Subject: PART TWO TO TEENAGE LUST Teenage Lust Part Two Copyright Van T Z Boi 2010, 2009 (The usual disclaimers apply. The traditions of lust and love at school carry on as our story continues with further fantasy adventures. Please enjoy and do what you can to support .) Andy and Bob again touched cheeks as they cuddled close together, both had their hands around each other’s cocks, gently rubbing and squeezing wanting to kiss properly. Slowly their teenage rods thickened and rose again, they glanced at each other, their lusts rising beyond control. “Sir,” Andy waved his hand in the air, the boy reading aloud stopped and Mr Jefferson looked up. “Yes,” he barked. “Sir, could I be excused, sir?” asked Andy wriggling in his seat, although he was writhing with sexual need, the inference that he needed to relive himself appeared obvious. Mr Jefferson looked at the clock, it was some fifteen minutes to the lunch break and he wondered if he could get away with letting the boys off early. ‘It opened up other possibilities’ the thought as he gazed at Doddings. He felt a further surge of lust rush inside his cock and mind. “Boys,” he announced making up his mind,” the class looked up at him, “as it is such a nice day I’m going to let you finish this lesson slightly early, I know the pressure on the toilets can be annoying for you younger boys so it will be a chance for those who want to go to get there before the rest of the school,” the boys grinned almost as one and a ragged cheer went up. Mr Jefferson held up his hand asking for silence, “Boys,” he spoke sharply, “you must understand that this is a an unexpected treat, and as such you must not disturb the rest of the school who will be working hard at their lessons. If I get one, complaint, just one, then this will never happen again. Is that clear?” The boys nodded as one, “”Now you may leave class, please line up as usual and of course silently.” The boys began to clear their desks and shove their books in their bags. A quiet acceptable murmur rose as they rose from their seats and quietly lined up at the door. Mr Jefferson held the door open and watched them slowly and carefully walk down the corridor, when Doddings came before him he placed his hand on the boys shoulder and the boy stood still an enquiring look on his face. “A quick word Doddings,” smiled Mr Jefferson and Doddings groaned inwardly, “I hope all he wants is a suck,’ he thought to himself, recalling the earlier fuck session, he liked Mr Jefferson as a teacher but he wasn’t a good fuck he said to himself. Mr Jefferson walked the boy towards the stationery cupboard as the last of the boys left the classroom, inside he stood with his back to the door as Doddings knelt down and eased the slim mancock out of his trousers. Mr Jefferson sighed as he felt the wet lips engulf him and begin the sucking licking movement. “Oh that’s good Doddings,” he whispered, “Oh you are such a good boy,” he added stroking the thirteen-year-old’s head as Doddings expertly sucked to produce the load of cream that had been building up since their morning fuck. Doddings sucked swiftly, licking his tongue across the cockslit and using his teeth to gently graze the tight ridge of flesh that rounded of the mushroom shaped mound of Mr Jefferson’s man shaft. He firmly squeezed the loose hanging egg sized balls, tugging them downwards in an effort to help bring the creamy ejaculate up the tubes. He felt the inner pulsing inside the squishy spheroids and noticed the increased rate of the teachers breathing. Swiftly now he flicked his tongue tip across the now pulsing cockslit and sucked deeply at the head that swirled in his mouth. “You’ll get a ‘A’ for this,” Mr Jefferson grunted as his cock spewed his seed into the suctioning throat and he buckled at the knees. As he watched Doddings opened his mouth to show the coating of sperm and saliva over his tongue and teeth and then he made a big motion of swallowing the teacher’s salty essence. Doddings got up and wiped the mixture of saliva and spunk off his lips with the back of his hand, he did not bother to suckle the last dribbles, letting his teacher’s cock dribble them down his trousers or onto the floor as the slim tube deflated. He also noticed that he himself was not erect, it was just a duty suck although he felt the need in his boy pussy, a tickle that needed scratching or preferably fucking. “Thank you sir,” he said and left Mr Jefferson to clean himself up and went looking for cock to fuck himself with. Marcus thrust hard and fast, he had decided to keep Toby back until lunchtime and was enjoying a prolonged second fuck, the gorgeous twelve-year-old whimpering and sighing underneath him as he continued to thrust into the sperm soaked boy pussy. Toby had climaxed twice so far and was trembling and writhing beneath him as each push of his cock found the boys passion button causing Toby to gasp and writhe with youthful glee and delight something which Marcus found sexually stimulating. Feeling his own passion peaking Marcus took a deep breath as he decadently surveyed the undulating boy body and now began a steady thrusting movement, his cockhead rim rubbing relentlessly against the tiny nub, Toby now grunting and wriggling as his boy passion increased, Marcus sensing the tightening of the pulsing boy sheath that encased his teenage cock began to slowly dick the boy both wanted it to last and he worked slowly and surely at the now trembling boy pussy that heated up his cock and warmed his balls with its hot embrace. Toby writhed and twisted, bringing his legs up across Marcus’s back as he tried to urge the teenager even deeper inside him, he grunted with the delirious delight he was feeling, being Marcus’s favourite brought him more that a good fuck it brought him prestige and his father who had only been a fuckboy at the school was proud of his achievement. Marcus took several deep breaths and began the strokes that would bring them both to an explosive climax, as he thrust forcefully at the tight enclosure his relatives pictures on the wall looked on appreciatively as the latest in their line of succession proved himself a worthy successor to their reputations. Toby went into dry orgasmic spasm as he felt the hot white shots of sperm once again blast of inside him and they thrust at başakşehir escort each other making the amazing lusty even last as long as possible. Finally spent they fell back still entwined on the bed. “Oh fuck that was great,” sighed Marcus. “Better than any lesson,” grinned Toby. “Well you will still have to make up what you’ve missed,” reminded Marcus, “but I know how good a student you are, that’s why I knew I could take you out for a fuck session.” “What about the afternoon?” sighed Toby, he would prefer to lie in the bed and get fucked than go back to the classroom. “Lessons after lunch time duty,” chuckled Marcus, his energy returning, “I’ll see you at the swimming pool after school and then you will be back here tonight.” Toby kissed Marcus softly, he liked doing it by the pool it meant his friends would look on jealously as he was fucked in front of them and the rest of the school, he nuzzled up against Marcus and kissed the fleshy lips. “I love you,” he whispered. Marcus smiled, “Love you too,” he replied. In his classroom Will squirmed on his seat, he could feel Jake’s sperms beginning to slide out of his boy pussy and he had to keep clenching his muscles to keep them in, he didn’t want the other boys pointing at any wet patches and making jokes. He knew some of the other boys were jealous that Jake was his boyfriend, Jake was a great catch and a better fuck than most fourteen-year-olds. Terry his friend who sat beside him noticed him wriggling. “You okay,” he whispered. “Jake fucked me at break and I think I’m leaking spunk,” Will whispered back as they bent over their schoolbooks, Mr Thumas their Geography teacher was strict about noise as he worked his way through his class, checking on their work and Will didn’t want to risk the chance of any punishment that would keep him and Jake apart. Terry fished in his pocket and produced a spare handkerchief, “Here,” he said sliding it across his thigh to Will’s. “Great, that’s ideal” said Will and he carefully unzipped his shorts and worked the handkerchief between his legs so that anything leaking from his boy pussy would be caught in the cloth. Terry watched carefully and slid his hand across and stroked Will’s cocklet in his fingers, he felt it harden and he began to stroke it gently. “Nice,” whispered Will, he was still horny as Jake had not managed to make him cum and he delighted in the sexy touch, he and Terry had often shared some fun times in the dorm if they were not with any of the older boys. He grinned at Terry and his mate caught the mischievous look in his eye and grinned back. Terry raised his head and checked on Mr Thumas’s whereabouts, the teacher was on the far side of the room and would not be close to them for at least ten minutes. His hand closed possessively around Will’s now pulsing dicklet and he began to pump it up and down closing his fingers tight around Will’s foreskin. “Oh fuck that feels soo good,” sighed Will whispering quietly and he leant back in the seat, spreading his legs wider so Terry could reach him easily. Martin who was sitting on the other side of Will looked to see what was going on and he smiled, in a trice his own hand had moved in to caress and stroke Wills’ small marble sized balls. Both boys worked together to bring Will to his dry climax, Terry manipulating Will’s cocklet with practised strokes whilst Martin worked his fingers over Will’s balls and also slid a couple of fingers gently into Will’s boy pussy Andy and Bob walked as quickly as they could to the nearest washroom and entering a spare cubicle, once inside they lost no time in dropping their shorts to their ankles, they kissed heavily as they rubbed each other. Bob sat down on the seat and sucked Andy’s cock into his mouth, he tasted the sweet mixture of Andy’s pre-cum and then sucked steadily on the slim pencil tube of teen flesh. Andy bent forward and whispered, “Can I fuck you mouth?” Bob slid the teen tube out of his mouth and looked up at his friend, “Yeah,” he grinned and sat still as Andy held his head in his hands, placed his cock back in Bob’s mouth and began to fuck the tight hot enclosure that Bob had formed with his tongue. Already excited it took only a couple of minutes of fast fucking for him to jet his thin streams of teen juice into Bob’s mouth, almost immediately he slid his still drooling cock out and slid his tongue into Bob’s mouth so they could share his spunk. Moments later their positions were reversed Bob opting for Andy to suck him deep, easing his cockhead into his throat until he too exploded and they again shared his teendew. “Fuck that was good,” grinned Andy. “I needed that after that boring lesson,” laughed Bob. Dressed they stepped back into the washroom, it was very busy with the rest of the class of thirteen year old boys, each of the cubicles was closed and sounds of sighings and slurpings came clear and loud. On the space between the basins Doddings leaned back against the mirror as Marius groaned and spunked into his boy pussy, immediately Darius, his twin took his place and began to thrust hard into Doddings gripping sperm wet boy cunt. Doddings stroked his cock, the twin fuck had been unexpected, he had rushed to the washroom after servicing Mr Jefferson had been disappointed that everyone was busy when the twins had turned up. In seconds he had climbed on the counter, spreading his legs to let the older twin begin fucking him, there was just enough time he hoped for the younger one to spunk into him before the bell went for lunch. Darius grunted as he thrust hard and fast into the wet hole, Marius now bent down and obligingly took Doddings hand off his pencil teentube and began to suck it quickly. Doddings writhed in ecstasy, this was much better than doing Jefferson he thought. Mr Luster lay back on his classroom floor as Sam Johnstone the thin ten year old straddled his thick cock and sank slowly down, he watched the look of satisfaction on the boy’s face as he finally bottomed out, he had already fucked the boy on his table but the cute boy had been learning his lessons well and had used his internal muscles to milk his cock to an early ejaculation. Now the boy had time to pleasure himself on the thick manrod before lunch was announced. Steadily the ten year old worked himself halkalı escort up and down the stiff eight inches, he loved these extra lessons with the teacher and Mr Luster was such a good fuck as well. Sam sighed and moaned as he moved his body to ensure the hard ridge of the mushroomhead buried inside him hit his passion nub again and again, he had his first dry cum quickly and then worked himself to two more body wrenching climaxes before finally bringing Mr Luster to his peak. Just as they calmed down the bell went. “Well done Sam,” Mr Luster patted the boy on his head, same time next week, then.” “Yes sir,” grinned Sam he knew his boy pussy was in hot demand now and once a week with Mr Luster would do for the time being. Vince slid his soft bum across the bench as he placed his tray on the long table, he looked around the huge dining room, various boys were sitting down to eat as the tables slowly filled up. He started to eat his meal and watched as Marcus the head boy strode naked into the room with the cute Toby also naked beside him. Vince studied the slim figure, the boy looked well fucked he thought and wondered if he would ever get a sniff of the boy, his fourteen year old cock stirred in his shorts at the prospect of the naked boy under him. Lost he did not notice the two boys who sat either side of him until he felt a hand grab him by the balls. “Hi Vince,” said Grant Hedges, the burly fifteen year old rugby player. “Likewise Vince,” smiled Danno Hoskins, also one of the stocky fifteen year old members of the rugby squad. “Grant, Danno,” acknowledged Vince as he felt his shorts being undone and tugged down his legs. Hic cock and balls hung free were soon encased in the plump hands of the boys beside him. “So where do you wanna do it,” whispered Grant as he squeezed the now hard four inches of teen flesh that rose upwards from Vince’s groin. Vince paused before he spoke, “I’m not double dicking you,” he said. “Oh come on now Vince,” said Danno as his hand cuddled the full swinging teen balls, “you know you love it just as much as we like doing it to you.” Vince considered his position, they two rugby teens were known as a fuck couple, they would spit roast and double dick as a preference and he had never know them to date a second boy, it was always a threesome. “Oh come on guys,” he sighed. “I can fix you up with my brother,” whispered Danno. Vince felt a warm twinge in his cock, Danno’s brothers were both cute, both with toned tanned bodies and both were young and Vince liked them young if possible. “Which one?” he asked thickly. “Dean?” suggested Danno, curling his hand around Vince’s balls with a circling motion. Vince swallowed, Dean was ten years old and just so awesome to look at. “Okay,” he nodded his voice still thick with lust. “So where?” asked Grant. “By the cricket pavilion,” suggested Vince, he would need a shower afterwards and the pavilion was less crowded than the main showers after lunch as boys cleaned themselves up after their lunch fucks. “Lets eat them,” smirked Grant as he looked at his fuck friend, Vince was one of the best fucks at taking both their cocks at the same time and now it was assured they were anticipating a great lunch fuck session. The expectant trio munched away as Vince gazed at the curly headed ten year old who sat laughing with his friends unaware of the fate his brother had decided for him. At lunch Will discovered that Jake had managed to get them on the same table and they sat close together, thighs touching as they ate, Will occasionally squeezing and stroking the growing bulge until he could stand it no more and swiftly unzipped Jake’s trousers freeing the thick cock. He stroked the stiff flesh, teasing the foreskin with his fingers. “Hey not so fast,” said Jake, “I don’t want to cum to quick, I want to feel that pussy of yours cumming around me at least twice before I sperm you.” “I can make you hard again no time,” giggled Will and Jake nearly choked as his own laughter broke out. His mates Chas ‘Slim’ Posting and Luke Wharton grinned at the two lovebirds. They had been party to the couple’s love sessions many a time. “Its time you two got yourselves boyfriends,” said Jake and he tugged at Wills shorts, the boy slid them down quickly so Jake could feel him up and work his fingers into his heating up boy pussy. The two teenagers looked at each other, it was true they ought to be on the look out but they were comfortable with each other, the problem was neither was prepared to tell the other how much they really liked each other, the prospect of being a couple was not the sort of thing that tended to happen, most boys went for boys outside their own year and time would have to wait again for the boys to finally confess their true feelings. Josh Teanon, being the slut he was sat amongst the group of twelve year olds, he was setting up his usual lunch time gang bang, he had swallowed a good deal of sperm in the showers and now wanted to feel his pussy fucked if not actually filled with spunk, the group of six twelve year olds would do him nicely, if they could spunk then that was okay, but if they could not it meant they could probably fuck for longer. The gaggle of young boys laughed and joked, they were looking forward to fucking the slut, he was known as a good fuck and suck, his title as slut being well earned. “My cousin says he had him at prep school when he was sent to watch his brother on sports day,” whispered Billy Jones to his friend Lawrence, ” Josh let him fuck him behind the scoreboard and he wasn’t the only one, he was seven then and had supposed to have done it with all the teachers.” “Cor,” said Lawrence as he stared at the teenager, “I was at his prep school, I always fancied Leeson the English Master but he never looked like he would do it. I wonder if did it with Josh.” “Hasn’t everybody,” snorted Tibbs minor and the boys all laughed together. Josh smiled he was eager to get a cock inside him, he had discovered his talent at a very early age, he had seduced the gardeners boy when he was five, the poor fourteen year old boy had no idea what he was getting into when Josh enticed him into the gazebo in the sun meadow and it was two hours later that the boy managed to get away his balls more empty than when şirinevler escort he had been an infant and Josh lay happy on the plush seating, his belly and his newly opened boy pussy dripping with teen sperm and juices. Now when Josh was back at home he often looked up the man, despite the fact that Marlborough was now engaged to one of the maids, Josh never had a problem getting into his trousers, Marlborough had grown a bit since he was fourteen and now sported a hefty sized seven inch sausage that Josh just loved to chomp on and even Marlborough had to admit no one fucked him like the young master. On the Head Boys table Marcus was sitting back, lunch had been excellent and he stroked Toby’s head as the boy knelt between his legs and began to suck his already stiffening cock, he looked around the hall noticing that already a number of hard cocks were making their appearance. He checked on the masters table, most of them had left, a number of boys following on as they headed for their master’s studies and their after lunch fuck with the boy or boys of their choice. He watched as Mr Luster came by the table and nodded at him, he returned the nod as Tad Northeren his Vice Head boy got up, Tad’s younger brother also came up. “I’m off Marcus,” Tad said softly, “my brother and I have a fuck date with Mr Luster and I’m hoping he’ll be able to roger me at least twice before lessons start. Marcus smiled, Mr Luster’s thick cock was a pleaser and he had enjoyed it’s filling delight on many an occasion as he grew up through his school years. He saw that a number of boys were watching him closely and he checked to see that all the masters had left. Now he stood up, his naked body and his erect cock on full display, a subdued cheer went up as he stood on his chair and then stepped onto the table, the older boys stepped back to let the adoring younger boys move in close. Toby as Marcus’s favourite now stepped up behind Marcus and began to stroke the thick seven inches of teen cock, boys reached out to grab the drops of precum that flew around as Toby wanked the Head Boy as was the lunch time custom in the school. Faster and faster now Toby’s hand rubbed up and down, boys closed around the table mouths open and tongues hanging out hoping the catch a string or glob of Marcus’s sperm. Toby knew his job and quickly brought Marcus to his orgasm, he tugged heavily on the spurting teen rod making the semen fly everywhere as Marcus ejaculated across the table, the same one his father and grandfather had also graced in the years before. The gathered boys crowded around the splattered table and Marcus knelt down his spermy cock still dripping the last strings of pearly dew. He looked around the boys and pointed at one, eagerly the boy leaned forward and sucked the sperm coated head of Marcus’s cock into his mouth. Will was elated he could not believe his luck, he had pushed his way to the front on several lunchtimes and the most he had got was to lick at the dribbles on the table, for the first time now he was actually sucking the Head Boys sperm directly of the large cockhead, he licked and tongued the satin skin of Marcus’s cock, it was so different and so similar to Jake’s and he felt awesome. Now that Marcus’s cock was cleaned of his ejaculate Marcus’ stood up and stepped down from the table, the boys would now disperse to enjoy their lunchtime liaisons whatever they were and he himself had plans for Toby, together they headed out towards the gardens for some outdoors fucking. Will carefully holding the dregs of Marcus’s sperm in his mouth sought Jake out so they could share the sweet nectar. Behind him the other boys were licking the table clean of the splatters of the Head Boy’s cum, now the lunchtime fuck could really get under way. Down by the pavilion Vince now naked lay back as Grant worked his fingers into the hot boycunt seeking to prepare the boy for the combined double entry, as he did so Vince slobbered over Danno’s thick sausage lubricating it with his own saliva and writhing as he felt Grant’s fingers spreading him open wide. END OF PART TWO To be continued…… Comments to ive Other stories on website fty)- see Prolific Authors page for direct links (V for Van T Z Boi) NEW ‘Looking In The Window’ No money, too young for a job, how can Timmy earn – posted on young friends ‘Hot Date’ Its Friday night and the boys are out with their men ‘The Case of the Gardeners Boy’ a boy is missing and a private dick is on the case – posted on gay encounters ‘The Gigolo Babysitter’ a complete story on one way to earn a living ‘The Rocker’ a boy a motorcycle and a Wild One ride into the sunshine Ace Tales Ace really is the best, read why Banged Away Behind Closed doors, juveniles at their best The Captain’s Boy Life at sea, the captain, the sailors, the boat and the lust Casey Plays His Hand Casey loves helping his sister’s boyfriends out Charlie Gives It UpThe 50’s, no television what is a boy to do to be amused Cub Camp Set Up New Cub is so anxious to please Donny Teacher and pupils get closer Fagging for Guy Life at an Edwardian Public School Galahad Rides Out Edwardian Public schooldays and nights Half Term Hiccup Half Term and Jack’s on the loose The J Boys Family fun with horny big dicked dad and sons Learning the Ropes A youth and a boy but whose teaching who A Lesson LearnedSpecial lessons for a new boy Lil’ Slut at Scout CampOne boy takes it all in Marlon’s Monday The school week begins for this sexy teenager Pa, Grub and Me Hillbilly love Pecking Order How the cool guys size up for high school Playing Trains Babysitting fun Playground Love What’s going on in the playground while the teachers are absent Scott’s Cool Brother2 brothers, 1 dad and some friends get real close Standing at Attention The Sergeant always gets his boy A Scout in the Snow Are snowballs more fun this way Taking It Deep Alone in the woods with six men how will I cope Teenage Lust Sex and education lessons can be fun Wayne’s Best Mate’s Brother Older teen treats his brother’s mate A Week in WalesCookie cooks up some cum fun survival techniques Rejected by but available by e-mail Delighted and Schooldazed Parts 1 & 2Teacher shows his class how to love one another Detained at Daddies Pleasure Part 1A prison for training daddies boys, tears by bedding time Jimbo Part 1First term at school was never like this Mummy Said Part 1Mums away so whose going to love daddy Young Love Parts 1 & 2Teenagers, dads, sons and the wild, wild wood Oh Yeah Finally Part 1NEW Caught in the woods NEW

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