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Tasted my cousins bodyHello readers my name is Nitin from Bangalore here again to share my another experience with my cousin.About my self for new readers age 26 of height 5’10¨.My mail id is realm2792@gmail.com.Please post your valuable comments to my mail.This is quite real which happened to me.Coming to the story main character is my cousin malavika.Her age is 29.One fine day all our family members attended a function where we met.At night some of our family members went to our relatives house for a night stay which includes me and her.At night all set to sleep and i was meant to sleep single in hall.She slept with other relative in bedroom.I was watching television as i was not feeling sleepy.At an instant hot scene is playing in television and i got erected.I thought to masturbate and went to close the bedroom door where she is sleeping.While closing door i saw her visible in bed light sleeping in cream colour nighty.She seems sexy as her butts focused to my eyes.Instantly i got an idea to enjoy that night with her.But i felt afraid as relatives are present and if she complains about my kinky act.So thought to seduce her and went near her bed and checked her.she is in deep sleep.Slowly tunalı escort i slept on land down her bed.Kept my hand on her butt part which is sexy.Slowly took my hand upwards touching every curve of her body without disturbing her.Slowly kept my hands on her breast area felt her bra.Slowly kissed her boobs without disturbing her. She slightly moved and changed her posture by spreading her legs in sleep. I slowly lifted her nighty upto her knees and touched her legs.Slowly went to the upper part and touched her panty.She adjusted again in sleep.I got afraid as i may be caught.I went to my room before being caught.Again after a while went to her and slept in same position.Her nighty is in same position where i left.Her nighty is at her panty. Slowly i touched her pussy area over her panty rubbed slightly.She moved little bit.I took away my fingers.After some time again checked her and again placed my hand on her panty.Slowly i slid her panty aside at her pussy lips region and rubbed her lips.She changed her expression in her face lightly.I continued my act rubbing her lips which changed her expressions widely.She now felt something at her pussy and opened yenimahalle escort her eyes and shocked seeing me there rubbing her pussy.I closed her mouth with my hands and started rubbing harder her lips. She tried to get away but as i am stronger than her she couldn’t overcome me.I slowly inserted my finger into her pussy hole.She jumped suddenly and begging me to leave her.I know she is enjoying my act so i continued my act.Finger fucked her pussy faster.She started to enjoy and stopped protesting me. I took advantage and kissed her boobs.She took hold of my face kissed my lips and started rubbing my penis on my shorts.She started to squeeze my penis.I fastly finger fucked her pussy where she ejaculated her liquids but i am not satisfied.I took her out of the room as there is a danger of being caught.She took my penis out from my boxers and started rubbing mine.I got tempted and took her boobs from her bra and started eating them.She got crazy as i started biting her nipples harder and rubbed my penis harder.I again started to finger fuck her till she again ejaculated. Then i requested her to give a blowjob which she did not accepted. On requesting ulus escort her she accepted to give blowjob to me.She hesitated to take my tool inside her mouth and licked the entrance of my tool.I took hold of her hair and pushed my tool fully inside her mouth.She started to beat and pinch on my ass for my sudden act. But i didn’t leave her and fucked her mouth till i ejaculated in her mouth.She took her mouth out and splited my cum out.Started looking at me seriously and went to bathroom for cleaning her mouth.She brushed her mouth cleanly.She while brushing i went and caught her from back started squeezing her boobs with one hand and inserted other hand in her pussy and apologized her for my brutal act.Later when she is in good mood i took my finger out.She looked at me for the act in surprise.I took my penis and entered her pussy. She is virgin and pussy is tighter.So couldn’t fuck her.I inserted half of my penis and gave 4-5 strokes.She took out my penis and said its paining and dangerous too as she may concieve. I begged her for a quicke. She laughed seeing me and pitied on me gave a lip kiss and stroked till i cummed and went to her room smiling at me.Next morning she acted normally as nothing happened.NOw she went away to Canada for her higher studies.I missed her a lot and her blow job is so superb.Please do write your valuable comments to realm2792@gmail.com.Any girls/women from India can contact me through mail for friendly or secret relation.It will be private.

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