Teacher’s Descent into Ecstasy Ch. 03


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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The next day Mr. Manhorse arrived late for class. As usual. But this time Ms. Carnale made no mention of his tardiness. In fact she hardly glanced at him as he entered the room.

Several minutes later Mr. Manhorse coughed loudly. Looking up Ms. Carnale saw that he was beckoning her to the back of the classroom. She ignored him and went back to grading the paper in front of her. Another coughing fit erupted, louder this time.

With a sigh of resignation Ms. Carnale rose and walked to the back of the room.

“Show me,” he demanded when she reached his seat.


“Show me.” he repeated. “Show me your big juicy tits!”

“Don’t be stupid!” She snapped a little louder than she meant to. She glanced around. No one was paying any attention.

“Come on, Busty, show me those giant titties of yours!” He was stroking himself as he looked up at her. He reached up and undid the one button holding her jacket closed.

Quickly grabbing the lapels. she looked around again. Still no one was paying any attention.

Stepping a little closer she glared down at the smug look on his face.

“You want me to show you my gigantic titties in this classroom, while there are other people here?” Her voice was incredulous. Her eyes were locked on his groin where his manual manipulations were causing his shaft to grow larger and larger.

“Yeah, that’s what I want. And I don’t think you mind as much as you pretend. Now, come on, Chesty, show me!” His voice was as confidant as ever. Ms. Carnale wondered for a moment if he had ever done something like this before. It didn’t matter she finally decided. IF he had done this before he had never done it with anyone like HER!

He had undone the only button holding her blazer closed. After glancing around, making sure the other few students were paying no attention she slowly spread the lapels apart, showing her young admirer how her blouse was filled to bursting by her gigantic titties.

As he watched, enthralled, Ms. Carnale inhaled deeply and arched her back. Stress lines appeared as the blouse’s fabric was stretched to the point of failure. Her nipples, rapidly hardening as he watched, poked thru the fabric of her bra and blouse. This was exciting!

She was showing off her immense breasts to a student. Right in her classroom! She shook her chest left and right a couple of times. He stared at her chest, watching them bounce and shiver just in front of him.

“Man, those are some big titties you got there,” he whispered. “You shouldn’t hide those beauties. Just like Principal Tits, you should share with the rest of us!” Eyes roaming over the mountains of flesh hidden behind bra and blouse, he was breathing a little harder and still stroking his big dick.

Taking half a step toward him, Ms. Carnale’s breasts jutted out, far out over his desk top. Her pussy rubbed up against the corner of his desk as she gently swung her massive chest back and forth.

“So, you like my big, big titties, Mr. Manhorse?” Her whisper revealed that she knew the answer. He really, really liked her really, really big tits. She could see that his dick was rock hard in his pants. She continued to slowly shiver her tits in front of him.

With snake like speed both his hands struck! He pinched her erect nipples, hard!

She gasped in surprise and then glanced around again. No one was looking at her. No one had heard her reaction to his clamping down on her nipples. They were reading or trying to nap. Nothing ever happened in her study hall.

Except. Except that he was still pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Her pelvis was rocking against the corner of his desk top. She could feel her pussy starting to seep fragrant pussy juice as she reacted to what he was doing to her.

“Ungh” Was that her? “Ungh!” It was her! He was pinching and pulling on her nipples and she was loving it! Her hips moved faster. She was pressing herself against the desk top as hard as she could.

“It’s cool” he whispered. “No one is paying any attention to us back here.” He smiled up at her. “No one will pay any attention. So, go ahead and enjoy yourself, Busty.”

“Let me go, you bastard”, she hissed. She could have just stepped back but that didn’t seem to occur to her. He was twisting and pulling, pulling and twisting. Her nipples were pulsing, throbbing with excitement. Why wouldn’t he stop?

Her hips continued to press forward and back, up and down. More and more juice was leaking into her panties.

“UNGH!” She couldn’t be that loud. She clamped her lips shut.

“You love it, don’t cha, Blondie? You crave getting tittie twisters, letting your huge titties get man-handled by someone who knows how to make you enjoy it!” His voice was echoing in her head as she felt a small orgasm flash thru her.

Just from having her massive titties groped and played with. He had made her cum! She couldn’t catch her breath.

Suddenly taksim escort he stopped!

She lurched forward as his hands left her boobs, her pussy spasmed again as her sudden movement forced the corner of the desk a little deeper between her thighs.

His hands were resting on the desk. His smug look as he watched her try to pull herself together told her that he knew what he had done to her. What he had forced her to feel. And that he knew he could do it any time he wanted.

Without a word she pulled her blazer back around her and fled to the front of the room. She could tell that her face was red, the heat was rising from her chest in waves.

Sitting in her chair, head down as if looking at the papers in front of her she waited for her nipples to stop throbbing. Her panties were dripping wet. She hoped that the hair falling around her face was hiding the blush of orgasm that was finally starting to recede. If any one saw, they would know.

And worst of all; she was so HORNY! What ever he had done just now had ignited something. Her flush may be fading but the feelings he had aroused in her were not. He had teased her with just a little orgasm. She needed more; so much more. She glanced up at Mr. Manhorse. For once he was not looking at her. He seemed to be reading a book. Why wasn’t he looking at her?

By the time the class bell rang Ms. Carnale was beside herself with lust.

Mr. Manhorse began to saunter to the front of the room.

Before he could reach the door she was there. Her back braced against the door, she locked it while staring at his face.

“Was there something you needed, Chesty?” he asked.

She did not reply. Instead she pulled her jacket open to again show him how her massive breasts were encased in her skin tight blouse. She could feel her nipples harden as he stood in front of her. He was relaxed, gazing at the sight of his teacher pushing her big, big tits at him.

A lazy smile grew on his lips as he watched. She started to slowly shake her shoulders back and forth. Breasts wobbling and quivering she stared at him.

“You like big titties, don’t you, Mr. Manhorse?”

“You know I do, Busty. You know I do!” He had lost none of his smug swagger while he took in the sight of his teacher posing for him, breasts out thrust and bouncing for him. “I really like big titties.”

“Show me, Mr. Manhorse,” she demanded. “Show me how much you like big titties like mine.” She thrust her self forward even more, almost losing her balance in doing so.

“Wait,” she commanded before he could reach out. Grabbing her shirt in each hand she pulled as hard as she could. Buttons flew! Bouncing off Mr. Manhorse, they fell to the floor between them. Neither was paying any attention. Both were gazing at the over flowing bra that was now exposed. Hillocks of flesh rose between the bra cups, over taxing the capacity of Ms Carnale’s huge bra.

Slipping out of both the shirt and blazer, Ms. Carnale pushed her boobs together. Rising up, the twin mountains created a head engulfing cleavage.

For the second time that afternoon Mr. Manhorse caught her expanded nipples and twisted them. Pulling and pushing, he made her breasts wobble all over her chest while still twisting hard. As he worked she could feel the excitement building in her breasts. Heat and flashes of excitement mingled as she sighed and moaned.

“Oh, yes, I like that you big dicked boob lover! Do that some more,” she moaned.

Still smiling smugly at the young teacher, Mr. Manhorse continued to handle her huge breasts. As he kept on pushing and pulling, making her nipples harden and jut out further her excessive flesh began to work itself free from the bra’s confines.

Slowly more and more flesh was squeezing below the under wires. Her bra was working it’s way toward her neck. When he stopped for a moment to gaze at her it seemed that her tits were being sliced in half by the underwires of her bra. Giant handfuls of boob were below the underwire, more handfuls were caught between the cups in a huge cleavage while yet more pooched above the side panels to either side.

Ms. Carnale knew that when the bra was finally removed that her skin would show cruel marks where the bra had dug into her. She hoped Mr. Manhorse would use his lips and hands to help make those marks go away.

“Undo me,” she directed as she half turned to Mr. Manhorse and presented him with her back and the five clips holding her bra together. As she did so she swished her butt across his crotch, teasing his erection.

With a practiced motion all five clips were undone. Turning back to her admirer Ms. Carnale ripped off her bra while throwing back her shoulders. Massive, firm quivering bowls of flesh hung proudly before him. There was less sag than expected, her nipples were a deep pink from the attention that he had given them. They throbbed more than a foot from her rib cage. The outer edges of her Herculean topkapı escort breasts reached further than her shoulders. As Mr. Manhorse watched Ms. Carnale began to caress her immensity. Cupping the outer curves she pressed herself together briefly before sliding her hands forward to caress her nipples, tweaking them gently.

A small sigh escaped her lips as she worked over her rock hard teats. Then her hands slowly descended to cup the undersides of her tits. Each hand was much too small to really control them but when she lifted up her breast rose and rose, jostling against each other while her hands sank out of sight into the ponderous ovoids.

The smug look on Mr. Manhorse face was gone, replaced by a look of amazement.

“Christ on a crutch, Blondie, you make Principal Tits look under developed,” he gasped.

“I know,” she replied, allowing a smirk of pride to come to her face. “I have gigantic tits! I took a couple of minutes last night to take my current dimensions. My next bra will be a 38-Double L. It makes my 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips look even daintier than they are, don’t you think?”

“Double L?” was his amazed response. Slowly his hands joined hers in caressing and fondling her amazing breasts. “These are incredible,” he whispered just as his lips reached her pulsing nipples. One after the other, back and forth he went. First one was brought to throbbing attention, then the other.

“That’s enough for now, Mr. Manhorse,” she commanded. “This time I’m not taking seconds from any one. So get naked and fuck my hot little pussy! I’ve waited long enough. And so have you,” she pointed out as his rock hard dick sprang up between them.

His pants left on the floor, they swiftly moved to the desk where she hoisted herself up and spread her legs as far as she could. Her pussy gash was weeping fluid as he watched. Resting on her elbows, her mammoth tits spread out to either side. They were firm enough that they did not collapse but remained heavy ovals quivering with each movement.

Staring him in the face she ran two and then three fingers up her cunt trying to prepare herself.

“Now, Mr. Manhorse, now! Push that giant dick you’re so proud of as far into my pussy as you can!” Her voice was urgent, her tongue licking her lips as she stared at the juncture of their loins. His dick head looked as big as an apple. The shaft behind it hard as steel and longer than the ruler on her desk. As she watched she vowed to measure this massive dick as soon as she had a chance.

But not now! She moaned in pain and excitement as he pressed himself against her pussy lips.

Slowly, slowly, he pushed. After a few moments of steady pressure her pussy lips snapped over the ridge of his dick head and he began to force his mighty shaft into her. Inch after inch was slowly pushed into her soft, buttery cunt. Her walls spasmed when he was about a third of the way down his long dick. At the half way point she felt that she was taking more hard dick than she had ever before. She had been fucked deeper once or twice before. It wasn’t that he was so deep. She had had one or two fucks that had gotten deep. It wasn’t that he was so much longer than any of her earlier lovers, which he really, really was, it was that he was so much thicker than anyone she had ever encountered. Reaching down, Ms. Carnale was unable to wrap one hand around his dick. It would take both hands, she knew.

Still working above her, Mr. Manhorse smiled down at her as she began to push her hips up at him.

“Feels great, doesn’t it, Blondie?” he asked. “You really like this big hard dick, don’t you?”

“Bastard, you know I do! Don’t stop now, you aren’t even half way deep into my pussy!”

Still smiling he began to push and pull faster and faster. He was giving her more on each stroke than she had ever had before. And she was loving it!

“More, give me more! I love it! I need it! Fuck me, hard, hard, harder!” She knew she was being too loud. She couldn’t help herself. It felt so good, she had to keep going!

Her head fell back as she groaned into her first orgasm. Twitching her hips she kept urging Mr. Manhorse to plow deeper and deeper into her sopping wet cunt. When he finally had pushed all that he had to offer she had reached two additional peaks of pleasure. Her hands were mauling the massive flesh mounds that dominated her body while he worked. She could see that he was watching every thing that she was doing. And enjoying the view!

Grabbing the bottom curves of the massive Double J juggs she pushed them up until he could only see her eyes. Smiling up she used both hands to cause her boobs to bounce and shiver. She squeezed her hands tightly, forcing her fingers deep into her breast flesh. Her tits were slapping her cheeks while her tongue licked out to caress and wet her cleavage.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum, Mr. Manhorse,” she moaned. “I want you to cum all over my huge boobies!” tüyap escort She continued to shake and manipulate her boobs while watching him as he fucked faster and faster.

“NOW!” he yelled. “NOW, you big titted cum catcher! I’m gonna cum now!” He pulled back out of her while she slid to the floor in front of him.

She swiftly slid his erection between her tits and gave him a couple of rapid strokes before pulling back to use both hands to jack him off.

“Now, Mr. Manhorse, cum for me! Spill yourself all over these gigantic tits! I want to see how much you can cum!”

“Oh, yeah, like that! Jack me off on those big tits, I love that! Ugh, ugh, ugh!” He was spurting in time with his grunts. Spurt after spurt flew thru the air to land on her massive mounds.

When he finished he stepped back a pace. Paying him no attention Ms. Carnale stroked her tits, massaging his cum into her flesh. As the spooge was slowly absorbed she reached out to caress his softened dick.

“You’re not done here, Mr. Manhorse” she told him as she licked her lips. “I’m going to need more than just a quick fuck, you know!” Her skillful manipulation was beginning to bring some stiffness to his cock. Pulling him closer to her she hefted one giant tittie and began to slap her nipple with his flexible dick. Quickly switching hands she did the same with her other quivering mound. Her nipples erected under the treatment and his dick was rapidly growing harder and harder.

As it reached full length Ms. Carnale grabbed the ruler lying on her desk and slid it under his dick. Thicker than the ruler was wide, Mr. Manhorse cock head extended beyond the length of the ruler by almost two inches, she judged.

“So long,” she gasped. “I can’t believe I took all of this monster! And it felt so good,” she moaned as she kept fondling him with both hands.

“Now I want you to fuck my titties and show me how much you enjoy the biggest boobies in the building!” Her eyes were sparkling as she watched his reaction to her words.

Grinning up at Mr. Manhorse, Ms. Carnale slid his fully erect dick between her titties. The slippery residue from his earlier orgasm made it simple for him to push himself back and forth between her hugeness. The warm, slippy mounds of flesh felt SO good as he worked. Within moments he was groaning with pleasure as she matched his piston-like movements by squeezing her tits and mashing herself around his steel hard prick.

Every few strokes she would relax her boobie grip and duck her head the few inches needed to allow his dick to slide into her mouth. Tongue flashing she sucked up all the precum that was leaking from Mister Manhorse’s cock. ?Quicker than she thought possible Mr. Manhorse was pulling himself back from her cleavage and jacking himself off over the massive tits that she was holding out in front of her.

Again, spurts of cum dashed themselves against her fabulous facade while she giggled. As he finished she quickly cleaned off his shaft and dick head. Taking his hands in her she sucked on each of his fingers to get the last of his cum before she devoted herself to using her lips and tongue to push the pools of cum that had collected on the slopes of her titties.

“Um, yummy, that’s so good, Mr. Manhorse,” she told him while licking her lips. “Now, sit down in that chair. We’re not done.”

His legs a little shaky from having cum so often in such a short period of time he was glad to rest as she had directed.

As he started to regain his breath she slid onto his lap. Straddling his legs Ms. Carnale pulled his head deep between her monumental boobs. Quickly she shimmied her shoulders, battering his face with her tits.

Adopting a little girl’s voice she asked, “Mithter Manhorth, will you suck on my titties, please? I love to have my biiiig titties sucked. Please?”

Using both hands she lifted one colossal ovoid to position the nipple just fractions of an inch in front of his mouth.

Without more encouragement he fastened his lips to her nip and began to nibble and suck, bringing it to attention.

Smiling down at him as he worked, Ms. Carnale slid her little finger into the corner of her mouth. “That’s so nice Mithter. Manhorth,” she cooed, still using the little girls voice. “I’ve had these big ‘ol boobies for so long and no one ever pays any attention to them. Please make my titties feel good, Mr. Manhorse!”

Switching from nibble and suck, Mr. Manhorse began to lap and lick her now prominent nipples. He was caressing the other tit while he worked. And when he switched from one to the other, Ms. Carnale cooed with pleasure.

“All the boys like my big ‘ol titties”, she crowed still in a little girls voice. “It makes me feel all funny inside when they stare at me. I hope that you will pay attention to them a lot. Will you, Mithter. Manhorth? Will you?”

“I’d love to, honey,” he replied. “I think all little girls with big titties need attention. A lot of attention. And I’ll be glad to help you if you’d like.”

“Oh, yeth, I would like that a lot! Play with my boobies. And I’ll play hide and seek with you!”

“Hide and seek?” He asked as he looked up from the way too big tit that he was attending to.

“Yeth, hide and seek. I’m going to hide this big thingie you have. Watch.” Lifting up she dropped back down onto his erect prong.

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