TammyMy first time was with Tammy, Tammy was a short blonde big titted girl a couple of years younger than me. I was f*****N and she was T******n. We ran with a crowd of mutual friends and that is how I met her, she was a close friend of my buddies GF. We ran around our small town as often as possible, going to the movie theater, Having ice cream and burgers at the local A&W, and on weekend we went to the lake for swimming and fun in the sun so to speak, Well it started on a evening at the movie hall, don’t remember what was playing, we sat at the back of the theater, Tammy sat next to me, After the lights darkened for the start of the movie, I felt Tammy hand on my leg, being a young red blooded teen I put my arm around her shoulder and my hand d****d over her breast, as the movie continued I caressed her big boobs with my fingers through her shirt and bra, she continued to rub my leg and up to my crotch, of course this had the desired effect of my cock springing to life, she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rubbed up along the zipper line feeling my hard cock, I caressed her tits more aggressively feeling her nipple harden with arousal, I glanced around and to my relief saw other couples kissing or watching the movie and paying no mind to us, Now remember this was the early 70’s and our small town theater did not have the stadium seating of modern theaters, these were just rows of seats lined up on a slanting concrete floor. Anyway back to the tale, Well we petted throughout the movie keeping each other in a mild state of arousal then all to soon the credits were rolling and the light came back on, we left and were walking with our group of friends when Tammy said she had to get home, I said I would walk her there, our other friends headed to the burger joint and told them I would meet up after seeing Tammy home. As we walked the mile to her house, we passed the mobilbahis güvenilir mi park, I drew Tammy into the park to a group of trees that lined the small streem that flowed through town. I ask if she really need to get home so soon as it only 8:30 pm on a friday night, she said no she wanted to have some alone time with me. We started kissing and I opened her shirt and started caressing her tits through her bra, she un zipped my pants and reached in and started rubbing my cock bringing it back to life, , she told me to release her bra so we could have skin to skin contact, I fumbled with the catches as I was not keen on how the latches worked, Finally done I lifted her bra over the top of her magnificent boobs to reveal a great pair of firm breasts and nipples, at the time I had no idea on breast size but thinking back now he had to have at least a pair of 36′ probably in the C range at this time they were big and plenty for me, I kissed youwin and sucked her nipples as she undid my pants letting them fall to my ankles and pushing my shorts down below my balls so he could feel mu hard flesh, I undid her pants and pushed them along with her panties down and she stepped out of them we then lay on the grass she opened her legs and I fingered her hot pussy for a few moments then said she wanted me in her, I moved over on top and she guided my hard cock to her hot opening,Now I did know some about fucking as I saw a few pron movies and read a few pron mags, I slid forward and my cock entered her with no resistance, at the time I did not think of her cherry as I wanted to fuck so bad my balls ached, I rammed in fast and hard feeling her open for me, she groaned a little at first and said I was so big, I slammed into her a few dozen times her hips jerked to meet my thrusts, the wham, I started to cum, my hot seed exploding into her pussy, she groaned and stiffend than went limp as I finished and pulled out still hard, but satisfied, I ask if she was ok, she said yes, we the got dressed and continued to her house. I kissed her good night and ask if wanted to go out again the next night, she said she would….This was the start to a great year….More later

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