Teaching english as a foreign language


Teaching english as a foreign languageI spent some time qualifying to teach an English class as I semi-retired from day to day business and took a board seat as part of selling my business in a takeover. I purchased a home in a coastal village in Croatia and this has worked well this year.I visit secondary schools to examine students in English on their ability to speak English and I also offer an English conversation group in my township which is actually a village overlooking the Adriatic coastline.This year I have had a mixed group of 15 year old boys and girls and held a weekly session with them. Their English is taught locally and they have good basic English but in order to meet the examination standard later in school their conversation needs to be developed in both grammar and vocabulary. They are smart and enthusiastic English readers.I should explain that in both Italy and Croatia the age of sexual consent is 14 and I became aware of this when I was with a real estate agent and exploring the types of property in the local area. I was a little taken aback to hear this and had no thought of developing that kind of relationship. It did seem very young for teenagers to have active sex at that age.I very much enjoyed my weekly meetings with my young students. It became apparent that all of them sunbathed as naturists and locally their are many beaches and islands where naturism is the norm. All of the girls either in pairs or larger groups spent time in this way.After some time the mother of one of my male students who spoke English but found conversation sometimes a struggle began to express her willingness for her son to spend more time with me as she felt she wanted him to be much more capable as hoped to work in a hotel catering for a large number canlı bahis of English guests. She also tried to tell me that she and her daughter were having problems with him at home. I asked what type of problems and she indicated that they had both found their underwear disappearing and suspected he was masturbating in their underwear. His mother was having to wash their underwear daily as she felt uncomfortable in case he wanted to develop a relationship with either of them. She asked if he had ever come on to me sexually and I was surprised at any hint of this. My weekly session usually started with a group teaching opportunity and then one to one conversation with each of the small group and I tried to offer an examination type 5 minute chat about local everyday topics. This gave me good feedback on the vocabulary challenges of each of them. This particular student was a little hesitant but certainly sex had never been part of his conversation. She said that locally many boys of his age sought sexual experience with older women and that she would be happy for her son to gain experience in this way. I was a little surprised to hear her express with difficulty her concern for him to find some sexual outlet with an older woman. I did however agree to see him on an individual basis. I had one other boy and one girl on such a basis to develop their skills for future employment. I also had an older male whose teacher felt risked failure at examination. These sessions during the summer produced very satisfactory improvements.I reflected on the mother’s difficulty with an obviously sexually inquisitive teenager and recalled my own son’s similar “phase” which I had openly discussed with him. When he had asked what my vagina was like I had showed him and his questions bahis siteleri were deflected from my daughter’s underwear. I had established that his masturbation was to take place in private and not to be focussed in any way on his sister and myself. This had worked for our family and I imagined a direct conversation could help this mother too. I had further conversation with her and she agreed that direct discussion was helpful to her and again said he might want a sexual relationship with me as he had told her he found me attractive.I was rather wary of such a young man being sexually aroused by me. I have had young male sexual partners but only once with a verified 17 year old. I had reservations at what could happen. I was new to this community and did not want to gain a reputation. I had found many ways to be part of local life and did not want a sexual relationship with the local male population.I was therefore a little nervous when my young student arrived in shorts and T shirt for our first meeting. I offered him a soft drink and had worn an ankle length dress with bra and thong underneath. We began to chat and he seemed relaxed. I asked him what kind of words in English he wanted to learn and speak and he said he did not understand some parts of the body and clothing.This seemed reasonable and very similar to what we had explored in group teaching which complemented his English teacher and curriculum. So I relaxed and we began. He asked what words did woman use about their bodies and it became apparent that he meant breasts and genitals. I told him and wrote for him a vocabulary, Bra and breasts are useful to know. I then noticed that he had developed an erection and as we expanded from vagina to pussy I became aware of my growing wetness. I bahis şirketleri was surprised although I had not had sex since I was last in England and shrugged off the moment. My cunt had other ideas and developed a life of its own. He then asked me if I could teach him about his penis in English. I wrote out common words and he asked me to teach him words for underwear. I innocently asked him what he was wearing under his shorts and instead of answering he stood up and showed me that his shorts had a mesh lining and that was fully erect and had a black bush of hair.I decided to be very direct as I was clothed and he was flashing an erect cock with foreskin rolled right back from a slim knob. I have several male friends who like me fully clothed to watch them naked and it soon became apparent that this young man had been watching pornography and was familiar with the idea. He began to touch himself and asked me what underwear I was wearing. I was in a conflict now did I show him which was the frank direct response or try to teach and divert away. My cunt was begging me to show him-I compromised and taught words for female underwear and wrote out thong, French Knickers, Knickers, Girdle. I asked him to guess which I was wearing his cock twitched and he said thong. I gave in to my wet cunt and lifted my dress to show my white thong.He then told me about smelling his mother and sister’s underwear and asked if he could smell mine. I asked him to kneel n front of me and took off my thong and opened my legs wide and parted my wet lips. I am quite large with my cunt lips pulled apart and I was soaking wet so knew I was likely to be dripping cunt juice. I asked him if he wished to smell my pussy and he did so and started to wank dribbling precum for me. He began to lick inside my cunt and my cunt responded very rapidly and in a couple of breaths I came a long series of contracting orgasms whilst he licked me. This was to be the beginning of a mutually exciting brief sexual encounter.

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