Taming Jenny Ch. 01


Jenny, young, attractive, intelligent and above all untamable, or so she claimed. I’d met Jenny on the train home from work. She was sweet and fun to talk to. She took my mind off the hour long commute and added a little bit of fun into my otherwise dreary day. I remember our first meeting, how she’d sat down beside me on the crowded train and just began chatting to me as though I was some long lost friend. She won me over from the word go.

She was two years younger than me, an enthusiastic 23 year old go getter who was out seeking her fame and fortune. Her fiery red shoulder length hair framed her perfect little features. A cute button nose, decorated with nose stud, deep blue eyes and full red lips. She was 5″7, slim but with curves in all the right places and clothes that really showed those curves off. Too many times she’d worn a tight little t-shirt that clung to her generously sized breasts leaving little to my imagination. Some journeys home felt like agony, leaving me aching for her.

She knew I wanted her. She knew from the way I couldn’t take my eyes off her, from the erection I would attempt to hide behind my briefcase, so many ways she knew. I still remember the first time…

First Time

I was sat next to Jenny on the train home from work on a Friday evening. Once again she was teasing me about my profession, she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend their days working in an office managing a team. She looked great today, her little top once again left little to my imagination and the mini skirt she wore was more a belt than anything else.

“I know what you’re thinking.” She said.

I looked at her suspiciously, noticing the wicked grin that had crossed her face. If she really knew what I was thinking she would run a mile. As soon as I’d seen her step onto the train my thoughts had lowered themselves into the gutter and struggled to find a way out.

“You’re a mind reader now are you?” I asked playfully.

“Of course, didn’t I tell you?”

“Go on then, what am I thinking right now?” I asked.

She smiled her wicked smile and leaned in close to me. I could feel her breath against kağıthane escort my ear as she whispered into it, the warmth of her caused my blood to stir.

“You’re thinking about all those naughty little things you’d like to do to me.’ She began. “And all those naughty little things you’d like me to do to you.”

I was speechless. I sat in silence for a moment not daring to move. I could feel myself harden and grabbed my briefcase hoping to hide myself before she could notice. Before I got the chance Jenny grabbed my wrist, holding it where it was.

“Don’t hide it, I like it.” She purred into my ear.

She removed her hand from my wrist and placed it on my thigh. Her fingers traced the inside of my thigh lightly, subtly so no one else around us could see.

“What are you doing?” I whispered back to her, turning to face her.

Her eyes stared into mine. Her lips curved and the look she gave me was enough to win me over for eternity. I could feel her fingers slowly working their way higher up my thigh, tracing flames across my skin.

“Jenny, people will see!” I argued.

She laughed lightly at my attempt to fight her. My willpower was spent. She had me, hook, line and sinker. I was hers.

“Come on.” She said, standing up and walking away from me.

I was shocked for a moment but sprang to my feet, forgetting the bulge in my trousers but not caring. I followed Jenny down the aisle of the train and stopped beside her. We waited patiently side by side in front of the automated doors as the train pulled into the next station, our hands so close together that I could almost feel electricity jumping between them.

They finally hissed open, setting us free. We hurried from the train out onto the platform. Jenny once again took the lead allowing me a glimpse of her gorgeous ass in her tight little mini skirt. Her hips were magnificent, her slender body curved out at the hips giving her a marvelous hour glass figure.

“Give me 30 seconds.” Jenny began. “Then come in after me.”

I wasn’t sure what she was on about at first but then I saw her disappear sarıyer escort into the ladies toilets. I was shocked and nervous. It was relatively quiet at this time of the evening and we’d hopped off at a very quiet station, but still my nerves were already getting the better of me.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching then slipped into the toilets after Jenny. The lights were dim and a row of 6 cubicles lined each wall.

“Jenny?” I whispered, my voice aching.

A door to my right popped open revealing Jenny standing there, smiling her wicked smile at me. I watched her disappear back into the cubicle and quickly joined her.

“Are you mad?” I demanded, struggling to keep my voice below a whisper.

“We can go if you like.” She responded, stepping closer to me and running a hand across my chest. “I understand if you don’t want to do this.”

I attempted to reply but nothing came out. She took another step towards me, her gorgeous body pressing against me. I could feel my erection pressing through the fabric of my trousers and under her skirt. I looked down into Jenny’s eyes and saw a passion in them that I thought I might just drown in.

“I want you.” She whispered, sliding her knee along the outside of my leg.

One hand lowered to hold it where it was, the other found its way to the small of her back and pulled her in to me. Our lips met, tenderly at first but were soon lost to the tempest of desire that raged within us. Our tongues wrestled as our lips fought, our hands groped as our bodies swayed.

I felt her hand slide to my crotch, pulling the zip on my trousers down, she reached inside, taking my length in her hand.

“Happy to see me?” She asked, breaking from our kiss and shooting me a wink.

She gave me no chance to reply. It all happened so fast. She’d pulled me forward, my hard cock now free from its fabric prison. Her short skirt, hitched up around her waist no longer impeding my approach. I could feel her warmth, her wetness, her desire as I pressed against her. Her lips parted, letting out a low moan as I entered sefaköy escort her.

My shaft drove into her slowly causing her body to shiver. Electricity flowed through me, the excitement of the situation almost too much for me to handle. I withdrew slightly then thrust forward, driving deeper inside of her. Jenny’s lips pressed hungrily against mine as I began to rock my hips back and forth, pressing her body against the cubicle wall and supporting her knee.

Her moans came more readily, her hands exploring frantically over my torso. My cock ached with desire, the pleasure overwhelming me as I pressed against her. Her perfect little body, covered in a layer of sweat from the exertion, her chest heaved against me, calling to me. My free hand slid under her top exploring one of her breasts, my fingers closed around her nipple, gently stroking it.

“Sit down!” She commanded, pushing me off of her.

I obeyed, sitting down on the lid of the toilet, admiring her bare legs. In a swift motion Jenny was standing above me, her legs spread wide over my thighs. She placed her hands on both of my shoulders for support then lowered herself onto my waiting cock. We both moaned as her warmth engulfed me.

I almost lost control but I held on wanting to savor the moment. My hands tugged eagerly at her top, pulling it over her head to expose her beautiful breasts. They bounced as Jenny ground her hips against me, the tiny pink nipples tempting my lips. I lowered my lips towards her chest, flicking my tongue lightly against her left nipple then gently nibbling at it. Her arm snaked around my neck, her fingers closing around my hair and locking my head against her breasts.

I was trapped there in her embrace. It was almost suffocating but my will to fight was non existent as she rode me. My hips ached as she rocked against me, the warmth of her spilling out, wet against my thighs. I could hear her gasping now as she reached her climax and I knew I wasn’t far off.

Her body shook with pleasure, her fingers digging painfully into the back of my neck. The intensity of it was too much. I could feel it building inside of me, my muffled cries lost within her breasts as my cum flowed through my shaft and into her body. The warmth and heat had engulfed us both, our juices mixing together.

After a moment we both relaxed our grip on one another, almost collapsing in our exhaustion. I looked up into Jenny’s eyes and once again was at the mercy of her wicked grin. This was only the beginning.

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