Task Managers

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It was almost 5:30PM on Thursday, which meant one thing for Adam: the weekly status call with the overseas development group. As a project manager for DevCo, Adam had to coordinate between the customer and development staffs, both at home and abroad. Lately, quality had been slipping and Adam had been given the project to salvage. In a normal week, these calls took ten or fifteen minutes, so Adam didn’t mind taking the time out of his evening to get them done, but with problems mounting and significant rework on the horizon, the calls were stretching to 45 minutes or more.

This week’s call promised to be lengthy. Adam’s group found a bug in a critical component, delaying the upcoming release for at least two weeks. Getting the overseas team to fix the problem was his first priority; verifying nothing else was broken as a result would take even more time. Adam was lucky in one respect, though; he was able to work from his home office for these calls. This meant that as soon as he was done with the call, he could relax for a bit before preparing dinner for himself and his wife, Mary.

As if on cue, Mary breezed in the door from her day at work and shouted, “Honey, I’m home!” It was a long-standing joke between the two, and Adam never failed to chuckle. Mary entered Adam’s home office and gave him a little rub on the shoulder and kiss on the cheek. “Problems with the overseas group again?” she asked.

“Yeah, and this one will be rough,” Adam replied. “We found a pretty big problem, and now I’m going to be cleaning up the mess. I’d bet this one’s going to take an hour or more, so let’s hold off on dinner until I’m done.”

“That sounds like a plan, then,” Mary answered. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and relax a bit while you’re dealing with that.” Adam leaned back and gave her a kiss before turning back to his work and dialing in to the conference bridge. A few minutes later he heard the water start running for the giant soaker tub they had installed, and knew Mary was going relax with a book and a bubble-bath.

The call was everything Adam knew it would be, and more. The overseas team was reluctant to accept any responsibility for the mistake, blaming the requirements they were given. Adam had to show the team lead where the requirements were laid out and how the code that was written broke key sections of the document. His phone kept dinging during the call with text messages; the group chat from the folks at DevCo who were listening in was getting heated as the remote team kept assigning blame.

Finally, Adam had enough. “Look, ” he said, “the requirements are clearly laid out. This has cost us time and money to diagnose, time we didn’t have with the upcoming release. I don’t care about blame at this point; this needs to be fixed and ready for testing by Monday morning our time. Can you do that, according to what I’ve already laid out, or do we need to do it ourselves and reevaluate the tasks we use you for?”

The team lead on the other side could sense Adam’s frustration, it seemed, and responded, “Yes, we will apply what it says and you will have the new code by 7AM your time, Monday.” After canlı bahis that acknowledgement, the call came to an end, almost an hour and a half after it started.

Adam sat back in his chair with a sigh of relief and picked up his phone to scroll back through the group chat for anything he might have missed. The message icon showed two unread conversations, so he flipped back to see who the other one was from. Seeing the other from Mary, he figured she had a question and texted him instead of interrupting his meeting. He tapped into the conversation and his jaw dropped.

“Mmm, so tense down there. About as tense as I’m feeling today. I bet we could both use a release.”

“It’s a shame that your meeting is running late. I’ll just have to relax myself instead.”

“Done with my bath, and look, I put on that lingerie you like so much…”

Mary attached a picture of the bottom hem of a nightie with a silk pair of panties showing.

“Oh, I needed that, but I guess I need more…”

Mary attached a picture wearing the same panties, with a giant wet spot in the middle of them, and just the tip of a vibrator visible.

As Adam looked through the messages, a final text came in.

“I left them on the door. You don’t get to come in until I want you to, and you better be hard and ready!”

Adam’s grin grew wide as he jumped out of his chair and raced up the stairs. He loved it when his wife would draw out his pleasure like this, and it looked like another fun night was ready to begin. He always made sure to pay it back, with interest, especially when Mary had creative ideas like this.

As he got up to the bedroom door, he saw a pair of panties hanging from the doorknob and noticed the giant wet spot on them. His nose immediately picked up on Mary’s scent, and he could tell these were the same panties she sent in her picture. His imagination, combined with her scent, had its intended effect: he was hard and ready to go. He reached for the doorknob, only to find it locked!

Suddenly, Adam heard a moan from Mary, as well as a high-pitched buzzing noise through the door. His imagination accurately filled in the details as Mary began a soft monologue he had to strain to hear.

“Oh yeah, this feels so good. It’s a shame that my lovely husband isn’t in here, sliding that hard cock… yeah… he’s standing there with… ooh… into my deliciously wet pussy. I suppose I’ll just continue to… aah… do the job myself… oh yes… and leave a bigger mess… mmm… for him to clean up…”

Adam quickly shed his clothes and stood near the door with his ear pressed to it, listening as Mary continued her monologue. His cock, already hard, seemed to throb in time with her moans. Taking a deep whiff of the panties, Adam began using them to stroke his cock, slowly, as he knew this scene had a ways to go; Mary would be disappointed if he had already come before she was ready.

Mary, for her part, was lost in her imagination, knowing that her commentary was driving Adam wild! She knew that the moment she opened that door, Adam would be ravishing her, and she intended to prolong the eventual release bahis siteleri as long as possible.

Adam heard her talking and moaning through orgasm, equal parts goading him for not being there and describing how she was using the vibrator for maximum effect. After a loud shout, he heard her shut off the vibrator while breathing heavily. He still hadn’t cum, but his cock was leaking pre-cum, and he was keyed-up.

Adam heard footsteps slowly growing louder and knew Mary was coming over to unlock the door. Before she did, she called out, “Adam, I’ve given myself two good cums while waiting for you. You have to give me three before you can come yourself. If you agree, I’ll open this door, or else you’ll have to go make dinner now and relieve yourself later. Your choice!”

Adam desperately cried, “Yes, I agree!” as he stood at the door, still slowly stroking himself using her silk panties. Mary smiled as she clicked the lock open and started to open the door; the sight of her husband’s hard cock and pleading desire always fanned her flames.

Adam saw Mary standing there with a flushed look and a smug smirk. Unable to contain himself, he charged forward, picking up Mary in the process, and began kissing her while moving her back towards the bed. As her ass hit the edge of the mattress, Mary flew back and ended up spread eagle on the edge of the bed. Adam felt her weight shift to the bed and immediately dropped to his knees, burying his nose directly into her bush. With a flick upwards, he ran his nose across her clit while swiping his tongue up across her pussy. The twin sensations on first contact caused Mary to arch her back and cry out in joy as another orgasm washed over her. Adam shouted, “One!”

Giving her time to bask in the afterglow; he turned her over and reached for a nearby bottle of massage oil. Warming it in his hands, he began luxuriously applying it to her back. Adam made sure to use his skills learned in a college massage class to knead the tension out of her back and neck while applying the oil. Once he felt she had relaxed enough, he began working the oil down her legs, slowly drawing his hands up her thighs and near, but not quite to her sex.

For Mary, this massage was pure heaven and hell at the same time. Sure, she’d already gotten off, but with Adam’s soft strokes and gentle touches, she was getting anxious to have his touch on her pussy again. In a vain effort to feel it, she began thrusting her hips towards his wandering hands. Adam chided, “Now, now, all in good time,” as he continued his torturous teasing.

After a couple minutes of teasing, Adam began running his fingers up and down the outside of her slit; enough to increase her arousal but not enough to actually get her off. He would then let his fingers wander away for a moment before returning for another gentle swipe. He slowly started dipping his fingers deeper into her pussy on each pass as she began babbling and begging for release.

Once Adam had worked his entire finger in, he changed techniques again; this time, he would rub inside her pussy, trace a path out around her clit, and then return his finger bahis şirketleri back, in a figure 8 pattern. Having the gentle stimulation was almost worse than none for Mary, as her arousal built even higher on each pass, but the pressure on her clit was never enough to set her off.

On one last pass, Adam flipped his hand over and inserted a second finger into her pussy while using his thumb to apply firm pressure to the hood of the clit. Moving it in circles, he set Mary off for another back-arching orgasm as she bucked wildly on his hand. Once she calmed down, he leaned on her back, rubbing it with his chest, and whispered into her ear, “Two!”

Mary’s chuckle was quickly replaced by a groan, as the position Adam was in had his very hard cock resting at the entrance of her pussy. She said, “It feels like someone’s ready for his turn. Remember, you have to give me another one before you come, or else!”

Adam replied, “Oh, I’m confident you’ll get your third before I get mine,” as he moved his hips, sliding his cock up and down her slit. “But let’s make it interesting! If I get you off first, before I go, not only do you have to make dinner, you have to do it in an apron, and nothing else!”

Mary answered, “Fine, but if you come before I do, and you’ve broken the agreement, not only do you make dinner, but you’ll have to do it wearing those panties you used earlier, and I reserve the right to use a spatula for… encouragement.”

Adam said, “You’re on!” and, with a powerful thrust, drove his cock straight into her pussy. Mary gasped in pleasure, and her moaning began in earnest, as Adam began pounding her from behind. He knew, though, that she could delay her orgasm if she really wanted, so he had to bring out every trick in the book to win.

He quickly stood back up and pulled Mary toward him so her legs were still off the front of the bed, then drove his cock back in. He leaned forward and started nibbling at Mary’s neck and ears. For her part, Mary knew this was her weakness, and the feel of his lips, his breath, and the love bites he gave drove her even higher.

Adam’s hands were also busy, as he reached around her chest and slowly began rolling and pinching Mary’s nipples. It was a triple threat of sensations and he knew she wouldn’t last long; but then again, he’d been keyed up for a long time, and was ready to go himself. As he felt her moans grow in intensity, he knew she wouldn’t last much longer. It was going to be a close race to the finish.

Neither one of them actually figured out who came first, but when they came, it was one of the most intense orgasms they’d shared in a while. Adam pushed Mary fully onto the bed and then snuggled up next to her for the afterglow.

After their breathing returned to normal, Mary giggled, causing Adam to look at her with a grin. “Damn,” she said, “I never figured on a tie. What do we do now?”

Adam responded, “Well, I guess I’ll go make dinner like we planned… but how about a tiebreaker later?”

Mary said, “I’d be fine with protein for dessert!” The two of them laughed together and went downstairs to enjoy the evening.

Thank you to blackrandl1958 and aerosick for your edits and suggestions for my first story. I have tweaked a couple things afterwards, so any remaining errors are my fault entirely. Constructive feedback welcome!

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