tanya rewarded

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tanya rewardedTanya knelt in the middle of the room rocking back on her haunches slightly stunned, struggling for breath. Cum. Cum coated her face. Cum dribbled from her mouth. Cum dripped from her chin. Cum. Cum slid down her forehead. Cum streaked her hair. She tasted cum. Breathed cum. Cum pooled in the cups of her pretty pink bra. Cum soaked her pink slip making it translucent. Cum.Cum blinded her. Trying to get a cum free breath she wondered who might still be in the room. The last Tanya had seen of Miss Candy, Miss Candy was sitting in Mr Hulls lap laughing happily at something he was whispering in Her ear while assorted men leisurely milled about their sissy whore on display, on her knees, waiting for their various sized cocks to be offered up for their slut gurlie-boi to suck. Cocks for sissy Tanya to lick. Fat cocks forced into the sluts mouth. Long cocks forced down the bitches throat. Cocks for Tanya to stroke. Cocks for Tanya to beg for. Cum spewing. Spunk gushing. Cocks. And cum the cocks did. There had been no hurry. Everyone had time. The little bitch Tanya wasn’t going anywhere, the slut was there for their cum and they gave it to her. Men fucked Tanya’s mouth filling it with their cum. Men fucked Tanya’s throat making her gag, coating pendik escort her tonsils with more creamy cum. Men casually spurted their massive loads of sticky gooey cum over slut Tanya’s face. Into her hair. While the little sissy slut Tanya choked and gurgled on massive volumes of cum the cameras flashed capturing her performance. Various videos recorded the slurping, sucking, cum drunk twat Tanya as man after man stepped up to deposit another load of creamy gooey cum over the sissy cunts nose to dribble down her face, her neck, her chest, soaking into her pretty pink bra.It had been almost eerily quiet as the men went about anointing the prissy little harlot that had sashayed into the room earlier her high heels showing off her lovely trim legs and her lacy sheer slip that gave tantalising glimpses of her panty clad bottom. The salacious slut flirting with the men, mischievously loving being the centre of attention. The silly little twat had even eagerly knelt to beam wantonly giggling at the sight of so many delicious cocks. Some unknown protocol had elected a black man with a monster erection to go first. With a look of rapture Tanya had reached out to gently grasp the shaft of the massive black cock in the deafening silence. With a look of wonder escort pendik Tanya slowly stroked the black mans cock delicately before looking up mesmerised into the mans leering self satisfied grin. He had made her wait before nodding his head slightly giving Tanya permission to lean forward and brush her lips over the moisture seeping from the shiny bulbous tip. Slowly purposefully Tanya caressed the slick purple black knob while continuing to stroke her prize rhythmically drawing out copious amounts of sweet pre-cum to her giggling gurlie delight. A collective groan went up from the gathered crowd of men anxiously awaiting their turn as Tanya’s tongue swirled about the black mans massive knob before her slick lips engulfed it sucking him into the back of her mouth. Slowly deliberately Tanya stroked and sucked on the tasty black cock. Every time taking more and more of his impressive erection into her mouth, her throat. Tanya groaned wantonly as she tried vainly to swallow the black mans entire cock. The black man threw his head back as he moaned, “Yeah bitch that’s the way!” Black hands reached out to grip the sides of Tanya’s head as he began to flex hips forward driving his dark shiny slick cock into Tanya’s throat as she squealed with surprise. pendik escort bayan After a couple of gagging thrusts he impaled the now distressed little sissy cock whore on his massive black dick while it gushed an equally massive load of cum into the sluts throat. Tanya tried vainly to pull away as cum flooded her throat. The black man cackled with evil delight as the little bitch fought weakly for relief from his cum spurting cock. With a vicious leer he then started to rhythmically pound his cock in and out of the sissy sluts mouth until Tanya meekly submitted to the brutal assault. Creamy cum drooled from her lips as the black shaft pumped in and out from between them. Tanya mewed demurely gasping for breath drooling cum and spittle when the large black finally pulled away. It was as if the flood gates had been opened as man after man thrust cock after cock past Tanya’s cum slick lips into Tanya’s cum coated mouth. Other men just stepped up and spewed their ejaculate into the prissy little bitches face. In no time Tanya was covered with a glaze of hot gooey cum. She gurgled and bobbed up and down on another cock while stroking two others with her delicate hands. Cum was spurting over the now salacious slut as Miss Candy wiggled Her bottom into Mr Hulls lap enjoying the feel of the impressive erection tenting out his trousers. Fabulous visions of Mr Hull using Her for his pleasure danced before her eyes as she watched the cum whore Tanya gag on another load of cum.

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