outstretched arms, her boobs heaved with her deep breathing and her left leg stretched out tightly against my shoulder, I thought about how pretty she looked and how hot it was that she was being double-stuffed.After a couple minutes of just grinding, the crowd grew restless: “Fuck her! Fuck her!” they chanted. I had been lost in the sensations of being pressed against Jessie with my cock in her cunt while another man was buried in her ass, but my teammates’ urging snapped me into the right mode, and I began to pull back and slide forward into Jessie, fucking her just like everyone wanted.Howard, still holding tightly to Jessie’s hips, then stirred underneath, beginning to pump in and out of her ass, slowly at first. They guys cheered, and Howard and I picked up our pace amid the hoots and hollers. Before long, we were sawing in and out of the beautiful brunette, who was gasping, crying out and squirming within the mass of flesh as she was fucked in both holes. Her left leg shook over my shoulder while her right arm shot out and sank into my back, holding herself firmly between the two of us men as we took turns in her holes and sandwiched her sweaty, sexy body.”Jes-sie! Jes-sie! Jes-sie!” The boys cheered on the stunning girl who was the star of the show as the meat in this sex sandwich. A joyful laugh came from her in response to the affirmation while her body continued to shift between Howard’s and my thrusting bodies. I held on tightly to Jessie’s torso and continued to thrust deep into her pussy, alternating with Howard’s cock in her ass as I gazed down at my cock’s pounding her.Our bodies gleamed in the light and the couch creaked beneath us as Jessie took a cock in each hole over and over for several more minutes. Occasionally, sweat dripping down my brow, I’d lift myself up and attempt to catch a glimpse of Jessie’s lower body as it accepted those two cocks. I wanted desperately to see her stretched-out taint in action but was unable to do so as we were all leaning into the couch. Throughout this shameful act, Jessie repeatedly pulled me close to her and kissed me a couple times as I slid and out of her. Howard and I were fucking her with a pretty consistent synchronization, ensuring that one of our cocks was buried in her at any given time.”Oh gosh, Jessie,” I muttered, delirious from lust, “I love sandwiching you.” Jessie just grinned yet again in response while her body continued to bounce as it was shifted back and forth by Howard’s and my thrusts. Then she shut her eyes and tilted her head back again, attempting to relax and enjoy the double-fucking.On the verge of cumming, I slowed down and then began to pull out. While I could enjoy a Jessie sandwich all day, with so many guys on hand, there were too many possibilities to allow this tryst to end too quickly. Jessie lowered her leg and let go of my back, and my cock exited her, covered with a fresh coat of her juices.As hot as that act had been, it was time to cut to the chase. We were all on the same page, Jessie included. Howard sat up, pushing Jessie off his cock, and the skank got to her feet and, again, stumbled as if she were drunk or something while she collected her bearings after being double-fucked for a third time tonight. Everything kind of swirled around me for a moment before I realized Jack was on his back on the floor, stroking his cock as he motioned with his free hand for Jessie to come over.”How many cocks can she take at once?” Jack asked.”She’s done three,” I answered, though I knew his question was rhetorical. “But I bet she could do five.” We were about to find out.Without a word, Jessie hovered over her new friend and knelt down, her legs on either side of Jack’s waist and her hands on his chest as she lowered her pussy directly onto Jack’s cock. Not wanting to miss out on what would be the best seat in the house, I hurried up behind the two of them and set up at Jessie’s butt. As I saw Jessie sink down Jack’s cock until her taint made contact with Jack’s balls, I stood over her ass and asked her to spread it for me.Jessie looked over her shoulder, her hair flying as she grinned at me and complied by straightening her back and putting one hand on each asscheek, spreading them as wide as she could so that I could see straight into her bright red and ravished hole. Then I leaned forward, put one hand on Jessie’s soft, slightly damp shoulder and stuck my prick into her ass.Jack stayed still and silent, his cock still submerged in Jessie’s cunt while I pushed my whole shaft into Jessie’s ass with little resistance. It was still tight, especially with Jack underneath her, but it was slick and used now, so it readily güvenilir bahis accepted me. In just a few seconds, both Jack and I were balls-deep in the same bitch again.Once I was inside her, Jessie cried out and fell forward, putting her hands on the floor, her tits hanging near Jack’s face. Jack had her waist, and I held her hips as we immediately began to bang her in both holes. Jessie moaned between us as she prepared for three other guys who were surrounding us, waiting for a piece.”She’s got a mouth and two hands,” I said between breaths to the other guys as I panted while fucking Jessie in the ass. “Don’t be shy. She can take it.” Whether or not she actually could take it had yet to be seen, but I couldn’t wait to watch her try as it all unfolded in front of me.Howard positioned himself in front of us, putting his cock in Jessie’s face. She obediently took it in her mouth and sucked Howard off while Jack and I were still moving like pistons in and out of Jessie’s other end. Then Moe and Gus stepped up on either side of us, and Jack and I had to help support Jessie’s body as she picked her hands up off the floor so that she could stroke the two remaining cocks. After just a moment, Jessie was pleasuring five men at once, a feat about which I’d never even dared to dream.”Now that,” Jack panted amid the many bodies above him, “that’s what we call an airtight ski-poling.” No one else said a word for the remainder of the orgy, except for the occasional curse or exclamation. Otherwise, the only sounds were the slapping of flesh, the squishing of Jessie’s holes and the moaning of deeply pleasured people.Panting and sweating, I continued to hold Jessie firmly in place as I bottomed out in her ass again and again while my counterpart beneath me plugged her pussy. Meanwhile, Howard was railing Jessie’s face, and Jessie was impressively jerking off Moe and Gus on either side of her. I knew all along that she could do it and, in a sick, shameful, depraved way, I was proud of her.For the first several minutes, I was focused mostly on watching my cock pump into Jessie’s shitter, but as the gangbang progressed, I remembered that I had the best position to watch the debauchery occurring right in front of me. I looked up to see Jessie expertly pleasure three men at once, one stroking in and out of her mouth while her head bobbed up and down as Howard held her hair. Somehow, even though she was already taking three other cocks, she managed to continue to slide her hands up and down Moe’s and Gus’s shafts with little encouragement from those boys. Meanwhile, Jack thrust into her from beneath while I took it all in and slammed into her asshole. Then my eyes scanned down Jessie’s back and to her ass before, leaning backward, I finally caught of glimpse of Jessie’s little taint and the thrusting cocks neighboring it.A shifting mass of human flesh, we were all moaning loudly as we gangbanged the sexy whore. Everyone was dripping with sweat by now, as the close proximity of so many warm bodies coupled with the intense group sex made the room feel like 100 degrees. I felt kind of bad for Jack on the bottom, what with all this commotion happening on top of him, including Howard’s standing right over his head. That said, no one was doing poorly in this situation tonight, not even Jessie, who, to my delight, seemed to be enjoying all the attention and the pleasure of all these cocks bouncing in and out all over her body, even if she did need a breath every now and then.We five men dominated Jessie’s helpless body in those positions for a couple more minutes before, in fairness to everyone, we decided to switch up. For at least the next hour, we all took turns in different holes and in different positions. Jessie was flipped onto her back, then again onto her hands and knees and so on. What remained constant was that no matter who was where, five dicks were each getting a piece of Jessie, deriving pleasure from the same female. We made sure each one of us guys got at least one turn in Jessie’s pussy, ass, mouth and hand before it was over.Finally, we had the slut on her back one more time. Moe was in her ass, and Jack, Gus and Howard surrounded her upper body as she sucked Jack off the best she could with her head turned to her right and beat off the other two men. I was right where I could spend eternity, kneeling between Jessie’s legs, which were stretched out and held high in the air, those high heels reaching toward the ceiling as I clung to her thighs and pounded her pussy, slapping my balls against her taint just a centimeter from Moe’s sack, which was all the space I needed. Jessie’s body was slipping and dripping with sweat, a mixture of hers and five other people. The room was rank with the scent of that sweat and sex while all I could hear was flesh on flesh and those wet holes accompanied by our moaning and shouting.Jessie’s holes squelched as my flesh slapped against hers. Her hair and boobs bounced wildly as she took the fucking from all directions. I couldn’t take any more. Frankly, it was a miracle that we’d all been gangbanging Jessie for more than two hours now and we’d all held off our orgasms. It was now past 4 am, though, and I needed to cum, so, as we were still all pleasuring and being pleasured by Jessie in unison, I suggested we each take one more turn individually with her before closing out the party.The guys agreed, and we all pulled out of and away from Jessie, leaving the spent, exhausted skank on the floor, her holes suddenly empty after being filled to the brim with cocks just a moment before. My sympathy went out for her, and I asked if she was all right, hoping we hadn’t given her too much.”Is that all you got?” she said, lifting her head and grinning. I knew she was most likely just playing along, but holy shit, I’d been sitting on a goldmine for 10 years while being just friends with this girl! She just took a five-man pounding and was still conscious – and we weren’t done with her yet. I couldn’t imagine all the fun I could have had with her all these years.We mercifully allowed Jessie to lie on the floor as we finished her off. She still had stamina, though, and wasn’t one to just lie there. As Jack went first and slid himself between Jessie’s legs, Jessie wrapped her legs around his hips and propped herself up to watch him stick his cock in her pussy one final time. As he railed her, Jessie continued to hold herself with her hands on the floor and thrust back into him, matching his efforts as she moaned and shouted while her glistening boobs jiggled and sweat-soaked hair shifted with her movement. How she still had it in her was beyond me.Moe, Gus and Howard, respectively, all took similar runs with Jessie as well. The point was to work ourselves up to an orgasm and pull out just before it in preparation for a grand finale. At last, it was my turn to culminate the magical night. I lifted both of Jessie’s ankles onto my shoulders and then shoved my cock into her twat before leaning over and grabbing her boobs. Jessie got very vocal, yelling all kinds of expletives as I started to slam into her.”Oh yes, fuck your bitch!” she said, obviously very turned on still despite the intense treatment she had undergone over the past couple hours. “Fuck the shit out of me – come on!” I rocked her as hard as I ever had while she shifted her weight and thrust into me as well, causing my cock to go as deep as possible in her and making my balls slap steadily against her taint. Meanwhile, her legs bounced against my shoulders and her tits sprung up and down as she took the last fucking she’d receive in a long night of sex.I could barely catch my breath as I fucked my best friend. She too was heaving by now, unable to shout any more obscenities. I was sweating as much as I had all night while we rocked back and forth into each other as the rest of the men watched. Jessie’s matted hair and slick body shone in the living room light as the smells and sounds of sex filled every inch of air. Then, just before I was to pull out, Jessie’s twat tightened around me, and she shuddered violently. She was cumming, and, at the risk of making me cum just a moment too soon, I pulled out barely in time and ordered her to her knees, preparing to jizz on her right away if I needed to. However, by the time Jessie assumed the position, I had successfully held off. Being the one who brought the meat tonight, I really wanted to be the last one to finish.Jessie demanded that we cum on her, panting as she tried to catch her breath one more time. Her body was already soaked with sweat from head to toe, but the five of us surrounded her, beating off vigorously as we prepared to cover her with another fluid.Moe shot off first, blasting Jessie’s right cheek, her chin and neck with several hard spurts. Before Moe was finished, Gus pushed to the front and sent two ropes at Jessie’s forehead before unloading the rest on her chin and mouth, which she kept sealed shut along with her eyes to keep all the cum on her skin. Once Moe and Gus finished, Jack came on Jessie’s boobs while a laugh came from Jessie’s throat through her pursed lips. The laugh continued as Howard and I stepped up to finish the night while Jack hung back, now spent.Howard and I jerked off, he pointing his cock at Jessie’s rack, while I almost always went for the face. I looked on with unbridled lust as cum dripped down Jessie’s nose and the right side of her face, which persuaded me to position myself for kind of the left-center of her face. Semen trickled down her neck and tits too, which also helped get me off.Howard and I almost simultaneously exploded all over the nearly 30-year-old brunette in a grand climax to end the night, which had turned into early morning. Howard jizzed entirely on Jessie’s boobs, which already had cum streaming down them, and I erupted on her left cheek, mouth, forehead and left eyelid – almost everywhere, really. I moved my cock up and down as I came so as to cover as much of Jessie’s face as I could. After two-plus solid hours of arousal, all of us had plenty of semen to share with Jessie, and I was no exception as I doused her face with my man juice. I came so much that Howard was finished several seconds before I had completed my masterpiece on that pretty face.There Jessie kneeled, in the middle of an apartment of a guy who was to her a perfect stranger before tonight, with her eyes shut as she laughed while cum covered her face and boobs and streamed down toward her neck and stomach. My knees essentially gave out after my orgasm, so I quickly collapsed on the couch right next to where Gus already was. I didn’t pay attention to where any of the other guys went or had gone to. Instead, I just admired my lovely friend who had just been the centerpiece of a five-man gangbang, covered in the evidence and wearing nothing else but red high heels and jewelry.In the ensuing moments, we cleaned up and got dressed. Jack offered for us to stay afterward and get some rest, seeing as it was early now, not late anymore. I assured him, however, that I’d take Jessie home. The boys heartily thanked me but especially Jessie for giving them the night of their lives. Gus suggested she consider a career as a pornstar, and I liked the sound of that idea. I guess if there was any need for me to prove myself to the guys, I had done it, even though it wasn’t the girl about whom I’d bragged. I’m sure the guys didn’t mind. After all, Jessie was officially at the level of sex goddess, something I couldn’t say about any other girl with whom I’d slept.A little delirious, Jessie, who was forced to go commando thanks to her torn thong, responded to the warm good-bye with just a smile and a small wave. By the time we got to the car, it was almost 5 am. We’d gangbanged Jessie for well over two hours, easily. On the ride home, Jessie, growing a little more talkative the more she recovered, insisted she’d had the time of her life and was shameless enough to do it again if I wanted to. Of course, she needed to figure things out in her personal life; after all, she was married, for now, at least, and she had the whole issue with her parents’ watching her k** in hope of her getting her life together. I can’t even imagine what they would think if they knew the shameful acts Jessie had just performed.It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed and Jessie was in the shower that I realized that, while I’d told the guys that Jessie had given birth, I’d never told them that she was married. It just hit me that my four buddies had no idea that the five of us had just shamelessly gangbanged another man’s wife. A few months ago, I would have felt guilty. Now, though, it was hot.The sun was shining through the window by the time Jessie got into bed with me. We were both exhausted and spent, so we certainly weren’t preparing for another round of sex like we’d been doing before sleeping. As she got under the covers, Jessie told me that one of the guys was talking to her when we were cleaning up in Jack’s apartment and had told her about Abby and how Abby was originally going to be the centerpiece before Jessie fortuitously arrived in her place. I thought in some hypocritical way she was going to be mad at me for sleeping with other girls, but her point was something entirely different.”I thought you were going to tell me when you had fun without me!” Jessie scolded me. It was true, actually. After the last time Jessie and I had sex, we decided it wasn’t a good idea to continue, but Jessie did anything but discourage me from seeking out kinky episodes with other girls. I guess I didn’t take her all that seriously. I awkwardly apologized, unsure of what to say, exactly, as I started to drift off to sleep. I wasn’t even sure I correctly heard what she said next.”That’s OK,” Jessie responded, curling up next to me. “Just invite her next time. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex with a girl.”Did I say “holy shit” already?

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