Teaching Dance Ch. 03: Outrageous

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“What have I done?” Amy asked herself in the mirror. It was the Sunday after prom. She had woken up expecting all sorts of accusatory texts. Instead it was nothing. No texts. No tags on social media. No comments. No likes. Just complete and utter silence. It was the quiet before the storm because that Monday they were all buzzing around her like flies.

The boys came up to her like, “hey baby.” They didn’t seem to notice her rolling her eyes.

The girls stayed back but Amy could hear their comments. “Outrageous” was the word that seemed to hang in the air the most. ‘Apparently girls aren’t allowed to have a sex drive,’ Amy thought.

Amy had to push through a large crowd to make it past a T-juncture in the halls. There were more jeers and even a hand grabbed her ass as she pushed past. Apparently even her sexy jeans were too much for them. Amy picked up her pace. ‘Why can’t I live my life without all the things that people say?’ she asked herself as she tried to fight back the tears.

“Oh my God that Amy is shameless.”

As much as Amy tried to keep walking, she just couldn’t. The more she listened the more she got pissed off at all their hypocrisy. “Yeah, say what you want about me,” Amy yelled back. That just drew a crowd. Amy was the center of attention and she could just feel all their eyes. They keep watching her.

“Bitch!” one girl yelled from amongst the crowd. She pushed her way through. The first Amy saw of her was her bright yellow tank top. It covered barely more than a sports bra, but very little of her midriff was exposed for her tiny pink skirt had a high waist that came up well past her navel.

Clare was steaming when she finally made it through the crowd. Her large breasts heaving as she breathed heavily through clenched teeth. “How could you do this to me?” Clare demanded.

Amy just sighed. Clare was one of the girls to trash talk Amy behind her back a year ago when her boyfriend Brad shared a topless pictures of her with the whole school. Slowly kids forgot and life somewhat moved on.

Amy had mentally prepared for another round of that cold bitchy war, but she knew she deserved this public confrontation. Amy slept with Clare’s boyfriends just moments after Clare was named prom queen. They actually did it while she was dancing with the prom king. Amy had no doubt that Clare quickly moved on, probably even went home with the prom king, stealing him away from some other poor girl, but that girl was likely less popular, a nobody. Amy herself was a nobody, at least compared to Clare. Nobody steals from Clare; that what this was really all about.

“Look, you don’t like me, I don’t like you, it don’t matter. Let’s just stay out of each other’s way.” Amy took a step to walk past Clare but Clare pushed Amy on the shoulder to make her take a step back instead.

“Listen you nasty slut, I know it was you. Lots of people saw you leave prom with Drew and I recognized your red fake nails.”

Amy may have encouraged Drew to send Clare a pic of Amy’s hand around his dick. Instead of feeling guilty though, she was getting angry. That stuck up bitch has to air all of their dirty laundry in front of everyone.

“I ain’t perfect, but you ain’t either. How long did it take you to get a new boy underneath you?”

Clare’s hand swung at Amy. Her open hand slapped Amy’s face. Out of instinct Amy reached up towards Clare’s hair. Clare had her hair up in two buns on the top corners of her head. Amy grabbed ahold of one and yanked Clare’s head down.

Clare’s arms swung widely trying to claw at Amy’s face. She missed, but two of her fingers hooked under the collar of Amy’s shirt. The collar stretched and then ripped so that her simple white T-shirt now had a much deeper V.

Amy released her grip on Clare’s hair and raised her arms to shield her face. She leaned back as she slapped Amy across the face. Another claw attack came from Clare but a third person intercepted and caught her hand. A moment later a short but stocky male was standing between the two of them. Clare in her rage swung at him and gave him a gash with her nail across his cheek.

Hands grabbed her hips and pulled her back. She was spun around and standing up against the wall a second later. Teachers were shouting for the hallway to be cleared. Amy bit her tongue to prevent the flow of tears.

“Amy what has gotten into you?” the voice of her math teacher asked.

Amy spun around to face Mr. G. She sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. “You mean other than you?”

His eyes grew wide and he glanced from side to side but if anyone heard her comment, they didn’t take it as a serious accusation. He bit his lip. His eyes drifted down to her chest. Amy looked down as well. The rip was low enough that he could see her bra was a navy blue but the rip wasn’t gaping and not much cleavage was shown.

“They match if that’s what you’re wondering.”

He ignored her comment. “Ms. Eggleston, can you escort Amy to the principal’s illegal bahis office.”

Ms. Eggleston made sure to lecture Amy about her outrageous behavior on the long walk to the main office, but her words don’t stick. Amy just walked in silence and let Eggleston’s words go in one ear and out the other. She doesn’t have to listen.

The sat her in the small waiting room outside the principal’s office. And then for some unknown reason, they walked in Clare and sat her in the same room. They sat there in silence for a long time. Amy looked at Clare while Clare looked at her phone. Amy saw the streaks on her cheek where the tears had fallen.

Clare and Amy were very similar in body types. Both short, about 5′ 2″. Both had large breasts. Amy guessed that Clare’s were slightly larger. Clare certainly had them more on display right now. Clare’s orange tank top was very low cut. At the corners her bright white bra was sticking out.

Clare sat there with her legs crossed. She was wearing a tiny skirt and from across the room Amy could see up pretty far. She couldn’t make out what color panties Clare wore but it was close. Both Clare and Amy were fair skinned but both made a visit to the tanning bed last week in preparation for prom.

Amy pulled out her phone and sent Clare a text. “Follow my lead if you want to avoid a suspension.” Clare’s phone made no sound but she glanced up at Amy. They locked eyes. Neither said anything. A moment later, Clare went back to her phone without responding.

Eventually the principal showed up and ordered the two of them into his office. He was an old bald man with a neatly trimmed goatee. He sat behind his desk. There were 3 chairs facing him on the other side. Clare took the chair by the wall. Amy took the middle chair beside her. Amy placed her hand on the middle of Clare’s thigh. Her skin was warm. Clare watched Amy through the corner of her eye but said and did nothing about the hand.

“What has gotten into you two?” he asked them.

“We’re so sorry,” Amy said. “This all just got so out of hand. The truth is we’re actually very close.” The desk blocked his view of Amy’s hand sliding towards Clare’s inner thigh. From his perspective it looked like they were holding hands, which put him at ease. As he expected these two model students were not about to resume their fight in his office once they had some time to cool off.

Clare kept her arms folded, her jaw clenched tight and her eyes darting back and forth between the principal and Amy’s hand. Still she made no move to stop or acknowledge Amy’s actions.

“So then what happened between you two?”

Amy’s eyes watered at command. “I betrayed Clare at prom.” Amy turned to face Clare whose jaw was still clenched tight. Everything about her body language said, ‘Fuck you, leave me alone.’

“I know I shouldn’t have cheated on you, but I got caught up in the moment and wanted to see what a man felt like. Maybe you could forgive me if I let you experience a guy as well.”

That got Clare to unclench her jaw. Her jaw dropped as she turned to face Amy whose hand was edging closer to hem of her tiny skirt. However Amy saw that open mouth as an invitation. She leaned in and kissed Clare. Amy shoved her tongue into Clare’s mouth as her free hand wrapped around the back of Amy’s neck.

“OK girls that’s enough,” said the principal as it became apparent that they were not going to stop on their own.

“Would you please help us?” Amy asked as she turned to face him.

“Huh? What do you need?”

“I just don’t think Clare is going to ever forgive me until she has a chance to get even. It’s the only fair way.”

“Forgiveness is not about getting even,” he said.

Amy turned back to face Clare. “It’s OK, I want you to be with him. It’s the only way we could move past this whole ordeal.” Amy was able to maintain a deadly serious tone but she couldn’t help but let a small smile curl around her lips.

Clare shook her head. Amy had thrown her under the bus and now she had to choose. Continue the lie and fuck the principal or get suspended. Amy didn’t let Clare sit there and ponder. Her hand slipped under Amy’s skirt and made contact with her panty line. Clare jumped to her feet suddenly.

“Girls this isn’t appropriate,” he said nervously.

Amy got out of her chair and stood behind Clare. She kissed Clare’s shoulder and slid the straps of her tank top off Clare’s shoulders. Pulling the loops down to her elbows, Clare’s bright white bra was now fully exposed. “Come on, we need your help. Don’t you find her pretty?”

The principal stuttered, unable to find the word, his eyes were fixated on Clare’s large breasts. Amy unfastened Clare’s bra and slid those straps off her shoulders as well. Amy gave Clare a small push to get her walking.

Clare complied and walked around the desk towards the principal. She had had sex lots of times since turning 18, but never with anyone who was out of college. The principal was old, near 50. He wasn’t illegal bahis siteleri obese but he was also a lot fatter than any guy she had ever been with.

Clare felt a shiver run across her body as she dropped to her knees before him. She shivered but that just mesmerized him further as he watched her breast shake. Clare looked him in the eye before unbuckling his pants. His face was a mix of fear, excitement and confusion all wrapped into one. He was basically paralyzed. Both girls knew the feeling.

Clare gulped knowing that there was no turning back now. She unbuckled his pants, and then undid the button. His pants were already slightly damp from a bit of precum. His dick wasn’t that different from the other ones she’s handled in the past. However he did seem to have a lot more hair down there then her past boyfriends. It was thick, black, curly and almost everywhere. She knew some guys got hairier as they got older. She cringed when she wondered how hairy her back was. At least his dick was hairless she thought as she shoved the thing in her mouth.

Amy got on the ground behind Clare. Amy pulled Clare’s panties down to her knees. Then she slid up Amy’s pink skirt to expose that round ass. Amy ran her index finger down Clare’s crack.

Amy looked over Clare to see what the principal was doing. He was slouched in her chair with his head pushed back into the head rest. His eyes were closed as he breathed heavily. Amy pulled out her phone and turned it on silent before snapping a few pictures. She played with the angle until she got a good one that captured both Amy’s ass and the principal’s face.

Once satisfied Amy slid her phone back in her pocket and moved her right hand back to feeling up Clare. This time her hand slid between her legs. Her middle finger massaged Clare’s clit.

Amy made sure she got Clare good and wet before she twisted the knife. “Clare, it’s OK. You can go further with him. I know it pained you when I had sex with Drew. I can take watching you have sex with another person.”

Clare removed his dick from her mouth and looked back at Amy. She was fucking pissed, but she didn’t say a damn word. She turned back to the principal who was eagerly awaiting her to climb on top of him. “It’s OK, I’ll be gentle.” There was no fucking way he saw desire on Amy’s face but the lie was too good to deny. He had fully bought in.

Amy helped remove Clare’s flesh colored panties all the way as she stood up. Clare climbed on top of the principal and lowered herself onto his dick. Clare looked straight ahead, staring at the bookshelf above his head. He was hard and above average sized. Clare hated to admit it, but it did feel good. She tried to pretend she was riding a hot lover but his body was too squishy and thinking of Drew only made her want to cry. So instead she just stared at the book shelf, reading the titles and she robotically moved up and down.

His eyes were open now. He eagerly played with Clare’s large tits as she rode his cock. Her tank top and skirt were both bunched around her waist. Her bra and panties both fallen to the ground somewhere.

Amy backed away. Neither of them paid her any attention, so she snapped a few more pictures before leaving the room. She opened the door as quietly as she could and left it wide open as she left. She told the secretaries that the principal needed them. Amy heard the screams as she walked out the building.

* * * * *

The principal getting fired was all over the local news that night. Amy’s parents were shocked and asked her about it. She feigned ignorance. The news didn’t release the girls name, plus their portrayal made it sound as if there was just one girl and that one girl definitely wasn’t Amy.

Of course that ruse fell apart once the cops showed up wanting to ask her about the incident. Amy broke down and cried. Amy word vomited so much at them all at once, most of it true. She confessed to making out with Drew at prom, and how sorry she was. She went at length about Clare’s vicious attack but that didn’t sting nearly as much as the daggers everyone shot at her with their eyes. Then in the principal’s office, he just unbuckled his pants and told me they knew what to do if they didn’t want to get expelled. Clare approached him and grabbed him, but I just couldn’t. I had to get out of there so I just ran…

The police officers didn’t stay long and her parents didn’t know what to say so Amy just excused herself and went to her room. Once alone she exhaled heavily and fell back on her bed. She didn’t lose any sleep that night. They needed to learn that they wouldn’t like what happens when she gets angry.

* * * * *

No one told her that she was suspended and so after much internal debate Amy decided to show up to school the following day. Things were dramatically different. No one was talking about her as she walked by. No guys ran up to harass her. She was able to walk in the building like any other student. How quickly the news cycle can change. canlı bahis siteleri She had jumped over drama and landed on her feet. This was a spot she could rebuild from.

Amy scanned the room when she arrived at math class. There was only a couple minutes left before the start of school yet the room was still only half full. Amy spied an empty seat near her friend. “Hey Samantha,” Amy said as she placed her books on the table.

“Oh, uh hi,” she responded. “I’ll be right back; I have to go to the bathroom.”

Amy grew worried. She took a deep breath. “You’re stronger than yesterday,” she said quietly to herself. She took out her notebook as she counted to 10 in her head. A minute or two later Samantha returned, but as Amy feared, she took a different seat.

Amy spent the period having mental arguments with Samantha instead of listening. ‘It’s none of your business what I did with Drew. I see nothing wrong with spreading myself around, so why do you care so much?’

The next period was similarly awkward. When lunch came Amy decided to not even try. She ducked out a side door and found a bench outside. “I don’t need nobody, better off alone,” Amy said aloud to no one. “They don’t approve of the way I want to live. I don’t need permission, make my own decisions. That’s my prerogative. They can’t tell me what to do.”

The empty football field gave no response. Not even the wind blew. It was almost eerie how silent everything was. Amy threw a grape tomato from her salad. It landed on the ground not too far from her but from there it rolled down the gentle slope towards the football field.

“Nothing seems to be the way that it used to.”

Feeling nostalgic, Amy pulled out her phone and looked up Dave’s profile. Dave was the boyfriend that took her to prom, the guy she ditched to fuck another. His profile was had several posts from friends telling him how great he is and how he deserves better, but a lot of the posts were just trashing Amy. Slut, bitch, whore, nasty, crazy, outrageous, every slur they could think of they threw at her.

“There’s no one lower than cheater,” Jake wrote. That was the last comment Amy read before it all became too much and she had to turn off her phone. Jake was Samantha’s boyfriend. Samantha didn’t write anything but she liked a bunch of posts. She most just liked the ones offering support, but she also liked Jake’s post. Amy clenched her teeth and vowed vengeance.

* * * * *

After lunch it was science class. When Amy spotted Jake sitting by himself in the back of the room she instantly formed her plan. ‘I’m Miss American Dream,’ she thought. ‘He won’t try to sneak away from me.’

Amy took the seat next to Jake, but she didn’t try to talk to him. Instead she just slumped into that empty chair next to him. He looked at her for a moment, but he didn’t say anything. Soon he pulled out his notebook as class started, but she didn’t move. She just stared into the distance. Not looking at the teacher, just looking straight ahead.

Jake kept looking over at Amy as the class went on, but Amy made no move to acknowledge him. The neckline of her shirt was a wide U that kept her breasts mostly concealed but with her slouched down he could see quite a bit as he looked at her from his seat beside her.

“Now turn to your neighbor and discuss what you think the job is for each organelle inside the cell,” the teacher said about 15 minutes into the period.

Amy finally moved. She sat upright and pulled her chair in closer to the desk. She turned to face Jake and said, “You see my problem is this I’m dreaming away wishing that heroes, they truly exist. I cry watching the days. Can’t you see I’m a fool in so many ways?”

“I, um, I don’t think you’re a fool.”

Amy rolled her eyes. “That makes one of us.”

He glanced at the teacher before leaning in and lowering his voice. “Look I don’t want to call you any names, but it was pretty outrageous what you did at prom.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m outrageous when I move my body.”

“I danced with girls other than Samantha at prom, but you did a lot more than that.”

“Dave was a shitty boyfriend. He didn’t just ignore me that night, he ignored me every night. You know I did all of his homework. Literally all of it. I wrote his English papers and his science labs. I did his math homework and colored in maps for him for social studies. He was just using me and when Drew showed up and showered me with attention… well maybe I made the wrong decision, but I didn’t really care bout me and Drew at least he made me feel wanted. That’s more than Dave every did.” Amy paused as she stared into Jake’s eyes. “I just want to be happy.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine, Amy said as she pulled out her notebook. Let’s just finish labeling this cell.”

* * * * *

The next day Amy sat next to Jake again. He said, “hello” as she took her seat.

“Hey Jake, I just wanted to say thanks again for listening to me yesterday.” Amy placed her hand on his thigh as she sat down beside him. “It meant a lot just to be heard. Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me. They won’t leave me alone, but they don’t care to hear my side either. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks.”

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