Tasting Forbidden Fruit

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disclaimer: I am an only child. This is the purest form of fantasy.

I laid on my bed to read my newest book. I was annoyed by the sound of the front door downstairs opening and closing. I knew it was Drew, my brother. He was three years older than me, and often reminded me about this fact throughout my life. I knew that he would be coming in to tell me about what he did in the car Mom and Dad bought him for graduation from college. I wouldn’t graduate for three more years. I sometimes jabbed back at him about how he was still living at home even though he had his degree. So, for his amusement, he rubbed the car in my face. I had to wait for Mom or Dad to come home to go out. I did try to ignore him, but he saw through that. I waited and listened to his footsteps on the stairs. I looked out the window as a little rain started to come down, and then back to my book. I tried to make the words make sense. I felt some arousal, it is true, because the book was pretty hot at that point. I decided to put the book down on the sidetable.

I waited for him to come to my room. To my amazement he didn’t come to me, immediately. That must have been the first time he had gone to his own room first. I picked my book back up. I smiled happily to myself, as I fell back into my book. I was finally starting to forget my brother’s presence in the house. The words of the book took me away from my world.

I was aware of his footsteps as he left his room again. I knew he was coming into my room this time. I often knew what he was doing and what he was thinking. That was always the way I dealt with our rivalry throughout our adolescence. It drove him nuts when I picked up his thoughts or emotions. Over the years, he had learned how to live with it. Lately, I’d even noticed that he seemed to derive a great deal of pleasure from this connection. He was testing me a little, this afternoon. He wanted me to know he was coming into the room.

“So, you’re reading again. Nothing on TV? Already got all your chores done? No friends coming over to rescue you from your boredom?”

“Funny. You go out looking for a job?”

“No, I went to Steve’s for a little while. We had quite a few shots of Captain Morgan.”

“Oh, there’s a good use of your privilege to drive: drinking and driving.” I added as much sarcasm to the last few words as I could muster. I could tell he was very drunk, though. He laughed right with me. He was never that nice to me unless he was drunk. I cocked one eyebrow at him. As I looked at him, I could feel his drunkenness. I looked at his dark blue eyes and perfectly symmetrical features, and a very distinct feeling came over me. I knew perfectly well what being drunk was like, and I felt his drunkenness. As he finished laughing at practically nothing, he looked back at me. The connection I had to him was much stronger with him drunk. I began to squirm and wished he would leave. Instead, he came to my bed and sat down.

I looked at the creases in the bedspread around his butt. He was wearing his oldest pair of black shorts. They looked very soft against the stiffness of the white bedspread. My eyes dragged over his body a little bit. I felt my cheeks flush a little. I was convinced it was just from the intoxication I was picking up in that strange telepathic link. I looked back at my book. The words were lost to me, though.

“What are you reading?”


A flash of lightning caught both our attentions. A sting of lust broke into my thoughts. The rain intensified.

“I bet it’s good. I could tell it was good. I could feel you getting all cozy with the book when I was in my bedroom. I wasn’t going to come in here, since the buzz is still pretty good. But then I could just feel you – just like you said you were able to feel me. I had to come see you.”

“You are really drunk, Drew.”

“Yes, I am,” he slurred, with dramatic effect.

He pushed a dark lock of hair out of his face. I looked at his perfectly careless haircut. I watched the lock of hair fall over his shoulder. I was familiar with the feeling that was building in my flesh. It was lust. I felt it before. I had felt it for Drew a few times over the years. It was easy to ignore. He was perfect, and my friends told me he was perfect. Most of my friends had dated him. It was annoying to know that this one person I could not have had been had by at least three of my best friends. I tried hard to draw that feeling bursa escort back into the usual irritation he made me feel. The harder I tried to focus on that irritation, the stronger the desire grew. He took my book from me and read silently. I knew perfectly well he had found the sex scene. I’d read it and reread it a few times before he came home. His eyes were looking right at the spot where foreplay ended and sex began. There was a moment of pure terror when Drew looked away from the book to me.

“So, little sister, it was good. I was right.”

“So? I’m bored and the story is damned good.”

“Well, that means I was feeling what you felt, and that means that I’m still feeling what you’re feeling, aren’t I?”

“No!” I responded too quickly. That gave me away. He looked at me, and his cheeks flushed this time. He caught my eyes. He wouldn’t let them go. He was trying to make me feel what he was feeling even more strongly.

“Oh, Alex, don’t look away now. You can’t lie.”

“You need to get your drunk ass in the shower.”

“You coming with me?”

“No!” My voice sounded shrill. I was beginning to panic. My body was responding to that panic. It was responding to something I didn’t expect. It was responding to his own arousal. My breathing slowed. My skin tingled. I recognized this was forbidden fruit and it was the cause of this overwhelming desire. I also recognized he was starting to grin at me again. We both looked out the window as a bolt of lightning stuck in view. He smiled back at me.

“Ah, so you didn’t feel everything I felt? You didn’t know about this?”

“About what?” I trembled. I was nervous. My fingers were digging into the palms of my hands. I had my hands balled into fists, straight down the sides of my body, digging into the bed.

His throat let out the softest growl. He raised his hand to my arm. I couldn’t convince myself to flinch away. I didn’t care if he was doing this to make fun of me. I didn’t care about anything but the way he softly ran his fingertips over the fair down hair of my arms. My eyes closed. The danger of the idea that he might be tricking me only increased my desire to feel his hands touch me in a way I’d only dreamt. I listened as peals of thunder accented shocks of electric pleasure from my bother’s touch.

“Open your eyes, Alex. I want to see you look at me as I do this. I want to see that you really do want it like I do.”

I opened my eyes, as he asked. I wanted to please him. There was no will to fight him.

“Oh, yeah… I can feel that you do want me.” He closed his eyes, and I waited for them to open again. I wanted to look into him. Every sensation was burning me far beyond anyone I’d ever dated. I’d been waiting to have sex because I wanted it to feel just like this felt. I didn’t know that I’d ever feel it. My body was waiting for Drew the whole time. I’d been so good at pretending that it wasn’t there. That lie was falling to pieces around us in sparks of sexual tension.

His hand left my arm and he took off my shirt. His eyes were fixated on my breasts. His mouth opened a little bit.

He whispered, “I used to sneak peaks of you undressing or in the shower. My perfect sister and her pervert brother sneaking glances at her. It was the most intense tease I ever knew. You’re the one I wanted most, and the one I couldn’t have.” He looked up and smiled his evil smile. It was one of his trademarks. It always worked on all my friends. It worked on me. He spoke louder, “Now take the rest off for me.”

He sat back on my bed. His hands ran slowly over the green and pink flowered sheet under the white bedspread. He pushed the bedspread to the floor. I watched him in stunned silence. Every movement he made was only increasing my desire.

I stood up, and I reached behind my back. I heard him make that same perfect growl as he watched my breast come free. His mouth was open a touch, and I could see the wetness of his tongue. I couldn’t stop looking into that mouth of his. The flash of lightning highlighted the wetness of his open mouth. He smiled at me. I reached down to untie the drawstrings of my skirt. The seagreen skirt, and white satin slip fell to the floor. I pushed my panties to the floor slowly. He used his finger to motion for me to come to him.

“My turn, little sister” he said.

I slipped his black tee shirt over his toned chest. I looked at the perfect circles of his nipples and the bursa escort bayan sparse, soft hair on his chest for a moment. His hands cupped my breasts. I closed my eyes as a wonderful shiver ran down my spine.

“All my clothes off,” he instructed.

He kneeled up and as I slid the zipper down, I could feel his hardened cock strain up to meet my touch. I pulled the shorts and red, silk boxers off his perfect legs. I looked at the small mass of hair around the shaft. It was nearly jet black against his pale flesh. I was amazed by the sight of him naked. I didn’t even pretend that I wasn’t enjoying him. In my mind, I could feel him begging me to touch my lips to the head. I bent down and placed very light kisses around the head. I let my tongue lightly stroke the smooth skin at the crevice of the head. I backed away from him and he let out a higher pitched whine.

I shook my head back and forth, and whispered, “I want to feel you kiss me before you get any more of that.”

His face came to me. I looked into his eyes as he neared me. For a blinding flash of a second we both acknowledged each other as siblings. An excruciatingly pleasurable stab of pain ran through my sex. The “not supposed to be doing this” turned to “must do this” and his lips finally landed on mine.

His tongue was soft and he tasted like every sweet and salty pleasure I’d ever eaten. My own whine started at the back of my throat. His mouthed moved faster. My tongue returned each pass. I no longer knew which one of us was feeling what. Everything turned into one big circuit of desire. When he pulled back from me, his eyes were glazed. He pushed me to the bed. His tongue lapped at the skin of my throat, and down to my nipples. His teeth grazed my flesh and bit me just enough to let me know he meant all of it.

The smooth flesh of his cock was gently rubbing against the smooth flesh of the inside of my thigh. He put his hand down between my legs. He fumbled with the flesh of my labia until he realized he could tell when something pleased me and when something hurt me. His fingers entwined in my hair and he started a dance with my pussy that sent me into ecstasy. For the first time in all my awkward attempts at heavy petting with anyone, someone knew exactly where to touch and how to touch me. I returned the pleasure by stroking his cock gently and a little roughly now and then. He broke away from me, and smiled.

“Go on, then,” he said. I’d had my kisses, and it had been as intoxicating as I always thought it would be. Now I needed to fulfill my end of the bargain.

I placed my lips softly on his cock. He strained it to meet me. I licked at him softly, coating him entirely in wetness. His breathing was hard and slow. I listened for all the cues that he liked what I was doing. He put his fingers into my hair, and gently scratched my scalp. Unexpectedly, I realized I could feel in my own sex when it was really good for him. I put the head of his cock to my lips and pressed. I opened my mouth little by little and let a little saliva coat my lips. I sucked him into my mouth slowly. I felt my tongue start to move and his cock responded with a gentle rhythm.

“Who taught you how to do this?” he asked. He didn’t want an answer. He needed to talk. “Did you do this to Jason? Matt? Paul? Did they get to feel this before me? Did you touch them before you ever touched the brother who spent years just wishing you’d even look at him?” A little anger fueled his passion. I could feel it intensify. I also felt his cock harden a little more. He continued to talk, “As good as this is – and it is good – I need more.” He exaggerated the “more” and I pushed my mouth over him even further. I swallowed him as far down as I could. I pressed my tongue against his cock in a quick rhythm. After a fewmoments, I pulled him out of my mouth, and he whined again. The whine turned to a growl.

He grabbed my shoulders, and his mouth found mine again. After a short fight with our tongues, he pushed me away. He turned me over, and into the bed. I grabbed a pillow and positioned it under my stomach. He pulled on my hips, and I raised them up to him. I turned my head to watch him. He put a finger in his mouth. He reached under me, and found the slit of my pussy. He pushed in one finger very slowly. I had been through this with boys before, but it never led to anything more. I knew that this time would be different. My body tensed. There was some escort bursa pain, and his finger slid out.

He leaned to me and said, “You’re going to have to relax. Turn over for me.”

I obeyed. I was rewarded with his infamous smile. He bent down to my pussy, and his tongue started stroking me. He put his mouth over the entire area, and he sucked at me. His tongue pressed flat against my lips, over and over in a slow rhythm. I gasped at how skilled he was.

“And you wondered about where I’d learned how to suck. Where did you learn this, huh?”

He increased his speed in response. My blood boiled, and my mind went soft again. I forgot everything but the feel of his lips and tongue on my pussy. He brought his finger back to the hole. He slid in much easier this time. A second finger followed the first into the hole. He spent just a few thrusts on this act. He only wanted to be sure I was ready for him.

“Who was your first, Alex?”

“There was no first. It’s about to be you. Who was your first?”

“Nobody?” He didn’t believe me. “Oh, come on, Paul said he had sex with you.”

“Well, then he’s lying. I gave him head, but I wouldn’t let him get anything more.”

“I haven’t had sex with anyone yet, either.” He was very quiet as he admitted this. I didn’t believe him.

“Jessica said you had sex with her.”

“Oral. No more. It never felt right. Never.”

I nodded at him. Both of us looked at each other with a mischevious glow in our eyes.

“I didn’t know it was you I was waiting for,” I said.

“Me, too.”

His mouth covered my mound and he worked on me for another moment or two, to wash away our conversation, completely. I noticed the rain faded and the lightning was far, far away. I looked back at Drew. Then he backed up again. He seemed almost determined, after that. He pulled me to the edge of the bed. I looked up at the light on the ceiling as if in prayer for the pain to be quick and this to be easy. Then I looked back at him. He stood at the edge of the bed, and pulled me closer to his penis. He rubbed up against the hole, and it sent zinging pleasure through me. As he pushed harder, though, it was more painful than pleasurable. There was enough pleasure to overcome the pain, as he pushed a little more. He stopped after each attempt to press into me. When my body relaxed around him at each point, he would push again. It was slow, but less painful than I thought it would be. The fingers of ex-boyfriends that had been inside me had hurt me at times, and I dreaded anything larger. As the real thing entered me, I watched Drew’s eyes alternate between watching himself enter me, looking at my body, and glancing at my eyes. I could see him fighting a battle between “shouldn’t” and “must”.

After a few moments, he was able to slide into me with no resistance, in one sudden move. He let out a sigh that turned me on even more. I let out a moan. The final thrust had hurt, but as he started to push in and pull out, the pain was replaced by tremendous pleasure.

“I can’t believe I’m your first. I can’t believe I’m finally with you,” he said.

“I can’t believe it, either.” I wanted him to just shut up. Each time he moved inside me, I wanted to scream. In just a little time, I could feel him building to the point of no return. I needed more and more of him. I wanted all of him. I put my legs around him and angled myself little by little until the electrical shocks of an approaching orgasm welled up in my sex. He concentrated his whole being in his actions. He watched himself move in and out, and I watched his beautiful eyes. In the heat of passion, he looked up at me, and I could feel him tense and push deeply into me, in a rough rhythm, insatiable and consuming. My body let go and the spasms curled from my muscles around his thrusting cock. I let out a scream as the waves of orgasm overlapped themselves and sent me into ecstasy. Drew’s own orgasm followed right on the heels of my scream. His fabulous growl and his uncontrolled thrusts faded out slowly. When he was finished, he turned me onto the bed, and laid down next to me.

We curled up together, and our hands were clasped in the afterglow. I could feel pain welling up inside me. Tears started to stream down my face. I felt warm tears on my back. We indulged in this pain for a little while. This would be a secret we would share throughout the years, but it would always be a secret. For every time our bodies would touch throughout the years, unknown to anyone else, we would have to live through the pain of the necessity for secrecy. That fact was painfully sinking into my brain as we looked at the clock and got dressed again in silence.

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