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talking yo NigelnigeblueHello My Worthless Whore Deedraa glad that you have been a anal slut for those Nasty Italians hope that your arse was filled with nice cum and that your arse gaped nice afterwards just like a Worthless Whore’s arse should your Nigel would enjoy being nasty with your arse so much would open it up and cum and piss into it hope that makes you feel so Worthless and a Used Whore as well. Glad that you want to be a Bitch as well for your Turkish friends tell your Nigel all about hope that you got so used by them. Love and Kisses to My Worthless Whore Deedraa from your Nigel.2:49 pm, June 26 deedraaMy Nigel,I was in Italy last week. Used by some rich Italians. I love Italians because they are good and nasty (anal) fuckers. Now I’m in Ankara doing a job as a bitch for Turkish friends.10:41 am, June 18 nigeblueHello My Lovely Worthless Whore Deedraa, well how is My Worthless Whore after the weekend hope that your used cunt was treated good and that is was well fucked and cum on so that you felt like a Worthless Whore your Nigel would have loved fucking and cumming on it and slapping and whipping it s well would make it so sore and abused but would like My Worthless Whore wanting and telling me to abuse it so much and so good as well hope that make you feel so good knowing that your Nigel would do that. Love and Kisses to My Worthless Whore Deedraa from Her Nigel2:32 pm, June 15 nigeblueHello My Worthless Whore Deedraa nice seeing you hope that last message has made you feel nice and made you realise what a Fucking Good Worthless Whore that you are and always will be. Kisses to My Worthless Whore Deedraa from your Nigel12:36 pm, June 15 nigeblueHello My Worthless Whore Deedraa well hope you are good and wishing you a good weekend you Lovely Worthless Whore. Well My Worthless Whore your Nigel thinks that you ar a very good Worthless Whore and Cum Dump Slut your Nigel would make sure that you only had nice big cocks inside your well used cunt it would be so good seeing it filled so nice and stretched so good it would be so nice to fuck your cunt deep and hard and also fist your nice used cunt as well make it nice and sore and tretched. Your Nigel would enjoy r****g My Worthless Whore would tie My Worthless Whore up on a bed and whip and slap her cunt and tits so nice and make you take my cock down your throat would love throat fucking My Worthless Whore so much it would be so good making you feel and enjoy being treatd like that hope tempobet giriş that this messge make you feel nice and how a Worthleess Whore should feel and want. Love and Kisses for My Worthless Whore Deedraa from your Nigel.8:47 am, June 14 deedraaI don’t even feel those small cocks going inside my wide cunt. I need much more……….8:46 am, June 14 deedraaMy Nigel,Do you think I’m a good whore and cum dump slut? The last few days I’m only used by man who are sweet and have only small cocks. No **** at all……………. I feel so bad!your worthless whore; deedraa11:45 pm, June 13 nigeblueMy Lovely Cum Dump Deedraa your Nigel would so enjoy being the man that abused you so good would enjoy making all your holes gape open and be filled with cum piss and my fists as well would be so good to make My Worthless Cum Dump feel that she was being ****d would slap and spit on your face cunt and arse before pissing all over your used body as well hope that makes you feel so Worthless and so Used as well. Love Kisses and Pain for My Cum Dump Deedraa from your Nigel.5:16 pm, June 13 deedraaMy Nigel,I need to be abused by a real man like you are. A man who ****d me and spit on me……your cumdump; deedraa3:29 pm, June 13 nigeblueMy Bitch Slut Deedraa you really need your Nigel treating you so bad making your cunt and arse being fucked hard and deep but filled with hot cum and piss in all your holes you need to be abused so good. Would love to slap your cunt really hard to make your cunt and clit feel on fire from my hard slapping but would be finger fucking your arse hard as well hope that would feel so abused and worthless and turned on as well. Kisses to My Slut Bitch Deedraa from your Nigel9:37 am, June 13 deedraaNigel,I was not really abused the last day.Only a few guys who like to fuck me nicely and smooth.Very boring….It don’t turn me on.2:25 pm, June 12 nigebluewell how is My Worthless Bitch Slut Deedraa do hope that you have been nicely used and taken by many men since we last chatted know that My Bitch Slut wants and needs that so much hope it keeps happening and make you feeling so Worthless and a Dirty Cum Whore as well. Kisses to My Worthless Bitch Slut Deedraa from your Nigel4:05 pm, June 8 nigeblueMy Lovely Bitch Slut Deedraa glad that you wnat your Nigel letting you enjoy many men cumming and pissing over you yes want you feeling so worthless and so dirty as well Your Nigel would love to piss in your open mouth arse tempobet yeni giriş and cunt and then lick all your holes so nice and deep as well hope that makes you feel so good you Fucking Worthless Bitch Slut. Kisses and Licks for you My Worthless Bitch Slut Deedraa from your Nigel2:40 pm, June 8 deedraaSweet Nigel,How sweet to let many other man abuse me a a fuck, suck and piss whore. I know I’m no good. I’m worthless, old and dirty. That’s why I’m so happy to get any cocks and being a piss slut makes me so happy. Pee where you like. I love the attention, the disgrace.your whore and fuck slut;deedraa10:33 am, June 8 nigeblueMy Bitch Slut Deedraa glad you are a Dirty Whore want to fuck and **** all your nice used holes and fill them with cum and piss would enjoy slapping your tits cunt and face before forcing my cock into your mouth and cum and piss down your throat want you feeling degraded and worthless just like My Bitch Slut Whore should be treated want you feeling so used and abused and such a Fucking Dirty Whore as well hope that you would enjoy your Nigel doing all that to you and also pinching clipping and put weights on you tits and cunt lips make them so nicely abused and so nice and long as well want your cunt lips hanging down and so stretched before slapping your cunt so nice and hard make it feel on fire. Would love taking My Bitch Slut dogging to be used by many men as your Nigel watched you being used by them before he fucked your nicely cum filled holes as well and letting My Bitch Slut suck my cock so good as well with all that cum on it hope that would be good as well My Bitch Slut. Kisses and Pain for My Allmancunt Deedraa from your Nigel8:37 am, June 8 deedraaMy Nigel,I love to be spread wide all my holes open for abuse………, open for ****, open for piss……..I’m you dirty old whore!allmanscunt deedraa9:14 am, June 7 nigeblueMy Lovely Used Bitch Slut Deedraa would love to slap your used cunt so good make it burn and feel so hot but wet from my slapping would enjoy r****g your nice used cunt so much would fuck your cunt so hard and deep it would hurt and would be slapping your face as my cock went deep as well hope that pain would be so good for My Bitch Slut to enjoy make you have Pain and Pleasure that is what you need from your Nigel. Kisses and Pain for My Bitch Slut Deedraa from Her Nigel7:49 am, June 7 deedraaMy Nigel,I love to feel the pain. To feel my slapped cunt burning, to feel your cock tempobet güvenilirmi r****g me after that. Just to be your dirty bitch makes me so happy.Please hit me in my face while fucking my damaged cunt…….you dirty old used whore;deedraa11:39 pm, June 6 nigeblueyou know that your Nigel would enjoy making you feel so Used and Abused he would do anything that made you feel like that Kisses10:09 pm, June 6 nigeblueMy Used Bitch Slut Deedraa your Nigel would love to slap your cunt with a nice whip and make it feel so hot and so red too would love to hear My Bitch Slut begging for your Nigel to make you feel so Worthless and Used too hope that makes you so good and so horny as well. Yours in Pain and Pleasure from your Nigel My Used Bitch Slut Deedraa5:33 pm, June 6 deedraaMy Nigel,I’m so happy you slap me and make my cunt lips that large. Hit me hard please make me horny just by slapping me as a dirty old bitch2:10 pm, June 5 nigeblueMy Used Bitch and Slut Deedraa your Nigel is glad that your nice used body is mine love that with your want your holes to be so nice used and gaping would love my cock and fingers up them together but would love to fist your nice used cunt as well make it gape so wide. Would love make your cow cunt lips hang down from the weights stretching and then to slap your clit with my hands and pinch it so hard as well make you enjoy the pain through your clit and cunt would then love to then rub your clit so hard to make you cum My Used Bitch Slut do hope that you like how your Nigel wants to abuse your Used body. Yours in Pain and Pleasure My Used Bitch Slut Deedraa from your Nigel11:56 am, June 5 deedraaMy hot horny Nigel,I love to be abused. Stretch my cunt lips as far as you can by weights and hit my clit hard so I will come. Abuse makes me so horny. My body is yours……..Your used bitch and slut12:04 am, June 5 nigeblueMy Lovely Bitch Deedraa so glad that this man turns you on and will enjoy abusing you as well your Lovely Used body needs to be abused so good and this man will keep doing it s well. Would love to clip your nipples and cunt lips and hang weights from them and then slap your arse nice and hard but would enjoy opening your legs up as well and as the weight stretch your cunt lips will slap your cunt with my hands as well hope that you will enjoy the nice abuse like that and having yuor nipples pulled so hard as well Kisses to you My Bitch Deedraa from your Nigel5:09 pm, June 4 deedraaHot Nigel,You turn me on. It is so hot to be used and abused by a man like you. My worthless old body needs any attention. Pain is better then no attention. You know I like to be a dirty old bitch. The only use I need is that I get your abuse. I need to be shouted and spit at!bitch deedraa

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