Taking Public Transportation part 2

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Taking Public Transportation part 2Its been a few weeks since I got my new vehicle and since I have seen Ray. Been wanting to text but have been afraid. It felt nice getting stroked and sucked in public. It took me to another sexual. level. One day I decided to drive by where I knew Ray catches the bus. I saw him standing there and offered him a ride into work. He sure didnt hesitate on climbing in my roomie suv. Ray said it was nice to see me again. He mentioned how he enjoyed that day on the bus and didnt think he was going to see me again but glad I stopped by today. I asked him if he enjoyed sucking my cock on the bus and all he did was smile over at me so I smiled back. Took his left hand and placed it on my pants. By the smile on his face I knew he was getting happy by what he felt what was growing through my pants. I asked Ray if he was free this evening and if so what time does he get out of tokat escort work. He turned and said no he wasnt free. I was a little down but things change to get me happy. Ray pulled out my cock and started to lick and tongue ever growing cock. Taking all 8 of me inside his thirsty mouth. It felt so good. I just wanted to pull over but continued to drive Ray to his job. as we got closer Ray pulled out his phone and decided enough was enough its time to call in. Put a smile on my face. As I turned around to head back to my house, Ray just continued to suck my cock.We arrived which seemed like it took forever I showed Ray through the house stopping at the bathroom and him making a comment that it looks like a nice place for two to shower together after a day of fun. As we walked down the hall towards my bedroom I felt a hand on my ass and it sent shivers all over my body. I just trabzon escort couldnt wait anymore. I turned around and dropped down to my knees and unbotton his pants to take his hard stiffining cock in my mouth. I hear the moans and whispers comming from Ray as my tongue rolls around his head and down his shaft. He is holding onto my head forcing all of his cock in my mouth. Next thing I know I get a nice flow of his man juice down my throught. After licking and sucking up his mess I showed him to my room. Handed him oil and i stripped down. Enough was enough I wanted him deep and raw. All of it with pain and glory. As I get up on the bed I feel his hands grab my ass and a tongue start to lick around my ass. Then he kissed his way down to my hanging balls and started to suck my ever growing cock. Next thing I felt was a finger all lubed up slowly opening up my hole. Starting escort bayan to losen up for what I want to be called heaven.Ass I pulled the pillow under my chest and lifted my ass I was met with a rock hard but soft and wet cock. He slowly teased my rubbing his head around my hole. No matter how muched i pushed back he kept on teasing. Then both hands grabbed my hips and I felt his head slowly enter my ever losening hole. It felt amazing. I broken my virginity. Something I been wanting to experience for a long time. He got balls deep in me as I rocked back and forth with him keeping him deep in me it felt good. After a bit he rolled me onto my pack and lifted my legs to my chest. He gave a nice hard trust and started to fuck my ass harder and harder. Then Ray rolled me over to do doggy again which I happily oblidge. As he fucked me harder and harder he came. Felt all nice and warm inside. I could feel it dripping out as he pulled out. That was just a amazing night and I hope that someday I run into Ray again. Maybe on his way to work or just for a stroll in the park. Maybe there is another Ray out there for me? Maybe 2 Ray’s at the same time. Time will only tell.

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