Teasing Uncle Carl Ch. 04

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I was looking forward to this Friday. Uncle Carl had asked if I could cut his hair. I would be using some of what I was learning in beauty school but what really excited me was another chance to tease Uncle Carl. It’s been about four weeks since I moved in. On that first night with my Uncle’s shocked look at seeing me wearing his revealing undershirt, I’ve had a hard time thinking of anything else. I often revisit in my mind the morning I built up the nerve to walk around in front of him innocently wearing only the skimpy shirt with nothing underneath and the night I sat squirming nearly naked on his lap watching The Goonies. Sometimes, especially after a shower, before getting dressed, I put the shirt on and look at myself in the mirror to see myself the way Uncle Carl sees me when wearing it. I imagine him looking at my nipples poking through the thin material, Looking at my breasts giggling as I walk, It’s one of the fantastic things about having sizable pointed breasts and always erect nipples. I imagined him looking at my exposed bottom when I raise my arms or the full view of my breasts when I lean over. Thinking about it excites me in a guilty forbidden kind of way. Uncle Carl is a portly, fatherly man, semi retired, with balding hair. I’ve known him all my life and am completely comfortable with him which is why, I think, it’s so much fun to tease him by wearing revealing clothing and pretending I’m not aware of what I’m exposing. He would never take advantage or even acknowledge what he was seeing.

I found a robe. In a pile of old clothes that must have belonged to Aunt Doris, It was an old silky white robe . Aunt Doris is a small woman, much shorter than me, so the robe is small. In a moment of excitement, I stripped down to just my panties and tried it on. The robe was short, barely covering my bottom, and generally small so that when I pulled it around me there was not much overlap. I tried the sash loosely in front so that a narrow strip of bare skin was visible from my neck to my waist making it obvious to anyone looking that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

The material was thin enough, almost translucent, so that the imprint of my nipples was obvious. I found that by leaning over slightly and moving my shoulders back a bit, the narrow strip of bare skin could easily expand into amazing open cleavage exposing both my breasts almost to my nipples. The small amount of robe below the sash stayed mostly closed. I found if I moved a little, a hint of panty could be seem and it didn’t take much movement for a bigger gap to open. In a moment of excitement, I slipped off my panties. As usual, I tried to picture the view as seen by Uncle Don. I imagined him looking at what I saw in the mirror with the partially open robe, my mostly exposed breasts and a strip of light brown pubic hair visible. Thinking about it made me tingly all over and I wanted to touch myself but decided not to.

I decided, this is what I will wear tomorrow as I cut Uncle Carl’s hair.

I scheduled the haircut for early in the morning to give me an excuse to still be dressed in night clothes. I rehearsed in my mind how I would lean in close to him nonchalantly working on his hair, seemingly unaware that my robe was innocently hanging open with my bare breasts nearly in his face.

It was time I should be going to sleep. I put on my panties and Uncle Carl’s undershirt, my normal sleeping attire, and hopped into bed. I tried to sleep but I was too excited. My body felt like it was tingling all over. After a bit, when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I got up and stripped out of the undershirt leaving just my panties and got back into bed. The feel of the cool sheet on my bare nipples was arousing but somehow calmed me down a little although not enough to go to sleep. Presently, without getting out of bed, I peeled off my panties also. I had never slept in the nude before and the cool sheets felt luxurious caressing my naked body especially in my aroused state. Finally after fantasizing some more about tomorrow’s teasing I fell asleep

I was awakened hearing voices from downstairs. I recognized Uncle Don’s voice and I was sure the other voice wasn’t Aunt Doris since she would be at work by now. I stood naked in my room listening and then timidly stepped into the hall. I creeped part way down the stairs, excited by the prospect of being caught naked but dying to tuzla escort know who we had as a guest. On my hands and knees on the stairway, I was able to peak into the kitchen far enough to see Uncle Don and Howard, the elderly man from next door. I met him once when he stopped by to return some of Uncle Carl’s tools. It looked like he was wearing the same red flannel shirt today that he had on then. He is quite a bit older than Uncle Carl, gray haired and balding but was still pretty active.

Howard being here was unexpected. I trusted Uncle Don but had no idea about Howard. How would he react if I went downstairs nearly naked? Abandoning my plans, I started to get dressed.

Sliding my panties on, I touched myself briefly which renewed my desire to go for it. I decided as a compromise, I would wear the robe but just keep my panties on. Shortly I had on the robe looking at myself in the mirror. The tingling was coming back. I slipped off the panties, took a big breath, and headed down the stairs wearing just the robe.

Knowing what I had planned, I tried to hold back the panic as I walked barefoot across the living room toward the two men sitting in the kitchen. Both men stood up as I approached. I noticed Howard with his mouth hanging open staring openly at my chest. I could feel my breasts jiggling as I walked. If the free movement of my breasts and the imprint of my nipples wasn’t enough to signal to him that I wasn’t wearing a bra, the strip of bare skin should have clinched it. I could almost see in his face the moment he realized there were bare breasts under my skimpy robe.

I took a seat on one of the bar stools facing the two men. I could feel the cool plastic seat on my bare bottom. I realized I was sitting with my legs slightly apart. I looked down to make sure I wasn’t accidentally exposing something. The tails of the robe were split across my left leg so one tail dipped between my thighs covering my pubic hair.

Preparing for the haircut, I pulled out one of the dining room chairs and asked Uncle Carl to have a seat which he did while placing a death grip with his fingers wrapping around the ends of the chair’s arms. Looked like it was going to be a white knuckle experience for him being my first real haircut. It was a white knuckle experience for me also but for a different reason.

I stepped around in back and draped the cloth over him, pulling it up around his neck. As I moved around the kitchen, I could feel the front of the robe opening up a little. Howard’s gaze seemed to intensify. I could see him alternately checking out my long bare legs and then the growing opening in the front of my robe.

I pulled Uncle Carl’s head back toward me to tighten the cloth. As I did, I could feel the back of his head pressing against bare skin between my breasts where the robe gaped open.

As I moved around toward the front, I took a quick glance down to find the robe had opened slightly at the sash revealing a gap all the way down. I could see a strip of my bare skin and further down, a patch of light brown pubic hair exposed below the sash. This didn’t seem to have gone unnoticed by Howard who was staring intently. Again I could almost read the realization on his face as he came to the conclusion that I was totally naked under the skimpy robe.

Moving around to the front, I leaned in close to start work on his hair, realizing that the front of my robe was hanging open even more, I glanced down to see my breasts exposed almost to my nipples.

As I leaned farther to tighten the cloth around his neck, two amazing things happened at once that sent a jolt of sexual electricity through my body. One, I realized the robe had opened even more exposing my nipples which were surprisingly close to Uncle Carl’s face. I moved a bit closer until my swollen nipples made contact with his cheeks sending a shock through me and by the look on his face, Uncle Carl as well. Secondly, the arm of the chair with his death grip on it was pressing directly against my pubic hair. I stayed in that position for a long time, moving slightly, pretending to fiddle with the cloth while trying to come across as oblivious to my bare breasts rubbing on his face and the back of his fingers pressing against my bare pussy.

The feel of his fingers was electrifying as I pushed myself harder against them pushing his fingers and the arm of the chair farther tuzla escort bayan between my thighs. I was determined to seem unaware that anything but the haircut was happening and kept my eyes on Uncle Carl who had a strange deer in the headlights look on his face.

I continued to work on his hair, ever so subtly thrusting myself against the arm of the chair while also inadvertently dragging my bare breasts across his face. At one point, my left nipple found its way between Uncle Carl’s partially open lips. I let it lay there for a few seconds and could almost feel his lips close slightly around it but I couldn’t be sure.

By the time the haircut was done, the continuing stimulation happening between my legs and on my nipples had me so aroused I was afraid I would have an orgasm right there in the kitchen in front of my Uncle and his elderly neighbor.

In my ecstasy I had almost forgotten about Howard. I’m not sure what he could have seen from his vantage in back of me. For sure, while I was leaning over, the back of my robe would have pulled up high enough to offer a long unobstructed view of my bare bottom. I realized he’d been talking to me the whole time, asking me questions about beauty school but I had been too involved to notice.

I straightened up and turned to face him, at the same time nonchalantly tugging my robe closed at the bottom. Taking quick stock of myself, I realized that the top of the robe was wide open. I quickly pulled it closed enough so at least my nipples were covered although in my current state of excitement I wanted to leave much of my breasts visible for Howard to look at while still pretending I was unaware of what I was showing.

While Uncle Carl went to check out his new haircut in the mirror, I stepped closer to Howard to continue our conversation. He spoke quietly as though, at his age, it was a little hard for him to speak. As we spoke, his eyes continued to be focused on my breasts. He seldom looked me in the eye. They say you can sometimes feel someone’s eyes on you. I could almost feel my breasts getting warmer from his stare. I almost pulled my robe closed but didn’t.

Uncle Carl came back and suggested we take our coffee’s to the living room. Both men headed into the living room. I followed with a fresh cup of coffee for Howard along with cream and sugar although I didn’t know how Howard took his coffee. Uncle Carl took his normal seat on the couch. Howard sat in the easy chair across the coffee table from the couch. I leaned over, placing Howard’s coffee on the coffee table aware that the robe would hang open giving him a complete unobstructed view of my bare breasts. I could feel his eyes on my nipples as if in a trance until he became aware I was asking him if he wanted cream or sugar. With a catch in his throat, he finally got out the word “yes”. Remaining bent over, I added cream and sugar and then stirred which caused my breasts to jiggle. For a second, from his facial expression, I thought he might be having a heart attack.

There was a knock on the door. To my surprise, Uncle Carl yelled for whoever was at the door to come in. Panic struck me all over again as I pulled the front of the robe partially closed. Uncle Carl’s friend Arnie entered the room. He had been over the day I played ping pong wearing only Uncle Carl’s skimpy undershirt. Having seen much of my body on that day didn’t stop him from staring at me today. There was still the strip of bare skin visible between my breasts and nipples poking through the cloth to attract his attention, not to mention my long bare legs and by the look on his face, he had taken notice.

After saying hi to Howard, he plopped down on the couch next to Uncle Carl.

My Uncle turned on the TV and was surprised to see our favorite movie, Goonies, playing although it was near the end. He yelled to me to grab the potato chips and give it a watch. I was a little hesitant but also excited to be dressed in just the skimpy robe, now in front of three men who didn’t seem to be able to keep their eyes off me. I reached up to the top shelf grabbing the chips knowing I was giving the men a nice view of my bare bottom and for Arnie, answering the question I know he was asking himself as to whether I was wearing panties under the short robe.

I knew Uncle Carl was expecting me to sit on his lap like we always did. I Even with my best intentions, because escort tuzla the robe was so short, t surprised me to feel Uncle Carl’s jeans against my bare bottom. Sitting sideways on my Uncle’s lap, I was a little uncomfortable with my bare legs stretched out across Arnie’s lap so my feet landed directly on the growing bulge in his pants. I checked again to make sure I was covered. On top, I was showing a fair amount of cleavage while down below, the right tale of my robe was covering me while the left hung to the side exposing a wedge of bare thigh.

Arnie innocently tickled the bottom of my bare foot causing me to pull my leg away at which point he attacked the other foot. This led to a bout of me kicking my legs in the air to avoid the tickle, only partially aware that in the process, I was inadvertently offering spectacular close up views between my legs to Arnie and Howard. When the tickling stopped I was posed with my legs spread wide with one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the couch. I also became aware that my robe was almost fully open with my right breast and pubic triangle fully exposed. I stayed in that position a little longer than I needed to, enjoying the look on the men’s faces as they took in the sight. It excited me to think about it. Here I was sitting on my Uncle’s lap almost naked with two of his neighbor men looking on. It was like I could feel their eyes on my exposed pussy making it warm and tingly.

Then I quickly moved my legs back together while tugging the left side of my robe across my body as far as it would go barely covering my right nipple and my pubic hair. The right side of the robe continued to hang open down the front of the couch, the sash having come untied. As things settled down, I continued to watch the movie with almost the whole right side of my body exposed. The men seemed to have a hard time watching the movie and I caught them spending more time looking at me more than the TV screen.

About the time the movie ended, Arnie’s phone rang. It was his wife wanting him to come home for lunch. Uncle Don flashed a look at Howard and both men decided it was time for them to leave and stood up even though I’m pretty sure they wanted to stay longer. I hopped up. straightening my robe and we all walked to the door. I gave Arnie a quick goodby hug allowing the front of my robe to open as I made contact so that bare skin pressed against him. The feel of my bare nipples pressed against his flannel shirt sent little chills down my spine. Closing my robe as I pulled away, I repeated the process with Howard.

When both men were gone I turned to Uncle Don, giving him a hug and wrapping my robe as far as I could around the both of us. He responded by wrapping his arms around me inside the robe, pulling me close and kissing me on the forehead. The sensation of his arms wrapped around my naked body and my bare nipples pressed into his chest was almost more than I could take. We stayed like that for a long time. Uncle Don told me he was glad I had come to stay with them. We both backed off, I took my time closing my robe then excused myself to go back upstairs.

At that point I was so excited I almost ran up the stairs. I had an intense need to touch my breasts. As soon as I was high enough to be out of site, I yanked off my robe. Standing naked near the top of the stairs, I began rubbing my breasts, feeling the firmness, fullness, and warm smooth skin. The effect was electric as I continued to massage while replaying the scene downstairs with the men looking at my exposed bare tits and wishing they could touch them like I was touching them now. Then I allowed my fingers to find my nipples which were almost painfully hard and screaming for attention. The intense sensation nearly buckled my knees.

The scene in my head continued. I could still feel their eyes like lasers trained on the space between my thighs as I spread my legs to avoid the tickling. With one hand still on my breasts, I slowly moved the other downward slipping my fingers between my legs.

I had barely touched myself down there when a shudder ran though my body and I had to sit down on the steps as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. The orgasm seemed to go on forever.

As if waking up from a dream I heard Uncle Carl starting to follow me up the stairs so I hurriedly grabbed my robe and ran to my room. Momentarily he rapped lightly on my door asking me if I was alright. Still completely naked, I stepped into the hall, gave my very surprised uncle a big hug, kissed him on the cheek, told him I was fine and ducked back into my room.

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