Subject: Tea On Tuesdays (Revised) Hi all, I want you to know that the following story is a work of Fiction. It is a fantasy that a new friend of mine, Lynne suggested I write about. I ask that you please donate, whatever you can to Nifty, because without them, I can’t share my fantasies or Lynne’s fantasies with you, and you wouldn’t have the pleasure of reading my story and other people’s stories. Thank you and enjoy. TEA ON TUESDAYS There are events that occur in most people’s lives that may seem trivial at the time they happen but prove to be life altering as time goes by. As Lynne Parker sat on her front porch of the Colonial Home that her and her husband had bought just a year ago, she thought about the events that had transpired last Tuesday, just three days ago. Lynne immediately thought of her `first time’ and tried to compare it to `this time’. Lynne Parker was born in Westchester, New York. She had lived there all her life except for the four years she spent at Ohio State University where she studied Business Law. Lynne lived on a one-acre lot in the house she grew up in. Lynne’s father passed away when she was twelve and her mother had passed away when she was in her third year at university. Being the only child, Lynne inherited the property and her father’s 1954 Buick Skylark convertible. Lynne never did drive her father’s car. It stayed in the garage where her father had left it. It is the one thing in the world, that she would never sell. Every year on her father’s birthday, Lynne would go into the garage, sit in the passenger seat, with a bottle of wine and stay there till she had finished it. She never really celebrated her own birthday and was never too bothered when her husband forgot about it. Lynne married Jack when she was twenty-seven. Like Lynne, Jack had always lived in Westchester. Jack was a couple of years older and went to Harvard Law School. After graduation, Jack took a year off to travel around the world with a couple of friends. When he returned from his vacation, he got a job in his father Law Firm, where he became the Senior Partner. After completing her Degree, Lynne got a job as a Saleswoman with a national cosmetics company. At the age of forty-two she became the CEO. Lynne had travelled overseas on numerous occasions; she has been to London, Paris and Amsterdam. She had also travelled to Egypt and Morocco. She had been to Rio de Janeiro and had been on several cruises to the Caribbean. But she always looked forward to getting back home, to Westchester. As she sits there on her porch, she can’t help but reminisce about her first real holiday. After graduating from University, Lynne decided to go on a vacation with her two best friends, Holly and Sandy. She would be starting her new job in three weeks and decided that a week away getting some sun would do her a world of good. Her birthday was also coming up. A pretty good excuse for a vacation. On the first day of their trip to St Kitts, Lynne and her friends decided to take it easy. By the time they arrived, checked into their hotel and finally got to their room it was already after six in the evening. They decided they would have a quiet dinner and a few drinks and then enjoy the beach the next day. Lynne had a lot more than a few drinks and the next morning got up a bit later than she wanted. When Lynne got up, just after twelve, she found a note in the kitchen. It was from Holly and Sandy, her two college friends. `We decided to go to beach. We tried to wake you up, but you wouldn’t. Anyway, see you soon’, the note read, in Holly’s handwriting. Lynne hopped in the shower to wake herself up and when she had finished, she went to her still unpacked suitcase. She grabbed a summer dress, put on some flip flops, grabbed her bag and was out the door. She needed a bikini and thought she would just be wearing it straight out of the shop she bought it from. `No need for underwear right now’. As she walked out of the Hotel to the main street, Lynne thought to herself, `it feels nice not wearing any underwear. Why haven’t I tried it before’? After stopping a local for directions, she made her way towards the promenade near the beach to `Hot Surf Shop’. As Lynne entered the surf shop, she heard a female voice in an English accent say, “Hello pretty”. As Lynne turned to see the owner of the voice, she was surprised to see a dark exotic looking woman in her late twenties, wearing a short white summer dress and apparently nothing else underneath. Lynne was able to clearly see the woman hard brown nipples trying to fight their way out of the tight dress. Lynne also noticed that she had the most beautiful blue-green eyes and silky long black hair, that came down to the middle of her back. After chatting for a while, Lynne was able to find out that Marie is 36 and her sister Bibi is 34. They both own the surf shop and were born in Mauritius. They have been living in St Kitt’s for the past ten years. Marie was a bit taller than Lynne, with muscular tanned arms and legs, and an oval shaped faced with a thin nose and puffy lips. Marie was a size 8 and figured that even though she was taller, and her breasts were larger than her 34B, that Marie was a size 6. After chatting for a while Marie asked, “So how can I help you today”? “Well, I didn’t bring a bikini with me, because I thought that I would just buy one or two when I got here, so I am looking for a bikini”. Marie looked at Lynne and said, “Come with me”. Marie began to make her way to the back of the store before stopping at a circular clothes rack. She grabbed one, then two and then a third item from the rack and then continued to the back of the store to what appeared to be a changeroom. It was nothing more than a curtain about four feet long hanging from a rack. It gave a little privacy, but not much at all. Behind the curtain there was a mirror and a chair. “You can change in here Lynne”, Marie said as she handed her the three items she had selected earlier. Lynne looked around and figured that anyone browsing at the back of the store would be able to clearly see her getting changed. Nonetheless, Lynne took off her dress, which left her naked. `I will probably never see any of these people ever again’, Lynne thought to herself. Lynne grabbed the first item, which was basically a bit of string attached to a small triangle piece of cloth. Once she had worked out how to put it on, she looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that the white micro-bikini panties were see through and so tiny that her pubic hair was showing above the hem of the panties. `Oh well, I won’t be getting these’, Lynne thought to herself. As she did, she saw Marie come up behind her. “I think that you will need to shave everything if you want to wear this to the beach today”, Marie said. “I just got a fresh wax just two days ago. I’m not sure if I can wear this”, Lynne replied. Marie looked at Lynne and could sense that she was a little nervous been eyed out by her, in micro-biking panties and nothing else, her breasts on full display. “Just so you know, we don’t sell bikinis. We only sell bikini panties. We don’t sell one-piece swimsuits. Do you know why? Because most women come here to tan in the nude and if not in the nude, then topless”. All Lynne could do is think of Holly and Sandy now. They were the ones who picked out the holiday destination and the hotel they were staying at. Lynne decided to get brave and said, “Okay. I am going to buy this one. I will see, maybe I might tan nude today”. “Good come with me”, came Marie’s reply. Lynne grabbed her bag and dress and followed Marie to the opposite side of the store, not bothering to put her dress on. They came to what appeared to be the backroom of the store. As she opened the door, she noticed a girl sitting in a chair that was the spitting image of Marie. She was wearing a short white dress and as she got up, Lynne could clearly see the outlines of her bald pussy. “Lynne, this is my sister Bibi. She will look after your bush today”, Marie said as she walked out the door leaving Lynne and Bibi alone. “Lynne, please take off those panties and come and sit here”, Bibi said motioning to what appeared to be a massage table. Bibi walked over to a small sink where she grabbed a tray containing hot wax, talcum powder, a spray bottle and some tongue depressors. She placed the tray on a side table and the said, “Okay Lynne, get on your hands and knees for me please”. Lynne did as she was asked. She just had a bikini wax a couple of days ago and the technician had removed some hair from her arsehole. There is no way she should have any hair there. As she did, she felt a spray of water enter her arsehole, which made her jump a little. Shortly afterwards she felt the soft talcum powder enter her rear followed by a piece of cloth wiping everything away. Then without warning, Lynne felt a finger enter her rear. Instinctively, Lynne pushed her butt out to meet the finger hoping that it would enter her arsehole even further. Lynne had never had anal sex before, but she always liked it when one of her lovers would insert a finger in there. She was hoping that Bibi would probe a little further but was disappointed when she heard, “Okay, you can lay down on your back now”. As she lay on her back and spread her legs, Bibi could see Lynne’s girl cream trying to escape. `You, horny little slut’, Bibi thought to herself as she got up to get a razor. Bibi placed some shaving gel on Lynne’s pubic hair and as she began to shave her, lightly touched Lynne’s engorged clit. As she did so, Lynne jumped a little as she quietly whimpered. To ensure that Bibi got all the hair, she would sometimes tug at Lynne’s thick labia, causing Lynne to tense up and whimper once again. As Bibi finished and wiped away the excess shaving gel, she could see more of Lynne’s girl cream trying to escape. Bibi loved pussy and she wasn’t going to let Lynne leave without tasting her. Bibi lowered her head close to Lynne’s pussy and smelt it. She liked the way it smelt. Next, she dipped her right index finger into the cum filled pussy, before placing the finger in her mouth. `Fuck she tastes good’. Before Lynne could say anything or react, Bibi’s mouth was now suckling at Lynne’s engorged clit. “Oh, Bibi that feels so good”, Lynne said as her body tensed up and her legs shook. Bibi didn’t want to let Lynne’s female cream go to waste, so she decided to lap it all up, before raising her head and saying, “We are all done now”. Bibi grabbed the tray and took it back to the sink. As she turned around, she smiled at Lynne, who had the most disappointed, pleading look on her face. Bibi just looked at her and continued to smile. Lynne decided to buy the white micro bikini bottoms, so she put them on and nothing else except for her sandals. She walked out into the store with her dress and bag, where she saw Maria serving another customer. Maria looked at her and smiled as she excused herself. “Hi Lynne, did Bibi satisfy you today”? Maria asked with a beaming smile on her face. `I wish I could kiss those beautiful lips’, Lynne thought to herself as she said, “Yes, but I was hoping for a little more. I want to get these please”, pointing out the white micro bikini panties that she was wearing, “and how much was the…you know what”, she added? “That will be fifty dollars in total”, Maria said. Lynne handed over her Credit Card and a few seconds later, was handed a receipt by Maria. Maria held onto Lynne’s hand and said, “you are a very pretty girl Lynne”, as she leant in and kissed her on the lips. The two ladies separated, smiling at each other. Lynne couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was standing in a surf shop in a pair of the tiniest bikini bottoms she had ever seen…let alone worn, topless, without a care in the world. As she walked out the store, the customer that Maria was looking after earlier looked at her and said, “I think I will get what you are wearing. It looks so fucking hot on you”. Lynne smiled at her as she made her way out of the shop and onto the Promenade. There were only a few people out and none of them seemed too perturbed by Lynne’s mode of dress or lack of it. As she strolled along the Promenade, she noticed her nipples getting hard, with each step she took. Lynne was getting excited by her new sense of bravery. As she continued walking, she noticed two women sitting outside of a bar, both topless drinking cocktails. Unwittingly, Lynne raised her right hand and squeezed her right nipple lightly. A she did so, the topless lady at the bar raised her galls to her and smiled. Lynne could immediately feel her face getting red, from embarrassment as she raised her right hand from her breast and smiled back at the lady. The beach was only one hundred yards away and as she got to the entrance, she noticed a large sign say, `Clothing Optional Beach’. She took the three steps down to the sand and immediately noticed about thirty or forty people either laying down or standing, most without any clothing on. Totally nude, as Marie said they would be. A minute later Lynne noticed her two friends laying down about fifty yards away. Both appearing to be nude.to the beach just a hundred metres away. As Lynne approached them, she said, “Hello”, as she placed her bag and dress on the sand to the left of Holly. Holly and Sandy were both looking at her as Lynne slipped off her sandals and pulled down her bikini panties, staring at Holly’s eyes through her sunglasses. “Nice pussy. I can’t wait to lick that tonight”, Holly said. Before Lynne could say anything, Sandy chimed in, “Me too”. “Really”, Lynne replied as she walked over to grab a towel from the resort beach hut. Lynne returned to where Holly and Sandy were laying down, placed her towel in between the two of them and lay down on her back. “Holly do you mind putting some tanning oil on me”, she asked? Without a word being said, Holly grabbed the tanning oil and began to oil Lynne’s body, starting with her legs, working her way up to her thighs before massaging her thick labia and protruding clit. Lynne’s body jumped a little at that touch, not expecting Holly to be so brazen. At that point Sandy decided to help with the massage. She started with Lynne’s breast’s and now even harder nipples, moving down to her stomach and eventually her clit. Lynne just lay back whimpering at every touch, her legs tensing up at times, enjoying the unexpected attention she was now receiving. She felt so naughty. Here on a beach, where anyone could see what was happening to her. Lynne was just enjoying the attention too much to make Holly and Sandy stop. After ten minutes of pleasure, and a mini orgasm, Sandy kissed Lynne, passionately before laying back down. Holly did the same and as she got up, with a wide smile on her face, said, “I can’t wait to fuck you tonight Lynne. You are going to have the best fuck that you have ever had. Although Lynne just had a mild orgasm, she was too tired to respond. She just smiled at Holly as she closed her eyes. At 5pm the three girls decided that they have had enough tanning for one day and got up and went back to their hotel room. The plan was to have a shower before going out for dinner. The girls never made it to dinner that night. After returning to the hotel room, the three friends showered together, and one thing led to another and then another. After being molested in the shower of her own accord, Lynne was taken to her bedroom where she was fucked by Holly in her arsehole with a strap-on dildo, and Lynne had loved it. Way better than just a finger. Lynne had found out that Holly and Sandy have been lovers for over four years, and they had planned this holiday for over a year so they could fuck her. `Wow, Lynne thought. They have wanted to fuck me for over a year. I am so flattered’. The reason Lynne was flattered is that Holly and Sandy were two gorgeous women, with amazing bodies. They could have any man…and now any woman they wanted, when they wanted. They were just so beautiful. Holly and Sandy had received Volleyball Scholarships to Ohio State University. They were both tall with athletic figures. Holly was from southern California and always seemed to have a tan, even in the middle of an Ohio winter. She was 5’9 with long golden blonde hair, that she only tied up when she was playing volleyball and the lightest sky-blue eyes that you would ever see. She had an oval shaped face with a thin nose and pink lips. Her breasts, a round 32B that looked perfect on her slim but womanly body. The had a flat stomach atop perfect hips and long shapely legs. She was sexy, all over. Sandy was African American. You would say that she was almost a pure blood because she was so dark. She grew up in Chicago. She was 5’11 and looked like one of those fictional Goddesses. Her eyes were similar to Lynne’s, green, emerald eyes set in a beautifully shaped round face. She had a perfect nose. Not too thin and not too thick. She had soft dark lips that never required any lipstick. They just looked perfect. Sandy was also a very good swimmer in high school and as a result had the most perfect `V’ shaped back, slim waist and perfect hips. Unlike Holly, who had a slightly flat bottom, Sandy’s was a perfect pair of two globes. So round and so firm, that she looked good in anything she wore. Then there was her perfectly proportioned legs, from top to bottom. To top her off, she had the most perfect `pyramid’ shaped 36D breasts. Holly was sexy all over, but Sandy was a different level of `sexy all over’. She was just stunning. The reason that Lynne liked them wasn’t because they were beautiful. She liked them because they were intelligent. The three ladies finished top three in their class, often sharing the top grade in their exams. Later that night Lynne got the chance to fuck Holly in her `tushy’ whilst Sandy fucked her in the arse at the same time. Lynne had never heard of a DP and thought that she may try it someday. She didn’t have to wait long, because the next day, was all about her. Lynne was turning 25. The three ladies fucked all night and finally went to bed just after midnight, exhausted. Sandy was the first one to get up. After a soothing shower, she decided to wake Holly and Lynne up before ordering a big breakfast for the three of them. Breakfast arrived just as Lynne got out of the shower. With their towels wrapped around their bodies, the three ladies devoured their breakfast, reminiscing about last night and what they could do today. The three ladies, not having had dinner the night before, ordered more breakfast as they got changed. Holly and Sandy both wore matching open knitted cover ups. Holly in beige and Sandy in white, highlighting her dark skin even more. Both ladies not bothering to wear underwear. Lynne wore the same dress that she had on the previous day, also panty-less, but felt out of place. Soon their second lot of breakfast arrived, and the three ladies sat down and ate. Once they had finished, they placed their trays outside the room and grabbed their bags. “First stop is the Surf Shop. I need to get a matching dress”, Lynne said. “Okay”, Holly and Sandy replied as they walked out of their room. As Lynne, Holly and Sandy entered Hot Surf Shop, Lynne heard the unmistakable voice of Marie say, “Hello beautiful ladies”. Lynne walked over to Marie with Holly and Sandy closely behind her and said, “Marie, these are my friends, Sandy and Holly. This is Holly and this is Sandy. And this is Marie”, she said looking at her friends. Marie reached out her hands for Lynne to grab them and she did. Marie leant in and gave Lynne a soft kiss on her lips. She then did the same with Holly and the Sandy. Spending a little bit extra time with the Goddess. “So, what are you ladies up to today”, Marie asked? I want to get a cover-up just like Sandy and Holly”, Lynne replied. “Okay. Wait here”. A minute later, Marie was back with a blue coloured knitted cover up. “Okay, take your dress off”, Marie said. Lynne handed her bag to Holly and in one motion, lifted her dress above her head and also handed it to Holly. She put the new cover-up on which felt very comfortable on her. “Perfect”, Marie said. “I’m paying. It will be one of your first birthday presents today”, Sandy said. “It’s your birthday today? Why did you not tell me”, Marie asked? She added, “Bibi misses you and asked whether you came back to the shop yesterday. I said no and she is very sad. The dress is free of charge and tonight you ladies come to my house to celebrate Lynne’s birthday. Okay”? Sandy looked at Holly and they both smiled. They liked the look of Marie, just as Lynne did the previous day. They thought of all the fun that they might be having tonight. And who is Bibi? They will need to find out who she is. They will ask Lynne later. “Sounds good to me. What do you think, Holly”, Sandy asked? “That sounds good to me too”, Holly replied. With that, Marie went to the counter and came back shortly afterwards with a folded piece of paper. “Here you go”, she said as she handed the piece of paper to Sandy. “I will be expecting you ladies at 6. Bye”, she said as she walked away. `Okay, she doesn’t want to talk to us anymore’, Lynne thought and the three of them left the shop. They spent the whole afternoon at the beach, tanning in the nude, occasionally going into the water to cool themselves off as they did the day before. Today they would leave at 4. They were not sure how far Marie lived, so they wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be late. After having a shower together as they did the previous day, the three ladies got out. Lynne went to her room, whilst Holly and Sandy went to their room. Lynne looked through her still unpacked suitcase and picked out a sky-blue coloured wrap dress with a `V’ neck that showed off a little of her breasts. It was short and looked even shorter once she put on her four-inch glitter platform high heels. She put on some light makeup and walked out to the living room to wait for Holly and Sandy. Sandy came out first, wearing her favourite extra short denim shorts, that showed off plenty of her `booty’ and a white ivy halter top that showed off her luscious breasts and back. She had light blue eye shadow on and nothing else. Holly followed with a short white tennis style skirt and a gold-coloured crochet top. Holly had a gold eye shadow on that matched her top and a hint of bronze lipstick. They both looked so delicious that Lynne wanted to eat them right then. But there was no time for that. Both Sandy and Holly were wearing plain one-inch sandals. The three ladies grabbed their bags and went downstairs where they grabbed a taxi to take them to Marie’s house. Marie lived in a modest house on top of a hill that overlooked the beach that the three ladies had spent the last two days at. As they got out of the taxi, they just stood there for a few seconds admiring how beautiful the view was. They went to the front door and rang the bell. It was only a few seconds when Marie opened the door. As she did, the three ladies just stared at her mesmerised in her beauty and her outfit. Marie was wearing a sleeveless white coloured fishnet body suit that looked great against her dark skin. Her thick dark nipples just popped out. Like Sandy she had a light blue eye shadow and nothing else. Her long hair just looked so silky and sexy. “Hello, my beautiful girls”, Marie said as she kissed all three on the lips before inviting them in. The first thing that Lynne noticed was the floor to ceiling window that cover the entire living area wall. In the centre of the room was huge round flat sofa, red in colour. Lynne figured that you would be able to sit at least ten people on this sofa. To the right of the room was the kitchen and a hallway that led to some other rooms. Lynne, Holl and Sandy followed Marie into the house, all checking out her amazing butt, hoping that they would see a lot more of it soon. As Marie neared the sofa she turned around and said, “Why don’t you ladies take a seat”. They all sat bursa escort down as Marie went to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of white wine. She then grabbed five glasses and began to pour the wine. As she finished pouring the wine, she yelled out, “Bibi, can you please come out here. Our guests are here”. Marie grabbed two glasses of wine and handed one to Lynne and the other to Holly. As she walked back into the kitchen, Bibi appeared next to her, topless. Just like Marie, she had dark thick nipples that stood proudly to attention. “Hi ladies”, Bibi said as she grabbed her glass of wine and followed Marie out of the kitchen. As Marie handed Sandy her glass of wine, the finally noticed that Bibi wasn’t just topless, but she was naked. Except for the thick eleven-inch purple strap-on that she was wearing. Bibi handed her wine glass to Marie who was now sitting down next to Sandy and took Lynne’s wine glass from her hand and handed it to Holly. Bibi extended her hands towards Lynne who grabbed them with both her hands as she was lifted off the sofa. Bibi then pulled Lynne close to her causing her thick strap-on to rub Lynne’s exposed crotch. “Happy birthday my beauty. Tonight, I am going to give you what I didn’t give you yesterday”, Bibi said as she leant in and kissed her. As she did that, she grabbed Lynne’s butt with both her hands ensuring that Lynne’s pussy lips were grinding up and down the length of her dong as she thrust back and forth as though she was fucking her. Lynne placed her arms around Bibi’s shoulders rode her dong. They both started of slow but would soon pick up their pace, as Lynne’s excitement grew. Soon, Lynne’s pussy was on fire, as she grabbed Bibi tighter. As she was about to cum, Lynne leant her head down on Bibi’s right shoulder and began to nibble on her. As she exploded, her whole body tensed up as she bit down hard on Bibi shoulder now. Lynne continued to lightly bite Bibi’s shoulder as she slowed down her rhythm. Her legs became weak as she held onto Bibi tighter. Bibi sensed that Lynne was too weak to stand up and helped her on to the sofa. As Lynne lay back, her body continuing to contort, Sandy moved in and kissed her, followed by Marie, Holly and then Bibi. Later that night Lynne would enjoy her first DP. This time Marie would be using the thick eleven-inch strap-on, fucking her pussy hard with it, whilst Bibi would use a slimmer nine-inch dong to penetrate her arsehole with. That night Lynne experienced orgasm after orgasm, just like the other ladies. She was so happy that her two friends had chosen St Kitts for their vacation. Later that night, Marie took Lynne into her bedroom where she made love to her, whilst Bibi shared Holly and Sandy. It was the best birthday Lynne has ever had. * * * * * After a little while Lynne got up and decided that she now needed a glass of wine. She got up and went to the kitchen, where she poured herself a large glass of white Zinfandel. She went back out to the front porch and reminisced about the recent events. A few months ago, Lynne decided to go to one of the Antique stores in Ellsworth. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to buy but would know when she saw it. After browsing the store for a while, she kept coming back to a breakfront China cabinet. As she stood admiring it, Lynne decided to take out her tape measure and see whether the cabinet will fit in its future location. After a few attempts, Lynne was still unable to keep one end of the tape measure from moving. Frustrated and about to seek some assistance, she heard a voice say, ” I can hold that for you”. Lynne looked up to see a smartly dressed woman similar in age to her standing there. “Thank you. I really appreciate it”, Lynne said as she smiled at the woman. After measuring the cabinet, ensuring that it was the right size, Lynne and the woman started chatting. The woman, Jill Reynolds, was a couple of years younger than Lynne. She had lived her whole life in Ellsworth, in the house that her grandfather had built. Her husband had passed away ten years ago, and she now lives alone. However, she has a group of friends that come over to her house every Tuesday to keep her company. After chatting for a while Lynne found that she had a lot in common with Jill. They both liked Antique stores, old cars and Colonial Homes. And then Lynne thought to herself, `she has told me everything about herself and I haven’t even introduced myself’. “Oh, I’m sorry Jill. I haven’t even introduced myself to you yet. I am Lynne Parker. My husband and I purchased the 1825 Colonial in town. You know, the one that was completely refurbished”. “Oh, that’s nice. So, what line of work are you in”, Jill asked? “I retired about ten months ago. My husband wanted to slow down, so he got a consulting contract at a local bank to set up an investment service, so we decided that I would retire, and we could move here. I have always wanted to live in a Colonial home and now I do”, Lynne said. “Well welcome to Ellsworth”, Jill replied. After paying for the China cabinet and arranging delivery, Lynne and Jill decided to go across the street for a coffee. They exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers, promising to keep in touch. Keep in touch, they did. Although they didn’t catch up in person, as Lynne continued to add the final touches to her new home, the did spend a lot of time trading emails. A few months later, whilst talking on the telephone, Jill asked, “So how is the house going”? “Good. I am just about finished”, came the reply from Lynne. “Well, that is fabulous. You can now finally come over to my place and meet all the girls”, Jill said with an excited tone. “Sounds good to me. I really need to get out of this house. Tell me when and where and I will be there”, Lynne replied. “Well, we always meet on Tuesdays at my house at 10am. Even though it is a morning tea kind of arrangement, we all like to dress up sexy”, Jill said. “Sounds good to me. I haven’t had a chance to dress up for a while now, let alone dress, sexy. I will see you Tuesday at 10”, said Lynne. Jill replied, “Good. See you then darling”, before hanging up the phone. `Darling. What did Jill mean by that’, Lynne thought to herself. Well today is Thursday. Her husband had remembered her 60th birthday and was taking her out for dinner tomorrow night, because he was going away to a conference next week. Her actual birthday is on Tuesday, the day that she will be visiting Jill and her friends. `If she can’t spend her birthday with her husband, she may as well spend it with her new friend Jill’, Lynne had thought. Since retiring and moving to Ellsworth, Lynne had dedicated the first Monday of every month to taking care of herself. Perfect timing, she thought. Tomorrow she will be spending the morning with Jill and her friends. Today, Lynne will be going to Cindy’s Salon where she will be getting her hair done, followed by a trip a few stores down, to Amanda’s, for her pedicure and manicure. Lynne will finish her afternoon off with a visit to Georgia’s café for a coffee and some dessert, before going home. Lynne was sitting in Kim’s Salon, discussing how the past month had been and what she had planned for the coming weeks. Just the usual chat that a hairdresser has with a client. She mentioned that she had been invited to a friend’s house, that her husband was away at a conference and that tomorrow was her birthday. Cindy wished her a happy birthday as she finished with Lynne’s hair. Once Cindy had finished, Lynne paid her bill and said, “See you next month”, as she walked out of the Salon and down the road to get her manicure and pedicure at Amanda’s Nails. As she sat there at Amanda’s Nails getting pampered for the second time today, Lynne thought about tomorrow and what lay ahead. She thought that it would be nice to catch up with some ladies every Tuesday and maybe have a glass of wine or two, and maybe some lunch or whatever. Yes, it would be nice. The conversation at Amanda’s was the same as it was at Kim’s Salon. Once Amanda had finished her great work on Lynne’s fingernails and toenails, once again, Lynne paid her bill and decided that she needed to buy a new dress for tomorrow. Before getting a new dress, Lynne stopped at Georgia’s Café as she usually does after she gets her nails done. She ordered her usual large Jamaican coffee and an apple tart. She added cream to her coffee and went and sat down at a vacant table by the window. Lynne was now thinking about her conversation with Jill. `Dress sexy’, she had said. Now, Lynne knows what sexy is, but she wasn’t sure what Jill had meant by it. Lynne looked at her watch. It was almost 1pm. She had plenty of time to spare, so she decided to go to Savanah’s Boutique after her coffee and get something new to wear for tomorrow. The Sales Assistant would be able to help her find something `sexy’ to wear. Lynne entered Savanah’s Boutique and was greeted by a sales assistant that appeared to be in her late teens, maybe early twenties. “Hi, welcome to Savanah’s. My name is Heidi”, the girl said in a Scandinavian accent. “Can I help you with anything today”? Lynne wasn’t sure how to answer the girl’s question, but just decided to blurt it out. “Hi Heidi, I’m Lynne and I am looking for something sexy”. `There’, Lynne thought, I said it. “Well, you are definitely in the right place”, Heidi replied. She then added, “Is it a day-time sexy or a night-time sexy”? “Day-time”, Lynne replied. “Well come with me please”, Heidi said as Lynne followed her. As they reached Heidi’s destination, she turned to Lynne and said, “Size ten, is it”? Lynne was surprised and said, “Yes, that’s right”. Heidi looked at Lynne once again and said, “36C”, right! Lynne said, “Yes”, again, gaining more confidence in Heidi’s ability as a sales assistant. “Lynne, can you just wait here for a minute please, I will be right back”, Heidi said as she walked to another section of the store. She came back holding a bra and some panties. Red in colour. She handed them to Lynne and said, “You will be needing these and this”, as she picked out a red strapless dress from the clothes rack, they were standing next to. Lynne took the items from Heidi, as Heidi said, “Follow me”. Lynne obeyed and was taken to some change rooms. “I will be back in a few minutes to see if you need any help with anything”, Heidi said, as she left Lynne behind. As she walked into one of the changerooms, Lynne looked at the items that Heidi had handed her and thought, `There is no way I would have picked these’. Lynne took of her black slacks and hung them up, before taking of her light woollen sleeveless sweater. She took of her bra and panties and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment. `Not bad for a fifty-nine-year-old”, she thought. Lynne would be turning sixty tomorrow, but she was still fifty-nine. She was happy with her body. She was 5’4 and had tear-drop breast, that sagged just a little with dark nipples. She had brown hair, that she liked to keep short and emerald, green eyes. She had a button nose that fit well on her round face. Lynne thought that her butt and her legs were in great shape for her age. Although Lynne was almost sixty, she had been told by several people, including Kim that she would easily pass for someone in her late forties. Yes, Lynne was happy with what she had. Heidi had handed Lynne a pair of sheer red polka dot G-strings. It had been a while since Lynne had worn a G-string and certainly nothing like this one. She put it on and the first thing she noticed was the over-grown bush around and over her…’tushy’, as she had liked to call it, many years ago. `Emm! I will need to trim that, if I am going to wear these panties’, Lynne thought to herself. Despite not having worn a G-string in years, Lynne felt comfortable in them. Next Lynne put on a sheer pop-up bra, like the G-strings she was wearing. As soon as she did, she felt her nipples harden, trying to pop out through the sheer fabric. Lynne had to steady herself a little, before eyeing her hardened nipples in the full mirror in front of her. Lynne had no idea what was happening, but she had suddenly become aroused, she had become, `sexy’, and decided to squeeze, first her left nipple and then her right. Lynne then did a half turn to her left and a half turn to her right, to check how the G-string looked on her butt. She smiled to herself, thinking, `These look really nice”. She faces the full mirror once again and looks down at her `tushy’, and thinks to herself, `that definitely has to go’. Lynne grabs the dress that Cindy had suggested and lifts it up for size, and to see how it might look on her. Why she does that, she doesn’t know. How can she know what it looks like, until she puts it on? Lynne bends over and places her right leg into the dress and then her left leg. She pulls the dress up and pulls up the side zipper on the right side of the dress. She straightens up the front over her breasts, wriggles around a little and when she is satisfied, looks into the mirror. `Not bad’, she thinks to herself. Just as she did so, the door to her change room opened and there was Heidi. “Wow Lynne, that looks nice on you”, Heidi said as she looked at Lynne’s reflection in the mirror. Heidi then looked down at Lynne’s butt and again in the mirror. “I think the dress looks fine on you, but”, Heidi said! Heidi just kept looking at Lynne’s butt and then in the mirror, without saying a word. Finally, Lynne said, “But what”? “Well, I think you should try the dress out without a bra. Here let me help you”. In an instant, Heidi had managed to unzip the dress and undo the bra Lynne was wearing before she was able to say a word. “Wow Lynne, you have beautiful firm breasts. They will be fine on their own in that dress” Heidi said, as she looked at Lynne’s reflection in the mirror once again. As she zipped up the side of the dress she added, “There. See! It’s perfect. What do you think”? Lynne was in a state of shock, not expecting Heidi to first burst in on her in the change room and second to take her bra off just like that. “Yes. I think you are right Heidi. It does feel much better”. Heidi replied, “Good”, as she began to stare at Lynne’s butt once again. Lynne was looking at Heidi’s face in the mirror, wandering what she was going to do next. As she was about to say something, Heidi said, “The panties have to go. Sorry, I can see the panty lines and that’s not sexy. You came her for sexy, so I want you to leave with sexy”. Within a few seconds, Heidi lifted the dress that Lynne was wearing, tugged at the side of the G-strings that she was getting comfortable with and pulled them down. Without a word, Lynne lifted her right leg and then her left leg for Heidi to remove the G-strings, surely exposing her naked butt. As she did so she turned around and noticed Heidi sniffing the panties. As she did so, Heidi looked up at her with a smile and said, “Nice. You smell very sweet Lynne”. Lynne was unsure what to make of that comment as she turned around, straightened her dress and looked in the mirror. Heidi got up, still holding the G-string that Lynne had been wearing only a second ago and said, “That is so much better. What do you think Lynne”? Lynne liked the dress, but she just wanted to get out of there. Heidi was old enough to be her granddaughter, if she had one, and there she was sniffing the panties she had been wearing and enjoying it. It was just a bit too much for Lynne to take at this moment. `I’m buying this dress and I am leaving’, Lynne said to herself before turning around and looking at Heidi, face to face. “I love it. Thank you, Heidi. I will get changed and will take the dress, bra and panties. Thank you for all your help”. “That’s okay Lynne. But”. Heidi paused for a few seconds and then said, “You won’t be needing the bra and panties! You look sexy, just in the dress”. Lynne looked into Heidi’s sincere eyes for a while and said, “Okay”. As Heidi left, Lynne closed and locked the door to the changeroom, not wanting anymore interruptions and took the dress off. She put her clothes back on, looked at herself in the mirror and left the changeroom with the dress, panties and bra. She went to the counter where Heidi was waiting for her and handed her the three items of clothing. Heidi folded the dress and placed it in the bag, after scanning the price tag label. Lynne took out her Credit Card and paid for the dress. Once the Credit Card was accepted, Heidi grabbed Lynne’ receipt and placed it in the bag and handed it to Lynne. Heidi then walked around from behind the counter and gave Lynne a hug. As she did, she looked at Lynne and said, “Have a great day tomorrow `sexy’. “If you need anything else in future, you now know where to come. I work here Mondays and Fridays”. Lynne smiled at Heidi and said, “Yes, I do”, as she left the store. Just before she opened the front door to leave, she turned around and noticed Heidi was sniffing the red panties that she had earlier tried on, again. As she walked out the door Lynne thought to herself, `That dirty little girl’, as she smiled. `Is she a? No, she can’t be, she is too pretty…to be…a…lesbian. Isn’t she’? As Lynne walked to her car, all she could do is smile to herself. She was really getting excited about tomorrow, now that she had bought the dress. She was getting excited about trimming her `tushy’ and possibly, possibly wearing that dress without any underwear underneath for the first time in several years. As she got into her car and started driving home, she asked herself, `Can I really wear the dress without a bra and panties’. She will think about it tonight and make her mind up tomorrow. As she drove home, Lynne thought about her holiday to St Kitt’s for her twenty-fifth birthday and how she had visited the surf shop without any underwear on. And she thought about what the rest of that week had given her. But now she is happily married. She was young and single then. `Why am I even thinking about that’, she thought. Lynne looked at the clock on the dashboard of her car. It was 2.34pm. She pulled her car up at the side of the road and grabbed her cell phone. She searched for a place to get a bikini wax. The first site that popped up was, `Euro Girls’. It was only 2.7 miles away. She knew the address and had driven past `Euro Girls’ on a number of occasions, not knowing what they did. She called the number and a female voice answered. “Hi, I was wondering if I could come in for a Bikini Wax today”, Lynne said. “We have a spot available at 3 and one at 4.30”, the woman on the other end said. “I will come right over”, Lynne said. “See you soon”, the female voice answered. Lynne was able to make it to `Euro Girls’ with a few minutes to spare. Thirty minutes later she was back in her car, on her way back home, after getting a Hollywood Bikini Wax. `I will not be wearing any underwear tomorrow’, Lynne thought to herself as she drove home. Lynne got home and had a quick shower before making a light dinner of grilled fish and Greek salad. Lynne decided to have a glass of white wine, which led to two and the three with her dinner. She felt alone in this big house all by herself. She thought of sending an email to Jill to let her know how her day was but decided that it would be better to tell her in person tomorrow. After dinner Lynne decided to watch a bit of tv to get her mind off today’s events. After flicking though the channels she settled on watching an action movie. It is not something that she would normally watch, but it was what she needed for now. Lynne was in bed by eleven and after a relaxing uninterrupted sleep, got up at seven, ready for the new day. Lynne had a light breakfast consisting of two poached eggs and avocado on toast. As well as a coffee. Once breakfast was finished, Lynne went back to the master bathroom where she ran a bath. She had bought some scented bath bombs a while back. Today she chose the `Champagne and Strawberry’ one. Once the bathtub was half full, Lynne went back into her bedroom and took off the baby doll nightie she had worn to bed. A minute later, Lynne was enjoying a soothing bath. She lay in the bath for about twenty minutes before deciding to have a quick shower so she can wash her hair. Lynne dried her hair and applied some light make-up, before putting on the `red dress’. No underwear today. Lynne decided to wear her black four-inch stilettoes. Once she was done, Lynne eyed herself in her full-length mirror. `Not bad for a sixty-year-old’, she thought. Lynne applied a dab of her favourite perfume on her neck and wrists and put on her favourite diamond necklace. One last look in the mirror. Lynne was satisfied. She looked at her watch and it was 9.20. Plenty of time for a quick coffee. Lynne went downstairs and as she had her coffee, checked the directions to Jill’s house one final time, before leaving. It was a beautiful late summers day. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Lynne checked the weather app on her phone. The temperature was 73 degrees. As she drove out of her garage, she noticed that the late summer flowers and Black-Eyed Susan’s were still in full bloom. `It was just a wonderful day to be alive’, she thought to herself. Lynne followed the two-lane road leading to Jill’s property for six miles, now watching for the white fence on the right hand-side that would signal the driveway that would take her to Jill’s house. As she drove through the gated driveway, she couldn’t see anything but trees. She had driven about a thousand feet, before noticing Jill’s grand home. As she got closer, she thought, `wow, what a huge home’. It was a red brick house with what appeared to be a four-car garage. Lynne pulled up next to the other cars that were there, and as she got out of her car, noticed the beautiful view of the lake to the right of the house. Like Lynne, Jill had inherited the house from her parents when they had passed away. She and her husband lived there for almost thirty years before he also passed away. Because her husband had a very successful business, Jill was able to maintain the expansive property and the house, utilizing landscapers and handymen as she needed to keep the property in the excellent condition that it was in. Lynne grabbed a bottle of white wine from her car before locking it and walked up to the front door, her heart beating a little as she rang the bell. There she was. Sixty-years-old. Dressed in a sexy outfit, with no underwear on and a freshly waxed `tushy’. Lynne took one last deep breath, before the door opened and there was Jill. “Welcome to the Tuesday Tea Ladies Club”, Jill said as she opened the door. The two hugged and then went inside. They walked into a large living room, where Lynne was introduced to Jill’s five friends. She immediately recognized, Cindy her hairdresser and smiled at her as she walked in. All the women were dressed up and looking sexy. There was Chris who appeared to be the oldest and the boldest. She was wearing a short silky blue skirt and a sleeveless top with a plunging neckline that barely covered her expansive breasts. Chris was the owner of Savanah’s where Lynne had bought her dress yesterday. Lynne thought that Chris’ breasts were at least a 44D, with a hint of sag to them. Not bad for an old duck. Then there was Kim, who Lynne thought was the youngest. Early thirties, maybe. She was wearing a similar dress to Lynne, but in green. Lynne noticed that Kim’s breasts were also very large and seemed to sag a bit more than Chris’. Not as big as Chris’, but big. Lynne also met Kathy and Rebecca. Cindy, Kathy and Rebecca were all in their forties. Lynne knew that Cindy had two teenage kids from her visits to the Salon but found out that Kathy and Rebecca also had two teenage kids as well. That is how the three of them met as all their kids go to the same High School together. Kathy had on a beautiful strap dress also with a plunging neckline. Not as prominent as Chris’ though. Cindy was wearing a red escort bayan tube dress that hugged her breasts and barley covered her legs. Rebecca was wearing a similar dress to Cindy’s only in pink. Jill was wearing an elegant white strapless wide legged jumpsuit, that showed off her beautiful shoulders. Jill had been a champion College swimmer and you could certainly tell from her shoulders. Jill took the bottle of wine from Lynne and went to another part of the house. She returned a minute later with a glass of wine which she handed to Lynne. As she sat down talking to all these beautiful women, Lynne was surprised by how comfortable she felt. Everyone seemed to get along perfectly, and they were all so friendly and welcoming. Lynne was glad that she had decided to wear the red dress that Heidi had picked out for her and nothing else. The more that she looked at these women, the more she sensed that they were not wearing anything underneath their dresses either. After chatting for a while Lynne learned that all the women, apart from Jill were married. Happily married. Kim was the youngest and had three children. She had just turned thirty a month ago. Her youngest child was only nine months old. Lynne was surprised by how well she looked. She was carrying a few extra pounds, but it suited her. She looked great for someone with three kids. Lynne confirmed that Chris was the oldest and her two kids are all grown up. She was sixty-three-year-old, and she looked great. Kathy, Cindy and Rebecca were all in their early forties. About thirty minutes later, Kathy and Cindy got up and went towards the kitchen. Cindy came back shortly afterwards with a tray of handmade pastries, before returning to the kitchen. Cindy was soon back with eight cocktail glasses. There were only seven of them, so Lynne was wondering who the eighth glass was for. A minute later Kathy and Cindy walked back into the living room with two large jugs of Mimosa’s, followed by Heidi, also carrying a jug. “Hello Lynne, it is so nice to see you again so soon”, Heidi said as she placed the jug on the table. “I guess you have met my exchange student already then Lynne”, Jill said. “Yes, I have. She was a great help to me yesterday. She picked out this dress for me”, Lynne replied. Heidi was dressed in a short white tennis style skirt, showing off her long-tanned legs and a blue tube top revealing her athletic shoulders. She went over and said hello to Jill, then Chris and then Kim, giving each of them a kiss on each cheek. She did the same to Lynne. After a couple of Mimosas, Kim began to tell a naughty story about her and her husband. With that, Cindy said, “I don’t think Lynne needs to hear any of this. Why don’t you show her the rest of your house Jill”? Kathy piped in, “Be certain to show her all your lovely paintings”. Lynne looked at Jill and said, “I would love to see your home, and all of the antique furniture you sent me pictures of.” Jill smiled at Lynne and got up from her chair and reached out her hand for Lynne to take it. Lynne accepted her hand and the two of them left the other ladies in the living room behind. They went into the dining room and Lynne immediately noticed Jill’s exquisite Chippendale Dining Room set that dated back to before the Revolutionary War. It is a set that had been passed down in the family for generations. It was exactly what Lynne liked and something that she hoped she could have in her home. Next stop was the Mahogany paneled Library overlooking the lake that served as her husband’s office when he was alive. The view of the lake was amazing. Lynne just had to pause a moment to take in the view. At that point, Jill let go of Lynne’s hand and held her close to her with both arms on her waist. Lynne just looked at her, not saying a word. It felt nice having Jill touch her that way for some reason. “What do you think of the girls. I know they like you and I know that they will want to see more of you”, Jill said with a mischievous smile. “I think you and your friends are great and I wouldn’t mind been invited back next Tuesday, if that is okay”, Lynne replied. “Good. Let’s go upstairs. If you like the view of the lake from here, you are going to love it from upstairs”, Jill said as she let go of Lynne and took her right hand. Jill and Lynne took the rear staircase of the house up to the second floor. Lynne was shown three bedrooms, one of which was Heidi’s. Lynne found out that Heidi was nineteen and had been living with Jill for just over a year. The other two bedrooms that Jill had shown her were guest rooms. There were also three full bathrooms and another large room which was full of antiques that served as Jill’s office. As they left Jill’s office, Jill said, “I have saved the master bedroom till last. It is my favorite room in my house, and the most comfortable”. Lynne looked ahead and could see double doors that she assumed would lead to the master bedroom. She was right. Jill was right. The view of the lake was way better from here. As Jill opened the double doors to her master bedroom, Lynne’s eyes were drawn to the floor to ceiling window to her right. The room was painted a light blue. In the middle of the room was a large hand carved four-post bed, that Jill had imported from an English Estate many years ago, sitting atop a dark blue rug. Opposite the floor to ceiling window was a wallpaper depicting the battle of Williamsburg. Between the magnificence of the room and the effects of the Mimosa, and spiked pastries as Lynne would later find out about, she was now floating on a cloud. At that point, Lynne asked, What about your paintings”? “Turn around and you will see”, Jill replied. As Lynne turned around, she noticed six paintings hanging on the wall. All were similar, but different. They were similar in that all the paintings contained two naked women engaged in some form of lesbian lovemaking. As Lynne got closer to the paintings and her eyes became more accustomed to the dim light in the room, she noticed that all the paintings were of Jill and another woman. Jill and Heidi, Jill and Chris, Jill and Kim. As she stood there trying to identify the other women with Jill in the other three paintings, Jill came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her pushing her firm breasts into Lynne’s back. She leant in and whispered, “Do you like them? They were painted by a dear friend of mine and as you can see, there is enough room on the wall for another one”. Before Lynne could answer, Jill began to rub Lynne’s shoulders and again whispered in her ear, “I can tell you do. I have a certain sense about you”. Jills hands now moved to Lynne’s breasts, cupping each one and squeezing just a little. Lynne just stood there not sure of what was happening. Oh yes, she did. She thought this might happen. Dress sexy she was told. Yes, and who picked out her dress? Heidi. One of the girls in the paintings hanging on Jill’s wall. Lynne didn’t want to resist. Yes, she is married, and she loves her husband, even though he doesn’t satisfy her needs like he used to. At that point Lynne felt her nipples begin to harden and wetness forming between her legs. Lynne then blurted out, “I think you are trying to seduce me”. “What do you think,” Jill replied in a soft tone, as she turned Lynne around and kissed her on her full lips. Lynne was overtaken with lust and returned her kiss, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. As they continued to kiss Jill pulled the zipper on Lynne’s dress down and slid of her dress freeing her 36C breasts. “No, stop, stop”, Lynne said, almost yelling, having second thoughts about whether she should go any further. Lynne continued, “We can’t, what about the ladies’ downstairs. Won’t they suspect something if we don’t go back downstairs soon”” “Oh, my lovely Lynne, they are all waiting for us. They are waiting for you. We want to give you the best birthday present ever. They are all naked and by now they are all both giving and receiving pleasure in the `Circle of Love’, just as a prelude to all of us making love to you in ways you have most likely never imagined”, Jill said as she pinched Lynne’s right nipple before kissing her softly on her neck. Jill pulled away and as she began to take of her jumpsuit, said, “We can both go downstairs naked together and join the `circle of love’ or you can get dressed and take the back stairs and leave. There will be no hard feelings, we will not be mad, but the choice is yours alone”. Jill hesitated for a moment and then added, “When was the last time that you were truly satisfied with sex? Where else will you be able to explore your sexual desires and fantasies. You can do it here, with us every Tuesday if you desire? I can tell that you enjoyed the way I touched you. Wouldn’t you like more of that? It is your decision, Lynne. Yours alone. Say stop and it stops, say yes and we will walk down the main stairs together”. Lynne loved the sensation that Jill had already given her today. She thought to herself, `Oh God, what should I do, what should I do? I need it, and I want it. Can I go home and think about it and maybe get a second chance next week’? Lynne then thought of her first time and how great it had been. Then she thought, `I want to stay, but I should go now. If I do this, I will have to keep it secret from your husband, and I promised him no secrets’! Lynne had been standing there naked thinking about what she should do for less than a minute, but it seemed like an eternity. She was so focused on her thinking that she didn’t even notice that Jill was kissing her softly on her neck. Then came her answer. It wasn’t her brain talking it was the heat that was now coming from her `tushy’ that was telling her what to do. “YES! YES! YES”, Lynne screamed. Jill raised her head from Lynne’ neck and smiled at her and stood back a little. It was then that Lynne was able to truly see the magnificence of the fifty-eight-year-old woman’s body, with a smoothly shaven `tushy’ just like hers. She also noticed that Jill had piercing through the hood of her clit. `Wow, I wonder how that feels? Jill put three fingers in her mouth and moved in closer to Lynne once again. She put her left hand on Lynne’s shoulder as she inserted her three fingers into Lynne’s now dripping wet smooth cunt. Jill pulled her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth savoring Lynne’s taste. “I wish I could keep you here a bit longer, but I can’t”, Jill moaned,” We have rules and the first time a new member joins us, they have to be fucked in front of everyone. Take my hand so we can all welcome you into pleasures that you have never known. Oh Lynne, it is time.” Jill added as they made their way out of the master bedroom, hand in hand. Naked. As they made their way to the living room, Lynne thought, `Jill was right. They are all naked’. All the ladies were engaged in some sort of sex. Rebecca was on her knees licking Chris’ shaved pussy, whilst ramming the biggest dildo Lynne had ever seen into her own shaved pussy from behind. It was one of those double headed dildos’ that Lynne had heard about, but never seen. Not in real life anyway. Cindy was bent over another couch, whilst Kathy licked her arsehole. At the same time, Kathy was ramming a dildo attached to a strap-on harness in and out of Cindy’s pussy. What excited Lynne the most was seeing Heidi sucking on Kim’s right breast and her thick hard nipples. Lynne gave Jill a passionate kiss before letting go of her and went and sat beside Kim. She gave Kim a soft kiss on her lips before taking her left nipple in her mouth. Jill just stood there admiring her work and enjoying the satisfaction that her friends were giving to each other. After a few minutes Jill said, “Okay ladies. It’s time”. No one moved. Kathy continued to lick Cindy’s arsehole and Rebecca continued to suck on Chris’ pussy. Lynne and Heidi continued to enjoy sucking and licking Kim’s breasts. “Okay ladies. It’s time”. This time Jill had to yell a little louder. With that all the women started to separate and slowly get up. “Lynne, can you come her please, my lovely”, Jill said as Lynne walked over to join her. The other ladies all lined up a meter away facing Lynne and Jill. Jill grabbed Lynne with both hands and hugged her tight before kissing her passionately. Next it was Chris’ turn, followed by Kathy, Cindy, Rebecca, Kim and then finally Heidi. Once all the ladies had kissed Lynne, Jill turned towards the kitchen and all the ladies followed her. Heidi grabbed Lynne’s left hand and as they followed the other ladies, she leant in and whispered in her ear, “You are going to love this. I promise”. They walked past the kitchen and the back stairs, to a section that Lynne wasn’t shown earlier today by Jill. They came to a staircase that went down. As they got to the basement, Lynne could see Jill’s expansive wine cellar. To the left was a huge door, maybe five feet wide. “Lynne, my lovely. Are you ready to have some fun”, Jill said as she turned around to open the door? END PART 1 After sending Lynne the above story for her comment and feedback, this is what she wrote to me. There were some spelling and grammar errors, presumably from her excitement that I had to correct. The words are her words. Hi, I was getting ready to send this yesterday, but our Internet went down and was not back on last night when I went to bed. See what you did to me? :):) Dearest H, OH GOD, SO LOVELY, SO EXCITING. It was a beautiful sunny late summer morning here with a slight breeze coming through the bedroom window. I was so eager for my husband to leave for work this morning. I saw last night that you sent me something, but I could not open it when he was here. He left just before 9 this morning. I was still wearing my robe as I kissed him goodbye. But I already knew that both my robe as well as my panties and bra would be gone as soon as I knew he was well on this way. I waited about 15 minutes before I felt safe, but I still double checked both the front and rear doors and locked the screen doors as an added precaution, since the locks snap and there is no key. I added the dead bolts so that even if he came home, he would need to knock. I then went upstairs to the computer room and signed on to my laptop. I came to this site and opened your mail. I was so excited as I downloaded your story. As it appeared on screen and I saw the title, I began to shake with excitement. I quickly scanned it but decided I wanted to make this a special morning for myself before reading, to enjoy the special excitement you were creating in me. I continued to shake with excitement knowing I would soon be bringing myself to several orgasms while picturing Jill and many others with me in this most secret fantasy that we share. So before reading your story, I decided to take a nice warm shower to relax and be completely ready to touch myself everywhere I wanted. As I was soaping my breasts and body in the shower, the hands touching me were no longer mine but those of many different females, some real that I have had fantasies about and some, like Jill and her friends, pure fantasy. But they all aroused me and caused both my wetness and my swollen breasts that became so sensitive I could hardly touch them. I did not put my robe on when I got out of the shower, but I did put on my favorite perfume, including on my now very wet pussy. I picked up the laptop and came back into the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed. A warm breeze was coming through the window and the sun was bathing my naked body. I had my vibrator plugged in but not turned on. I was lightly feeling my wetness and my swollen nipples and was eager to start reading. What a special morning thanks to you. I wanted you to know the effect of your writing. God, I needed to start reading. Does it excite you knowing what you have done or what I was doing this morning because of you? Oh God. I was so wet, I laid back on the bed on my side and started to read. I turned on the vibrator and touched it to my lips and clit. As my pussy came alive, I started to read. You are so clever the way you combined your first draft with what I had sent you. I would stop reading and lay on my back for a few minutes letting my vibrator bring me close to climax, then pull it away and then read the next few paragraphs. I came near the edge several times like that way before my first orgasm swept through me as I was receiving DP in St. Kitts. I screamed I think, it was so intense. I don’t remember self-pleasure ever being that intense. After just drifting for fifteen minutes or so, I again started to read, only to be greeted with another strong climax as I stood in Jill’s bedroom as she played with my tits. By this time every nerve in my body was on fire. Another few minutes’ drifting until we all went down to the basement and stood outside the double doors. I was disappointed that there was no more for now, but I continued to finger myself, front and rear, picturing the ritual that was about to begin and all the way’s the other seven females are going to pleasure me. The fantasies were strong, and I could taste each of the pussies I licked as I drifted. And having my pussy and ass licked while two other girls sucked my titties and having a smooth naked cunt on my face was so nice. Finally, I let my vibrator, and two fingers in my ass, bring me to one final orgasm before I drifted off to sleep. It was over an hour later that I was awakened by the ringing of the phone. A robocall. I was glad it was not someone I knew as I am sure they would tell by my voice that I was in a special state. It was so wonderful thanks to you. It was much better and much more intense than it has been in several years with my husband. God, please hurry with the next part of what happens in the ritual room, all the way’s I am both pleasured and that I supply pleasure. While I have only had a few experiences for real, I think I have always enjoyed pleasuring another woman with my tongue more than any other form of sex. I would have written sooner but I had to do my shopping this afternoon and then cook dinner. I should go, husband is downstairs in the workshop but will be looking for me soon. I can hardly wait to hear from you. You are wonderful. XOXOXO L TEA ON TUESDAYS PART 2 As Jill opened the door to the room, Lynne noticed that it was lit by the house’s original gas lights. The room was dim, not dark. In the centre of the room was a padded table, suspended from the ceiling by six chains. One on each corner and two in the centre. To the right was a flat black sofa and further along the room what appeared to be a swing. To the left there was also a flat sofa, dark red, and a similar swing further along the room. Behind the red sofa was an open shelving unit with an assortment of paraphernalia. Lynne noticed that there were at least a dozen dildos of varying sizes, some attached to harnesses and some on their own. She also noticed what appeared to be a varying assortment of leather restraints and other items she did not recognise. At the back of the room there was a black curtain. `Is there something behind that curtain’, Lynne thought to herself, as she noticed Heidi walk over to the unit and grab a few things. “Now my lovely Lynne. As I promised you, you are going to be loved in so many ways today, only if you choose to. You can leave now, or you can stop anytime you want”, Jill said in a soft soothing voice. Lynne looked into Jill’s sincere eye’s and said, “I want you to do whatever you want to me. I trust you”. Jill leant in and kissed her softly on her lips, before saying, “Good, let’s get started”. Heidi handed Jill a pair of padded leather restraints, which she placed around Lynne’ wrists. She then did the same with Lynne’s ankles. Jill then took Lynne to the suspended table and said, “Sit here please”, and she did. “Lay back down my lovely”, Jill said as she lifted Lynne’s right ankle and attached the restraint to one of the chains. Jill then did the same with Lynne’s left ankle. Lynne was now laying down, spread eagled, her pussy lips wide open as was her arsehole. At that point Chris latched her wrist restraints to the two other chains at the other end of the padded table. Heidi then came over and gave Lynne a kiss on her lips before placing a blindfold on her. Unknown to Lynne, Chris then gave her a loving kiss, followed by Kathy, Cindy, Rebecca and then Kim. The room was quiet, and Lynne was unsure what was happening until she felt a leather strap glide lightly over her pussy lips and down to her arsehole. Ever so slowly and ever so lightly. Lynne felt light and with every movement of the leather strap, her heart would skip a beat as she felt herself breathing heavier. Then without warning she felt the first of many stings from the leather flogger on her clit. “Oh my”, Lynne let out after the first one as she bucked her hips from the initial pain and from the pleasure she had received. The provider of her pleasure would then glide the leather straps of the flogger ever so lightly and softly once again over Lynne’s pussy lips and arsehole before stinging her clit once again. Each time Lynne would quietly yell out something confirming the pleasure she was receiving. Her heart would again skip a beat. After at least a dozen times, Lynne felt the leather straps move up her body to her stomach, along her rib cage and onto her right breast and then her left. It was then that she felt someone’s mouth on her now wet `tushy’. She felt a tongue enter her and then slide down onto her arsehole. She was so fucking wet, so excited. Her `tushy’ getting licked and sucked, whilst her arsehole was getting licked and loved and at same time, her nipples, now harder than they had ever been, being teased by the leather straps of the flogger. It was only a minute or so later that Lynne had her first mini orgasm. She simply couldn’t hold on anymore. “Oh fuck, that feels so good”, Lynne moaned as she began to buck her hips to meet the tongue that was entering her. Once most of her sweet nectar had been sucked up, she felt a massive dildo enter her `tushy’ and then come out. In a little further and then out again. It was the biggest `cock’ that she had ever had inside her, and it felt great. `Fucking awesome’, actually. Lynne never swore like that, and she felt naughty even thinking it. After a few more tries, she felt a hand on each of her thighs as the dildo entered her even deeper. It was unmistakable. Lynne was now getting fucked by a strap-on. It had been so long since she was last fucked by a strap-on but knew what it was. As she was starting to enjoy being fucked, she felt the sting of the leather flogger on her right nipple and then her left. As she let out a soft moan, she felt someone’s pussy on her lips. All Lynne could do was lick it. She was happy to have the pussy in her mouth, only to take her mind of the pleasurable stinging to her nipples. The person fucking her was now getting into a rhythm, as was the person sitting on her face, now grinding her pussy harder and quicker into Lynne’s waiting mouth. After a few stings from the leather straps, Lynne felt a mouth on each of her now super hard nipples. Licking and sucking them softly. Unbeknown to Lynne, Chris was the one that was fucking her with the huge thick eleven-inch strap-on, whilst Heidi sat on her face. Kim was bent over sucking her right nipple as she was getting fucked in her arsehole by Rebecca, also with an eleven-inch strap-on. Kathy was bent over sucking on her left nipple whilst getting fucked by Cindy, also in her arsehole by an eleven-inch strap-on. All the ladies saved their arseholes for `Tuesday Tea’. Their husbands looked after their pussies at home. After teasing and stinging Lynne with her flogger, Jill sat down on the red sofa, admiring her creation and the pleasure all her `girls’ were having. She will soon have Lynne. Soon. After a few minutes, Lynne could feel her orgasm building. It would not be too long. As she bursa escort did, she started to buck her hips as much as she could in her restraints, continuing to enjoy the pussy that was in her mouth that was now grinding even hard and faster than before. The person sucking on her left nipple started to suck even harder and then suddenly bit her. With that Lynne exploded. Her pussy nectar escaping her involuntarily. She felt tense and when the final stream of nectar finally escaped, she felt so relaxed and so content. She began to lick the pussy that was grinding her face more feverishly and was rewarded by the sweetest girl-cum that she had ever tasted. Lynne just loved it. She was so content that she didn’t even notice Kim and Kathy scream with ecstasy as they both came also. As Lynne continued to lick more pussy juice, she started to come down from her orgasm and relax a little, whilst she was still being fucked by the huge strap-on only much slower now. Her nipples continued to be sucked by two unknown women. A few minutes later, the pussy that had covered her face, rose up as the strap-on cock came out of her. The two tongues that were on her nipples also left. Lynne was just lying there alone, strapped and unable to move. “Did you enjoy that my lovely”, the unmistakable voice of Jill asked as she leant in and kissed Lynne passionately, sucking up Heidi’s sweet juices that she had become accustomed to. Once their lips had parted and Lynne had regained her breath, she said, “Oh, my. It was wonderful. Just wonderful”. Lynne felt her arms and legs being unshackled, and the restraints removed, as Jill said, “Well my lovely, we have only just started”. Once each of her legs was lowered gently, Jill lifted Lynne’s torso off the table. “Now get on your hands and knees, my lovely”, Jill said. Lynne obeyed and was soon on her hands and knees. The blindfold was not removed. As she did, she felt someone’s body slide underneath her and between her legs. Lynne then felt the person underneath her put one hand on each hip and lower her down. As they did, Lynne felt the strap-on enter her wet hole. It felt so nice. “Oh, fuck that feels so good”, Lynne this time yelled out. She was in a safe place, and she wanted to and needed to yell out. Now it was Lynne’s turn to get into a rhythm. Once she got comfortable with the `cock’ that was inside her she leant down and began to kiss the person that was fucking her as her hips thrust up and down. Without any warning, Lynne then felt two hands on her butt, one on either side stopping her from thrusting any further. Then the sweet sensation that the tongue had caused her as it licked her arsehole. “Oh my God. Fuck that feels so good. Don’t stop that. Just keep licking me there”, Lynne screamed out, over and over again. Lynne just loved it when her arsehole was licked or even better when it was fucked. It had been such a long time. Lynne then felt something enter her arsehole. It wasn’t a finger or a dildo. What was it? It felt like a little ball and as it went in deeper, she felt another ball and then another. All the balls were getting larger and as they did, she felt a different sensation course through her body. Fuck it felt good. Lynne counted at least seven balls enter her, maybe eight. She wasn’t sure. She loved the feel of the strap-on in her `tushy’ as the balls went into her arsehole. It all just felt so good. Then she felt one ball come out of her arsehole, then another and another, till they were all out. As she continued to kiss the person who was laying beneath her, she let out a whimper of disappointment as the anal beads were removed. They felt so good inside her. No sooner had the anal beads been removed, a butt plug was inserted into Lynne’s arsehole. Her body then relaxed as she enjoyed the new thing that was now stuffed inside her. The woman underneath her then grabbed her hips and began to raise them up and down as she started to fuck her once again. Slowly. After a few minutes, someone came up behind Lynne once again and stopped her getting fucked once again, by grabbing her butt on both sides. “Oh fuck”, Lynne yelled out of frustration. “I just want to get fucked. Please let me get fucked”, she added as the butt plug was pulled out, leaving a gaping hole in her arsehole. Within a matter of seconds, the butt plug was replaced by a nine-inch strap-on attached to Kim’s’ body. “Oh, my fucking God, that feels good, Lynne yelled out”, as Kim began to slide the strap-on in and out of Lynne’s now wet arsehole. Once she got in a rhythm, Kim tapped Heidi’s leg who was laying beneath her, signalling her to commence fucking Lynne once again. Heidi didn’t need to be told twice. As Heidi pulled her dong out of Lynne’s pussy, Kim would slide her dong into Lynne’s arsehole. After a few tries the two girls were in unison, one in, one out. Lynne, screaming her delight at the attention and the pleasure she was receiving. Meanwhile, Chris was enjoying getting anal fucked by Rebecca on one of the swings, whilst Cindy was getting arse fucked by Kathy on the black sofa. Jill just sat there, on the red sofa, watching Lynne getting fucked by Kim, who would soon be leaving to pick up her kids and Heidi, the little slut that can’t get enough sex. Kim and Heidi continued to double fuck Lynne, now quickening their pace. As they did, Lynne would try to thrust her pussy even deeper into Heidi’s dong or her arsehole into Kim’s dong, wanting both of them to penetrate her as deep as possible. As Jill noticed Lynne’s orgasm nearing, she grabbed her flogger and began to stroke her butt with it. Then `slam’ on the left butt cheek and then `slam’ on the right butt cheek. With each sting of the flogger on her butt, Lynne would raise her head, arch her back and let out a little scream. Jill continued to sting Lynne’s butt until she couldn’t take it anymore. With one violent thrust into Kim’s strap-on, Lynne came. “Oh, oh, oh my fucking. Oh my. Oh, my fucking God. Oh my God, oh my God, oh, oh, oh fuck, Lynne screamed, as she lifted her head and arched her back as her body began to shake. She had been holding herself up with her hands whilst she had been double fucked and they were now becoming weak, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to hold herself up. Lynne just continued to buck as her juices flowed out of her. She could feel them running down both sides of her thighs, as Heidi continued to slowly fuck her as did Kim. Then she collapsed on Heidi, unable to hold herself up any longer. Her hair was now stuck to her face, and she could feel her sweat all over her body. She just lay there, unable to move. Lynne then felt someone part her hair and then kiss her neck. Oh, it felt so wonderful. Then Jill whispered into her ear, “Oh my lovely. Did you enjoy that? I enjoyed watching it”. Lynne was still too tired to talk. All she could say was `augh’, as she continued to lay on Heidi. Kim pulled her strap-on out of Lynne’s arsehole as she heard Cindy yell out. Cindy is a screamer. You always know when she had cum. Kim then raised Lynne’s hips, as she removed Heidi’s strap-on from her pussy. Heidi managed to roll out from underneath Lynne and then was able to get up. Heidi then walked over to the swing where Rebecca continued to fuck Chris, hoping that she could get into the action. She was a little late, as Chris began to scream squirting all over Rebecca’s torso and legs. Heidi quickly bent down, trying to drink up as much of Chris’ juices as she could, knowing that she would squirt at least a few more times, before her orgasm would subside. After a few minutes Lynne awoke, with Jill sitting beside her on the suspended table. “Welcome back my lovely”, Jill said as she leant in and kissed Lynne once again. “We need to get something to eat”, Jill added. All eight ladies went upstairs where Lynne had a warm shower. Kim had got dressed and left as she needed to pick up her children. After a quick meal and some rest, the remaining ladies went back downstairs to the playroom. As they entered the room, Lynne asked, “Is there something behind the curtain”? “Oh yes my lovely, there is. But that is for another time”, Jill answered. Lynne then noticed that Kathy, Cindy and Rebecca had all put on a strap-on each. They all looked like they were the same length and thickness. Cindy walked over to Lynne and said, “My turn. I can wait to fuck you in the arse”. Lynne smiled at her and said, “Well what are you waiting for”? For the next hour, Cindy, Kathy and Rebecca took turns double fucking Lynne, alternating from her arsehole to her `tushy’. At the same time, Chris and Heidi took turns fucking each other till they all were satisfied. It was now just after four and Chris, Cindy, Kathy and Rebecca had to go home to their husbands. That left Jill, Heidi and Lynne all alone. “Heidi, honey, can you please get us some wine”, Jill said. “Sure”, Heidi replied as she went to the kitchen. “I have one more surprise for you tonight. Let’s say it is my birthday present to you”, Jill said. “Wow, another surprise. Is it behind the curtain downstairs”, Lynne asked? “No”, Jill said. “I want to take you out to dinner. I know that your husband is away, so I thought we could make a whole day of it. And besides, I haven’t had the chance to eat you yet’, Jill added. “Sounds good to me. I am famished”, Lynne said. Lynne, Jill and Heidi enjoyed a glass of wine together, before Lynne and Jill had a shower. Lynne put her red dress on. Heidi then helped her with her makeup. Jill wore the same jumpsuit she had worn earlier today and was also helped by Heidi with her makeup. Heidi called a taxi and soon Lynne and Jill were on their way to dinner. Jill had made a reservation at Helen’s Restaurant, one of the most exclusive restaurants in Ellsworth. Lynne had been there once before with her husband and loved it. The two ladies walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a smartly dressed hostess. “Hi Ms Reynolds, so good to see you again”, the young hostess said. Lynne remembered her from her first visit here. She didn’t really pay much attention to her last time, but this time she did. Lynne found her attractive and wondered if they could get together one day. Despite the four major orgasms and a minor orgasm that she had already today, Lynne was still very horny. `I definitely want to fuck this girl one day’, she thought as Jill engaged her in conversation. “Good to see you to Monica. How is School”? “It’s great. One semester to go and then I will be back home for good”, Monica replied. “Oh, that is great. I will be able to see more of you then, won’t I”, Jill replied? `Oh, yes. I will be fucking her soon’, Lynne thought. “Right this way ladies”, Monica said as Jill and Lynne followed her into the restaurant. As they reached their table, Lynne froze as she felt tears well up in her eyes. Lynne couldn’t believe it. There were her two best friends from College, Sandy and Holly sitting there. As they saw her and Jill approach, they both got up to greet her. First Sandy and then Holly. Sandy hugged her tight and then kissed her softly on her lips. She wanted more, but not here and not now. “Happy birthday Lynne. It is so good to see you again”, Sandy said. Before Lynne could answer, Holly grabbed her and did the same. Sandy was dressed in her favourite colour, white. She had on a tight mini dress, that showed more than enough cleavage and white heels. Holly was wearing a short sheer blue dress with a `V’ back and front. Lynne automatically noticed that Holly’s breast had grown somewhat since the last time they saw each other, over ten years ago. As they sat down, Lynne couldn’t help but notice how Monica was looking at Sandy’s lap as she took the four ladies’ drink’s order. When Monica left, Lynne, bent her head a little to see what Monica was looking at. Sandy’s dress was so short that when she sat down, her dress rode up and you could clearly see her mound. Lynne just smiled at her, as Sandy smiled back. As the four ladies chatted, Lynne found out that Jill had also attended Ohio State. She was a couple of years younger and was on the same volleyball team as Sandy and Holly. Jill’s first lesbian adventure was with Sandy and Holly in her freshman year. They had kept in touch all these years, and when Jill’s husband passed away, they renewed their relationship in a limited capacity. Lynne also found out that Holly had recently had a `boob job’. She just felt like it. A mid-life crisis thing. Just like Lynne’s new appetite for the female species. Lynne was so happy that her friends were here. She knew she was going to have fun later tonight. As they ate, drank and chatted away, Lynne noticed that Monica was paying their table some extra attention and every time she came to their table, she would stand next where Sandy was seated. The other ladies noticed that too. “Have you fucked her yet”, Lynne asked, looking at Jill. “Soon, my lovely. Tonight, it will be just us four”, Jill replied. “I wouldn’t mind fucking her while she licked Sandy’s `tushy’ that’s for sure”, Lynne added, surprising even herself by the language she was using. The four ladies finished their meal and went to the front counter where Jill paid the bill, giving Monica a hefty tip for her great service. “Thank you, Ms Reynolds”, Monica said with a smile when she saw the tip amount. Feeling brave, Lynne grabbed Monica by her hand as she went to the side of the front counter. She pulled Monica in close to her and kissed her on her lips. As they parted, Lynne winked at Monica and gave her a smile as the four ladies exited the restaurant. There was a taxi waiting, which they took back to Jill’s house. As soon as they walked in the door, Sandy grabbed Lynne, who was ahead of her and flung her around, so they were facing each other. “Happy birthday honey”, Sandy said as she kissed Lynne softly on the lips. Then she kissed her nose and then her eyes, before nibbling on her right ear and then kissing her on her neck. Lynne was so aroused by Sandy’s touch that she didn’t notice who had pulled the zipper on the side of her dress down. As the front of her dress came down, revealing her hard right nipple, she felt Sandy squeeze it, before pulling the rest of her dress down. Lynne then felt some arms wrap around her from behind and hard nipples poking her back. Sandy was kissing the left side of her neck now, whilst this other person was kissing the right side. Lynne hoped that she was blind folded. Not knowing who was doing what to her was a major turn on, so she kept her eyes closed, enjoying Sandy and the other woman kissing. As she closed her eyes, she could hear the sound of a zipper being undone and suddenly Sandy let go of her. The person behind her continued to kiss her and now she was squeezing her hardened nipples. As she did, Lynne let out a soft purr, like a cat in heat. She then felt some hard nipples touching her own nipples as the person in front of her began to kiss her again. She assumed that it was Sandy, as she had the biggest and hardest nipples of all of the four ladies. In an instant she felt two fingers enter her now soaked `tushy’, and as they did, she let a moan of satisfaction. She was so fucking wet, that she could hear the swishing sound as the two fingers began to pump in and out of her `tushy’ harder and faster. All the while, Lynne was swaying her body back and forth, trying to keep up with the rhythm of the woman that was finger fucking her. Sandy, she assumed started kissing her more passionately, sensing an oncoming orgasm and then everything stopped. The person finger fucking her stopped. Sandy stopped and the person behind her stopped. Lynne opened her eyes half dazed and looked to see that it was Sandy that was in front of her, completely naked. Jill was the one that was finger fucking her and Holly was behind her. They were also naked. As Jill got up off the floor, smiling at Lynne, she said, “We have a long night ahead of us my lovely. Holly and Sandy have come a long way for this, and we don’t want this night to end so soon. Come, let’s go”. The four ladies made their way through the kitchen and down the back stairs. Then they reached the big door that led to the room where Lynne got fucked yesterday. As the entered the room, Jill walked over to the `toy cabinet’ and grabbed a blind fold and some restraints. Lynne was blindfolded and the ankle and wrist restraints were attached. One person on either side of her held her hands as she was taken to an unknow place. Lynne heard the curtain open and immediately smiled. `I am going to finally see what is behind the curtain’, she thought to herself. Lynne’s left ankle was attached to something and then her right leg was stretched, and her right ankle was now attached to something, her legs spread wide apart. Someone then attached her right wrist to what appeared to be a chain and then someone did the same to her right wrist. No one made a sound. About a minute later, Lynne felt the flogger playing with her `tushy’. Oh, fuck that felt good. Then she felt the lightest touch on her he clit and began to moan. She was so fucking horny. She liked the feel of the leather straps on her clit, but she wanted to get fucked. She didn’t care where, cunt, arsehole, both at the same time. She didn’t care. She just wanted to get fucked. All of a sudden, the flogger was removed from her clit and was now playing tunes on her left nipple. Her nipple was so hard. Both nipples were. They needed to be squeezed and sucked. Lynne just stood there helpless in her restraints, moaning with pleasure. “Ow”, she let out as she felt the sting of another flogger on her left butt, then “Ow”, as she felt the sting on her right butt. All the while she was being teased by the other flogger on her nipples. Sting, left nipple. Sting right butt. Sting right nipple. Sting left butt. This continued for a few minutes. Lynne could feel sweat running down the side of her face as her hair clung to it. With every flick of the flogger, she would get more and more excited. Even though it stung a little, Lynne liked it, or did she love it. She didn’t know how long this had gone on for and then she felt a third flogger on her `tushy’. Once again, a few stings from the front, a few stings from behind and leather straps, rubbing her now aching pussy. Lynne just wanted to get fucked now. She had been teased by these three vixens for too long. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take of this. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Jill! Sandy! Holly! Please fuck me. Please. Please. Can someone please fuck me? Please”, Jill said over and over pleading with her lovers to end her misery. The three ladies continued to do what they were doing, ignoring Lynne’s pleas. Jill had no idea how long she had been tied and teased and whipped for, but finally someone came in close to her and kissed her, wiping some of the sweat and tears on her face, away. Someone then unshackled her right wrist and right ankle as someone else unshackled her left wrist and ankle. Lynne’s mouth was so dry now from everything she had endured, she was unable to talk. Jill, the person that kissed her sensed that and went and grabbed a bottle of water. “Drink this my lovely”, Jill said as she put the water bottle to Lynne’s mouth, who remained blind folded. “Are you okay my lovely”, Jill asked as Lynne drank some water. Sounding exhausted, Lynne said, “Yes. I’m fine”. Holly decided that she would put on the eleven inch `blue monster’ that she bought with her. After licking Lynne’s cunt, she was going to fuck her like old times sake. Sandy put on her `fat boy’, a thick seven-inch dildo that she was going to ass fuck Lynne with. Once Jill was satisfied that Lynne had recovered somewhat, she took her over to a low flat sofa and sat her down. Holly didn’t waste anytime munching out on Lynne’s wet cunt. Sandy just stood there waiting her turn, which would come soon. Meanwhile, Jill went over to the `toy cabinet’ and grabbed her favourite toy. The nine inch `rabbit’ vibrator. She will fuck Lynne later, when they are together alone in her bed. Tonight, Jill had other plans. Once Holly was satisfied that Lynne’s cunt was wet enough, she lay down on the flat sofa and pulled Lynne on top of her with Sandy’s help. As soon as Lynne felt Holly’s strap-on cock on her `tushy’ she knew what she had to do. Lynne slid her `tushy’ down all the way, moaning in delight, taking it all in one go. “Oh, fuck that feels so good. Oh, fuck yeah”, Lynne let out. She was so fucking wet. Lynne didn’t move. She loved the way the strap-on cock felt inside her and just wanted to enjoy it for a while. Sandy wasn’t that patient. After a little while she pushed Lynn forward, so she was laying on top of Sandy. As she did, Lynne started kissing her as she felt a wet finger enter her arsehole. “Oh, that is so nice”, Lynne whispered into Holly’s mouth. It wasn’t long before she felt Sandy’s tongue licking and trying to enter her arsehole. As she did, Lynne found a new energy enter her body as she began to hump Holly’s thick cock. “Oh yeah baby. Yeah. That’s it. Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh yeah. Make me cum, yeah”, Lynne started saying in a low, husky and tired voice. She just kept repeating herself. With that, Sandy got up on her hands and knees and entered Lynne’s butt with `fat boy’. As she did, Lyne screamed, “Oh fuck. That is fucking huge. Yeah, stick it in me. You can do it”. `Fat boy’ could only go in an inch. It took Sandy a dozen goes, before she could finally get `fat boy’ in. Once it was in, Lynne was content, as her body full relaxed into Holly’s. Once Lynne had relaxed, Holly decided to start fucking her again. Lynne tried to match Holly’s rhythm but was unable to because of the big fat cock in her arsehole. Nonetheless, Lynne was enjoying being fucked by Holly as she continued to moan and purr. Now it was Jill’s turn. Jill came up behind Sandy and after applying a little lube to her `rabbit’, stuck it straight in Sandy’s arsehole. Jill moved it in and out a few times before turning it on high. As she did, Sandy began to squirm, causing her `fat boy’ cock to go deeper inside Lynne. Within a minute Lynne exploded. Lynne had been fucked the previous night and had some powerful orgasms, but this was different. As she came, she lifted her head off Holly’s body and screamed. It actually sounded more like a shriek. As she did so, she caused the fat cock in her arsehole to go even deeper than it was, and she screamed again as her body convulsed, causing her to fall on top of Holly. As Lynne’s body continued to convulse as she lay on top of Holly, `fat boy’ slowly come out of her arsehole. As it did, Sandy went down on her knees and began to kiss and lick Lynne’s now gaping arsehole, as Jill continued to fuck her with the `rabbit”. Lynne’s breathing was shallow and erratic as her body continued to convulse and then suddenly spasm. `This was one hell of an orgasm’, Holly thought, as Lynne’ juices dripped on her crotch. Holly wanted to lick those juices but didn’t want to move Lynne. Holly had had one of these orgasms before and knew that it would be a while before Lynne would start to recover. Sandy continued to lick and tongue fuck Lynne’s arsehole as Jill fucked her. In a few minutes, Sandy would have her own orgasm and collapse on the floor, exhausted. It took Lynne over ten minutes to regather herself. As she got up off Holly, she was still exhausted. Jill came up to her and lifted her up off the low sofa, as Sandy, who had now recovered, came in to help. Holly was finally able to get up and stood behind Lynne, in case she fell backwards. Lynne’s legs felt like jelly as Jill and Sandy held onto her. As they walked out of the room, Holly closed the curtains behind her, before Jill took the blindfold off Lynne. As they began to walk up the stairs, Lynne began to feel more comfortable. The four ladies went into the living room where Elsa was waiting. As soon as she saw them, she went to the kitchen and served them some drinks. Once Lynne had fully recovered, she kissed Sandy, Holly and Elsa goodnight as Jill and her went to Jill’s bedroom. Sandy and Holly decided to sleep in Elsa’s room. As Lynne lay down on Jill’s bed, she thought to herself, `I didn’t really see what was behind that curtain”! The following Tuesday, she would.

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