Tara and Jason.

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Tara and Jason.Tara and Jason enjoyed wild nights out. It was on one of those wild nights out that they found themselves in trouble and were left with the stark choice of attending the Monastery of Repentance or being hit with a very heavy monetary fine that neither of them could afford;and so it was on that cold,windy Monday morning back in January that they found themselves waiting in a room with others who were sent to the Monastery to receive whatever was coming to them. Tara hated the idea of having to attend the Monastery ,she dreaded the thought of receiving a spanking or worse.Jason made light of the situation they were in and told Tara that he hoped a sexy young Nun would be his disciplinarian,she kicked him and they both stifled laughter. Soon however the laughter stopped when they were called to the top of the room by a middle aged ,severe looking Nun who held a thick school ruler in her right hand and gently tapped her left hand with it.”Tara and Jason,you have been sent here to address your errant ways;Tara you will go to Room 12 and Jason you will go to Room 11,there you will both meet the disciplinarians who will re-educate you in how to behave yourselves,” the Nun said indicating with her ruler to the long corridor which led off the waiting room.Tara and Jason followed the ruler with their eyes.”Go now,your Disciplinarians are waiting,” the Nun said tapping the ruler against her long habit.Jason and Tara walked along the corridor and Jason stopped outside Room 11,Tara walked next door and stopped outside Room 12.”Guess I’ll see you later,” Jason said,suddenly filled with apprehension.”Yeah”,Tara said,there was fear in her voice.Almost in unison they knocked at the respective doors and voices from withing bid them enter. Jason opened the door to the sight of a small room lined with bookshelves filled with books,there was one widow made of stained glass,he could just make out shadows from outside.In one corner of the room was a large,ornate table and a an almost throne like chair behind it,but it was to the figure sitting on another ornate chair in the centre of the room wearing a long,black woolen habit with the hood of the habit pulled up that made Jason suddenly realise the fear he was feeling was very real.The figure sitting on the chair,didn’t speak,he kept his head bowed,Jason could make out a grey,goatee beard that was in need trim,Jason could see the lips of his Disciplinarian moving,as if in prayer..Jason closed the door and the figure in the hood looked up.”Ah,come in boy,” the monk said.Jason could now see the face under the hood.The monk was middle aged and wearing piz nez spectacles,he had maltepe escort a round,fat face with a double chin,Jason noticed a grin on the Monk’s face and there seemed to be a longing look in his eyes as he glared at the boy standing in front of him. “I believe your girlfriend is next door being administered to by Sr.Brunhilda,the both of you have indeed been very naughty,very naughty,” the Monk said in slow,monotone which had a hint of excitement.So it was a Nun who would punish Tara,Jason felt a strange sense of relief,he hated the thought of a Monk,another man touching Tara.”Come closer,boy.My name is Friar Anselm and I afraid that you must be punished for your errant ways”,the Friar said.Jason could tell that Friar Anselm was going to enjoy what lay ahead,there was something about the Friar that made Jason sure that he was gay.Jason walked closer to the hooded friar.”Now boy,let us get to the bottom of things,I will require you to lower your trousers and shorts.”Jason hesitated,had he heard the Friar correctly? He thought it would be a quick over the desk and a few strokes with a school cane and then out with Tara and off to the nearest pub. “Please,Friar,I don’t think I can do that,your a man after all…” Jason began to say.”Oh come now,boy,I have seen it all before and it has been decided that you must,just like your girlfriend receive a spanking on your bare bottom,” the Friar said,smiling a sinister smile.Jason took in what the Friar just said,he pictured Tara’s naked bum,it made him begin to feel excited,but he found it difficult to picture her over some Nun’s knee being spanked,he realised that both she and he were at the mercy of pervets who clearly got off on spanking bottoms under the guise of chastising naughty people for doing naughty things.”Now,Jason,I have told you what to do,if you disobey me,boy,I will have you taken to a room where you will be flogged,do you want that?”No,Friar…fine,Okay,” Jason said as he began to open the belt on his jeans and then the button.He couldn’t bring himself to look at the Friar,but he knew the Friar was getting off on this.Jason stared straight ahead at the stained glass window.Indeed Friar Anselm was getting a certain enjoyment out of watching Jason lowering his trousers and white shorts and submitting himself to the Friar.Friar Anselm could feel his penis stiffen under his habit,a familiar feeling,especially when it came to punishing boys in his study at the Monastery.Friar Anselm had spent many years battling with his own sexuality as a Friar and a man,he remembered the long nights in his room becoming erect at the thought of touching another man,there escort maltepe was times,many years ago,when as a young Friar he could only dream of the excitement he was feeling now watching a boy bare his bottom to receive a spanking at his hands. It was a very joyous day when Friar Anselm was asked to become a disciplinarian at the Monastery,he had come to the attention of his superiors for being a strict disciplinarian at school’s he taught the Classics in.However once in the Monastery he was required to administer punishment to both boy’s and girl’s;the Friar always favoured administering to the boy’s. His mind filled with excitement,his stiff penis throbbed with longing as Jason now stood in front of him,naked from his waste down.The Friar could see the boy’s discomfort,this brought him pleasure as he found it very thrilling to spank boy’s who were not of the same sexual proclivity as he.Friar Anselm reached out with his right hand and pulled Jason closer so that the boy was now standing at his right hand side.Once he had Jason where he wanted him,Friar Anselm then placed his right hand on the boy’s naked bottom.Jason moved.”Steady boy,the sooner we start the sooner it will be over for you,” the Friar said,becoming more and more excited under his habit.Jason felt his bare bottom being gently squeazed,he swallowed hard as he felt the Friar’s hand moving around his bare bottom,it felt really strange,he could feel his limp penis begin to awaken just a little,his mind was in turmoil,he could now picture Tara,bare bottom exposed,being touched by the nun,this excited him in a strange way,then he heard the Friar say, “There now boy,there now.”Jason thought the Friar must think he was getting excited because he was having his bottom groped,no!,no!,he was excited because he was thinking of Tara.”Bend over my knee,” the Friar said as he gently tugged at Jason’s arm.Jason lay over the Friar’s knee all the time he could feel the Friar’s right hand groping his bottom while he felt the Friar’s left had massage his back,the Friar by now had slipped his left hand under Jason’s shirt and was gently massaging his bare back.Then Jason jerked,out of surprise more than pain as he felt the first slap land on his left rump.Another slap was followed by another and then another,then more groping before a long rhythmic spanking began to take effect.Jason could feel his bottom become very warm and then eventually become hot,this was a very uncomfortable feeling,soon he felt himself begin to struggle and writhe over the Friar’s knee as the slaps to his bare bottom began to get hard and were delivered vigorously .Some slaps were directed maltepe escort bayan to his thighs before the Friar took aim at his bare bottom again.Friar Anselm was deeply enjoying himself.He stared with great excitement at the bare bottom over his lap,so inviting,very shapely and well rounded.The Friar couldn’t help every now and again a quick squeeze and a grope before recommencing the spanking.The Friar enjoyed spanking and found that he was quite good at it,he enjoyed building into a rhythm and listening to the penitent over his knee begin to moan and cry out .When they struggled over his lap only served to excite the Friar more,he became hotly aroused watching the bodies of the penitent’s he was punishing squirm and struggle,he could feel Jason struggling now but what the boy didn’t realise was that his struggling was only serving to excite Friar Anselm more.Friar Anselm held onto the boy as he brought his hand down again and again,all the time watching the bare bottom turn more red and feeling the boy’s body gyrating over his knee.The struggling was causing the Friar’s hard penis to be pulsate as he felt the pressure from Jason’s body on it,the Friar closed his eyes in ecstasy.but continued the spanking.Jason began to beg and plead,but the Friar was enjoying himself too much,spanking ,groping and spanking.Then Friar Anselm felt that familiar ‘rush’ under his habit,Jason’s gyrating and pleading had made the Friar cum.Friar Anselm stopped spanking but spent a few moments rubbing the bare bottom of his penitent.He could hear Jason breathing heavily,he looked down at the boy’s bare,bright red and very sore looking tender bottom.”There now,Jason,you have been well chastised for your errant ways,I want you to take this experience and learn from it,you don’t want to find yourself back over my knee again boy,do you?” the Friar questioned.”No,Friar,I don’t,I promise I will behave,” Jason panted.”I have heard these promises before,boy,but since this is your first time over my lap will give you the benefit of the doubt,but if you come before me again I will not alone out you over my knee,but I will take my strap to you ,do you understand,boy?””Yes,Friar,I understand,” Jason said,just wanting to get out of there.”Very well boy,you may stand up and get dressed,I have finished with you for now.”Jason stood up,pulled up his shorts and trousers which stung his bottom as he did causing him to wince,a wince noted by the Friar who smiled with satisfaction.”You may go,Jason.””Thank you Friar,” Jason replied as he left the room rubbing his bottom,a sight that always excited the Friar more.Jason related to Tara what had happened and she in turn told Jason about the Nun who spanked her so hard that tears started to stream out of her eyes.Once home they inspected each others bare bottom and vowed they would be more care not to get caught again and sent to the Monastery.

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