Taking Turns Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Just one day

To recap: my girlfriend and I like to take turns with our sex life, every Monday morning I roll a die to see how many days she gets to use a strap-on on me.

This morning it was a 1.

I don’t normally roll a one, it seems like my ‘lucky’ number the vast majority of the time is either 3 or 4. But them be the rules and we live and love by them. I don’t care really. The sex truly isn’t the important thing, although I’d be lying through my teeth if I said it didn’t matter. I love fucking. Love getting fucked. Above all else I love the fact that I’m doing this with someone I love. THAT is the important thing.

We didn’t feel like being adventurous this time, we just wanted it to be us, no worries about where and when or if, we just wanted to be able to do our thing without having to give thought to something else. One of our rules is that when it’s not “my turn” we don’t have the large collection of dildo’s and strap-on gear out in the open, we found that it adds to the moment when we don’t look at them all the time, the surprise elements from not having a purely planned out decision just adds the right amount of spice to the entire thing. Now, sure, she’ll plan out things on occasion, such as if we’ll go somewhere secluded or different than our home but for the most part she’ll just ‘cum’ up with the choice on the spot.

Personally I don’t have a preference in the toy she uses, whether it be the big ones, and a couple are VERY big, or the smaller ones, it just doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy it no matter what. As much as I love pussy, and make no mistake I LOVE pussy, the feeling of getting my ass worked over is just an incredible thing. I have had some of the biggest and hardest orgasms in my life while getting my ass worked by my girlfriend. The earth shattering, mind numbing orgasms that you read about in those shitty romance stories where every cock is a ‘throbbing wand of manhood’ and every pussy ‘opens like a flower in bloom’. Big toy. Small toy. Sizes in between. Didn’t matter. I enjoyed it and that enjoyment was all that mattered.

It’s not HOW we love that defines us, it’s WHO we love. This is a point that I think tends to get blurred in the translation the vast majority of the time. Because you like an act that’s canlı bahis associated with a segment of people out there, it’s perceived then that you are one of them. That’s not the case at all. The act is merely fulfillment of a desire or need or want, the emotion behind the act is the definition of what and how we are as a person and what the act means.

Or in other words: Don’t judge!

Now, as I said, I rolled a 1 so for today she gets to have me for however long she can go or I ask her to stop.


We live in a somewhat secluded area, we have neighbors but none that are close enough to warrant us worrying about being spotted outside nude, of which we do a lot. Being out in nature naked as the day you’re born is an wonderful feeling. The play of the world on your skin; the wind, the sun, the rain, on those occasions you want a completely different sensory experience. The feeling of a cool rain pounding against your hot body and the sound of the thunder while in the throes of an orgasm with your significant other is a truly Tantric moment. Of course if it’s in the middle of a lightning storm or otherwise hurricane like conditions I wouldn’t recommend it, take it to the safety of your shower and enjoy it there instead. Better safe than sorry. All the elements that you otherwise wouldn’t normally experience is just an amazing thing.

I waited for her to make her decision.

She went to the bedroom to make her choice and I just sorta lounged around trying to act normal but starting to feel the tingle of excitement I always get start to creep through my body. No matter how many times we do this, no matter how many times I see her naked for that matter, I just get excited. I was getting hard waiting, not a semi wood sort, a ‘chubby’, but a full on, hard as steel erection. So I started to stroke myself, just long slow strokes from tip to base, feeling the thick, now engorged, veins along my shaft, rubbing my thumb lightly over the wide flared head and feeling my balls bounce gently with each stroke. Building up the sensory moments that make it sooo much the better for the actual action.

She came back into the room and saw me. Smirking, she asked if I was enjoying myself and that she could come back later after I finished. I just smiled bahis siteleri at her in what I like to think is my best devilishly handsome sexy smile and just told her that I was just getting warmed up and if she left I’d have to hunt her down and do all sorts of unmentionable things to her.

She already had the harness on and as she walked towards me, smiling, she showed me our guest for the evening. It was ‘Jax’, yes we name all of our toys, an average sized toy in length and girth but twisted like a pig’s cock past the head that just rubbed my prostate and insides in incredibly delicious ways. This was the second one we ever bought and was, probably, my favorite even compared to some of the truly huge ones that made my eyes roll back in my head as I spoke in tongues while I came like a geyser.

It wasn’t it’s size, it was the way that it continuously rubbed and touched and stimulated with each movement in ways that none of the others we had did. Either that or I just had it in my head that it was doing this.

She fastened it in place, dropped down between my thighs and started licking my dick from it’s tip to my ass. Nibbling here and there. Dragging her teeth in other places. Scratching my inner thighs with her nails or gently massaging my balls. She knew how to build up the excitement, knew how to have fun.

She raised up, kissed me, and told me to open up. I spread my legs further and slid down a bit so that my ass was open to her, she lubed up ‘Jax’ and popped in. Not going slow as she normally does with the big boys just lined it up and in. She started off in long strokes, almost the same pace as I was jacking myself earlier, the texture of the toy was amazing, the twisted ridges just being unlike anything else your likely to feel. She slowly started to increase her pace, pre-cum was oozing out and I knew that it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes before I came.

Her eyes were locked on my dick, she watched the pre-cum run down the shaft, saw the head swell and turn purple and right before I came she slammed into me hard and fast. I spurted huge jets of cum and bucked my hips, grunting out loudly as I did so. Gasping, I just gripped the edge of the couch as she drove into my ass over and over. I couldn’t think straight for a few seconds, bahis şirketleri the world could have ended and I wouldn’t have noticed, all I knew was bliss of such an intensity that it actually hurt a little.

I gulped air like a fish out of water, grunting and mumbling ‘fuckfuckfuck’ under my breath. She looked at me and smiled again, knowing what I was feeling and wanting to make it go on as long as we both could take it. She kept this pace for a while, I truly don’t know how long it was, a little bit after the first orgasm a second one hit and I jerked so hard I nearly kicked her.

It was intense.





And just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer she drove into me fully and hard. I felt her legs quiver and heard her moan loudly, watched as her eyes closed and her head tilt back from the force of the orgasm she was having, the rubbing against her clit has set her off. With each spasm she would jerk, the toy inside of me hitting someplace new, causing me to jerk as well. She leaned against me catching her breath, my cum covering my stomach up to my chin, as my dick slowly deflated. She pulled out of my ass, the sensation causing my belly to flutter and my ass-hole to clench tightly. She got up on the couch with me, licking the cum off my chin and cheek and kissed me again.

We lay there together for a little while, just enjoying the post erotic high and each other.

After a few minutes we got up and headed to the shower. I cum a lot. I mean a LOT and it was all over me, and her as well since she had lain against me. We hopped into the shower, washed off and got out for a quick bite. I fixed a few sandwiches and grabbed something to drink as she took the inflatable bed we have on the back porch out into the yard.

We ate, talked, enjoyed being outside and together. The sun felt wonderful, not too hot that you couldn’t stand it, but not so cool that being naked outside was a problem. She got up and took our dishes back in. I knew she was going to get the harness and another toy. Even though I had cum twice roughly half an hour ago I was getting another hard on.

As I started to stroke myself again I heard her come out the door, turned to watch her walk toward me and saw that she had “Buzzard”, her favorite. 8 inches long and thick as a child’s wrist.

Today was going to be an eventful day. What this week may have lacked in quantity SHE was going to make up for in quality.

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