Tennis Anyone

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Lita couldn’t help herself, she actually purred as she ran down the steps of her apartment building. Finally she would get the chance to avenge her tennis loss to Andrew last summer. Not only that, she was going to have him all to herself for a few hours. She knew that Andrew was in love with Laura, but she was overseas at the moment and Lita was right here. It didn’t matter to Lita that Andrew had told her on numerous occasions he wasn’t going to betray Laura, she still loved to be in the handsome young man’s presence. Of course, Lita loved to be around any handsome young man. That didn’t mean that she was promiscuous of course, she was still a virgin after all. She just loved to be around men, and Andrew was one of her favorite men to be around. Whether it was at the game arcade, Student Union or on the occasional platonic outing, Lita could never bring herself to say no to Andrew when he asked. In fact, Andrew had almost as much trouble saying no to any of Lita’s requests for company.

And now, after months of practice, Lita was going to try and erase the memory of the day she had finally met her match on the tennis court. At 5’10” Lita was much taller than your average girl, with a voluptuous figure. Her auburn hair was pulled back into its usual ponytail and held in place by purple hair balls. She was wearing a white tennis outfit, accented by thin green stripes at the sleeves, and a wider one around the rim of its pleated skirt. Even with a sport bra on her large breasts stood out and pulled the material of the blouse tight. On most women this would have seemed to be a deliberate attempt to draw attention to their chest, but Lita moved with the natural grace of an athlete, which somehow lessened that impression.

In fact, this outfit had been bought specifically because of the freedom of movement it gave her on the court. The silky looking material actually had plenty of give in it and was far from overstressed. Of course, that didn’t mean Lita was unaware of its possible effect on her opponents, especially the male ones. She and Mena had spent four and a half hours carefully picking it out only 2 days earlier. Even the frilly lace on her panties had been argued over before being bought. After all, Tennis was one of the few sports where showing your panties was acceptable.

As she walked towards the game room, she wondered where they were going to play. All Andrew had told her was that he had found a new public court. One that almost nobody seemed to know about or use, and after her rather public and humiliating defeat last year, he was quite certain she would appreciate the privacy. The way he had said this had almost made her yell at him to book a court at the main city tennis complex. Only the obviously genuine concern on his face had stopped her from starting a scene in the middle of the arcade.

Now as she saw him waiting for her outside of the arcade, she forgot about the implied insult.

“Hi, Lita.”

“Hi, Andrew. Are you ready to go?”

“Sure thing, come on, I had to park my car around the corner.” As he led the way around the corner, Lita stopped dead in her tracks. The only car on this street was a bright cherry red Corvette convertible!

“That can’t be your car!” she cried. “You can’t get Corvettes here.”

“Yes you can, you just have to be very patient, and make a few changes to the engines. It cuts down on the horsepower a bit, but it can still move when I want to.

“How did you afford it?” she asked, as he held open the passenger door for her.

“Oh, I didn’t but it new,” he said. “One of my dad’s coworkers lived in Los Angeles for a while. After he came back, he realized that it would be politic to get rid of it. I mean, customs held it on the dock for inspection for so long he had almost given up hope. Since I’m young and still in University, I can still get away with having it.” He stopped talking for a moment as he started the engine, and pulled into traffic. “I’ll have to get rid of it before I graduate, or might have a hard time getting the kind of position I want.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, you know how it is. If you want to get a position with any of the major corporations, you have to live the right kind of lifestyle, not just have the best grades.

Lita would be testing for University later this year and hadn’t yet realized just how important appearances might be once she graduated. “I thought all of that kind of stuff was in the past,” she said.

“Oh, officially they are. But unofficially, it’s best to pay attention to the old rules. Why do you think it’s so hard to import American cars? We may have a quote “Open” trade relationship with the, but everyone knows the government makes it as hard as possible for anyone to actually buy one. Unless of course, you are chosen to be one of the token owners.”

Lita sat there and thought about this. Then shaking her head she asked, “So, where is this new tennis court you found?”

“You know the park land around the shrine Rane lives at? Back on the south side is a dirt road that leads güvenilir bahis into the woods. You go back almost a kilometer and a half, and there it is.

“Huh! I’ve been throughout those woods with Rane, and I don’t remember any tennis courts.”

“I don’t think it’s on Temple land, Lita. In fact I think it might be on some land left over from some other temple. I do know that it’s not marked as private, and it’s in great shape.”

Curious, Lita began watching the road ahead. Sure enough, right where he said it would be, a dirt road appeared leading back into the woods. Andrew slowed and turned onto the path. Almost immediately, the world seemed cut off as they passed under the first trees, and by the time the court came into view, Lita felt like she had entered another world.

“You are right, this does’t feel like the land around Rane’s temple. Still it does have a special quality to it.”

“I know. When I first found it I knew I had to bring you here for our next match.”

“When was that?”

“Last Tuesday.”

Straightening from pulling her racket out of the back, Lita turned and took her first good look at the court. “Oh my! That’s a lawn tennis court, like at Wimbledon.”

“Yes, and it’s perfectly manicured too. I’m not sure if anyone has even played on it yet.”

“Do we really dare? I mean this has to be someone’s private court.”

“I could not find any “NO TRESSPASSING” signs, and this is listed as public land. I checked.”

“Okay, if you checked, I guess it is a public court.” As she said this Lita was taking in the almost pristine appearance of the woods and the scent of Cherry and Rose blossoms in the air. Whoever had built this court had chosen well. This had to be the most relaxing and private spot ever to have a public tennis court built on it. And what a court, the grass appeared to have been cut just that morning, and was as green as the best kept lawns at the Royal Gardens. The net was already strung and when she checked it, felt like it had the perfect tension on it. The chalk lines were straight, and the bench beside the court had a spotless coat of green paint on its smooth wooden slats.

Although she knew she would never actually be good enough to play professional tennis, Lita had always dreamed of someday playing at Wimbledon for the Lady’s cup. In her dreams, the court had looked almost exactly like this. Except for the cheering crowd as she smashed match point past Maria Sharapova to become champion of a Grand Slam event. She could almost hear the cheers even now.

Shaking herself, she giggled and said to Andrew, “This is going to be fun.”

The surface of the court was perfect, offering no bad bounces. Although neither of them had ever played on a grass court before, Lita seemed to have a slight advantage on this surface. Still, the first set was played on serve, until Andrew finally broke her serve in the tenth game to take it 6/4.

“Gods, you have gotten better,” breathed Andrew as they stood at the bench between sets.

“I’m not really any better,” she teased, “you are just slowing down old man.”

“Oh yeah! Just watch me this next set, Brat!” They both had a good laugh at the exchange and after drinking some water went back out on the court.

This time Lita got a lucky break in the third game and broke Andrew’s serve for the first time in either set. Fighting off a furious attack on her next for service games, she held on to win the set. The most amazing thing was that at the end of this set neither one of them was feeling very tired. They had been playing as hard as they could, on a surface neither was familiar with, and instead of dreading the last set they each had an almost giddy feeling of excitement.

Suddenly, Andrew had a strange idea. “How about a slight change of the rules?” he asked.

“What do you mean,” Lita laughed, “need to gain back your advantage?”

“Maybe,” Andrew said, and before he could stop himself, “Since this is such a private place, how about we make this next set, Strip Tennis?”

Surprisingly, Lita didn’t deck him on the spot. “What do you mean” she asked with a giggle, while in the back of her mind a small voice asked what the hell she thought she was doing.

“Well,” he hesitated. “You have got your blouse, skirt, bra, panties, head, and wrist bands. And I’ve got my shorts, shirt, underwear, my two wrist bands and a head band. How about we say that with each game we lose, you have to take off a piece of clothing.” Andrew still couldn’t believe he was even suggesting this idea. Why couldn’t he stop himself?”

Lita’s expression told him he had gone too far, this was going to be the end of a wonderful friendship. What had overcome him?

“Okay,” Lita heard herself say. ‘I do not believe I just said that,’ she thought.

It took Andrew a moment while he just stared. “You mean it?”

“Sure, I said Okay, so that means Okay! After all, you are going to be the one with his pants off!” she said defiantly.

As suddenly as it had come the tension broke and the both started türkçe bahis to giggle like small children.

“Your serve,” Lita tried to suppress another giggle.

Flushed with the excitement of what Lita had just agreed to, Andrew walked back to the serving line and immediately double faulted. Gathering himself, he rallied to hold serve and walked over toward the bench for the change of ends. “Well, there goes the head band,” he thought to himself. But, as he stood there taking a drink of water, he looked over and saw that instead of her head band, Lita was unbuttoning her blouse. He almost choked on his water, spraying it everywhere.

“What’s the matter? Did you really think I’d let my hair fly around with this kind of bet on the table?” Lita laughed as she finished taking off her shirt. “I still have my Bra on.”

That might have been true, but Lita’;s bra was now soaked with sweat, causing the material to cling to the round globes of her breast, while her nipples, perfectly outlined, were pointing straight out at him. For the first time the real possibilities of what he had started began to dawn on Andrew, and he felt some sudden tension in his shorts.

For her part, Lita was actually glad that Andrew had won the first game. She might still be a virgin, but she had long been aware of the effect her figure could have on men. She had accepted the bet with the idea that Andrew would become too flustered to play well. Plus, the blouse had begun to bind up during that last game anyway.

Still, as she moved to the service line, she was aware of s strange feeling in her own panties. Excited warmth seemed to be centered there. That excitement seemed to carry over into her game. Her first two serves were aces and she won the game easily. Waiting for her to throw the balls over the net for his serve, Andrew reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. Even at this distance, the sight of his well muscled torso hit Lita like a physical blow. Lita had always believed that Andrew had a good looking body, but she had never imagined this. Andrew’s chest was almost as heavily muscled as any body builder she’d ever seen. Still it had a much more natural appearance than a body builder, and his flat stomach and 30″ waist were perfect. To top that off, Andrew apparently wasn’t aware of his own physique.

“You ready?” he called.

“When you are.”

She wasn’t ready at all and a few minutes later she was over at the bench trying to decide what to take off next. If she took off her head band, sweat could start dripping into her eyes and that would make it harder to see the ball. The wrist band was soaked and she could already begin to feel her grip on the racket slipping. The bra was out of the question, and the skirt would leave her awfully exposed. Still she wanted to win this set badly. Not for her own modesty, but because she really wanted to see what Andrew had inside those shorts of his, the bulge there hinted at something prodigious.

For his part, Andrew was just as nervous about what she would decide. Andrew was deeply in love with Laura and missed her constantly, but that didn’t mean he was completely immune to the effects of this vision before him. When she finally reached over and began undoing the buttons on the side of her skirt, his knees almost buckled right there, “Oh god!” he thought, “She is not going to do that already. Is she?”

As Lita bent over and stepped out of her skirt, Andrew couldn’t turn away. When she straightened up he realized that these were not your typical tennis panties. Yes, they had the usual lace frills on the rear of them, but they were cut lower. More like the kind of panties Laura used to wear under one of her dressed, the one with the slit up the side. The front was actually a fine lace mesh that let him see the flesh underneath, except for directly over the vaginal area. Now in the third set of a tough tennis match, this had formed itself so tightly to the shape of Lita’s pussy; she might as well have been naked right then. He wasn’t completely sure, but it looked like she might be clean shaven too.

Catching the direction of his gaze, Lita abruptly turned and ran for the court. “Damn it, I didn’t think I would feel quite so naked like this.” She stopped and had to spend a minute gathering her courage, before she turned around and faced him across the net. Immediately the bulge in Andrew’s pants caught her eye. Blushing at the thought of what lay under those shorts; she looked down and bounced the ball in preparation so serve the ball. Then, almost without thinking about it, she served a perfect strike into the corner of the service square.

Andrew jumped quickly to try and return the shot, but something seemed to be inhibiting his movements. It wasn’t a clean Ace, but his situation brought a sly smile to Lita’s face. She won that game easily. Now Andrew had a decision to make. His arm and head bands were absolutely necessary to his two handed backhand style of play, but he was quite sure that if he took off his shorts now, his boxer shorts would not güvenilir bahis siteleri be able to contain his engorged phallus. With a sigh he reached down and took off the wrist band on his left hand.

On the other side of the net, Lita smiled as she recognized her real victory. Although most people would have called foul, she knew how important a good grip was in a tight match. Plus she had seen how much his current condition was restricting his movement. That actually made for two things she could try to exploit in the next game. Unfortunately for Lita, Andrew also recognized that he could not afford to get into a game of long rallies and he put everything he had into his serves, 40 – love.

Lita walked slowly back to the bench. She was very aware of how Andrew was looking at her nearly nude body, and how her sweat soaked bra and panties were clinging to it. T make matters worse, she had to decide whether to sacrifice one of her sweatbands, or swallow her pride and what modesty she had left. In the end, modesty won out and she left her headband behind.

At first this didn’t seem to be much of a problem, but Andrew seemed to be adjusting to the realities of his condition. Lita won the game, but it went to deuce three times. This time Andrew didn’t even hesitate, he reached up immediately and tossed his own head band over to the side of the court. For the first time Lita gave some real thought to what it might be like to lose this set. What would she do if she had to walk over there and remove her panties? The thought sent chills down her spine and a thrill into her abdomen.

The next game was a total disaster. Despite getting to all of Andrew’s serves, Lita was unable to do anything with them and only managed to score one point in the game. As she walked over to the bench she didn’t even hesitate. Reaching behind her she found the hooks that pulled her sports bra tight and unfastened them. With a defiant look at Andrew, she quickly lifted it over her head and stood there letting him get an eyeful.

And an eyeful was just what Andrew got; Lita’s breasts were almost perfect. Large, round, with almost no sign of sagging, unlike Laura’s smaller tits which already did sag slightly. And as he stared dumbfounded, Andrew realized one other thing, he had always admired the way Lita’s skin took on a deep bronze tone in the summer, seeming to turn almost golden instead of brown like most women, now as he stared at her; he realized that she had no tan lines on her chest. Looking down he realized that he could not make out any lines around her panties either. That meant that Lita probably sunbathed in the nude, or at the very least topless. The idea of Lita lying there on the top of her apartment building naked was almost as exciting as his current view.

Lita was no where near as composed as she appeared to be. In fact she was suddenly very aware of the fact that despite its apparent solitude, this was in fact a public tennis court. Absolutely anyone could be hiding in the woods. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to get this set over with. If that meant throwing her next service game, so be it.

Grabbing her racket, she tried to cover her chest with it. Blushing from head to toe, she walked to the service line. Even though she knew they were alone out here, it felt as if hundreds of eyes were watching her from the trees. Shivering, she stood there and tried to conceal herself from those eyes and from Andrew. The problem was that she had to finish this match, he own sense of pride and fair-play would not let her even think of reneging on the bet, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t throw the game and end it here and now.

As she bent over to bounce the ball in her pre-serve ritual, Lita imagined she could hear an announcer in the background. “Lita Mano now serving 3-4 in this the deciding set of this rematch.” Joined by a more feminine voice, “I wonder if she realizes just how close she is to actually winning this time.” This imaginary commentary had an electric effect on Lita as she tossed the ball and followed thru on her serve. Suddenly, she had no thought of throwing this game, or the match. It wasn’t easy, but she managed to hold her serve.

Lita stood there nervously waiting for Andrew to take off his other wrist band. This brought home to her just how unfair this type of bet was to a woman. Despite being tied, she was standing there almost completely naked, and he still had his shorts and underwear on! It was maddening and as she stood there waiting for him to serve, she resolved to win this game, no matter what.

Andrew on the other hand was completely unnerved by the sight of her lithe, almost totally nude body. He could not stop himself from glancing at her as he tossed his serve. The result was six straight faults as his serve deserted him. Now he stood there realizing what another double fault would mean. So far the only thing that had saved him was the fact that he still had his pants on, it he had to take them off and play in his boxers, he knew that his swollen cock would come sticking out at full attention. Right now the last thing he wanted Lita to know was jut how aroused he really was. Taking as much as her dared off of his serve, Andrew tried to sneak his serve into the fat corner of the service court.

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