Taking You From Behind

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Oh my god! As I crawled into bed beside you I could tell that you had been waiting for me to come to bed and I had taken too long downstairs. After an evening of wine, dinner, more wine, dancing, more wine and a great visit with close friends you were already sleeping softly but totally in the nude. Before coming to bed I had peeked in on our 12 year old who was sound asleep and pulled her door to closed so that she could sleep in silence. As soon as I saw your gorgeous 38 inch breasts exposed I suddenly got that familiar tingle in my groin telling me that the night was not over just yet.

Upon sliding under the covers with you I began to softly caress your breasts and twirl your nipples until you began moaning and those nipples hardened like pencil erasers and you shifted your position until you were snuggling against me. As I leaned down to lick and suck those beautiful nipples while stroking your smoothly shaved pussy, you began that familiar breathing that tells me you are getting aroused. After 27 years of marriage it still fascinates me as how quickly illegal bahis we both can become aroused. I had been on the road for most of the last week on business and this was the first night back when we were both now awake at the same time. As your pussy began to get wetter and wetter I continued to suck and lick your nipples while alternating stories to you of how I had awakened in the hotel with a raging erection and fantasized about your mouth sliding up and down my 8 inch dick as I stroked it up and down with my hand until I shot a load of cum all over my chest. As I played out that scenario for you I was getting more excited as you took my dick in your hand and started stroking it slowly while whispering to me that you wanted to suck my dick while I fucked you with one of our toys, a 10 inch rubber dildo. At this point I moved to my knees and you took my dick in your hand and guided it to your wonderful mouth and began to deep throat it like a pro. As my dick was sliding in and out of your mouth I was fingering your pussy and rubbing that wonderful clitoris illegal bahis siteleri that was sticking out like a small dick. After about 10 minutes of this glorious session, you took my dick out of your mouth and looked up to tell me that you wanted my big dick in your ass. Now, even though we had experimented with anal sex several times, never before were you so blatant about wanting it from behind.

Never being one to ignore what a hot woman wants, I slipped over the side of the bed to the nightstand and retrieved a small bottle of warming lubricant and the 10 inch dildo. By now you had rolled over to your stomach and raised that gorgeous ass in the air to give me direct access. When I slipped that dildo into your pussy and covered my dick with the lubricant I was amazed at how open you were to this encounter. With the head of my dick completely lubed I gave a small squirt to your ass for good measure. Trying to go slow on the entry, as my dick entered your ass I was shocked as you moved straight back to take the entire length in one slick motion. canlı bahis siteleri As my balls were flattened against your bottom you began one of the most erotic and sensual movements that I have ever experienced. With my dick buried to the hilt in that hot, tight ass you began to gyrate your hips and move back and forth at the same time so that my dick was being milked by your ass. When your orgasm hit, it was one of the most mind-blowing feelings that I have ever experienced. As I felt the pressure building in my balls and with the head of my dick feeling like it would explode, I pulled out just as my own orgasm began and sprayed spurt after spurt of hot white cum all over your back until I was spent. Sensing that you were still wanting more I settled back and began stroking that dildo in and out of your pussy until you had another orgasm and fell to your stomach with the dildo still inside.

As we caught our breath and laid there basking in a wonderful afterglow I couldn’t help but think what a lucky man I am at 51 to have such a hot, sensual and wonderful wife of 52. I’m hoping that we can repeat this sometime in the near future, maybe this time in an out of town hotel where you won’t have to hide your screams in a pillow to keep from waking our daughter. I love you with all of my heart!

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