TeH TrUe sToRy bEhInD FiSh dIsSeCtIoN: pArT OnE


“yuck! I don’t see how y’all can do that!” I say as Amber, Cesar, and Camden remove the fish’s brain, heart, liver, kidneys, swim bladder, gills, stomach, and intestines. “Its alright, Kales. The intestines were the last thing on the list to remove. You and Amber can go wash your hands while Cesar and I will clean up the dissection tray.” Camden said cooly. “You don’t have to tell me twice,” I say, practically running to the back of the room to the sink. After washing my hands three times and applying loads of germ-x, I returned to my table. Camden and I managed to time ourselves perfectly, and as we sat down in sync our feet intertwined. A little game of footsies emerged from the inccident. Camden leaned back and stretched his long beautiful arms out behind him. I continued staring foward, pretending to listen to Mr. Barrett. As Camden returned his hands to his lap, I jumped. He was obviously startled by my movement. “You ok Kailee?” he asked in the most concerned voice ever. “Yeah, totally fine. It’s just when you but your hands down, your elbow brushed my side and I thought it was your hand.” I said giggling at how stupid I was to think Camden would do such a thing. “Oh, you mean like this?” he said, running his wonderful hands down my side. izmit rus escort “Actually, yes.” I say, mesmerised by the moment. His hand slowly fell, down to my knee. He squezeed my knee in a flirty way, then moved up. He tickled my lowwer thigh and then looked up as Mr. Barrett directed a question at him. Of course Camden gave a perfect scientific answer, and returned his attention to me. He looked at me with a “return the favor?” look in his eyes. I reached slowly to his knee, and traced little designs on his dark jeans. He gradually moved up, and I stayed about mid thigh. We stopped as Jaiden walked by handing us a label worksheet. We picked up our pencils and wrote in sync. I took a moment more to curl my E’s and sat my pencil down. I slipped my hands back to my lap, and felt soft skin brush them. Camden had grabbed my hand, and had done everything but unzip his zipper. I couldn’t do that, no here not now. If I were to, he’d squirt everywhere and we’d be caught. I bent my hand so that my nails would rasp his inner upper thigh when they went to work, and he was obviously aroused.  We gazed forward continuing our precious little game. Mr. Barrett went on and on and on talking about body systems while Camden and I were exploring izmit escort a body system. Camden and I couldn’t help but smile and glance at each other as Mr. Barrett briefed the reproduction system. By the time Mr. Barrett stopped talking, there was only 10 minutes of class left, so we got our chance to talk. Camden and I didn’t move from our seat at the back of the room, we just conversed normally with Amber and Cesar. It was everything we could do not to smile or look over at each other to often. The bell intterupted our little session together, and we practically ran to Mrs Ryman’s room. We slammed our binders down on the two desks in the back. “I have to pee, I’ll be right back.” Camden said with a devil’s smile. He almost ran into Alexis- my best girl, on his way out. Who’s got their junk on the only desk next to you, Kales?” she asked. “Oh just Camden,” I said trying not to smile. “Well Cam will get over it.” Alex said, throwing his stuff on the only desk left. “Alex you can’t do that girl! How would you feel if someone randomly threw your junk on the only desk left….. the desk next to… next to Richie.” I said, trying not to have an edge of disappointment in my voice. “Like I said, he’ll get over it,” she said as she made herself comfy. “Just pull the kocaeli escort desk next to Richie back here, Alex.” I say trying to convince her but hopelessly failing. “If Camden wants to then more power to Camden, but I’m not. it’ll be a total disaster because everyone already sitting down and Mrs Ryman is 4 minutes late for her own class.” Alex shot back, obviously not changing her mind. That was the thing about Alex, once her mind was set, there was no convincing her to change it, and that was a set fact. Just then Cam came back in and glanced from me to her back to me. He gave me a “what the fuck” look and looked around for his missing binder. He saw his binder next to Richie, and gave Alex a very sincere “go to hell” look. Camden was just barely seated just as Mrs Ryman walked in. Lucky for Camden this was the last period so it was only 50 minutes. We all set to work as not to get in trouble and got lost in our projects. The bus bell rang loudly, threatening to burst my eardrums. Of course, Camden was the first out the door, and naturally, I was totally unprepared to leave and was last out the door. I ran down the hall with as much speed as I could hoping to catch up to Camden and tried to explain. “I’m so sorry, but Alexis walked in and you know how she can be. Once she’s got her mind on something, there’s no changing it.” I say. “it’s ok,” he says, and gets on the bus before I have the chance to respond.   TO BE CONTINUED

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