Tanya gets laid


Before I begin my story, let me introduce myself. I am Tanya, a thirty-five year old mother of a three-year-old Nina and very happily married to Andrew, my husband and partner of nine years. I live in Sydney, Australia and am professionally employed as a Workplace Trainer for an Accounting software firm. This requires me to travel extensively and be away from home for days at a time, which I couldn’t do without Andrew’s wonderful support.I stand five feet eight tall, with long dark hair and olive complexion courtesy of my Italian grandparents. I’m a dress size 10 and have been described as “statuesque” with a firm butt, narrow waist and 36C breasts. Men notice me.So here I am, away from home again, from Sunday afternoon until late Friday here in Mildura, a beautiful oasis city in the middle of a dry area on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. It’s Tuesday evening on what has been a pleasant warm day, not that I was able to enjoy the outdoors, having been doing one on one training with Accounting staff at their office.Accountants are often quoted as not the most exciting people and nights like this, I often bahis siteleri find myself agreeing with this, as I sit alone in this Motel restaurant thinking surely instead of the locals I’m here to train disappearing at 5pm instead of offering to share a drink or a meal with me.I’m not that adventurous with food or going out alone and on both Sunday and Monday evenings the meals here have been good, so why head out onto quiet dark streets in search of something else?It’s another quiet night in here, two elderly couples at one table having a few laughs and a single man of around forty who sits alone, like me, constantly checking his phone. He was here last night too, so I guess like me he is here in Mildura on business, especially given his smart check shirt and grey suit trousers.I dine on my local vegetarian lasagne and sip on my red wine and wonder how much longer I can continue in this job and the frequent absences from home. I miss Andrew having phoned them prior to dinner only makes the loneliness worse.Somehow, innocuously I make eye contact and he gives me a small smile from across the room. I canlı bahis siteleri politely smile back and go back to my meal.As I finish my meal, I stand to return to my room. As I do, the man across the room also does and approaches me.I look at him wondering his intention when he speaks. “Hello, forgive me for asking, but I can’t help noticing that you are like me here alone and was wondering if you would like to share a wine with me at the bar? I get so sick of sitting in my room on my travels.”I wasn’t sure what to say or think, so I let out a small laugh. Gathering my thoughts, I asked, “So are you trying to pick me up?”“No, no… I’m so sorry, I just thought that maybe like me you might enjoy a conversation with another human being instead of watching mind-numbing television or surfing the web. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”His look of horror at my reaction was so genuine, I couldn’t help but laugh again. “Well, I suppose a chat and a second glass of Shiraz does sound better than those brick feature walls in the room.”A broad smile came across his face and all he could say was “Thank you.” So canlı bahis we made our way across to the high backed bar stools and the table waitress came across to take our orders and pour our red.Our conversation flowed easily, surprisingly well in fact given that we are strangers. Like me, Dale, which he introduced himself as, travels away from home many times a year in his role as a Locum Dentist. He is also married, with three children and feels the boredom of working on the road, but says the money is too good to pass up and has less stress than running your own Practice.Two hours and three or four wines later, we are still there, when the waitress informs us they need to close, so we reluctantly finish our wines and head towards our rooms, still chatting. As we reach my room, I stop, getting my key from my handbag and realising that we’re at my room. He also pauses.I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know even which of us reached to kiss the other first or even why. The loneliness possibly. Next thing we know I am opening the door and he follows me in and we embrace again before we both fall onto the bed.This is the passion I remember when I was nineteen. The rush. The trembling with excitement and anticipation.My heels have fallen from my feet and Dale is pulling my tight denim jeans down, along with my sensible white cotton panties.

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