Tantric Pleasures

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Their romantic dinner finished, the couple returned to their hotel room, content in each other’s company. The night was still early so they curled up on the bed to watch some TV. He laid down, slightly propped up by the pillows so that Jess could rest her head along the side of his chest, her body curled against his side with one leg draped over his. She could feel his strong, steady heartbeat resonating through his torso while his deep, slow breaths bought a calm and comforting peace to their demeanour.

Absently, Mike began stroking Jess’ forearm, lightly brushing the tips of his fingers ever so gently across her skin. In long circular motions, his fingernails traced their journey over her skin, marvelling at her smooth, silky complexion. Jess let out a subtle purr signalling her content. Encouraged by her obvious appreciation, he let his fingers trail further up her arm, his nails lightly touching the arch of bicep before following down her tricep then down to her wrist.

Jess continued to purr and verbalise her pleasure, enjoying the sensual caress of her man’s fingers gently exploring her arm. Each stroke induced an electric tingle that travelled into the core of her body before then radiating out as a gentle glow. Mike’s touch now ventured up to her shoulder and she closed her eyes, soaking up the intoxicating sensations of his touch. As his hand circled her shoulder before travelling back down her arm, a soft moan escaped her lips. She was surprised by her reaction to his sweetly innocent touch.

Mike was also surprised to see Jess’ eyes close and the murmurs bubbling from her body. Her back was gently arching in time to his movements, pressing her breasts and thighs against his body. He was enjoying this! Her coos and whispers were totally unexpected. The change in her breathing, switching from long deep breaths to shallow intakes had his mind responding and he could feel his own body react in response. His breathing deepened and he was transfixed by her obvious pleasure. He wanted to cover her body with his exploratory trails, sensing her own desire to feel his touch. His desire to kiss her, taste her skin, taste her breasts was building but he held them at bay. Sensing her pleasures heightening, he controlled his touch allowing them to gradually explore, slowly and purposefully. Time melted away as a meaningless measure as they succumbed to the moment of now, consumed by the intoxicating elixir of their senses.

Now his fingers circled and explored the ridges and grooves of her shoulder, he gently trailed half way down her back, across to her other shoulder and up towards her neck, before returning to make a circle. On his second circle, as he reached the crevice between her shoulder blades, just at the base of her neck, he noted her sharp intake of breath and her own body quiver in response. Her spine stiffened as her hips pushed forward against his leg, ever bahis firmaları so gently, but just enough to confirm the sexual arousal building within her.

Jess, also felt her body stiffen when Mike’s fingers crossed the indent between her shoulders. A fleeting bolt of electricity would run down her spine before spreading to a heat of desire ballooning from her pelvis. She could feel the mixture of heat and moisture build in her panties and the desire to have her man touch her was mounting. His fingers, his mouth, his penis – any part of him would be satisfying to her. But the sensations, the electrical current, the sensual touch that created goosebumps over her whole body were consuming, so tantalising and erotic, she couldn’t break the spell that had her involuntarily responding as though she was already in the throes of foreplay. Instead, she sunk further into the moment, soaking up the tingles and sensations, willing his fingers to travel further along her body.

His fingers agreed, following the curve of her spine, to the base of her buttocks before circling to her side, travelling over her ribs and to the magical spot at the base of her neck. She could no longer hide her pleasure, rolling onto her belly and letting the moans of pleasure escape her open mouth. His hand travelled again down the full length of her spine and Jess allowed her body to fully succumb to its desire and respond. As Mikes hand travelled down her lower back, her hips arched gently before grinding into the mattress as he reached her buttocks, sending the electrical heat racing through her hips and pelvis.

Now the desire and tension was taking over her mind and she desperately wanted to feel his fingers play in her pussy while his hot breath and tongue explored her lips. But then, he would reach that point on her neck and shoulders again, building the desire and tension in her body even more. Each time she thought she would give in but then the heat and tingles now pulsing through her whole body with each circle were consuming her, washing her own body in an electrical pulse that she was both soothing yet hot, sensual yet lustful, calming yet insistent for more.

Now Jess was completely enthralled in the sensations of the activity. Her eyes remained shut while her mouth remained open, freely allowing the moans and cries of pleasure to escape. Her hips were grinding the bed in a rhythmical motion as her torso rocked and swayed in time to his caresses. Mike was completely awed, watching his woman’s reaction to his touch. It was like watching her during the throes of one of their deep and heady lovemaking sessions. Oh God, he wanted to taste her, to kiss her mouth and feel her wet tongue searching for his. To kiss and lick her neck, her breast, navel before sinking into the pleasure of her clit and pussy. Yet, watching her moan and move as though having sex while not even touching her sexually kaçak iddaa was so arousing, so moving, he remained transfixed and absorbed in pleasing every inch of her gorgeous body.

Jess could feel it too. He pants were now soaked and the heat was so intense, she had to fight not to touch her own pussy. Even though she now was so aroused and horny, she couldn’t break the spell. With every stroke, Mike sent a sensual tingle through her skin, down her spine, up through her neck and head and then returning to spread though her arms and legs. The pleasures was almost unbearable but also addictive – she wanted more. As his hand again travelled across her buttocks, Jess rolled over onto her back, exposing her breasts, the nipples already hard and erect. Without skipping a beat, Mike’s hand followed the curve of her body, tracing her breasts, down to her navel, stopping just above her panties and then travelling again.

Jess could barely contain herself. Her breath was shallow and rapid, punctuated by her constant moans of ecstasy. Her desire had fully consumed her and she was completely absorbed in the moment, blissfully unaware of her surroundings, only of Mike’s hand as it circled and teased, shocked and excited her soft skin.

Mike was also consumed. His body was screaming to cover her, to taste and explore her, to take her and make her orgasm wildly. His penis was hard, pulsing in time to her hips moving and circling as his hand traced across her belly. But the spell held him magically in place, keeping him marvelling at the fact that he was not touching her sexually, not teasing or using foreplay to illicit these responses. Yet there she was, stretched out gracefully beside him, her hips rocking and circling, her body arching, pressing her breasts up, her nipples hard and inviting to pop in his mouth. Her eyes closed, her mouth pursed open as she freely groaned and moaned without a care. It was as though they were succumbing to a heated sex session, except he hadn’t even gone down there!

The desire was building in him like a timebomb and he could barely contain his need to enter her, feel her rock and grind against him. His fingers continued their slow descent down her torso, over her navel, but this time he travelled down alongside her mound, down her inner thigh, just stopping in time before they slid under her undies. He could feel her heat, her wet undies and skin pressing towards him, pleading him to enter her. However, he couldn’t do it. The spell would be broken and he wouldn’t be able to watch her pleasure if he entered her body.

He traced back up her thigh, over her pelvis, skirting just along the edge, enjoying how she pushed forward while she moaned and whimpered. This was soo hot and exciting, he could feel his own body throbbing and reacting to her obvious pleasure. He could feel his own sexual tension build and the desire to ride her magnificent body kaçak bahis was almost too much. He felt his penis shudder as a little precum escaped his body.

Oh god, yes! She felt his hand reach down between her legs and willed him to touch her clit, her lips, anywhere down there – just touch me. But then his hand escaped and slid back up to her belly. She was on fire now, her pussy was throbbing and she could feel her clit swell in anticipation. Her body was so sexually charged now that she knew. As soon as she felt his skin give even the lightest touch to her vagina, she would sink into orgasm. It would take over her whole body, shake her every muscle, spreading a heat and warmth that would ride her for minutes.

Jess could feel her excitement and pleasure building in her body to a crescendo and she was amazed at her own feelings. She felt so sexy, so intoxicating. She felt as though she was in the midst of an amazing sexual encounter, without the sex. As her body moved and responded to the pulses and sensations travelling her entire body, she felt the pleasure build and crest in her body. She was consumed in the moment and the hunger, the need for him to touch her sexually was driving every sense of her being. She was aware of nothing around her, not even Mike’s response or his body lying beside her. All she was aware of was the fire raging through her body and the magical fingers that created such intense pleasure.

The heat travelling her body created a need in her that she craved to be touched more, all over her. Her left hand responded and she trailed her fingers along her tummy, entwining with Mike’s to travel along her side. Her hand then gently cupped her own breast as she played with her nipple. She briefly felt Mike’s penis rub against her hip, but then she was overcome again by his touch down her belly, across her mound and down her thigh before travelling back up. Each trip of his hand sent her on a crescendo of hunger and pleasure and she marvelled as she felt the blood course through her veins. She wondered how much longer she could handle this, only to ride yet another wave of pleasure with the circle route of his hand. Each route built the tension in her body and she now freely rocked and arched her body, completely consumed by her sexual pleasure.

Then it happened. He back arched as far as it could, her hips pressed hard into the mattress, he legs flexed and spasmed, her head thrown back as waves of pleasure caused her to moan and cry in excitement. The orgasm travelled up and down her body in waves, making her involuntarily arch and sink into the mattress as her body was washed in sensual pleasure.

Mike stopped. Watching her, mesmerised by the obvious pleasure and joy sweeping all over her body. He watched as she arched her back then sank into the mattress, moaning in time as her body rhythmically rode an invisible power coursing through her.

Gradually, her body slowed and she finally sank into the mattress, her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply, catching her breath. She opened her eyes and looked in his.

“Wow”, she exclaimed. “That was incredible”.

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