Taking one for the Team – Chapter 1: Swim Class


Taking one for the Team – Chapter 1: Swim ClassThe following is the first part of a true story. I can post more if anyone is interested in this. I’m 5’11” with blonde hair and a fit body. I’m not going to go into immense detail, i’ll let my image fester on its own inside your mind. I was 20 and I had decided to take a swimming class in college. I had no prior swimming experience but I decided what the hell, it’s a few credits and it’s easy as fuck. So I joined. I wasn’t shy when I found out on the first day that we were required to wear speedos for the class. It’s not just swimming around in a pool, it’s competitive olympic style swimming class. I’m comfortable with my body so a speedo never bothered me. I’m a straight male with a great body and high self-esteem. A few days into the class we actually got into the water for the first time. I had already got the chance to meet some of the guys in the class and we were becoming friends already. When we finally all met up in the locker room for the first time to change into our speedos I was astonished. I’m not gay nor have I ever been gay, but I picked a locker next to my friend James and when he pulled down his pants and put on the speedo, i’m not sure my mouth didn’t just hit the floor. He has a great body like myself but his cock was like nothing i’d ever seen before in my life. It had to be at least 7 inches flaccid with nice loose hanging balls and a perfectly relaxbet güvenilirmi kept bush sculpted like a masterpiece. He clearly cared for himself well. We all got dressed and headed out to the pool. Most of the guys started making fun of James immediately thinking that he had stuffed his Speedo, so of course they were calling him insecure and just poking fun at him “That sock sure is going to slow you down in the water!” someone said to him. I knew he wasn’t stuffing though, and as his friend I stood up for him “Hey, shut the fuck up you moron just because yours barely makes a dent in your Speedo doesn’t mean he’s stuffing”The guy was visibly pissed off and started throwing gay slurs at me and James. We shrugged it off and laughed. James has a huge cock, im pretty sure his confidence level is just as high as mine. The mood of the class went a little sour after that. Everyone remained quiet and the coach was a little brutal on us. When the class ended we could leave or hit the showers. Only 6 or 7 people out of the 20 of us in the class decided to shower on the first day. I was one of them, James was another, and the k** who was picking on him was a third. The showers were separated by a small plastic divider, like a urinal divider, so it was a bit more private. We all showered for a while and people slowly started to trickle out of the showers. There came a point where relaxbet yeni giriş it was just me, James and the third asshole who started with us. I started to rinse the soap out of my hair and I saw James starting to move, but he wasn’t heading towards the exit. He was heading for the assholes little stall. “Hey Dan,” James said to him, “you know SO much about stuffing that you must have done it before with that tiny cock of yours”Dan was stunned. He wasn’t expecting another confrontation.”This right here, this is all real” James said, and I could see he was grabbing his cock and waving it at Dan, “Don’t fucking mess with me, i’ll fuck you up bad k**” Dan was standing there speechless. His eyes locked onto James’ cock for a second and then his gaze broke. It was silent for a moment, then out of nowhere Dan made a lunge for James’ face. Apparently he mistoke James’ anger for sexual tension. James grabbed Dans face before it reached his and shoved him against the shower wall. “Oh, so you’re actually the faggot trying to cover yourself up by picking on someone else. And you like this?” he was gesturing at his cock. Dan nodded and grabbed onto James’ nipple. James looked over at me and saw me watching. I quickly turned away. “Don’t look away Mike, I want a witness to this” he said to me, “Suck my cock Dan, you need something to keep that mouth of yours from spewing out shit”Dan dropped relaxbet giriş to his knees and his head disappeared behind the divider wall. I couldn’t see what was going on but I could hear muffled gagging under the sound of the running shower water. James threw his head back in pleasure and I could see he had put his hands on the back of Dans head and was moving them pretty quickly. I watched for a few minutes and before I knew it I found myself with my rock hard cock in my hand. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was masturbating to one of my friends getting sucked off by another guy. I couldn’t even legitimately see what was happening and yet I was so turned on. James looked over at me and saw my arm thrusting back and forth and knew exactly what I was doing. He threw me a quick wink and turned back to Dan.”Now for the grand finale” he said out loud. He grabbed Dan by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He pushed him back down onto the ground in the middle of the shower and stood over him. He threw his head back in pleasure and stroked his cock until he blew his load all over Dan.”Still think I have a small cock?” I watched the scene as I continued to stroke. I just watched a man cum all over another mans chest and I was so turned on. Fuck me. I continued to pound on my cock hard until I came all over the shower divider I was standing behind. I turned off the shower and let the cum sit there and drip down on its own. I followed James as he exited the shower and just as I walked out, the Coach was walking in to make sure everyone was done and gone.I could only imagine the face he made when he saw Dan on the floor and remembered the smirk James had on his face as he walked out.

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