Tastefully Done


The weather had become cold and anything but pleasant when Dawn pulled into the well-lit parking space at the hotel. A look at the clock on the dash told her that she was right on time, but she hesitated just long enough to check her makeup in the rear view mirror. As cold as it was, she felt a comforting sense of warmth overcome her. It was their first meeting and her desire was equal to his if she were to believe the tone of his voice during phone calls.

As the statuesque woman quickly made her way into the warmth of the hotel lobby and then toward the dining room where she knew he would be waiting. She wore an austere light gray business suite and carried a leather attaché. It went well with her commanding height and air of sophistication. The restaurant attendant greeted her at the entrance to the dimly lit dining room, and before he could ask her if he could seat her, she saw William wave as he stood up. Her eyes lit up and her smile silenced the waiter as she waved back and started to walk over to the man that had become a part of her dreamscapes. Their embrace was warm and tight and they made a bit of a spectacle of themselves as they chattered like children at a school picnic before William helped her into her chair and handed her coat to the waiter.

“Dawn … this is so much like a dream! You’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” Her ever-present smile disarmed him. “Why mister … don’t you know that the feeling is mutual?” Her eyes smiled as she recalled so many conversations over the phone, e-mail exchanges, and occasional chats that had all come down to this … an actual date. He ordered a Manhattan and she opted for the same. Their time together was a mixture of lively conversation followed by long moments of loving looks and occasional contact whenever he reached across the table and touched her hand, or her foot touched his leg under the table.

To anyone it was apparent that the two were of one mind as they sat there enjoying their light dinner and company. Both passed on dessert and William paid the bill before they left the dining room, only stopping to pick up Dawn’s coat on their way to the elevator.

“You didn’t finish all your dinner Baby!” She said as her eyes searched his.

“Neither did you doll.” He replied. “And I was sure you wanted dessert.” He smiled as he moved close to her face. He looked into the large pools of heated sorrel that were staring at him. His tone became malleable, and yet so very deep as if it emanated from the soul.

Before she could speak, the elevator door opened and he took her attaché as she walked at his side down the hallway to his room. No words had been uttered between them since they left the elevator car, but the language of the eyes spoke volumes of their feelings. Both understood the meaning of those feelings, and it wasn’t until they arrived at his door that he spoke. “Should I drag you in, or will you come peacefully!”

“Oh I think I can walk in on my own.”

He pushed the door open and followed the tall woman into his suite. Her walk was graceful yet athletic, strong and determined – and very sexual. Had he been given the power from above to sketch the body of a perfect woman … he would have put her on canvas.

They stood and looked at each other for what seemed an eternity before she moved closer to him. Their embrace was tender and warm as her head tilted to the side and she accepted his lips again. Her mouth covered his and her tongue smoothly emerged from its warm resting-place to probe his passions. Suddenly they were locked in an embrace that placed their bodies in matching unison as their tongues.

She felt his heart pounding against her breast as her fingertip traced a tingling trail across his cheek. So gentle was her touch. Dawn pulled back. Her breathing — a bit labored.

“Can you find something on the radio while I slip into something more comfortable?”

He smiled with a nod and she took her leather bag into the bath. He found the three candles he had brought with him and lit each one, placing them near the bed before turning off the room lights. He found a station that was playing soft music and adjusted the volume. He quickly slipped out of his shoes and then removed his trousers and turtleneck, before the bathroom door opened and he saw her.

It felt like his inner being had suddenly became engulfed in an inferno of desire. There she stood, clad in a silky almost transparent red nightgown. The expression on her face was one of desire that matched his in intensity. Her lips seemed to shine with moisture and her eyes … those loving pools of deep brown penetrated his soul.

William’s eyes traveled up and down the sensual form that stood less than a few feet from him and he could only stare. Her long sable legs caught his attention and he felt momentarily awkward, as he stood there overwhelmed by her sensual beauty. Anxiously moving together they embraced and began to slow dance to some unknown melody that was playing on the küçükçekmece escort radio. Her scent was ambrosia to his senses as he clutched her to his body and his face rested next to hers. Such silky flesh … flesh that radiated warmth and desire. His hand moved down her back as he once again pulled her midsection closer. They moved to the pulse of the music and his lips moved along the feathery surface of her neck to the base of her ears where he stopped and gently nibbled the sensitive lobe.

Her hands moved up to his face, and as he held her tightly, her fingers began to move through his silvery hair. Gently at first, but as his lips and tongue caressed her neck and ears, her touch became more robust.

“Haven’t you forgotten something William?” Her voice was deep and alluring as she leaned back, staring into his eyes.

“What?” He whispered.

“I’m ahead of you aren’t I Darling. You still have your boxers on.” Her expression was a pleasant mixture of passion and lust. She moved back from his grasp and started walking toward the bed as he quickly slipped out of his slacks … tossing them on the chair.

“I believe you are one of the most enchanting woman I have ever met Dawn.” He said, watching her move towards the bed. Her every footstep was catlike and graceful as she moved before he caught up with her. They embraced and their lips hungrily found each other’s again. His hands moved gently down the small of her back encountering the curvature of her firm buttocks under the flimsy material of her crimson nightgown, then hesitated as his fingers kneaded the firm flesh beneath. Words could never be penned that would describe the feelings they experienced as mouths each sought to consume the other. His strong fingers began gently pulling her into him, and the heat of her midsection kindled his appetite as she felt his thickness grow between them. No words were spoken as they moved –as if orchestrated by some spirit—towards the large bed. Dawn gracefully moved her body to the center of the firm mattress and he joined her, kneeling over her sumptuous physique. He looked down at her with acute affection. How many wishes, hopes, and dreams must a human have before they find such fulfillment in their lives he thought?

“Come down here Baby.” She said in a mellow tone as she pulled him on to her. Her long muscular legs opened enough to cradle his torso as he supported his weight on his elbows and looked into her face. Once again their soft lips met as their tongues raced across the edges of their mouths. Her moans were sensual and seductive as he felt himself grow hard with desire for her.

With impulsive agility, she had moved on top of him and stared down as his eyes narrowed with sensuality. Her legs lifted and she straddled his waist, shifting her weight to where his manhood was resting. Suddenly he felt it covered with the ruffles of the swollen crease of warmth that he knew was her womanhood. He felt her move the slippery valley that graced the apex of her long sensuous legs as they kissed deeper and with slower motion. His large hands became feathery as his fingers traced sensitive trails across every imaginable inch of her back and especially behind her muscular legs. Her lips suddenly grew more urgent as he nibbled at them … pulling her lower lip into his mouth and gently massaging the captive flesh with his tongue.

The sensation of their sex making contact was heightened by the contact of their hearts … something that had occurred at the moment of their meeting. Quietly she lifted up and sat back against his legs and just looked at him, and then her fingers reached down and took his manhood in her slender fingers sending him into a quiver. Its thickness felt good in her grasp and she moved it in such a way that it made contact with the swollen flesh that protruded from the topmost part of her moistened vagina. The look that he saw in her eyes was a mixture of love and lust as his hands cupped her firm buttocks and gently urged her to move higher upon him.

“Come to me. Feed me.” He whispered. She understood his meaning and slowly moved up on him. William maintained his grasp on her buttocks as he positioned himself beneath her and then he found himself captive between her smooth inner thighs. All he heard was a slight moan as she lowered herself on to his waiting lips and as soon as contact was made she shuddered. Lips heated by kissing and tasting suddenly caressed the ruffles of her excitement and she felt the electrical invasion of his tongue as he began to explore her in the most intimate way.

She was everything he had expected as he savored her taste and texture. His tongue broadened and massaged her with firmness before he inserted it deep within her soaked opening. Looking up he could see her mouth … open…. Gasping for breath as each movement of his lips or tongue sent one shock wave after another through her body. His lips grasped each swollen şişli escort fold of flesh and delicately tugged at them. In a short period of time she was becoming more and more demonstrative of his lovemaking. Each movement brought a sigh or a moan or gasp from her. When he positioned her in such a way as to capture the swollen clitoris that was now exposed between his lips, she tried to escape the pleasure that had suddenly increased. What had started out as gentle had now become untamed passion as he pulled the sensitive organ between his lips, there holding it captive as his tongue rubbed and savaged the sensorial bud.

Dawn’s movements also grew in lustful savagery as she now grabbed his hair and pressed down against his lips. As her orgasm began, her breathing became quicker and suddenly William felt her vagina suddenly push outward. Her soft taste was pleasant and felt like hot pudding in texture as he felt wave after wave of pleasure throbbing against his tongue. Her moisture was free flowing as she held herself stiff, her legs tightly clenched against the sides of his face.

He waited patiently until her spasms subsided before slipping from under her and then laying at her side, caressing the insides of her arms and breasts until her breathing eased. She opened her eyes and her expression was doe like. Warm lipid pools of chestnut brown stared at him and he saw a strange smile cross her lips before she touched his face and moved to kiss him. “Is it against the rules to say I love you William?”

“No darling it isn’t … and it shouldn’t be.” He stroked her face and looked at her with admiration. “Would it be against the rules to say that I love you?”

She just smiled as he moved over her and her legs opened with welcome. She felt his thickness rest against the super sensitive basin of her passion and she accepted him as he moved slowly along her valley, coating his passion with the nectar of her lust. His head moved to her breasts and there he savored her with the hunger of many years of yearning. It seemed he’d waited his entire life for this lovingly sensual creature. Each nipple was kissed and then held captive long enough for her to want to scream as she lifted her legs a bit higher … urging him to penetrate her as he moved along the slippery crease. Then she felt the thick summit of his phallus as it stopped at her opening, and hesitated before her soaked lips gradually opened to accept him. Inch by inch she felt herself become filled with her lover until she felt the sensual pressure of his pubic bone rest against hers.

Their legs locked in an inescapable embrace as they made love to the strains of ‘If only you knew’ which had begun to play on the radio. Each movement brought with it its very own sensations. Inner flesh tightly grasped outer flesh as two became one. Nothing could be wrong about this merger of hearts and souls as the two moved together…locked in the throes of passion. She felt his moment arrive as he grew slightly inside her. Flesh had become inflexible with the proclamation of the end. Her passion met his as muscles tightened and flesh hardened and she felt the fiery seed of his completion fill her womb.

Together they lay in each other’s arms as the aftershocks of their lovemaking subsided bringing both into a peaceful serenity that would hold them together through the next few hours until the fires once again rekindled

The Night

Several hours had passed when he moved to pull her closer and awoke realizing that she was not there. Then he heard the sound of the shower and got out of bed … walking slowly as his mind cleared. William opened the door and saw that the room was filled with steam, and in the foggy glass of the shower door, he saw the statuesque woman. He watched her Cimmerian form moving gracefully as she massaged the soapy foam across her midsection. He closed the door behind him making sure that its noise could be heard so he would not startle her, and he smiled when he saw her turn toward him.

“William … I hope I didn’t wake you!”

“The chill of your absence woke me Dawn. It was desolate without you next to me.” He replied as he slid the door open to the steamy shower. “Would you like some company, or is this a private party?”

Her smile was invitation as he stepped into the warmth of the small enclosure. She wore the shower cap that was provided by the hotel and her face was beaded with perspiration, but still she looked beautiful in his eyes, even though she started to apologize for what she called a silly looking cap.

“Let me help with that soap.” He said smiling as he took the bar from her hand and started to gently massage it across her back. She moved closer to him as his strong fingers kneaded her smooth flesh. He reached around her and slowly moved the slippery bar of soap across her midsection, then upwards to her petite breasts … taking time to let his finger tips gently grasp her erect nipples. şirinevler escort The lather was thick and sensuous as he moved the bar down to the apex of her taut legs and he detected her buttocks push back into him in response. Her head tilted back and rested against his shoulder as he began to massage her with sentient fingers and the large palms of his hands. The soap fell to the floor as he used both hands to explore and bring as much pleasure as he could.

“Oh William. That feels extraordinary.” She said in a throaty tone. “So wonderful indeed.”

Her hands reached behind her and she grasped his buttocks … pulling him into her and she felt his arousal as it rested against the sensitive valley of her taut backside. Her head leaned back as he kissed her neck and throat while his fingers slowly explored her breasts. Her skin … freshly lathered and now rinsed with the hot jets of water caused his fingers to drag sensuously. Her breathing increased as his fingers moved down to the apex of her legs and then gently spread her labia open allowing the water to pelt her once more swollen clit.

The thick soapy phallus began to move in rhythm with her and, she moaned under the hail of water droplets that beat on her with shocking intensity. As she felt the well-defined head of his phallus move like a silk intruder along her vale, she uttered a loud cry when he nibbled her neck too roughly.

She turned and pulled his face to hers with force and feasted upon his mouth and lips with an enormous appetite. Dawn’s hand took him and massaged him long enough to have him start to moan loudly himself. In an instant she moved to her knees and as the water beat upon her shoulders, she took the thick head of his manhood and covered it with her hungry lips, licking and forcefully sucking until ultimately covering its entirety. Hungrily she suckled upon the resilient compact flesh as she increased her oral seizure of it almost to its entirety.

The throbbing sensation of William in her mouth caused her to grow even wilder and her oral stimulation of him became daring. He held his emotion as best he could, but her roving tongue and firm lips suddenly got the best of him and she increased her effort until she felt him swell and then start to throb. He tried to pull back until he realized her desire was equal to his and then he surrendered to her.

Strong fingers held her shoulders and his knees weakened as he felt his fire grow to the point of bursting. And then her felt himself begin to erupt as her oral stimulations urged him on. Dawn’s sensitive lips and pallet suddenly felt his phallus jerk once then twice and then felt the molting fluid shoot into her mouth. She watched his face as she held him between her lips until the tremors stopped. The passion slowly washing from her face as the water ran down her beautiful face. She stood and took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. Their tongues entwined and she shared the seeds of his passion in a lingering, soul stealing kiss. Both lost in each other’s love.

Each played as they continued to wash and massage one another before they finally turned off the water and stepped out into the hot steamy room. Thick textured richly colored, Turkish towels rubbed the two dry, and the contrast in colors added to the dreamscape of this couple and their devotion for one another.

Laughing as he opened the door and they dashed into the bed, running through the cold air of the bedroom. They landed on the firm mattress like a pair of children at play, holding each other tightly as their bodies adjusted to the change in temperature. “Oh how I love to kiss you Dawn.” He said in a low tone. “I could do this for a lifetime.”

Her eyes grew wide as she accepted his mouth upon hers once again, her fingers running down his back as she did. His chest quickly warmed her and her breast played across him occasionally touching his own hardened nipples. In their play he managed to turn Dawn on to her stomach and then straddled her. Kneading her shoulders with his strong fingers, and gently biting the back of her neck in the process.

She became heated, as he became gentler in his playful attack. His massage became more petting as he moved down her legs. She felt his lips kiss the back of her leg just below her buttock … and then felt his tongue trace a trail down the back of her until it rested behind her knee. The gentle sucking of the tender sensitive flesh behind her knee was strange, and yet so wonderful. William repeated the act on her other leg, starting again at the base of her firm buttocks. He moved down and then slowly back up … then to her surprise, he hesitated for but a moment and spoke.

“I adore you Precious.”

She was set back with surprise as she felt the tip of his tongue touch the top of her buttocks … the crease. But before she could utter a word, she suddenly felt the wet warmth of his tongue dart out and then slowly track its way down the valley of her firm ass. She tightened herself, but as he reached the bottom, she relaxed. And to her surprise she felt him reverse the process and move his way back up. Hesitating mid stream, he committed himself to giving her pleasure as his tongue invaded as much of her as she could allow. His persistence overcame her and she simply relaxed and began to moan loudly as her vagina reacted wildly.

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