Taking Michelle , Tina Ch. 3

Cream Pie

Tina’s eyes took in all the wonderful sights as they drove through Atlanta. It had been a long time since she had been there. So many things had changed. All the new buildings looked so nice, and Turner Field was beautiful. Tonight, would be her first time in the new stadium, her heart raced knowing that Hank was taking her tonight.

Hank pulled up to the very plush, downtown hotel. Hank and young Tina made their way to the front desk to check in. A young man with a smug look on his face greeted them, “How may I help you, sir” He looked up and down Hank like he was a bum off the street.

“We have reservations.” Hank said his he pulled his wallet from his torn blue jeans.

The rude man typed in the information on the computer, “Oh yes, here we are.” He gave Hank another very hateful look, “reservation for you and your…?” The man looked at Tina like she was a cheep whore off the street.

“My friend.” Hank was beginning to get pissed off at this guy.

“Very good sir. You’ll be in room 3069. I’ll buzz a bell boy to show you the way to your room.” As the young man walked away, he gave Hank and Tina one last hateful look.

The bell boy opened the door to the very elegant hotel room. Tina’s eyes roamed every inch of it, then she saw the huge bed where Hank would make her a woman. Her young body began to tremble, ‘What would it be like having a man as big as Hank inside her.’ She thought to herself.

Hank closed the door, and grabbed Tina in his arms, “Oh little girl, I’ve waited so long for this day to come.” His mouth covered hers in one swift move, and his tongue gently explored Tina’s mouth. His big, strong hands moved under her small skirt, finding her panty sheltered bottom.

His hands caressed Tina delicately, enjoying all of her fragile, youthful flesh. The flesh he had waited for so many years. “Oh Hank, please. Take me now. Make me your woman.” Tina begged as Hank’s hands continued to explore her body. Her knees began to give way as she neared an orgasm.

Hank gave her a good smack on her burning bottom, and pulled away from her, “Not yet. Tonight my little lover. Lets get dressed for the game. We don’t want to be late.” Tina, stood in total shock. She was so close to exploding in Hank’s arms. Her body trembled in frustration.

After a minute or so, Tina pulled herself back together, and ask, “What would you like me to wear? I have another skirt like this, but it’s red. And, I have my cut off shorts, you like so much.” The cut off shorts were so short, you could see half of her tiny bottom, and the sides of her supple love spot.

Hank thought for a few seconds, and replied, “I like the skirt. Do you have stockings to go with it?” He loved seeing Tina’s slender legs covered in them. It always made him so hard.

“I can wear the ones I have on now.” She ran her hands up, and down her legs. Teasing Hank into another hard on. “I need a fast shower, I’m so sticky between my legs it’s unreal.” She turned, and walked towards the lavish bathroom. Slowly taking off her flimsy blouse, and then sliding down her tiny skirt, exposing her small, tight, panty covered bottom to Hank.

Tina’s arm was around Hank as they walked through the gate at, Turner Field. All the sights and sounds filled Tina’s brain. The wonderful smell of freshly popped Pop Corn, filled her noise. Along with grilled hot dogs, and hamburgers.

As they made their way to the box seats, Tina could hear the sound of a bat striking a ball. The loud crack, filled the air as a player finished bostancı escort bayan his batting practice. And another player, took his swings in the batting cage.

Tina, did her best to sit in the seat without showing her fruits to every person in the stadium. Her long, slim legs looked so good. The stockings, and high heels made her look so sexy. “You look so good I can’t wait until we get back to our room.” Hank said, as he hugged Tina close to him. They hugged each other close, as thoughts of what would happen later filled their brain.

The game played into the night, each hit, or good play Tina would jump into Hank’s strong arms. Her soft body melted into his arms. He knew she was ready. She was ready to become a woman, his woman.

The ride back to the hotel was silent, neither of them saying a word. No words were needed, they knew what was about to happen. All the years of wanting each other were about to end.

As they walked into their room, Tina moved towards Hank, “Take me now. I’m on fire.” He pulled her tiny body in his arms, and walked to their bed. He gently kissed her lips, and laid her on the bed.

Tina, watched as he took off his clothes, he had never really seem him in the light. It had always been in the dark, when they ‘helped’ each other. Her eyes took in his masculine body, and then, she saw what was going to enter her body.

It was so long, and so very thick. She trembled just thinking of what it was going to feel like as it took her. It would fill every inch of her tender insides. Then she wondered how far it would penetrate her. ‘Will it enter my stomach?” She laughed to herself. It was sure to go into her womb, she would have his baby after this night. She was sure of it.

After he had finished undressing, Hank laid on the bed, “You still want on top or do you want me to do it?” He ask as he kissed Tina.

“I… I’ll do it.” She stuttered, and tried to pull off her tight skirt. Her legs felt like rubber as she climbed on top of Hank. He pulled her wet mouth to his, and kissed her deep. Before long her tiny hips started moving against his stiff love pole.

“It’s time.” Hank said, as he pulled her soaked panties over, and placed his swollen cock head to the entrance of her body. “I love you so much.” He said. Tina, squeezed her eyes shut, and drove her hips down on him.

“OH GOD. OH HANK. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.” Tina screamed, as his hard, throbbing cock tore into her virgin body. She drove her hips down as hard and as fast as she could. His thick cock was buried into her soul. “OH HANK, IT FEELS SO GOOD.” She moaned, as her body stretched to his size.

“Oh I love you. I love you, my sweet Tina.” Hank said, as tears formed in his eyes. All the years he had watched this beautiful young woman grow, and now she was his. They loved each other day, and night until it was time to go home.

Hank and Tina walked through the front door of his home. The lights were dimmed, and candles were burning all around the living room. Michelle walked into the room, only wearing a sheer night gown. “What’s ‘she’ doing here?” Michelle was pissed off. “Tonight was going to be ‘our’ night. Remember?” She stood tapping her bare foot on the floor waiting for his reply.

Hank knew there was going to be a problem, “Well, I got news for you, she’s moving in with me, us.” He sat their suitcases on the floor. “And next week, we are going to be married.” He could see the anger fill Michelle’s eyes, she had a very, very bad temper.

“You ümraniye escort are mine! You said you loved me more than you did her. I’ll be your wife, not that ‘fuckin’ whore’.” Hank rushed to Michelle, and slapped her across her pretty face.

“Don’t you ever, ever call her that again.” He grabbed her by her arm, and dragged Michelle into her bedroom. “I got news for you girl, she is going to be my wife, and your stepmother, get used to it.” Then he shoved her on her bed, and left the room.

Hank went back to find Tina in tears. “Don’t you worry about her, I’m the boss around here. She’ll never call you that again, OK?” He held her in his arms, Michelle watched silently from the hall. Hate filled her heart as she watched Tina being comforted in her Daddy’s arms.

“I need a shower baby. You know where ‘our’ bedroom is.” He gave Tina a sexy smile, and caressed her bottom.

Michelle tip toed to her room as fast as she could go. Then, she heard the shower running. It was time to show Tina, who was top ‘bitch’ in this house. She crept down the hall, and into her ‘Daddy’s’ bedroom. She grabbed Tina by her throat, “Listen bitch, he’s my man, not yours. You got it?”

Tina broke free from Michelle’s grip, “FUCK YOU. HE WANT’S ME. NOT YOUR FAT ASS.” Tina screamed. Michelle went wild, she ran across the room, and smashed into Tina so hard they broke the closet doors off their hinges.

Hank, jumped from the shower, and ran into the bedroom. Michelle was on Tina’s back, pounding her face into the floor. “HE’S MINE YOU BITCH. HE’S MINE.” Michelle was screaming.

He grabbed Michelle by her long hair, and drug her to the other side of the room. He sat down on her big, firm breast, and slapped her on her face. “This is my house. She is moving in. I will fuck her any, and every time I want. And, there’s nothing you can do about it.” He slapped her again, this time his long cock started to grow.

Michelle, fought to free herself from her father’s strong grip. “FUCK YOU TOO, DADDY. YOU’RE MINE.” She managed to turn on her stomach, giving Hank free access to spank her full ass. ‘SLAP’. ‘SLAP’. “No Daddy. It hurts, stop.” ‘SLAP’.

“I’ll stop when you calm down. Not until then.” ‘SLAP’. ‘SLAP’. His big hand wend across Michelle’s ass. All the time his cock grew longer, and so, so hard. He was getting turned on whipping his daughters wonderful, full ass. The ass that she wanted him to fuck before he had went to Atlanta.

Hank looked to his night stand, and pulled a tube of sex jell from the drawer. “Get on your knees, NOW!” He growled at Michelle. She turned to look at him, ‘SLAP’. “Turn around, and do what I said, NOW!” Michelle was scared, she had never heard her Daddy talk like this before.

As she got on her knees, it crossed her mind what was about to happen. Her Daddy was going to take her, ass. This would make her life complete, he will have used every part of her body. “Oh Daddy. Use me, take my ass.” Michelle moaned, as she pushed her warm, voluminous ass into his full cock.

Hank caressed her, then with one jerk, her little panties tore from her trembling body. He felt like an, ancient warrior, taking his prize after a great battle. His brain rushed with lust, want, and pure animal instinct. He looked down at his prize, she was laying flat on the floor, her full ass stuck up to his cock. He squeezed the contents of the sex jell all over her waiting ass. “Oh yes.” Hank growled again, and he sank his large cock head into Michelle.

“OH DADDY. DADDY. escort kartal IT HURTS. IT HURTS.” Michelle screamed as loud as any person could have. Her tight anus locked around his immense cock head. Her body spasmed, and tried to push his cock out off her. “Oh Daddy, stop. PLEASE!” But, he only pushed deeper into her tight bottom.

“Oh yes. You’re so nice, and so tight. I love your ass.” Hank growled, as he kept pushing deeper into her bowels. This was his prize, he was going to use it any way he wanted too. Deeper he moved in her tight body, he had not had a woman’s ass in a long time. He was going to make up for lost time.

By this time, Tina had woken up from Michelle’s beating. She turned, and watched in total dismay as she saw Hank’s cock buried deep in Michelle’s ass. A rush went through her young body, she had never seen anyone have sex before. Now, she was watching the man she loved, fuck his daughters ass.

Hank turned, and saw Tina watching. His hand reached to her, she moved to him, never letting her eyes leave his cock. The cock that was more than half buried in Michelle. Her face was filled with a mix of pain, and pure passion. He held Tina’s small, shaking hand, then he placed it on his cock. She held him as he used Michelle’s ass. Tina, assisted him as he went in, and out of Michelle’s body.

“OH… MOTHER FUCK. I’M CUMING. I’M FUCKING CUMING.” Hank yelled, as his cock began to empty it’s self into Michelle’s ass. Tina, was on fire, this was the hottest this she had ever seen. She held, and squeezed Hank’s thrusting cock as it blasted in Michelle’s ass.

“OH DADDY. I’M CUMING. HARDER DADDY, HARDER.” Michelle screamed. Her hips rammed into his squirting cock. Blood rushed to her brain, her ass, and pussy were on fire. The room began to spin, and she fainted as her orgasm overtook her. Hank, stood up on his shaky legs, and went to finish his shower.

He had finished, and walked back into his bedroom. Getting the surprise of his life. There lay Tina, and Michelle locked in a deep kiss. Tina’s tiny hands were holding Michelle’s large breast and caressing the blood filled, nipples. “May I join in?” Hank ask as he moved beside them on the floor.

Both girls pushed him on his back, and began taking turns sucking his gigantic cock. Each girl took her turn, hoping it would be her that got his massive load of hot cum in her mouth. “Do you like this, Daddy? Your two sexy girls, fucking, you?” Michelle moaned, and took her turn on his cock.

“Is it good, Hank? See your sexy daughter sucking you? I bet you want to cum, don’t you?” Tina whispered in his ear, as Michelle sucked him deep in her mouth.

Then it was Tina’s turn again. “Is she good, Daddy? Look at your cock going in and out of her sexy, little mouth. Isn’t it so, hot?” Hank watched as Tina ate his full cock. It was the most sexy thing he had ever seen.

Michelle moved back on him. “Oh Hank, look. Watch your daughter suck that big, hard, long cock of yours. She’s fucking her mouth with it. Oh Hank, cum in her, fill her mouth with cum.” He started thrusting deep in her mouth. He needed to cum. These two horny girls were going to kill him. And what a way to fucking die.

Tina moved to his cock, sharing with Michelle. They both sucked him, one girl took him deep in her mouth. While the other sucked, and licked his ample shaft, and toyed with his balls. He watched as the two beautiful girls used him.

Then he couldn’t take any more. “OH MOTHER FUCK.” His started shooting cum like a fire hose. He shot all over the girls, on their breast, in their faces, he covered them with his hot cum.

We still make love as much as we can. Sometimes it’s hard for us to really let loose, Tina’s full belly gets in our way. But, after each baby is born we fuck like wild animals.

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