Teach Me Ch. 04

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Chapter 4. You might want to read the first 3. This one is short. Longer ones are in waiting. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Sunday was a yell fest with my mom. Finally Monday came around and the school week started. I couldn’t remember a time when I actually wanted to return to school after the weekend.

I walked into class and sat at my seat. She winked at me quickly then started a lecture about this and that. We turned in our projects and then started some busy work. I took my usual seat by her desk as the class started to get busy with the work.

“I miss you,” I said softly.

“I do to,” she said as she started clicking away on the computer. “I wish you could stop by, I need you,” she continued. “I am getting wet just thinking about it.”

“I am ready when you are,” I replied.

“Not as easy as you thought,” she teased.

“I guess you were right,” I conceded.

Mr. Cooper, the science teacher, walked into the room and headed towards us. The gay looking man had a question to ask. Although we didn’t really think he was gay he had a strangeness about him that made you think he was. He was very different and most didn’t care for him. She dashed me a get lost look as he rounded the corner so I stood and started to walk away.

He stopped and started to ask her something. I turned with my pencil and pretended to stab him. The class saw and erupted with laughter. He didn’t even turn as he talked to her. Sarah was smiling and trying not to laugh as I finished the joke and continued back to my seat. They discussed something and then he turned and smiled to the class. He exited as I got one last stab at him before he left. There were more giggles as the door shut.

“Okay class,” Sarah laughed, “time to settle down and stop encouraging him to do such silly things.” “Although,” she started, “never mind.” She shook her head with a laugh and sat back down, crossing her legs in her short skirt, the most revealing one she had worn. It rode way high on her thigh and showed a lot of those sexy legs. Grr I said to myself as I returned to her desk.

“You decide where and when and I will find my way up that little skirt of yours in a hurry,” I whispered. She continued to click before she answered.

“I don’t know sweet,” she said. “It’s not like I can walk out and do my own thing like last week, he is home for now,” she continued.

“I know but we can meet down the street from my house and talk about how freaking difficult that project was last week and that we don’t need another,” I barked.

She snapped up and asked, “What?” A student stood at her desk with a question. She realized why I changed the subject quickly. “Well, we won’t have another for a few more weeks,” she replied in tone with my fake conversation. She focused on the other student and did her best to answer the question. They left and she returned to clicking and thinking.

“So how about me checking under that skirt,” I asked quietly. She just clicked away for a minute.

“Hey,” I asked a little louder.

“What’s the matter with you,” I asked?

“Sorry its nothing,” she said.

“What’s the matter,” I asked again, more serious this time.

“He’s just mean, that’s all and I can’t take it,” she replied. “Then canlı bahis you come in here and are so nice and perfect, I get wet just thinking about you and it’s so hard to think about not going somewhere with you,” she continued.

“Well I’m sorry for that,” I replied. “You know I would take you far away if I could.”

“I know and trust me I wish I could,” she replied.
The bell rang and the class emptied out.

“We got five minutes and a closet,” I teased.

“I am not that despite yet,” she said. “I don’t think I can bring myself to that.” “What if we get caught,” she asked?

“Okay,” I said. I leaned in and kissed her softly and quickly. She pulled me back and kissed me hard with passion. I loved the feel of her soft tongue as it ran across mine. Her hand wandered to my cock. She broke and looked at me, her eyes said it all.

“You have to go now,” she said blankly.

“I think I do,” I replied. If I leaned back in for one more, all the things on her desk would have been on the floor.

“I will be thinking of you,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied as the door shut. I headed for the bus and home to my nightmare. She locked up and headed home to hers.

The rest of the week went much like Monday, all talk but no action. By Friday we seemed as though we were drifting away. Her husband had not made plans to fix the Columbia deal and I was wrapped up in practice and work at home. Things weren’t looking good.


I walked down the aisle at Wal-Mart and looked at the new magazine they had about trucks. I pulled one off the rack and opened it up. “Nothing really interesting,” I sighed. I glanced over and spotted a hot girl walking by. I focused in on her ass. It stuck out just perfect in jeans that didn’t have back pockets. They allowed the viewer to see how perfect the ass was. A white little tank top had slid up and revealed the skin between the jeans and shirt. I did a double take.

“Shit that’s her,” I cried, “Sarah.” I tossed the magazine down right in the isle and started to follow her. She rounded the corner and continued walking as she didn’t hear me calling. I had a lot of ground to make up as I weaved around the display cases of various stuff.

I rounded the corner and looked hard through all the people and carts to try and find the short blonde with the braided hair. I saw just a flash as she turned down an aisle at the far end of the store. Fuck she moved fast I thought. I pushed on with a quick pace.

I got to the area where I lost sight of her and looked down one aisle. Crowded and lacking the hot blonde I wanted so I moved down one and looked. Half way down that one was my target. A smile hit my face.

She reached up to grab something as I moved down the aisle amongst the people. I reached out to touch her ass but was bumped by somebody. I turned as she turned and we saw each other. She flashed the go away signal with her eyes as I started to open my mouth. I turned and looked as an average looking Italian man grabbed her arm and pulled her along gently. It was him I thought, it’s asshole.

I looked him over. 5 foot 11 with a slight build, starting to go bald, little beer gut, greased back hair, and just a overall bad aura about him. He looked like something bahis siteleri from the sopranos’ but had a hot ass blonde stuck on his arm. What the fuck I thought. I’m not giving up that easy.

Anger pulsed through my veins, I wanted to strike this asshole down. I had all the tools to do it but knew better. I remained calm and just followed at a distance. He pushed the cart with her at his side and turned down the next aisle. I rounded the corner and saw them looking at boxed dinners.

He twisted her arm and barked something to her. She turned and looked hurt. She put something back as he stuck his head into a freezer and rummaged around for something. I moved closer. She turned and whispered quickly, “Meet me at the bathrooms, go quickly.”

I didn’t waste any time, I turned and walked directly to the bathrooms and sat on the bench right outside. I sat and sat until I thought she was trying to get rid of me. I stood in disgust and walked right into her. “Quickly,” she huffed, “in here.”

She pulled my arm into the women’s bathroom. The door shut and she jumped into my arms and started kissing me. We spun our way into a stall as she released and locked the door. “Finally,” she cried as she returned to kissing me.

“Let’s make it quick,” she huffed. I didn’t know what she wanted but I knew what she liked so I unbuttoned her hip hugging jeans and pulled them down. Her bikini cut panties came off with them. I leaned down and smelt her snatch. I inhaled the deep earth and sweet smell as my hunger for her grew. I stuck my tongue out and touched her week old shave job. Her course hair poked my tongue as she sighed. I just got a taste of her as she bent her knees and gave me better access.

“Wearing your get lucky panties I see,” I puffed between licks

“All week,” she sighed. She kicked her flip flops off and worked to pull her leg from the tight jeans. She freed one and set it up on the toilet to allow my tongue to further penetrate her puss.

I wasn’t just going to give it to her and not get any back. I had waited just as long or longer to get it so I thought quickly. I pulled some paper from the roll and handed it to her.

“What is this for,” she asked? I stood and pulled my jean shorts down, boxers and all. My cock sprang out and was ready to go.

“We can’t fuck in here, can we,” she asked?

“Just hush and do a hand stand on the seat,” I ordered. “Use the paper so you don’t have to touch the seat.”

She didn’t even question my imagination now, it had never let her down before. She pulled her other leg from her jeans and was naked from the waist down. She turned and bent down to grab the seat. I grabbed her hips after a quick smack of the ass and flipped her up. I pushed my back against the wall and thrust my hips forward. She bent her knees to keep them from sticking up over the stall and I leaned down and buried my tongue into her cunt.

“Fuck yes,” she cried as I worked quickly to make her cunt come. She reached out and started to jack me off. Fuck I thought. I could have done that from the floor if a hand job was all I was going to get. She sensed that and shifted. Her hot mouth covered my cock and my knees started to shake.

“Just tell me when,” she huffed with pleasure bahis şirketleri and mouth full of cock.

It didn’t take long. The week of nothing and the heated situation we found ourselves in sent my cock into overdrive. Her puss felt the same as it started getting hotter.

“Soon,” I puffed as she worked it quickly. She felt it swell and shifted her head out of the line of fire. She couldn’t risk a wild shot landing in her hair. My cock swelled and fired a long hard burst into the stall wall. She giggled as it pulsed a second and third equally hard shot into the wall. The fourth fired softer and by the fifth her mouth had returned and she sucked hard to get what little salty cum I had left for herself.

With me having got off, I grabbed her hips and pulled her. She flipped back onto her feet as I moved to sit on the seat. My legs couldn’t handle the excitement. I pulled her by the ass to my face and buried myself in her puss again. She leaned hard against the wall as the pleasure took her body again. Her nipples pressed hard against her thin shirt and bra as she moaned soft and deep. I worked in a finger to try and send her into overdrive.

“So close,” she huffed, absent of voice just air and barely audible. The bathroom door squeaked open.

“Sarah, are you in here,” the asshole asked? Dam he didn’t give her any peace. I slowed just to a slow, steady lick as she gathered herself to answer. She was right on the edge, I didn’t want to send her over but I didn’t want to lose her.

“I’m in the middle of a problem,” she puffed very steadily.

“It’s been like ten minutes, what sort of problem takes that long,” he asked?

“Just don’t worry,” she huffed as I hit her honey hole again.

“I’m just concerned,” he said.

“Almost done,” she said to the both of us.

The door squeaked closed again and she clenched her teeth as I twisted my finger inside her tight little pussy. It sent her over the edge. She came hard but was nearly silent except for a small whimper or two.

She came down from her high quickly and sat on my lap. My cock ran over her clit and up her front as she sat. “Hum,” she growled, “that was almost another one.”

“Your fault this time,” I teased.

“Soon,” she assured. “That was good, thank you,” she cooed as she puffed. “I have to get back out there,” she said and stood. She bent down and tried to untangle her panties. There it was right in my face, her little cunt peeking out from behind that sweet ass. I licked from her clit to her asshole.

“Oh,” she cried. “Please don’t because I want to sit back down on your lap and bury your cock as far as I can get it inside my puss.” I licked from her asshole back to her clit and pulled away.

“Fuck,” she cried again before stepping into her panties. One quick movement and they were up. She turned and stepped into her jeans. She pulled them up and smoothed them out before buttoning them. She slipped her toes into her flops. She leaned down and we kissed a long, long kiss. She stood right straight up and turned. She opened the door and walked out.

“See you Monday, you just made my week end so much better.” The door slapped shut and the big door squeaked open.

“What the hell took so long,” asshole asked?

“Sorry I had to change”….the big door squeaked shut. I sat on the toilet for ten minutes and wished she would come back. I broke out of my trans and pulled my shorts up and got the hell out of the women’s bathroom.

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