Subject: Tales of a Young Slutboy 2 Inside Dr. Young’s small, cozy office at the mental health clinic, he attempted a sympathetic smile. “How does it make you feel to have seduced your grandfather, Geoff?” I didn’t know how to answer that. I couldn’t even look my husband in the eye as he sat on my right side, even though he still held my hand for support. Would our sons follow my footsteps? Their burning curiosities really did worry me. And little had I known how much my life would change once I experienced life in the so-called safe haven… *** I woke up naked on a Sunday in my tiny, dull room that had just a twin bed, a wooden dresser, and a small window. It was more like a walk-in closet. My old room was much bigger, which had spoiled me. I was eighteen today. I’d been here for more years than I wanted to remember. I really was a prisoner, shut out from the world and especially shut out from any sexual activity. But Grandpa had guaranteed freedom, which I immediately looked forward to. He hadn’t specified what, though. Neither of my parents had wanted to see me the whole time I’d been here, not that I could blame them after my shocking actions. But what about Guy? I still thought about him every day, and I hadn’t seen him since before living here. I missed my little brother so much. I missed him more than ever now that I’d lost contact with him. He was sixteen now. Did he look different now? The door opened and closed, and Grandpa approached me, naked as well. He stood by my bed and gave me a look I’d never seen before, his face and body always making me hard. Despite being well in his sixties and fully gray-haired, he was hot. His brown eyes also seemed full of desire. Was he…horny? His big dick was rising, so he must’ve been. And it made me hard too. “Good morning, Geoff. There’s a reason I needed to wait until your eighteenth birthday. I’ve wanted you for a long time but couldn’t do anything about it. Now, I can.” I’d wanted Grandpa too, and I understood his concern. I’d jerked off many times, but going without sex had driven me crazy. I hated living here because of being trapped. Could my life change again but for the better? Still, I felt hornier now, and istanbul travesti I was hopeful I could have my guaranteed freedom. I scooted closer to Grandpa and turned on my side. I groped his big dick, trying to jerk him off, naturally picking up where we’d left off years ago. Then again, I’d tried to seduce him multiple times while living here, but he’d resisted every time. No more. Now, he no longer fought my motioning hand. He clearly needed this. He formed a horny smile. “I haven’t been with anyone in so long.” “I find that hard to believe with as hot as you are.” “That’s not the problem. I like boys, Geoff. They’re not easy to find. But I’d never touch any of them. So, twinks will do. And you do look young, so that helps.” I wasn’t sure what to react to that. It wasn’t something I’d expected him to admit. He could have any man he wanted, yet he didn’t want them. But I was so horny that my mind was filthy, and I didn’t care about anything but sex. It always was whenever I felt this way. I looked up at Grandpa and smiled. “Tell me something real dirty and nasty.” Then, I leaned closer and started sucking his dick. “Oh, Geoff…” I bobbed my head and almost deepthroated him, but I couldn’t yet. It was one of the things I’d been wanting to master so that I could be a good porn star. Brandon and I had had so much sex and had done every act together, including me being a top. But like Grandpa, he had a big dick that wasn’t easy to devour properly. How was Brandon these days, anyway? I’d never really loved him, but I’d missed him at first when I’d started living here. He was well in his twenties. Was he still hot and dirty-minded? I’d never see him again, my hot (open) boyfriend. Well, ex, now that we’d been forced to break up. Grandpa sighed, rubbing the back of my head. “My sperm is poison.” I stopped and looked at him. “Why do you say that?” I continued sucking him off. It took him a moment, his fingers reaching for my longish, brown hair to play with it. Horny breaths came out of him the longer I sucked him off. “I fucked your father and uncles many years ago.” My eyes bulged, but I didn’t stop sucking. I’d never expected to hear that! I could’ve kadıköy travesti used that new info to my advantage with a little seduction years ago, and some blackmail if rejected. It was why Brandon and I had been open because he’d wanted to witness real incest, no matter from who. I could’ve finally shown him. “Your father and his brothers seduced me when they were around your age. Now you turned out the same. I only hope Guy won’t follow your footsteps because he’s still so innocent right now, and young.” Guy…my heart… “And you’ll see him soon enough. Just keep servicing me right now. Don’t stop.” I didn’t say a word, and instead, kept sucking Grandpa. But then, I got up and pushed him on the bed, his big dick still fully erect as he sat. I climbed on his lap and slowly eased his dick inside my little hole. I ignored the twinge of pain from going so long without sex and started riding him. “Fuck me like a slut, Grandpa.” But despite being horny, I knew I had to be extra nice to see Guy. Grandpa had proven he was in control. He looked so hungry for me, his eyes locking with mine. He stroked my cheek. “You were so innocent, boy.” I kissed his fingers and sucked one of them, smiling. I stroked my dick while my skinny and small butt bounced on him. I didn’t want to think about anything but the pleasure. Grandpa thrust into me while holding onto my waist, grunting. “I’m fucking you, Geoff…” “You are, and I love it already.” I stroked faster, the climax getting close to hitting me. He thrust harder into me and clenched his teeth, groaning. “Fuck!” He slowed down but gave me a few final poundings as he came inside me. Already? Still, I breathed hard and shot all over his chest in watery squirts, the ecstasy temporarily numbing my mind and making my body quiver. Spent, I leaned closer and kissed his lips, our tongues wrapping around for a long make-out. Then, I grinned and remained on his lap. “I’m going to find a way to get Daddy and his brothers to fuck me one day.” Grandpa managed a smile. “You don’t have to try. Welcome to the family fuck club, Geoff. Now that you’re an adult, you’re officially a member.” I lifted my eyebrows. “Really? bakırköy travesti That’s the club you mentioned?” “Yeah. I just needed to make sure I didn’t influence you. But you naturally want this like a true slutboy. You’re more than capable of handling all of us, including a few of your cousins.” “When did this start?” “My grandfather in Germany. And I’m flying my father here soon for a little visit. I want you to meet him.” I chuckled. “Isn’t he, like, a hundred?” “Eighty. But I don’t think you care. You’re a slutboy, remember?” I kissed him again and smiled. “I love sex, Grandpa. I’m always so horny.” “I know, boy. And you’ll get all the dicks you want, family only. But leave Guy out of this. Don’t influence him, okay? Let him be the exception.” Guy… “When will I see him?” “Very soon. I promise.” I couldn’t wait. Grandpa was right, though. I didn’t think I wanted him to be a part of this club. “But what if he continues being curious? He’s been asking way too many questions.” “Let him ask. But he’s a sweet boy. Don’t poison him, please.” I smirked. “Do you…like him?” Grandpa shrugged. “Maybe I do. I told you I like boys, even though he’s getting older. But he hasn’t had much development yet, so he looks even younger than you. And he’s a little plump with a cute bubble butt, my favorite type.” God, Grandpa was a horny old man! “As much as I still love fucking sluts, I’ve always had my heart for Guy. And because of that, I might still want him even after he’s an adult, which is rare for me. But he’s still like a boy, you know?” Oh, Guy… no… “Your father doesn’t know how to love like I do. He just fucks like a wild beast, which is why I’m protecting Guy in case your father gets hungry and wants him too. I have a secret camera to make sure your father doesn’t touch him. That little boy’s mine because only Grandpa can give him the love he needs, and I’ll fight anyone off who tries to poison his innocence.” It sounded like Grandpa was just as much of a hungry wolf for my little brother as Dad and maybe anyone else was. Maybe I was the one who needed to protect Guy instead. Truthfully, I didn’t want him to follow my footsteps. This was my life, my choice, the way I was meant to be. But Guy should be Guy, no one else. He really was innocent despite his curious questions. And I’d make sure he didn’t get ess (c)2021, Rod Rey. A.R.R. Please donate to Nifty!

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