Team Cocksucker – The Contract


Team Cocksucker – The ContractSteve and I had been roommates for around 18 months now. Saturday night on the town had become a regular occurrence and today was no different. We came back to our flat around midnight, both slightly tipsy but in the mood for a few more drinks.“Bourbon?” said Steve.“Perfect” I replied. Steve poured us both a drink and we sat back with the TV on but neither of us were really paying attention. “Thanks for lending me some cash tonight” I said to Steve. I’d been a bit skint for the past few months since losing my job. “Once I’m in gainful employment again I’ll take you out to Hawksmore for a steak”. I said with a wink.“No problem” replied Steve. “You’d do the same for me I’m sure”We both sat back and enjoyed the Woodford’s Reserve.“On that subject there was one thing I wanted to ask you” said Steve“Oh?” “I’m taking the team on a nationwide tour starting next week”. Steve was the manager of a basketball team. They were pretty good but basketball isn’t that big in the UK so they make up for it by doing tours of the country and getting in extra games.“I want you to be part of the support team” Steve sat forward in his chair as he said this.“What can I do?” I asked, laughing.“No need to be embarrassed about this” Steve suddenly became serious, “but I know what’s been going on with the landlord”“What do you mean?” I tried to laugh it off but my job loss meant I’d been struggling to pay the rent and I’d started sucking off our landlord a couple of times a week in lieu of payment.“You don’t have to say anything now” said Steve, “Just hear me out. We’ve got 12 guys, probably more, who are about to embark on a nationwide tour where they’re spending hours each day travelling on a coach. They’re pendik escort fit, young guys and they need a sexual outlet. We’re looking for an experienced cocksucker to join us to provide relief for the guys. We’ll pay a decent wage, all accommodation and meals are included. You’ll need to be available 24/7 but I’d imagine you’ll have a lot of free time to yourself”I was listening but trying to look disinterested. Firstly, I didn’t want my roommate thinking I was gay but I had to admit I could do with the money. The deal with the landlord couldn’t last forever and I was running out of money for other stuff too. I couldn’t start blowing the guy in Tesco in exchange for groceries or the guy at the petrol station for a tankful of petrol.“We’ve got an area set up in the coach” Steve continued. “So its all private, no one will ever know or see. The tour lasts six weeks and then after that you’re done. I’ll pay you your annual salary from your last job, plus a bit extra.”I had to admit, it was the best offer I’d had in ages.“As I said, you don’t need to answer now. Just think it over and let me know in the morning”Steve got up to leave.“Oh, its all above board.” He added. “We’ll have a contract and all that sort of thing. Tax and NI will all be sorted. Its just like a regular job”. Steve smiled and went to his roomI sat back in my chair. It wasn’t what I had planned but I had to give this some consideration. Since losing my job I’d had no offers. It’d been six months and I hadn’t even made it to an interview! I knew I had to accept Steve’s offer. I’d let him know in the morning.The following morning I wasn’t sure what had happened. I wasn’t sure if, in my inebriated state the night before, I’d just imagined it escort pendik all. I went to the kitchen where Steve was already eating breakfast.“How’s the head?” Steve asked‘Not too bad considering” I replied.I put two slices of bread in the toaster and put the kettle on. Steve picked up the paper and started to read it.“So” Steve said. “Have you thought about my proposal?” He didn’t look up, he just continued reading the paper.“Um, yes” I replied. “I have given it some thought”. Steve looked up“I’d like to accept your offer”. I mumbled nervously“Pardon?” said Steve. “I didn’t quite catch that. What do you want to accept?”I cleared my throat. I knew I’d had to get used to saying this.“I’d like to accept your offer to be your team cocksucker” I said as plainly as I could manageA smile came over Steve’s face.“That’s great” he said. “But it wasn’t an offer as such”“Oh” I said, “I thought you said….”“Yes, I know I said I’d like you to join us but I can’t go having someone on the team who is… shall we say…untested”. Steve gave me a sideways glance.I knew what he wanted. I took a deep breath and stepped towards where he was sitting.Steve was still in a dressing gown and shorts pyjamas. He put the paper down, leaned back in his chair and undid his dressing gown. I could see his cock starting to harden through his shorts. He pulled them to one side and released his cock and balls. He looked and me, and then nodded down to his hardening cock.I knelt in front of his and took his hard cock into my mouth. It was about eight inches and pretty thick. He groaned as I took it all the way in.“Oh the landlord was right.” He moaned. “You are good at this”Steve didn’t have a gf and I knew he hadn’t pulled in weeks so I was hoping pendik escort bayan this would be quick. Sure enough after deepthroating him for a minute or so I felt his balls tighten and he grabbed the back of my head, forcing it down on his cock. He emptied his balls down my throat and sat back, a huge smile on his face.“That was amazing” he panted. “The landlord said you were good at sucking dick but I didn’t realise just how good.” I smiled. Slightly flattered but also confused at how I had got myself into the situation where I’d just swallowed my roommates cum.“Ok” he said, putting his softening cock away and doing up his dressing gown. “I’ve got the contract here”.He reached into the briefcase by his chair and pulled out a couple of pages. “Read it over. Its pretty short and to the point.” He said as he handed it to me.“Sign it and you’re on the team” I looked at the contract.Wanted – experience cocksuckerShort term contract lasting six weeks with possibility for extension for an on-call cocksucker to provide oral services to the Buckinghamshire Basketball Team – minimum of 12 men.Duties will include:Regular oral servicing of each member of the team including cocksucking, ball licking and cum swallowing/facialsThe successful applicant will be required to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of the contract.Deepthroat abilities essential – the smallest cock on the team is 8 inchesWillingness to be treated like a slut and be called derogatory namesHard facefucking very likelyNo gag reflex essentialA lot of cum will be swallowed by the successful applicant therefore it is essential they have a good appetite.The cocksucker will refrain from masturbating for the duration of the contract so as to remain in a sexually heightened, and therefore slutty, state.Please note that the successful applicant will, essentially, be treated like a whore.I looked up at Steve. “Could you hand me a pen?” I asked.

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