Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 04

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In this chapter, our fun loving characters find more erotic adventures…and it looks like they’re going into business!!


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Playin’ With The Big Boys

Scene Four

Takin’ Care Of Business

Marta woke up early the next morning, and climbed out of her bed as quietly as she could. Sarah, Pia and Bobby were sprawled across each other, and she just barely kept from laughing as she squirmed out from under them.

Going down to the kitchen, she started a pot of coffee and called her broker. She wasn’t surprised when he answered the phone on the first ring at six thirty in the morning on a Saturday, they often did business even earlier than that.

She told him that she wanted to rent the spaces on either side of the kid’s boutique, and wanted the deal closed no later than noon that day, because she also wanted to get crews started working on them as early as possible.

Her broker didn’t see any problems getting that done, then he told her that the shopping center the shops were located in was up for sale, and that he had been meaning to speak to her about it. He said he was just waiting for the price to come down a little more.

Marta laughed as she poured a cup of coffee. She told him that she had been looking at the property, and to put in a lowball offer, but to add that she would pay the full asking price as of close of business Friday, if they could close the deal on Monday.

Her broker, Chris Swift, caught her off guard when he said, “Marta, I usually don’t ask, but can I get a piece of this action? You’re a money making machine, and I need to invest all the commissions I’m making off you somewhere. You’re the safest thing I’ve seen in years.”

“That all depends on how much action you have to offer me, Chris.” She purred into the phone.

“How’s six mill sound?” he said, his voice tense.

“Not quite the kind of action I’m looking for, Chris. I can get money anywhere.” She laughed. “I want you to think hard before you answer, big boy. I want you to put something meaty on the table. Something that I’d really want to take a bite out of. You got anything like that, Chris? I think you do.”

“Eleven and a half inches is the best I can do, Marta.” He panted. “I’ve thought about offering you that deal too, but I didn’t want to fuck up our relationship.”

“You should have, Chris. You can’t fuck up money, honey” She said huskily. “I would have jumped all over a deal like that. I’d probably still be sitting on it. But tell me, are you handling that particular asset right now, while we’re talking about it?”

“Ye…yeah.” He grunted, “and I’m thinking about closing on it…soon.”

“Go ahead.” She breathed into the phone. “Shoot some ideas out for me. Just spit out whatever comes up. I’m sure it’s just the kind of juicy deal I’d want a taste of, maybe get into me…my holdings, I mean.”

“Oh shit…Goddamn, Marta! I…Awwww fuck!” He groaned as he started cumming.

“I’ll be in your office with my girlfriend at nine, Monday morning, Chris.” She laughed. “Fuck a handshake, or a handjob. We’re gonna seal this deal with a kiss. Right on that big ol’ cock! Call me when you hear something. Kisses!”

She hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair, laughing.

“So who’s Chris, and why are we going to suck his dick on Monday morning?” Sarah asked as she came in the kitchen.

“My broker. I’m renting the spaces on either side of the shop today, and we’re gonna buy the whole property next week.” She said, holding out her coffee cup. “Get me a refill, would you baby? I don’t feel like getting up.”

She stretched, then put her feet up on the table. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. But he’s been good for me, and I think it’s time I rewarded him for his efforts. Besides, he’s kind cute. How much of that did you hear, anyway?”

“I came in on, ‘Not the kind of action I’m looking for’.” Sarah laughed as she poured them both a cup of coffee. “You talked him off talking about money and real estate. I’m impressed.”

“Three sugars and lots a cream please.” Marta said, waving the cup away. “He’s easy, he’s been wanting to fuck me for a while. Just wait till he sees those big titties of yours. He’s gonna go apeshit!”

“I heard that part too. I thought that was kewl.” Sarah said as sat her cup in front of her. “You use heavy whipping cream in your coffee? Two words, honey. Fat grams!”

“Be honest, do I look like I need to worry about a few extra calories?” Marta laughed. “I’ve actually been thinking about putting on ten or fifteen pounds. I think I’d look good!”

“I think you’d look good too!” Pia said, coming in and throwing her leg over Marta, sitting on her lap facing her. She buried her face in her neck as she hugged her. “I love you Momma Marta.”

Marta’s eyes went wide as they started to go over backwards. They would have fallen if Sarah hadn’t grabbed her feet and held them down.

“I love you too sweet Pia!” Marta bursa escort laughed as she dropped her feet to the floor. “I’m glad you kids are gonna move in with me. We can get you a place of your own if you want, But getting you out of that dump you were in is the most important thing. It wasn’t safe there!”

“I know, but Bobby liked it there.” Pia whispered. “He’s like that. He takes risks. Not with the stores, but…I dunno. It’s like he has to prove himself.”

“Well, I know one way he can prove himself!” Sarah said as she stood up. “Can you two find something to entertain yourselves with for a little while? I want to go have a little head to head with little big man.”

“No problem.” Marta laughed as she stood up, lifting Pia easily in her arms. “She’s already asleep again.” She smiled at Sarah. “Which head were you planning on chatting with?”

* * * * *

Sarah crawled up on the bed and pulled the sheets down off of Bobby. She still couldn’t believe the size of the cock on him. It was draped across his leg at the moment, and even soft, it was almost eleven inches long.

She lifted it gently, holding it just above the root. The heavy cockshaft fell across the back of her hand, and she started squeezing it rhythmically, gently contracting and releasing the pressure of her fingers.

Bobby snorted, and shifted in his sleep, but didn’t wake up. His cock did, it started to harden slowly as she kept up her steady squeezing around the root. As it started to lift off the back of her hand, she wrapped her other hand around it, just under the bisected head. Her fingers formed another loose ring, and she began moving his heavy foreskin up over the huge knob of his cock, then pulling it down slowly.

When she saw his piss hole start to weep pearly droplets of pre-cum, she moved his foreskin up, stopping when it formed a fleshy circle around his piss hole. Working her other hand up the shaft slowly, she let the sticky pre-cum form a puddle in the fleshy pool formed by the opening of soft flesh by his foreskin.

Looking up at his face, checking to see if he was waking, she got up on her knees and brought her head down over his cock. It was half hard, and had thickened to the point that her fingers no longer touched around it, but it had only grown an inch or so in length. She looked down at the wide, winking eye of his piss hole, then dipped her tongue into the shiny puddle of pre-cum she had captured.

She moaned softly at the first taste of his cum, then pressed her lips onto the tip of his cock and sucked the rest of the sticky jizz into her mouth, swishing it around with her tongue. Tightening her grip at the base of his cock, she started moving his foreskin again, letting it ride up over her tongue as she ran it in slow circles around the shiny skin of his glans.

Bobby moaned in his sleep, and his hips moved, just a jerk or a twitch at first, then a more regular humping motion as his cock sought out more of the delightful stimulation. Sarah opened her lips wider, pressing her head down, letting the top half of his cockhead slip in and out of her mouth as she massaged his foreskin into the flaring rim of his cock with her fingers.

He groaned, shifting in his sleep again, and his hand moved toward her. She dodged it easily as she drooled heavily onto his rapidly swelling cockknob. Her mouth moved down, and she let her lips close under the rim, twisting her head in slow semi-circles as she lashed her tongue into his weeping piss slit.

Her hands started moving faster over his stiffening prickstalk, and she marveled at how quickly it was growing in length. There was eight inches of meat between her hands now, and she started pumping them up and down at each other, the skin on his cock drawing tight at both ends, keeping them from touching.

Grunting and snorting, his body moving unconsciously, Bobby started fucking up at her mouth, and she welcomed the invasion of his meaty cockstalk, pushing her head down as his hips moved up toward her. His hand brushed her hair again as it sought control of the teasing temptress sucking him off in his dreams.

Sarah pulled her mouth off his now stone hard cock, staring down at it as she let spit drool from her pursed lips, massaging it into the top third of his cock with both hands. Soft, lazy strokes of her hands made him twitch and jerk, and she watched his face as she let more spit pour out of her mouth, drenching the head of his cock. When she saw his eyelids flutter, she released her grip on his cock, and threw one leg over him, straddling his stomach.

She sat up much higher on him than she did with other men, and as she leaned down, reaching between her legs, she had to scoot up a little higher, to get his apple sized cockknob lined up with the opening of her pussy. Getting him inside her was easily accomplished, he had stretched her out the night before. Whimpering slightly as he stretched the tender flesh of her pussy again, she pushed down, taking more of him inside.

Bobby’s bursa escort bayan hands came down on her ass, and he pulled her down as his hips jerked up at her. She raised up, moving with him, keeping his pulsing cockhead lodged securely inside her. She leaned over him, her lips brushing his ear.

“Shhhhhhh. Don’t move, let me do it.” She whispered, her hot breath tickling the hairs on his ear. “That’s a good boy, Bobby. Let Momma Sarah fuck you. Just let her make you feel good. Will you do that for me?”

Bobby nodded, his eyes finally opening in the dimly lit room, and he looked up at her, his whole face lighting up even before he smiled.

“You are so beautiful. You’re like a perfect little doll, and all I want to do is play with you, and show you off to all my friends.” She said huskily as she pressed down harder, taking in almost a third of his cock before she started moving back up toward the top. “Is that wrong of me? That I just want to possess you? I feel the same way about Pia. So does Marta.”

Bobby shook his head as he looked up at her, his smile growing wider. “I like it.” He said softly. “Most people laugh at us.”

“We love you. You feel that don’t you?” She moaned as she pushed down, forcing herself to take in more of his oversized cock. “Help me, Bobby. I can’t take anymore by myself. I want to feel you filling me, stretching me, making you part of me.”

Bobby pulled down on her hips as he arched his hips up at her. Sarah gasped as another inch if his thick cockstalk slid into her. He pulled her down harder, and he felt the head of his cock hit the opening of her cervix, and he backed off, easing his cock out of her.

“Nooooooo.” She whimpered as she felt him pulling out of her. She pushed her hips down, trying to get him back inside her.

“Shhhhhh, now you let me.” He said softly as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him. He pushed his cock back up, feeding her six inches of his throbbing cock meat, then pulled out till just the head was inside her. He fucked her like that, just feeding it into her with slow, lazy strokes. “Let it get wet. Your pussy feels so good sucking on my cock. I want to cum every time I stroke it in or out.”

“M…more?” She panted as she worked her ass in slow circles. “Please? I can take more. I want it.”

“Slow, you’re almost ready Momma Sarah. I can’t give you more till you’re ready. I don’t want to hurt you. And you know you don’t have to take all of it for it to feel good.”

He pushed his ass up at her as she ground down on him, and ten inches of throbbing cock meat plowed into her quivering pussy tunnel, making her gasp.

“Oh god!” She panted, writhing on top of him, her pussy spasming wildly. “More? Please baby? Please, can Momma Sarah have more of you big beautiful cock?”

“Move with me.” He grunted in her ear as he started moving his hips faster, pulling on her ass as he drove his cock up into her. He stroked deeper, his breath rushing harshly in her ear as he fucked up into her, feeding her more of his cock with every stroke.

Sarah whimpered when she felt the fat head of his cock pressing nonstop against the opening of her cervix, forcing the knotted bump off to the side and stretching the top of her pussy out of shape. She started to cum, and she jerked down on him, making a sunburst of pain explode behind her eyes. She jerked down again, and another blast of pleasure pain exploded in her pussy, spreading out through her groin like liquid fire.

“Don’t.” He said softly. “You don’t have to. Let me make you feel good, please Momma?”

“Cu…cumming. Cumming on you, my baby Bobby. Oh god, it’s so good.” She whispered, her body shaking and shivering on top of him.

Bobby pulled back, keeping just the top third of his cock in her, and started slamming his ass up and down at her, driving his cock in and out of her in short, frantic strokes. Sarah felt his cock throbbing wildly inside her, and she squeezed her cunt muscles around his plunging cock meat, making her already glove tight pussy even tighter around him.

“Oh shit!” He grunted as he felt his balls twitch, then contract sharply. “I’m sorry Momma, oh god, I’m so sorry.” He groaned as he felt his cum rushing up the long, twitching shaft of his cock.

“Oh god!” Sarah screamed as she felt the first hot spurts of cum burst into her, flooding her pussy with scalding jets of molten jizz. “Do it, baby! Cum in Momma! I want it! Oh god, I want it so bad!”

She humped down of him, his cock sloshing through the thick spunk filling her inner depths, and she screamed again as his cockknob beat at the mouth of her womb. She humped down at him madly, almost mindlessly, and Bobby held onto her as his hips jerked up at her wildly.

They writhed and rolled across the bed, and Sarah found herself looking up at him suddenly. Her legs slithered around him of their own accord, her heels hooking under his ass as she started rocking up at him, pulling him into her with rough, bone escort bursa jarring plunges.

Sarah’s eyes rolled up in her head as she wriggled and squirmed under him, taking as much of his enormous cock meat into her clenching cunt channel as she could on every stroke. His balls were slapping against her ass as his cock bottomed out inside her again and again.

Bobby groaned as her tight, sucking pussy pulled the cum up from his balls, milking and spasming around his throbbing, driving prickshaft. He held her tightly, clinging to her as she moved under him, his face buried in her neck as he kept blasting load after steaming load into her.

He collapsed on top of her, and she moved him on her, her hands and legs rocking his small body easily on her. She finally relaxed under him, pulling him tight against her, and into her, both of them gasping and panting as they fought for breath.

They lay together as they caught their breath, then Bobby started to move off of her.

“No, not yet. Please? I like it when you lay on me.” She whispered. She kissed him lightly, planting kisses all over his face and neck, not stopping till he started to wriggle and laugh, trying to get away from her.

“Come back. I’ll be good. I promise.” She said, running her hands up and down over him gently. “I have something I want to talk to you about.”

She looked up at him as he raised up, resting his arms on her chest. “I want you to know, that I didn’t use sex to soften you up for what I want to talk to you about.” She said seriously. Then she grinned. “I just used you for sex.”

He laughed with her, then smiled down at her. “I think I know what you want to talk to me about.”

“What? Tell me.” She said, pinching his asscheeks, making him squirm so his cock shifted around inside her. “Oh god, you beautiful boy! That’s feels wonderful. Just having you inside me feels so good.”

“You want us to live with Momma Marta. Me and Pia.” he said softly.

“Yes. Or you can come live with me if you want.” She said. “But you can’t stay where you are. And I think you know that.”

He nodded. “I know, it scares Pia. I know she doesn’t like it there, but we haven’t had the money. I want to take car…”

“Shhhhhh. Listen to me.” She said softly. “Marta and I both have money. More money than we’ll ever be able to use. We’re not offering charity, we expect something in return. Would you like to hear what it is? I can tell you, or we can go downstairs and we can lay out what we have in mind together.”

“Let’s go downstairs. I’m hungry. And I have to pee.” He laughed.

“Awwwww! And here I thought you were getting hard again because you wanted to fuck me! You little tease!” She laughed, pushing him off of her, her fingers flying over his belly, making him curl up in a ball, laughing wildly.

“Never. And I mean never, tell anyone that you’re ticklish.” She laughed as she sprawled on top of him. “That’s just asking for trouble!”

“Okay, okay.” He panted. “I give up…and if you don’t stop, I really am going to pee!”

“Alright. Go pee, then come downstairs. I think there’s an extra robe in the bathroom.” She said as she got off the bed. “Coffee is already made, and I’ll start breakfast.”

* * * * *

Sarah had to wake Marta and Pia up, they had fallen asleep in the guest room. By the time she got back to the kitchen, Bobby was standing at the counter pouring a cup of coffee. He was wearing a thick terry cloth robe that came down passed his ankles, and she couldn’t resist going up behind him, giving him a quick hug.

Bobby went over and sat at the table when she released him, and Sarah started pulling pans out, sitting them on the counter. She went over to the fridge, laughing when she looked inside.

Pia came in and sat down next to Bobby, picking up his coffee cup and taking a big sip from it. “Mmmmmmm, good coffee.” She said, laying her head on his shoulder.

Marta came over and hugged Sarah, kissing her lightly. “What’s so funny?” She asked, holding her hips lightly, grinding herself against her.

“Looks like we have a change of plans. We’re going out for breakfast! There’s nothing in the fridge!” She laughed. “Everybody find a shower, double up if you have to, but no fucking! Me and Bobby are hungry, and we have a lot to do today!”

“Awwwww, you’re no fun! You already did it with Bobby!” She laughed. “What do you care if me and Pia are horny?”

“I’m hungry.” Pia said, her hand moving up and down in Bobby’s lap.

Sarah and Marta came over, looking at them. Bobby looked up, grinning shyly. “She does that. It’s her favorite toy.”

“I can see why. That’s some toy!” Marta laughed. “Can she shower with you? Or do I have to take her with me?”

“I’ll take Pia. Bobby, would you slip Momma Marta a little meat in the shower?” Sarah said, trying to look serious, but failing miserably. “Nothing serious. Just something to take the edge off. I’d really appreciate it.”

“So would I!” Marta giggled. “Come on, big boy. Momma needs some lovin’!”

* * * * *

An hour later, they were sitting in a booth of a local breakfast buffet, laughing as they fed each other, and grabbed food off each others plates.

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